Booster Shopify Theme Review: Is it Worth the Price?


In the field of E-Commerce, it is all about developing your brand’s online presence and image, which is important and takes a lot of effort.

More specifically, selecting an appropriate theme for your online store that is consistent with your store’s image and spirit while also appealing to your target customers is critical.

Then, if you are considering using the Shopify Booster theme to launch your online store, don’t forget to check out our review and a list of its key features before purchasing the theme.

Let’s not waste our time anymore and dive straight into our today blog post on the Booster theme Shopify review.

1. Booster Shopify theme overview

In this first section, we will guide you through an overview of the Booster theme on Shopify to get some general and background information on the theme.

1.1. Booster theme – an introduction

The Booster Shopify theme is one of the most popular themes on the market. The theme is well-known for its notable features, which aid in the growth of businesses through sales and marketing.



Listed below are some numbers that will give you a more in-depth understanding of this top-notch theme:

  • #1 choice of thousands of successful Shopify store owners around the world
  • Help you save more than $281 each month in-app fees
  • X2 sales in over 47,000 stores around the world
  • The fastest theme in the Shopify app: 91% mobile speed, 96% desktop speed, and 1.14s page loading time

1.2. Pricing

The Booster theme Shopify costs you $248 for one one-year purchase and $498 for a one-time purchase. When choosing these packages, you will receive the following:

  • Automatic image optimization
  • Booster apps
  • One-year tech support for both packages
  • Optimized mobile theme
  • Optimized store presets
  • Permanent updates
  • Speed optimization features
  • Unlimited visitors

Furthermore, the theme publisher provides their customers with a special package aimed solely at optimizing Shopify speed, which is guaranteed to increase the online store’s speed by at least 25%. More specifically, this $997 package includes:

  • 25% or more speed increase
  • 7-day turnaround
  • Enhance bounce rate.
  • Increase traffic and SEO rankings.
  • Increase conversion rate and customer base.

Overall, we believe that Booster’s pricing is reasonable and completely justified when considering all of the advantages and benefits that store owners can gain by using this theme.



As a result, we strongly recommend the theme to anyone looking to start a Shopify online store and prioritize speed and sale-boosting features to increase their store profit and revenue, as well as convert more visitors into customers.

1.3. For which businesses is the Booster Shopify theme best used?

With a large number of Shopify Booster theme presets available—approximately 77 presets for a variety of business fields—we believe that the theme is suitable for the majority of the types of businesses that may come to mind right now.

To be more specific, we would like to present you with a list of business fields that we believe are the best fit for this theme:

  • Electronic
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Health and beauty
  • Home and living
  • Sports and outdoors

And the list goes on. Speaking from our perspective, Booster’s greatest potential lies in its ultimate features for increasing speed and sales. As a result, it is up to the store owners’ ability to take advantage of these features and grow their business accordingly.

1.4. What people say about Booster Shopify Theme

According to Trustpilot, the Booster theme Shopify review section has earned a total score of 4.1 out of the 131 reviews it’s received.

In the following part, let’s take a look at what people are saying about the Booster theme on Trustpilot:

  • Jenifer: I love my website layout and the speed…

I love my website layout and the speed of my site thanks to Booster Theme for Shopify. The support team has been amazing too; they are responsive to my questions and requests.

  • Tim: Speeds Up My Site on Mobile

The theme sped up my mobile speed significantly compared to the Turbo theme by Out of Sandbox. Has a lot of great add-ons and functionality. I’ve tried many themes, and the options in this one are better than any I’ve tried. It took a bit of patience and going back and forth with their team, but we got things to where I like it and I love the final result.

  • Antulio: The fastest and best customer service!

The Booster theme and the team behind the creation and maintenance of Booster are among the best I have seen. The customer service they provide is excellent, and their concern for keeping this theme at 100% all the time is incredible. Thank you for all the support and for such an amazing product. Eli



Most of the time, Booster is highly appreciated for its stunning layout design, expeditious page speed, and amazing customer support from the theme publisher.

1.5. Pros & Cons – Evaluate from our real experience

Based on our hands-on experience with the Shopify Booster theme, we strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fast-loading theme with sales-boosting functionality.

If you are still trying to figure out the theme’s advantages and disadvantages, we have put them all in one place for you. It is easier to examine and compare its advantages and disadvantages using the table below before deciding whether or not to use the Booster theme.

+ Beautiful design with a wide range of available layouts
+ Impressively increase loading speed
+ Top-notch customer service
+ Excellent baseline features for website editing
+ Interaction and up-selling functionalities for growing business
+ Customization appearance, settings, etc.
+ Enable CRO tools on their theme
+ Easy theme integration into the Shopify store
+ The pricing is not significantly low when compared to other Shopify themes
+ The button color may go wrong if you have a white background and a black main color
+ The theme still needs more customizable features to support online selling
+ Customer service may take nearly a week to reply or get back to you in case of busy or overloaded with support request
+ Only 1 year of tech support, regardless of whether you choose the one-time purchase

For more Shopify theme options, check out our blog on the best free and premium Shopify themes and find yourself the most suitable one.

2. Prestige Shopify theme review – highlighted features

After we have discovered all of the background information about Booster, we would like to walk you through the list of the top 8 highlighted features of the theme you need to know before purchasing it.

2.1. Design & Layout

It goes without saying that this Shopify Booster theme’s layout and design have drawn a ton of praise from users and excellent reviews.

To be more specific, we must acknowledge that the Booster theme is beautifully designed in a simple and minimalist style that will unconsciously fit a wide range of business types in an online store.

Furthermore, there is a list of nearly 80 available presets for each business category from which you can select and further customize so that the website matches your tastes and aligns with your brand’s image.

2.2. Customization Options

In the second place, it is the customization functionality that led to the Booster theme Shopify review section being flooded with compliments from users.



Booster provides a variety of options throughout the website for you to customize and select features that suit your preferences and are appropriate for your website.

With the available options on this theme, you can save up to $281 per month on in-app store purchases.

One option is to include videos in your product description to provide customers with a more comprehensive understanding of what your product is about and ultimately increase sales.

Alternatively, you can incorporate a popular review app into your website to boost trust and faith in your store and product, making it easier for you to persuade your target audience. 

2.3. Ease of use

Although Booster offers numerous customization options while also optimizing the speed of its websites, it remains user-friendly and simple to use, even if you are new to running an online store.

Because Booster is claimed to be fully compatible with Online Store 2.0, it is simple to adjust to the theme editor once you are familiar with the Shopify default editor theme.

Even if you are overwhelmed by the theme’s options and functionalities, once you’ve figured your way through it, it will be just a piece of cake.

2.4. eCommerce Feature

In this section, we will go over some of the best e-commerce features that the Shopify Booster theme has to offer, so you can get a better understanding of how to use this theme and its features.

2.4.1. Mega Menu

To begin, the most significant factor influencing the impression of a website visitor once they enter your online store is your store’s menu.



A good menu not only allows you to showcase your product list and ongoing sale events, but it also features a scientific design that makes your customer journey smooth and easy.

With the Booster mega menu and optimization layout, you can be confident that your customers will easily find what they are looking for in your store and be satisfied with the store’s stunning design.

2.4.2. Cross-selling/ Upselling Feature

The second place is the cross-selling/ upselling feature that you should never overlook when considering a theme for your e-commerce store.

To be more specific, the following options provided by Booster will surely help you boost your sales numbers to the fullest:

  • Frequently purchased together: Offer products that are similar to the one your customer is viewing. Amazon has proven this strategy to increase sales and drive profit for your store.
  • Upsell pop-up: Similarly, an upsell pop-up allows store owners to display products that are similar to those that their customers have recently added to their cart. This is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of the customer’s cart.

2.4.3. Cart Interactions

When it comes to the best e-commerce features that Booster has to offer, cart interactions should undoubtedly be included.


To begin, the theme will give store owners control over what actions their customers should take to add a product to their cart.

Second, there are customization options on the cart page, which the publisher believes is an important step in converting visitors into loyal customers.

2.4.4. Smart Search

The last but equally crucial feature of Booster is its intelligent search function, which will undoubtedly aid you in making a favorable impression on prospective customers.

Put another way, by providing them with search predictions, the theme feature of predictive search will make it easier for your visitors to find the product they want to see and shorten the time they spend working with the search bar.



2.5. Compatibility

As we mentioned in the previous section, the Booster theme Shopify is compatible with Online Store 2.0.

In other words, the theme is compatible with the majority of third-party applications, as stated on the Booster homepage.

Booster enables you to integrate third-party apps such as Messenger chat, popular review apps, video display apps, and more to persuade your target customers and increase store revenue.

2.6. Performance & Speed

When it comes to performance and speed, it is Booster’s most prominent and remarkable feature.

As marketed by the theme publisher and later confirmed by theme users, including us, we guarantee that the Booster effectively boosts your store’s website speed and helps you get ahead of your competitors.



This not only helps you make a better impression on your store visitors, but it also shortens their time in your store, allowing you to persuade them to buy your product more effectively and quickly.

2.7. Mobile Responsive

Similar to any other Shopify theme, this Shopify Booster theme is designed specifically for mobile devices. As we tested it out with various mobile devices, the theme works well and displays beautifully and appealing to store visitors.

2.8. Support

Last on the list is Booster Publisher’s customer service and support, which has received numerous compliments and positive feedback from theme users.

Whatever problems you have while using Booster, the support team is always available to help and guide you through any mistakes or difficulties you may encounter.



Furthermore, the theme publisher put a lot of effort into editing and adjusting theme features and options to fit their customers’ feedback and needs, leading us to believe that the price we paid for this theme was completely worth it.

3. Top 5 stores using Booster Shopify theme

Next, in this section, we would like to introduce you to the top five most popular and successful Shopify stores that use Booster Theme Shopify examples to build their websites.

No.WebsiteNiche Product
1Insta BuddhaStatues, art pieces, jewelry, and home decor
2City BonfiresMini portable fire pits
3Effie’s PaperStationary
4LoveloxBespoke jewelry
5PanaclearSkincare product

3.1. Insta Buddha

Insta Buddha is an online store that sells products related to the Buddha lifestyle, such as statues, art, and home decor.



The store has a simple, minimalist design, but its products are fully displayed on the homepage, allowing customers to quickly understand and navigate the store’s products and categories. 

3.2. City Bonfires

The City Bonfires website provides its visitors with a plethora of animated images and videos to showcase its products and the happy moments that families bond over.



This makes the brand more appealing to its target customers, who are looking for outdoor activity-related devices, thereby increasing store profit.

3.3. Effie’s Paper

Effie’s Paper is a stationary store that presents a modern, Y2K image to first-time visitors.



This makes the brand appear more appealing to teenage girls and young women, which are the brand’s primary growth drivers.

3.4. Lovelox

Lovelox‘s visitors are impressed by the minimalist and elegant style of the website layout, as the brand provides bespoke jewelry gifts to its customers.



Furthermore, each category and product page includes a variety of detailed photos of the jewelry, making it appealing to visitors and assisting the brand in converting more customers.

3.5. Panaclear

As a skincare brand, Panaclear‘s website has a simple yet impressive design with informative sections that help visitors understand their products



4. Our verdict

Overall, we believe that the Shopify Booster theme is one of the best themes for increasing your online speed, competing with other stores, and converting the greatest number of visitors into store customers.

Furthermore, because the theme provides a variety of presets for you to choose from and customize, we are confident that this Booster will work well with almost any type of business, including fashion, eyewear, electronics, sports, and outdoor, among others.

If you found this blog useful and informative, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family who are also interested in the Booster theme. To keep up with our latest reviews of other Shopify themes, follow us on so you do not miss out on any new information.

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