12 Best Free & Premium Shopify Themes [2024]


Did you know it only takes a visitor milliseconds to form their first and long-lasting impression of your brand? Hence, if you want to draw people’s attention and, most importantly, convert them into sales, you need to invest in a Shopify theme that stands out. 

But with hundreds of eCommerce Shopify themes, which one to choose then? Well, this article might have the answer you have been searching for. In today’s top list, we will walk you through the 12 best Shopify themes that hit all the right notes– UI-UX friendly and sale-driven.

1. Overview of the 12 Best Shopify Themes in 2024

NoThemePricingSuitable forLive demo
1Sense Shopify themeFreeHealth and beauty storesLive demo
2Shopify Taste themeFreeStores in the F&B industryLive demo
3Shopify Dawn themeFreeStores in fashion and furniture nicheLive demo
4Ella Shopify theme$89MultipurposeLive demo
5Shopify Symmetry theme$360Stores in the fashion, jewelry, and cosmetics industriesLive demo
6Debutify theme ShopifyFrom $29 per month | Free plan availableStores with a focus on sale-driven elementsLive demo
7Impulse Shopify theme$380High-volume stores or those with a physical shopLive demo
8Pipeline Shopify theme$360High-volume stores in the fashion or beauty nicheLive demo
9Prestige Shopify theme$380Brands that are into storytellingLive demo
10Shopify Booster theme$398/one-time
or $248/year
Stores that focus on providing lightning page speedLive demo
11Impact theme Shopify$380Shops that are looking for a bold and vibrant themeLive demo
12Eurus theme Shopify$220Stores with medium-to-large catalogLive demo

2. What is a Shopify theme?

A Shopify theme is a pre-built template with all you need to launch an online shop without coding. This includes the style, color scheme, and typography to the special effects and eCommerce features. 

When you pay Shopify a monthly subscription fee, you are given access to an admin dashboard to manage everything, including a default theme– Dawn theme. Dawn is free and a great starting point for newbies (we’ll review this theme later below). 

However, most Shopify merchants would want their website to be unique. If you also want that, you can choose from hundreds of both free and paid Shopify themes on various places like Shopify Theme Store or ThemeForest, Theme Monster, etc.

3. Best free Shopify theme 2024

If you’re just getting started, there’s no need to invest in premium themes that might cost hundreds of bucks. Instead, we advise you to test out the water with a free Shopify theme. If your store grows, you can always switch to a new theme without the hassle.

From our experience, here are the three best free Shopify themes 2024 you shouldn’t miss out on if you are on a budget.

3.1. Sense Shopify theme


  • Pricing: Free
  • Suitable for: Shopify stores selling health and beauty products.

Sense stands out among the top-tier Shopify free themes for eCommerce, especially for those seeking a free option. Sense is designed with a clean, modern layout, and is perfect if you aim for a sleek and minimal look.

One of Sense’s outstanding features is its focus on visual storytelling, which allows you to beautifully showcase your products through high-quality images. This is particularly beneficial for businesses where visual appeal is crucial. 

Plus, Sense offers easy navigation and a seamless mobile experience, ensuring your customers can shop with ease on any device.

Take Dr Will Cole, for instance, a successful Shopify store utilizing Sense to its fullest. This store specializes in wellness products, and the theme’s clean layout and crisp visuals perfectly complement their range of health-focused items.

3.2. Shopify Taste theme


  • Pricing: Free
  • Suitable for: Brands in the food and beverage niche.

When it comes to the best Shopify themes free, there’s no way we would leave Taste out of the list. Taste’s minimalist and modern design aligns perfectly with the current trend toward sleek, uncluttered online storefronts. 

As one of the best free Shopify themes, Taste focuses on large, engaging visuals, which is a boon for any store that wants to make a striking first impression. We’ve found this especially effective for products where appearance is key to customer interest. 

Also, the theme’s navigation is exceptionally user-friendly. When we experimented with it on a test site, the responsiveness and ease of use on mobile devices were impressive as well.

A real-world application of Taste can be seen in Aarde Skincare. This skincare store has harnessed the theme’s strengths to enhance its online presence. The clean and modern aesthetic of Taste complements their natural and organic products beautifully.

3.3. Shopify Dawn theme


  • Pricing: Free
  • Suitable for: Shops in the fashion and furniture industries

Next, we have Dawn– a theme that many merchants believe to be the best free theme on Shopify for their stores.

What sets Dawn apart, in our view, are its streamlined performance and adaptability. First, the theme excels in speed and efficiency, a crucial factor for enhancing user experience and improving SEO rankings. 

We’ve noticed that pages load quickly, which is vital for keeping customer engagement high. Another significant aspect is its adaptability to various business needs. The theme offers flexible design options, allowing for a tailored fit to a store’s specific requirements.

You can observe Dawn in action at Runner’s Athletics, a retailer specializing in athletic eyewear. Dawn’s clean and efficient design complements the store’s focus on high-quality, performance-oriented products. 

4. Best premium Shopify theme 2024

If you want to build a bespoke eCommerce experience that keeps your customers coming back for more, don’t settle down on a mediocre Shopify theme. Instead, we suggest going the extra mile with an ‘extravaganze’ Shopify theme.

And here are the top 9 premium Shopify themes we handpicked just for you:

4.1. Ella Shopify theme


  • Pricing: $89
  • Suitable for: Any store niche can benefit from Ella Shopify theme.

In our extensive experience testing various Shopify themes, Ella has distinguished itself as a top choice for premium stores. It’s an elegant solution for high-end boutiques and luxury goods, providing a sophisticated and refined platform to showcase exclusive products.

A standout feature we’ve particularly appreciated in Ella is its ‘Lookbook’ capability. This unique feature allows us to create visually engaging collections, a game-changer for fashion and lifestyle products where storytelling is key. 

Invigo coffee is a premium coffee store that leverages Ella to elegantly display its high-quality coffee offerings. The theme’s rich design and functionality, particularly the Lookbook, have been instrumental in enhancing product presentation and customer interaction.

4.2. Shopify Symmetry theme


  • Pricing: $360
  • Suitable for: Stores in the fashion, jewelry, and cosmetics industries

From our experience, the Symmetry theme is a robust choice for Shopify merchants, particularly effective for stores with a wide range of products. Its versatile design is well-suited for fashion and lifestyle brands that require a sophisticated yet flexible online presence.

Symmetry stands out with its multi-column menu, which allows for efficient organization and easy navigation, even with extensive product categories. Plus, the dynamic product grids are excellent for showcasing products in an attractive and engaging manner, automatically adjusting to feature new or best-selling items.

A real-life example of Symmetry’s effectiveness is Yellow Box, a fashion footwear store. The theme’s customizable layout and dynamic grids enable Yellow Box Shoes to highlight their latest and most popular styles prominently.

4.3. Debutify theme Shopify


  • Pricing: From $29 per month | Free plan available
  • Suitable for: Stores with a focus on sale-driven elements

If you’ve done your research beforehand, you probably have heard of Debutify– a Shopify theme loved by thousands of merchants on the Shopify platform. Indeed, some even said Debutify is among the best Shopify themes for eCommerce they have tried.

And yes, Debutify has our approval. Unlike other themes with one-time purchases, Debutify offers their theme under a subscription fee. Debutify has over 50+ add-ons, and the higher the pricing tier you go, the more add-ons you can access. 

Some add-ons we found intriguing are in-cart upsells, product bundles, color swatches, and smart search. 

The Laughing Pug has used Debutify to create an inviting and sale-driven online store. Debutify’s engaging slideshow and intelligent product recommendations align well with their diverse coffee offerings, helping to guide customers through their product range and encourage additional purchases

4.4. Impulse Shopify theme


  • Pricing: $380
  • Suitable for: High-volume stores or those with a physical shop

In our evaluation of Shopify themes, the Impulse theme has proven to be a remarkable asset for stores handling a high volume of products, particularly in sectors like fashion and accessories. Its design is tailored to enhance product visibility and brand story.

A couple of features we’ve especially appreciated in Impulse are its promotional banners and custom promotional tiles. The banners are great for highlighting special offers or new arrivals, which we found incredibly effective in grabbing customers’ attention. 

Meanwhile, the custom promotional tiles offer unique ways to feature products or collections, adding a creative touch to product presentation.

Watches.com serves as an excellent example of Impulse’s capabilities in a real-world scenario. The theme’s layout, particularly its promotional features, allows Watches.com to effectively spotlight new and featured watches.

4.5. Pipeline Shopify theme


  • Pricing: $360
  • Suitable for: High-volume stores in the fashion or beauty niche

Up next, we have Pipeline– a stellar choice for stores that focus on visual impact, such as those in the jewelry and accessories sector.

The theme’s focus on high-resolution images is perfect for businesses where product detail is paramount. Additionally, its modular design offers flexibility in layout, enabling us to create unique, brand-specific page designs.

IF & Co. utilizes Pipeline to elegantly display its exquisite jewelry collection, capitalizing on the theme’s capacity for large, detailed images and clean layouts to enhance the visual appeal of their products.

4.6. Prestige Shopify theme


  • Pricing: $380
  • Suitable for: Brands that are into storytelling

This list would be incomplete without Prestige– one of our favorite Shopify themes for eCommerce. Prestige has stood out as a premium option, particularly adept for high-end fashion and luxury brands.

Among Prestige’s key features, we were impressed with its storytelling-focused product pages and its quick shop feature. The storytelling-focused product pages empower you to give your customers narrative-driven presentations of your products. 

The quick shop feature, meanwhile, facilitates a smooth and fast shopping experience by allowing customers to view product details and add to cart directly from the product list page.

One notable implementation of the Prestige theme is seen at Gloverall, a retailer specializing in luxury outerwear. The theme’s focus on storytelling aligns perfectly with Gloverall’s brand ethos, showcasing their iconic coats with a narrative that resonates with their target audience.

4.7. Shopify Booster theme


  • Pricing: $398 per one-time or $248 per year
  • Suitable for: Stores that focus on providing lightning page speed

If you’ve been struggling to find a high-performing, premier Shopify theme, Booster might be a game-changer. 

Booster is well-reputed as one of the fastest Shopify themes thanks to its minified theme code. The fantastic part is that Booster offers unique tools like geo-targeted pricing, enabling you to adjust your prices based on your customer’s location. The theme is also packed with tons of conversion-oriented features like a countdown timer, promotion banner, etc. 

The effectiveness of Booster is exemplified by ICEMULE Coolers, a store specializing in high-performance coolers. Using Booster, ICEMULE Coolers effectively highlights their products with engaging sales features.

4.8. Impact theme Shopify


  • Pricing: $380
  • Suitable for: Shops that are looking for a bold and vibrant theme

It’s easy to find a Shopify theme for your e-store, but to find the one that makes your store shine bright is a different story. And for that, you might love to try Impact– a theme that lives up to its name.

Key features that impressed us include the hero video functionality, which allows for impactful full-screen video on the homepage, immediately engaging visitors. The customizable grid-style layout is also noteworthy, offering a visually appealing and user-friendly way to organize content and products.

At Koh, a home cleaning product store, Impact’s strengths are evident. The grid layout displays their diverse products neatly and impressively.

4.9. Eurus theme Shopify


  • Pricing: $220
  • Suitable for: Stores with medium-to-large catalog

And last but not least, Eurus is a perfect premium Shopify theme we’d love to bring to the table today. This theme’s clean, modern design is particularly effective for businesses like art galleries or craft stores that need to highlight their products’ aesthetic appeal.

The advanced slideshow enables you to create stunning, high-resolution displays of products, which we found enhances the visual impact of your product pages significantly.

Ashley’s Artistries demonstrates Eurus’s strengths beautifully. This online store leverages Eurus to showcase its products dynamically. The theme’s focus on visual elements and detailed product pages helps Ashley’s Artistries effectively convey the uniqueness and beauty of each piece,

5. Our verdict: How to choose the right Shopify theme for your online store?

Easy-peasy! Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much are you willing to pay for a Shopify theme?
  2. What niche do you plan to specialize in?
  3. What is your catalog size? 
  4. Are there any must-have features you’re looking for?
  5. Are there any nice-to-have features you’d love to have?
  6. Will the theme still be a great fit after you introduce more product lines in the future? 
  7. Can the theme withstand tons of traffic at a time?
  8. What do other Shopify merchants have to say about their experience?

6. Conclusion

As the saying goes ‘first impression lasts’, your online storefront can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. And we hope after reading this list, eComStart hopes you can find a Shopify theme that best fits your demand and budget.

Remember to check out eComStart.io for all the latest insights and tutorials on eCommerce. 

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