16 Best Shopify Stores to Inspire Your Brand


Are you thinking about starting your own online store but not sure where to begin? Well, look no further than Shopify. Shopify has become one of the go-to platforms for eCommerce, making it super easy for anyone to start their own online business. With its comprehensive online selling features, it’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs are choosing Shopify to launch their online stores.

But with so many Shopify stores out there, how do you know which ones are the best? That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the internet to find the 12 best Shopify stores , each is a successful case study for every new online store owner to learm from. From trendy fashion brands to innovative tech gadgets, these stores have something to teach us all about successful online selling.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by these examples of best Shopify stores by categories!

1. Top categories of best Shopify stores

1.1. Fashion and Apparel

1.1.1. Allbirds


Annual revenue$200M – $500M
Monthly traffic1.8M
Target audienceActive fashionable consumers
Shopify theme usedTurbo

Allbirds is a New Zealand and American footwear brand that is made with the idea of combining inner beauty and sustainability. Rising out of a Kickstarter campaign originally, Allbirds has now come to an operation of 59 outlets in the US and worldwide locations, confirming the top spot in our list of Shopify stores examples that every new online vendor should learn from.

The key to the brand’s success is evident on their website. Their unique selling proposition prominently displayed: “Our Sustainable Strategy.” If one checks their website, one must note that the entire brand is built on a pro-environment message. With this kind of functionality and sustainability sentiment, Allbirds reminds customers that they don’t have to sacrifice performance for the sake of sustainability.


Allbirds product photos include both lifestyle and product-only shots. Every picture is well-detailed and always depicts the shoes from different angles. Customers will be able to zoom in and have a look at the product from various perspectives, just like they would do if they were in a real store.


Key takeaways: There is no need to ignore the significance of good visualization of products. Include high-res images, multiple viewpoints, 360-degree views, and even a video for extra credit.

1.1.2. Negative Underwear


LocationNew York
Annual revenue$10M – $15M
Monthly traffic542.3K
Target audienceMinimalist-oriented young women
Shopify theme usedDawn

Negative Underwear has one goal: to remind women to love their bodies. They offer a simple promise: an innovative female underwear brand that meets the needs of every woman – both stylish and comfortable.

As suggested by its name, the brand eliminates all such frills such as the designing of push-up pads or bows that often feature in female underwear. The results are undergarments that prioritize comfort, quality, and function.

And it was a success – this brand’s revenue grew 150% just in a few years after launching, proving the brand to be one of the most thriving Shopify clothing stores and among the best Shopify stores in general. Moreover, the brand has earned acclaim from famous names such as Forbes, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal.

One interesting thing is their product pages. Visual-appeal product images and placement of white space on the website score an instant welcome note for visitors’ eyes. Customers can see what a particular item may look like on different persons of different sizes.


Key takeaways: Cultivate a solid brand that will find resonance with your consumers. Let it make your company stand apart among the clothing business ideas and foster that connection with the customers on a deeper level.

1.1.3. Adored Vintage


Annual revenue$15M – $25M
Monthly traffic93.5K
ProductVintage clothing 
Target audienceFashion-conscious individuals
Shopify theme usedShella

Launched in 2012, Adored Vintage specializes in all things vintage – both vintage clothing as well as contemporary vintage-inspired pieces. Owner Rodellee Bas handpicks and designs the garments to fulfill her love for the times past. The brand donates a share of its revenue to the local schools, and Rodellee is also a frequent mentor to other female entrepreneurs.

The brand’s website is a digital detour to an actual romantic French countryside. The moods, colors, and other features that bring back the nostalgic sense of the 70’s and the 80’s. Vintage represents the main tendency that is to share the passion for sustainable and retro clothes with fashion followers. Effective target marketing can be a game-changing thing if your goal is to win customer loyalty.

Adored Vintage implemented the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) techniques which stand as a vital component in winning customer’s loyalty. The store allows a split up of the purchase in four parts for orders from $50. This solution increases a store’s reach sector by luring a larger number of customers.


Key takeaways: The success of Adored Vintage has shown that a well-focused and distinctive marketing approach can succeed in gaining a proposed niche market.

1.2. Beauty and Wellness

1.2.1. Meow Meow Tweet


LocationNew York
Annual revenue$1M – $2M
Monthly traffic54.5K
Target audienceEthical and environmental-conscious consumers
Shopify theme usedBroadcast

Meow Meow Tweet certainly earns a top spot among the best shopify beauty stores. It is a small-batch skincare brand that creates vegan products using only pure, natural, and organic ingredients. The brand uses natural ingredients and is committed to environmentally friendly packaging.

Besides donating and supporting the organizations that share their corporate values, Meow Meow Tweet also operates a bulk refill program. The program is meant to reduce packaging and waste, and serves as a system service for customers who are looking to recycle their empty bottles.


The company’s website has a playful and bright atmosphere that is cohesive with the company name. The short-and-sweet homepage fulfills all the purposes of engaging visitors to shop online.

Key takeaways: A successful eCommerce store would need a website that aligns with its unique brand identity.

1.2.2. The Skin Nerd


Annual revenue$2M – $5M
Monthly traffic55.2K
ProductCosmetics & wellness 
Target audienceWomen aged 24-35 who are interested in skin health
Shopify theme usedDebut

The Skin Nerd was launched in 2017, and is a remarkable instance among the beauty business ideas that puts learning at the core of its business operations. It is an umbrella of skin-care-focused efforts: education, brands, and products. Services are not limited to just initial and follow-up skin consultations. It also includes bridal boot camps, pregnancy consultations, teen skin consultations, and demo days. Ultimately, all skin consultancy solutions that the client might need will be provided.


Its website points to the key areas for those seeking tips and products to improve their skin. Those consultations include books, news and educational articles (labeled as ”skinformation”), and new products. After their consultation, customers receive their personal product shopping list from dozens of brands including The Skin Nerd Skingredients.

Key takeaways: This education-first eCommerce business model is an innovative and creative way to gain loyal customers.

1.3. Home and Decor

1.3.1. Nickey Kehoe


Annual revenue$2M – $5M
Monthly traffic68.7K
ProductFurniture and interior design
Target audienceCustomers who appreciate well-crafted and timeless furnishing
Shopify theme usedPrestige

Nickey Kehoe was established in 2004 by two designers, Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe. They had a simple mission: to offer their appreciation for handmade furniture and interior design to the world. Since then, the business has developed and launched an attractive Shopify store and soon become a prime example of best Shopify furniture stores in the world.

The collection page is another substantial key in Nickey Kehoe’s website. The brand has included large product images and has removed unnecessary information, keeping only products’ names and prices. The visual display not only enhances the image appeal but also promotes the probability of tapping the image to discover more.


Key takeaways: The uniqueness in showcasing the products can definitely impress customers, prompting them to explore more.

1.3.2. Common Deer


Annual revenue$1M
Monthly traffic35.1K
ProductGifts & home essentials
Target audienceCustomers who love handcrafted USA made products
Shopify theme usedVenue

Common Deer is a family-owned small business that uniquely sells home essentials that are ”American Made”. Working with makers, artists, and manufacturers from across North America, they ”stock our shelves with goods that are full of story” and become a giant – one of the most outstanding Shopify home decor stores we’ve seen so far.

First of all, when you go to the Common Deer homepage, there is plenty of content for you. The images convey a company that cares about American traditions, manufacturing, and quality. These pictures paint the brand’s story.

An additional practical feature of our site is the option to purchase a custom gift box. Customers can make their own box, or Common Deer can make one, or they can choose any of the limited edition branded boxes available. The themes vary from a care package to a box to mark the arrival of a new baby. The interface is uncomplicated with dropdown menus and visible steps with their explanations.


Key takeaways: Any small decor business ideas can be successful if you know how to work with locals and create high-demand service.

1.4. Food and Beverage

1.4.1. Death Wish Coffee


LocationNew York
Annual revenue$15M – $25M
Monthly traffic301.9K
Target audienceMillennials living in urban areas
Shopify theme usedDawn

Just like the name, Death Wish Coffee is a brand offering higher quality, super-caffeinated coffee that ”even the dead could wish to have”. By making use of roasted arabica beans, they get rid of the bitter taste. So because most of the local coffee shops don’t apply arabica beans, they decided to do it by themselves.

The brand earns two top spots in our list. It’s not only a spectacular example of the best Shopify coffee stores but also one of the best showcase of a successful one product Shopify stores !

Death Wish Coffee designed their website with a dark edgy look which is surely alluring enough to catch the eye. The logo is a skull. The website uses a dark theme to reflect its spirit of solidness and durability.

Death Wish Coffee practices brand storytelling so smoothly by using continuous videos that show the “life cycle” of coffee products: from product designing, and packaging to patronage and tastings, which create a customer trust.

Key takeaways: Got your brilliant plan on some small food business ideas? You can take Death Wish Coffee as a remarkable example of how to balance between showing products and telling a brand story.

1.4.2. Press


Annual revenue$5M – $10M
Monthly traffic37.8K
Target audienceNutrition-conscious consumers
Shopify theme usedReformation

PRESS Healthfoods offers juices and juice cleanses, along with other healthy food products. All the materials are produced from G.A.P.-certified farms.

Their Shopify store lends them a hand to achieve their success. The home page has quite (but not too many) CTA’s, as well as client testimonials and product benefits to convert visitors. This means that PRESS Healthfoods stands out in its niche of well-converting Shopify sites.

Key takeaways: A strong USP will play a major role in differentiating from others. There has to be a factor in your brand that immediately attracts customers’ attention.

1.5. Jewelry and accessories

1.5.1 QALO

QALO Shopify jewelry store

LocationUnited States, Canada
Monthly visit~214,000
ProductSilicone wedding rings designed for active lifestyles and everyday wear.
Target audienceActive couples, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who work with their hands. 
Shopify themeQALO2.0

Unlike other fancy stores, QALO specialty is creating silicon rings that are perfect for couples who value comfort and practicality. The unique material choice along with different offering from other jewelry brands build up QALO to be one of top thriving Shopify jewelry stores in US & Canada.

QALO genius targeted market approach is the most important factor of their success. Indentifying a gap in the market for people who seek alternative options to traditional metal wedding bands, they showcase products and videos of rings in action during workouts, outdoor adventures, and even underwater activities.

They also offer variety in color and design choice to their customers. Their marketing strategy focus on connecting with athletes and adventurous couples – those who perfectly represent their ideology.

Key takeaways: Follow your instinct and unique ideas instead of replicating an existed brand out there! Find partnership with people who represent your brand’s identity and create visuals that perfectly tell the story of your brand.

1.5.2 Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy, introduced in our list of best Shopify dropshipping stores, is a famous brand that sell notebooks and writing accessories.

Monthly visit~247,000
Product Journals and writing accessories
Annual revenue: $1M – $2M.
Shopify themeElla

What makes the store one of the most popular and biggest Shopify stores in journals and writing accessories niche is the cute design with colorful images, clear menu bar, and distinct fonts that are well-suited with their spirit. Products are sorted not just type by type (notebook,pen…) but also by function (bullet journaling, note-taking…), which allows customer to easily find what they are looking for.

They also maintain a healthy community connection with regular update on social media, blogs featurs insightful articles on how to choose pen, how to create bullet journal.

Key takeaways: Build content that are not heavily commercial but helpful to your target audience. Include different kind of search function on your website. Buil a community that appreciate your content.

1.6. Consumer electronics

1.6.1 Freedompro

Freedompro is an expert of smart home technology. They offer modular system that let customers build their dream smart home “module by module”. Whether you are a tech-savvy or novice person, you will have good experience browsing Freedompro store.

Monthly visit~324,000
ProductHome automation
Target audiencePeople who love smart home devices 
Shopify themeFocal

They cover a wide range of customer target, with the ideaology of makeing domotics affordable for everyone, installers and enthusiasts. Freedompro Products are designed to be easy to use and practical and fast to install. This is why people love this brand and consider it to be among top Shopify electronics stores.

Their website is clear and simple, utilized with a lot of white space and big banners. Freedompro includes smart suggestions in the Search bar, a common but very useful feature to allow visitors quickly find the electronics device they’re looking for. Foreigner clients will also find translations feature helpful.

Key takeaways: Try to target different kind of customers, at a different level of understanding about your products – from novice to enthusiasts. Value simplicity in visual and pay attention to search bar to enhance customer browsing experience

1.7. Other Interesting Categories

1.7.1. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co : Shopify pet store


Annual revenue$1M – $2M
Monthly traffic31.4K
ProductPet food & supplies
Target audiencePet owners
Shopify theme usedImpulse

The slogan from Rocco & Roxie Supply Co, a pet treat manufacturer, is ”Make the very best products for pets, and people that love them”. Being among the best Shopify pet stores, Rocco & Roxie Supply Co is a wonderful demonstration of how an online shop successfully integrates language and content with an amazing design. Every word feels like having your best friend advise you about their brand, rather than trying to market their product to you.

The various product categories are attractively presented in collections, which then have a dedicated product page with all the necessary information about the chosen product, including reviews. The checkout procedure is simple and fast, which significantly reduces the number of abandoned carts.


Key takeaways: You will need clear branding, in which your brand’s ethos and message are communicated, emphasizing and commitment to quality.

1.7.2. Art of Play: Shopify toy store


Annual revenue$2M – $5M
Monthly traffic109.6K
ProductPuzzles & games
Target audienceHobbyists & puzzles enthusiasts
Shopify theme usedImpact

Art of Play is one of the top Shopify toy stores of different multifunctional and high-quality entertainment products: playing cards, puzzles, games, home goods, toys, and books.

This Shopify store has a welcome and cozy vibe. The brand is aiming for an easy-to-read and visually attractive layout, using animations to eliminate a bland look. The website enriches the text, images, and videos to bring to life what the products are all about. The toys are well-designed and align with the branding.

Key takeaways: Online stores should enhance the Products page with some elements such as a navigation button, filter and sort, and CTAs to help and encourage shoppers to purchase products.

1.7.3. Stasher: Shopify grocery store


Annual revenue$10M – $15M
Monthly traffic143.1K
Target audienceHobbyists & puzzles enthusiasts
Shopify theme usedImpact

Stasher sells reusable silicone bags and bowls, providing not only their environmental qualities but also sustainable features. The website is full of bright, colorful photos, you can instantly spot items you like. Having annual revenue around $10-$15M, Stasher make a spot in our list of excellent Shopify grocery stores that worth learning from.


Stasher has teamed up with the favorite guru of tidying Marie Kondo, and convinced potential buyers that their purchase will “spark joy”. As such, the collaboration has increased brand awareness and appealed to consumers.

Key takeaways: You might not be able to secure a celebrity endorsement for your store, but you can use other tips from this store. Product reviews, referral rewards, testimonials, and a blog.

1.7.4. Alphalete: Shopify fitness store

Location– Stafford, Texas, USA- Operate online and ship internationally
Monthly visit455,109 (As of Feb 26)
Product– Clothing: Shirts, hoodies, shorts, leggings, sports bras, tanks, etc.
– Accessories: Hats, beanies, socks, gym bags, water bottles, etc.
Target audienceIndividuals who are interested in fitness and have an active lifestyle.
Shopify themeAlphaneu

Founded by Christian Guzman, a famous fitness influencer, Alphalete secure a top spot among the most successful Shopify fitness stores with average monthly visit of 455,109. They offer premium quality activewear with stylish designs. Their store reflects this perfectly, as the visual and user experience is top-notch.


Alphalete’s website looks simple and neat, with lots of white space and really nice pictures of their products. This makes everything look professional and makes it easy to see what they’re selling.

Alphalete’s website utilize perfectly white space and high quality product images to create a professional vibe and allow customer to see what they’re selling with ease. They also use Restrock Alerts app from Shopify store to notify customers when out-of-stock products are available again.

They also focus on using the personal appearance of the founder to their advantage, since a lot of people reach out to the brand because they follow Guzman’s journey and fitness philosophy. His story, social media information can easily be spotted in the front page.

Key takeaways: Utilize the power of white space, high quality product image, and leverage your own brand with the story of its founder!

That’s it! We’ve introduced the best Shopify store examples by categories so you can easily find the right store that match with your choosen niche & business size. Let’s further discuss they key ingredients to build such beloved, popular Shopify stores like the examples above.

2. Things to keep in mind when building your Shopify stores

As you may have noticed, the formula for creating the best Shopify stores is not a fixed process. What works for someone else might not be guaranteed to work for you. However, there are certain tips that you can follow to make your business land on the list of top Shopify stores.

2.1. Choosing a theme

To create a successful Shopify store, it’s essential to start by choosing the best Shopify themes that best represent your brand and are visually appealing to customers. Shopify provides a wide range of free and premium themes that are specially designed for eCommerce. A well-chosen theme will create a positive first impression and encourage visitors to explore your products further.

2.2. Optimize your store

Once you have your theme in place, it’s important to optimize your store for both search engines and user experience. This includes using high-quality images, clear product descriptions, implementing keywords, and easy navigation throughout the site.

2.3. Implement effective marketing strategies

In addition to the design aspect, implementing effective marketing strategies is crucial for driving traffic and increasing sales. Utilize social media platforms, email campaigns, and other digital marketing tactics to reach your target audience and promote your products. Consider running promotions, discounts, and collaborations with influencers to attract new customers.

2.4. Provide excellent customer service

Providing exceptional and immediate customer service is key to retaining customers and building a loyal following. Be responsive to inquiries, offer fast shipping options, and ensure a hassle-free return policy. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, you can build trust and credibility with your audience, leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

3. How to explore more successful Shopify stores

Of course, the Shopify store examples above are just our top picks to serve as sample Shopify stores to inspire you. You can absolutely find more eCommerce stores that operate successfully on Shopify by some of the suggestions below.

3.1. How to spy more Shopify stores in different industries?

One of the easiest ways to spy on Shopify stores in different industries is by using Built With.


This free tool allows users to use the website’s built-in filters and keywords to find a list of stores in the preferred industry.


This tool also provides access to special reports based on criteria such as shipping destinations, currencies, and the number of products listed in each store.

3.2. How to know which Shopify theme a store is using?

One of the easiest ways to identify what theme a site is using is to employ an online tool such as Shopify Theme Detector.

Or you can find out, manually, by checking the source code using the web browser. Press Ctrl + F and type ”theme” to scan for the theme the store is using.


4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the 12 best Shopify stores examples showcased a variety of successful eCommerce businesses that have excelled in different niches. These stores serve as inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to start their online businesses on the Shopify platform.

For more business ideas and eCommerce guidelines, eComStart is a valuable source of resources and support to help entrepreneurs navigate the world of online retail. By utilizing resources like eComStart.io, aspiring business owners can gain valuable insight and guidance to launch and grow their online businesses successfully.

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