Impact Shopify Theme Review: The Best Theme to Drive Conversion


The vast array of themes on the Shopify platform are good for speed and compatibility with various layouts and screen resolutions. Among the top themes is the Impact Shopify theme.

Whether customers visit your site on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the Impact theme will present your store flawlessly. 

This in-depth Impact Shopify theme review will cover its features, varieties, costs, advantages, and disadvantages. It will be especially beneficial to businesses looking to switch themes in 2024.

1. Impact Shopify theme overview 

First, we will take you through the fundamentals of the Impact Shopify theme. This part will give you a quick view of this theme, including its pricing, customer reviews, and pros and cons.

1.1. Impact theme – an introduction 

Maestrooo’s Impact Shopify Theme has made an impression in the eCommerce space thanks to its elegant layout and feature-rich design. The theme exudes an air of sophistication and modernity.

Its use of eye-catching photography, striking visual components, thoughtful layouts, and—most importantly—the gradient color scheme provides your Shopify store with a distinctive, polished, and sophisticated appearance.

Because of its many built-in functions, the theme may be suitable for nearly any kind of product. The Impact theme is sophisticated yet feels contemporary, making it one of the selected ones in our list of the 12 Best Shopify Themes in 2024.

1.2. Pricing  

There is a $380 one-time fee for the Impact Shopify theme. Once you purchase the theme, you can use it indefinitely with free updates and developer support. The best thing is that you can evaluate this theme to see if it fits your business before purchasing thanks to its UNLIMITED free trial.


Compared to other popular themes in the market, the Impact theme is one of the most expensive. Yet, Impact theme has more advanced features and beautiful designs, making it a perfect package for businesses with high standards.

1.3. For which businesses is the Impact Shopify theme best used? 

This Impact theme Shopify is in use for a wide range of sectors, all illustrated by striking structures that serve practical purposes. The design of the Impact Shopify theme is a fantastic choice for big brands, such as

  • Companies in a variety of sectors need to build eye-catching stores and noteworthy features in areas like fashion, clothing, leisure, technology, home goods, cosmetics, and so on.
  • Large electronics stores and automakers.
  • Brands that want to use visual storytelling in their marketing.
  • Shopify businesses have several real locations.

1.4. What people say about Impact Shopify Theme 

The Shopify marketplace has reported 81 reviews about the Impact theme, of which 88% are positive. In general, the Impact theme has been well-received by many users for its modern design, user-friendliness, and comprehensive support.

Besides, people praised the Impact theme for its features, such as smooth UI/UX, countless customization options, and amazing designs.

A few negative comments are about the low-speed templates or the malfunction of the variant picker. Yet, as the support team explained, these problems are not caused by the theme. Instead, the user installing too many apps or the bugs in Shopify’s updates are the reasons why these problems occurred.

1.5. Pros & Cons – Evaluate from our real experience 

For us, the Impact theme Shopify is definitely worth using but you still need to be careful with some of its flaws as we and some of the other users are concerned about.

Below is a table that illustrates the pros and cons of the Impact Shopify theme that we have concluded after using it for a while.

Trendy and attractive designsQuite pricey for new businesses
Diverse customization options for different featuresLive chat support is unavailable
Translation into multiple languages is availableThere are issues related to the compatibility with third-party applications
Appealing Visual Media Elements 
Integration with Various Apps 
Mobile responsiveness 
Fully compatible with online store 2.0 
Unlimited free trial 

2. Impact Shopify theme review – highlighted features 

This part is truly what you are looking for! Here we will give you a look into the different outstanding features that this theme offers.

2.1. Design & Layout

Impact is among the best Shopify themes because of its amazing and customizable design. A major factor that draws customers is its professionalism and brilliance.

  • Gradient colors: This theme’s special feature can improve the appearance of your store’s online presence by adding a depth view. Utilizing various hue tones contributes to the creation of a distinctive and memorable brand image. 
  • Subtle animation effects: The theme gives your store an element of interactivity with its subtle animation effects. These animations are able to boost your product showcases’ aesthetic appeal while improving the browsing experience for shoppers. 
  • Tailored for omnichannel distribution: Impact theme Shopify’s design is optimized for multichannel distribution, enabling you to combine the experiences of buying in physical stores and online with other distribution channels like affiliate or partner sales.
  • Three preset theme styles: The theme gives you the freedom to choose from three preset theme styles that complement your desired look and brand. These styles can accommodate your preferred style, whether it be bold, stylish, or modern. 

Take a look at each preset style including Sound, Home, and Shape. They have their own unique look and can enhance the appearance of your store in different ways.

2.1.1. Sound


Stores with an edgier, more modern vibe are more suited for the Sound style. It best showcases the product’s numerous advantages by combining several picture blocks with varied yet tidy layouts.

Businesses that fit with an enthusiastic nature, such as those in the technology sector, should choose this design.

2.1.2. Home


The Home style has a warm, inviting vibe. It efficiently reveals the value of the brand by standing out from the bold text and distinctive banner design. A large layout combined with a bold color scheme gives your store a contemporary, airy appearance.

As the name implies, home can be used effectively in the interior design, lifestyle, or home decor sectors.

2.1.3. Shape


The Shape style conveys an air of minimalism and art. The gradient menu bar in particular gives a modern and stylish touch when navigating. 

The store has an appealing presence thanks to the muted color scheme and straightforward text. It might be suitable for accessories, beauty, fashion, etc.

2.2. Customization Options

With a variety of pre-made and custom sections available for each feature, Impact gives you complete customization options to improve your storefront and operations. 

Specifically, with over 35 configurable sections, the theme lets you build a remarkable store. To build a visually appealing and engaging store design, you can add, remove, or combine these components in different ways.


You can easily add content, customize the look of your store, and set up settings with its easy-to-use customization tools and pre-designed sections. This will save you time and guarantee a seamless setup process.

2.3. Ease of use

An incredible quantity of layouts and options are available for each element and feature in the Impact theme. Yet, we still discovered that the Impact theme is relatively user-friendly.

Adding content, setting up, and modifying to seem like your own store is made easy by the pre-existing sections. 

Besides, you don’t need to know how to code to easily alter the structure and placement of parts using the drag-and-drop interface. Just drag the portions you want to where you want them and drop them. The personalization procedure is quick, simple, and pleasurable, thanks to this user-friendly interface. 

2.4. eCommerce Feature

A number of features are incorporated to help you create excitement and make the most of the Impact Shopify theme in your marketing campaigns. High-volume Shopify stores can effectively operate with the Impact theme because of its extensive feature set and performance-driven capabilities. 

  • Quick Buy Button: The Quick Buy button allows buyers to add items to their truck straightforwardly from the collection page or the landing page without going to the item page. 

  • Slide-Out and Sticky Cart: The theme combines both sliding cart and fixed cart functionality, ensuring customers can easily access their cart while browsing your store. This feature lets them view and manage their carts without interrupting their shopping journey.
  • Product Catalog Management: Merchants can effectively arrange and display thousands of products with the help of the Impact Shopify theme, which makes it simple for shoppers to browse the catalog and locate the exact items they’re looking for. 

  • Mega menu: A modified version of a layered mega-menu mimics a collection page. This gives buyers a thorough overview of your items straight from the main menu and enables you to highlight a variety of product categories and subcategories. 
  • Enhanced product search: Visitors can enter keywords, set filters, and then get accurate and relevant search results among a wide range of products with the theme’s advanced search functionality. This helps buyers find exactly what they’re looking for without being overwhelmed by the huge range of products offered. 
  • Complementary Item Suggestions: Customers can choose to see other products that have been browsed by them on the product pages, or they can choose to see related or complementary products. This encourages customers to look into products that are compatible with their first purchase, increasing the likelihood of cross-selling and up-selling, particularly in stores with high turnover.

  • The pre-order capability: This enables customers to place orders for goods they want to purchase well in advance of the product’s official release. You may manage early sales capture more easily and effectively while controlling the demand for a future product by leveraging this capability.
  • Promo banners: They give you a fantastic chance to promote future deals, discounts, and special offers on your home page or any other significant area of the website. The customized banners are designed to draw consumers’ attention to your products with a quick glance and convey your promotional marketing message. 
  • Promo popups: Highlighting noteworthy announcements can be performed by displaying targeted popups. These are available with a variety of eye-catching layouts that will increase customers’ interaction with the store and motivate them to participate in your marketing initiatives.
  • Languages/ Currencies translation: Using this fantastic feature of the Impact Shopify theme, you can effortlessly provide different languages and currencies. The theme’s strong translation skills enable your business to grow into numerous regions and nations across the world while offering sophisticated and customized experiences to global users with varying needs.

  • Before/After Image Slider: This is a standout feature of the theme because it makes it possible to display contrasts or visual transformations that highlight the effectiveness of your products. The process is straightforward—customers only need to flick back and forth between the before and after pictures to see the incredible results.

2.5. Compatibility

The theme is well integrated with a wide range of Shopify-compatible apps that are available on Shopify’s App Store. These apps cover a wide range of functionality aspects. As they are integrated within the theme, you can unlock more functionalities to fit the unique needs of your business. 

Although the Impact Shopify Theme’s ability to be integrated with a wide range of third-party applications is one of its advantages, you should exercise caution when doing so. This is because some users’ third-party applications may not work well with Impact. 

As a result, careful consideration is necessary, especially for stores whose operations depend on specific application packages.

2.6. Performance & Speed

The theme is designed with top-notch programming that puts efficiency and performance first. Quick loading speeds are a result of its well-organized codebase and streamlined structure. 

When we used GTMetrix to test the theme’s Home setting, the results exactly matched the theme’s appearance. The performance ratings are displayed below.

Performance MatricScore
Performance Score91%
Largest Content Paint (LCP)425 ms
Total Blocking Time (TBT)8 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0

2.7. Mobile Responsive

The Shopify Impact theme’s mobile responsiveness is an essential component for delivering a smooth and interesting user experience, given the growing number of clients who browse and purchase on smartphones and tablets.

With its fluid and flexible design, the theme adapts and scales automatically to fit different screen sizes. 

Additionally, it has touchable features, collapsible sections, and menus optimized for mobile devices, making it simple for everyone to navigate with only an inch or two of fingers. 

2.8. Support

Impact users have access to the following support channels:

  • Documentation (manuals, instructions, etc.)
  • Form for support tickets 

Yet, some necessary channels aren’t available, like phone help or live chat. The Impact Theme’s absence of these channels is its distinctive shortcoming that could have an impact on the customer experiences.

3. Top 5 stores using Impact Shopify theme 

If you are still hesitating about using this theme, we have other evidence to convince you and they are none other than the real stories of brands using it.

Here are five examples of stores that use the Impact theme Shopify:

1Bugatti SmartwatchesSmartwatch
3KohHome Cleaning
4Exhale Healthy CoffeeBeverage
5Chrome IndustriesClothing & Accessories

3.1. Bugatti Smartwatches


The website for the upscale smartwatch company Bugatti Smartwatches radiates luxurious style. The website features excellent jewelry photos that are enjoyable to look at and reflect the fine craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

3.2. EVE + OLIVE


The EVE + OLIVE restaurant uses Impact to build a natural, elegant, environmentally-friendly online presence. 

The theme’s beautiful design complements the brand’s plant-based and vegan dishes, ideal for highlighting their vision of making healthy food for you.

3.3. Koh


Koh is well-known for developing eco-friendly cleaning solutions to create cleaner, greener homes and workplaces. 

The brand uses Sound coloring with a green tint and a clean style to convey an air of environmental friendliness and make it a noteworthy feature for the consumers.

3.4. Exhale Healthy Coffee


This coffee brand uses the Impact theme to create a storefront that brings fresh and natural vibes to visitors. It successfully introduces the brand’s mission of creating organic and sustainable drinks.

The products’ images and reviews are well-displayed to illustrate how it is good for you and become customers’ favorite among other options.

3.5. Chrome Industries


Chrome Industries’ home brand is a lifestyle company that specializes in fashionable and high-quality items for today’s urban adventurers. 

The business utilizes the Home Style to accomplish this effect, which fits the corporate image flawlessly and exudes a smart urban appeal.

4. Our verdict

All things considered, the Impact theme Shopify is an excellent option if you’re looking for a theme that helps create a modern and top-notch design with highly effective tools to run your business smoothly.

Below are what we think this theme can be your perfect choice after finishing this Shopify theme Impact review:

  • Personalization: You can add personalized touches to enhance the customer experience. By offering a smooth and customized checkout experience, you can boost customer satisfaction and promote repeat business.
  • High-resolution media: With the high-resolution photos and videos that the Impact theme offers, you can produce visually appealing and intriguing content that draws in consumers, highlights product details, and creates an immersive shopping experience that encourages interaction and sales.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Mobile responsiveness is essential in this age of “mobile shoppers. With Impact, you can be happy that your store looks and functions properly on any device. 
  • Positive Customer Product Reviews: The theme has received many positive customer product reviews. These reviews are dedicated testimonials that you can view and decide if this theme is worth it. 

If you love Impact theme and want to use it for your store, we have a special offer! We can apply the theme for you and take it to another level by adding additional customization to match your branding & your target audience needs. The result would be a stunning, well-functioning and user-friendly store that ultimately help you drive sales. Discover our Shopify website setup services today!

5. Conclusion

The Shopify Impact theme is one of the most popular choices for people trying to stand out in the crowded e-commerce market thanks to its sleek appearance, flawless functioning, and adaptable features. 

Using this theme, you may take a long step to achieve real success in the e-commerce market. 

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