Top 5 Shopify Grocery Stores You Should Not Miss


Are you considering launching a new grocery business on Shopify? Do you have any problems operating your online store? If that is the case, this blog contains everything you may want to know about grocery Shopify stores. 

We understand that starting an online business can be difficult, especially for those who are new to the field. As a result, the purpose of this blog is to help you build your online Shopify grocery store.

If you are looking for new ideas or inspiration for your new store, check out our top 5 Shopify grocery stores and learn what makes them successful.

1. Top 5 best Shopify grocery store examples

Listed below is a list of the most successful and popular grocery Shopify store examples. Let’s check out to see what distinguishes those stores and explains their current success.

No.StoreNicheStore themeCountry
1SupplyGrooming productsImpulseUS
2KohHome-cleaning productsImpactAustralia
3Sur CoffeeCoffeeBroadcastUS
5BttrmlkNatural skincare productsPalo AltoCanada


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1.1. Best grocery Shopify stores: Supply

Supply is a famous Shopify store that mainly provides grooming products to its male customers. The store website is built using the Impulse Shopify theme.

What drives the store’s success?

Supply webstore has a clean and bright design, with plenty of space for visual storytelling and displaying its extensive product list. Furthermore, the store’s currency transformation features enable it to serve customers all over the world.



Furthermore, the store is fully equipped to compete in the grocery industry. To be more specific, the quick view feature allows customers to view and purchase products without having to navigate to the product page.

Last but not least, Supply webstore makes extensive use of high-definition videos and images to better demonstrate and showcase its products to website visitors. 

What can you gain from this store?

  • Include high-definition images and videos in your webstore to better showcase your product’s features.
  • Make your store user-friendly by including these features: quick view, slide out cart, and currency transformation.
  • Include a detailed product description and a product color swatch to improve your customer experience.

1.2. Best grocery Shopify stores: Koh

Koh is one of the best grocery Shopify stores you will ever find, offering environmentally friendly cleaning products. Its website is built using the Shopify Impact theme.

What drives the store’s success?



Koh has a beautiful and aesthetic web design and layout, with a color scheme that is intended to soothe the audience’s eyes and be easy to look at. This is especially important when you have to spend a long time looking at the screen to browse the store’s products.

Furthermore, the store is conversion optimized with a variety of unique features, such as a sticky add-to-cart, a slide-out cart that allows customers to see what they have in their shopping cart, a mega menu, and cross-selling by suggesting related products in “Customers also bought.”

Last but not least, Koh’s webstore improves its reputation and builds customer trust by including positive reviews about the brand and its products directly on its homepage.

What can you gain from this store?

  • Include positive reviews and feedback from customers to build trust and improve the store’s image
  • Include conversion-optimized features like sticky add-to-cart, slide-out cart, and mega menu.
  • Boost your store’s sales by cross-selling or suggesting a list of related products in “People also view” or “Customers also bought.”
  • Choose an aesthetic theme with a lovely layout design.

1.3. Best grocery Shopify stores: Sur Coffee

It would be a big mistake if we didn’t count Sur Coffee when listing the list of the best grocery Shopify store examples. The store website is made with the Broadcast Shopify theme.

1.3.1. What drives the store’s success?

Sur Coffee’s webstore design is simple but appealing, and it immediately impresses the audience. Its website also provides plenty of space for displaying product images and promotional videos.

Second, the store allows customers to subscribe to their webstore and receive free delivery on all orders.  This allows them to develop intimate relationships with their target customers while also increasing the store’s conversion rates.

Finally, the Sur Coffee website includes a blog section with coffee-related stories and a brand story. This allows the brand to impress its target customers while also providing visitors with a better understanding of the store and its products.



What can you gain from this store?

  • Allow your customers to subscribe to your webstore to develop intimate customer relationships.
  • Select a good-looking and strong theme to build your webstore.
  • Build trust and entice target customers by providing engaging content on your web blog.

Suggestion: Discover more successful shopify store examples from other niches will extend the range of brands you can learn from!

1.4. Best grocery Shopify stores: MUJI

MUJI is a famous and successful grocery brand from Japan. Its Canadian website version is built upon the popular Empire theme on Shopify.

What drives the store’s success?

First and foremost, the store has a clean and neat design, allowing it to display a diverse range of products. 

Next, a mega menu with in-menu promotions not only helps to increase store conversion but also allows for increased sales revenue.

To foster long-term relationships with its customers, MUJI offers 15% off coupons to anyone who subscribes to its website. Furthermore, they offer a point redemption program to encourage customers to make repeat purchases at their store.



What can you gain from this store?

  • Choose a beautiful and appealing design theme for your webstore.
  • Foster long-term relationships with customers and increase their loyalty through programs such as coupons for store subscribers or a redemption point program.
  • Use features that increase conversion rates, such as mega menus, in-menu promotions, quick views, slide-out carts, and so on.
  • Improve the customer shopping experience by making it easy to navigate throughout your store website.

1.5. Best grocery Shopify stores: Bttrmlk

Bttrmlk is a successful grocery store on Shopify that offers natural skincare products. Its web store is made with the Palo Alto Shopify theme.

What drives the store’s success?

Bttrmlk impresses its visitors with high-definition images that showcase its products, as well as a large amount of content on the web store for storytelling about its brand and products.

Furthermore, they use the Bttrmlk homepage to promote new products or bestsellers to customers. Along with that, many positive customer reviews have been integrated into the store’s website.

Last but not least, there are numerous conversion rate-boosting features such as sticky add-to-cart buttons, shop the look, slide-out carts, and so on.



What can you gain from this store?

  • Use high-resolution images and videos to enhance the customer experience.
  • Use the store homepage to promote new or highlighted products, or build trust with customers by including positive reviews on the brand.
  • Pay attention to increasing conversion rates by including the following features: slide-out cart, shop the look, sticky add-to-cart

2. What makes a successful grocery Shopify store?

Overall, there are numerous ways to build trust and long-term customer relationships with your grocery Shopify stores:

  • Investigate your customers:

The most important step when starting a new business is to develop a detailed profile of your target customer. This will not only provide you with better insights and ideas for developing your products but also allow you to develop a better strategy for approaching them.

  • Prioritize your customer experience:

After reviewing the list of the best grocery Shopify store examples, we can conclude that one of the most important aspects that we must focus on is improving our customer experience.

To accomplish this, make sure to select a visually appealing design theme when creating your webstore. In addition, choose a strong, fast-loading, and user-friendly store theme.

Finally, creating informative and engaging content is critical to improving your customer experience and developing long-term relationships with them.



  • Sales-boosting features:

If you are new to the market, use discount vouchers and promotions to encourage customers to buy or try your store’s products, attracting a large number of new potential customers to your grocery store.

You can also take advantage of the Shopify theme’s upselling and cross-selling features.  For example, suggest related products to your customers by creating lists of “People also view” and “People also bought.”

To Wrap Up

We hope you are satisfied with our blog today and have found everything you were looking for about the best grocery Shopify stores.If you find this blog helpful, please share it with others. Also, follow us at to stay up-to-date with our latest news on Shopify stores and e-commerce in general.

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