Top 08 Best Restaurant Shopify Themes You Should Not Miss


If you are a restaurant owner looking for the best Shopify restaurant themes to take your business online, this blog has everything you need to get started.

For restaurant owners looking for a Shopify theme, selecting the right theme not only helps you impress your target audience but also allows you to leverage your customer experience and convert more buyers to your business.

However, choosing a suitable theme for your restaurant is not as simple, especially for those who are new to this platform.

To help alleviate your problem, we would like to provide you with a list of the best Shopify restaurant themes that we have recently compiled. We hope that our list will help you gain a better understanding of those themes and make the best decision for your business.

1. Shopify restaurant themes: An overview

To begin with, in this section, we would like to introduce to you a table of the best Shopify themes for restaurants that we have compiled. 

We hope that our review of this list will make you feel satisfied and provide you with all of the information you may be looking for.

NoNamePricingSuitable forRatingLive Demo Link
1Billy$48Food delivery website, online barbecue, online coffee shop3.8/5Billy Live Preview
2Booster$248/ year$498/ one-time purchaseVegan food store, fast-food business, meals company, drinks company, organic food store4.1/5(131 reviews)Booster Live Preview
3Ella$89Online food store, online coffee shop, meals company, fast-food business, milktea store, organic food suppliers4.8/5(1,100 reviews)Ella Live Preview
4Fame$270Fine-dining restaurants, luxurious hotels and bars, chocolate stores, spirit shops, and tea shops3/5(5 reviews)Fame Live Preview
5HoloFood$56F&B company, pizza store, pasta restaurant, seafood restaurant, sushi restaurant, coffee shop, organic food store5/5HoloFood Live Preview
6Yummi$69Desserts: ice-cream business, chocolate store, fast food restaurant, seafood restaurant, dairy products store, spices company, healthy food5/5(5 reviews)Yummi Live Preview
7Modular$300Coffee shop, chocolate business, dairy food companies, healthy food store, fast food companies, pizza store4.8/5(300 reviews)Modular Live Preview
8Champion$350Snack company, fast-food business, meals company, organic food store4.4/5(8 reviews)Champion Live Preview

2. Best Shopify restaurant themes

In this section, we will walk you through each of the themes mentioned in the table above, so you can get a better understanding of what they are.

2.1. Shopify restaurant themes: Billy

Billy, a colorful, creative, and customizable Shopify theme from BootXperts, is the first to start off our Shopify restaurant themes list today.



The theme is appropriate for a variety of businesses; whether you want to start a food delivery website, an online order food store, an online barbecue, or an online coffee shop, this theme is for you.

Aside from common features found in other themes, Billy also includes some unique and highlighted features such as Disqus Comment, Post Comment, Blog Sidebar, Product Share, Product Review, Blog Grid, Post Share, and so on.

Let’s examine the following table to gain a better understanding of the theme’s advantages and disadvantages:

Billy Shopify ThemePROSCONS
Price: $48• Stunning and creative design

• Responsive layout

• High Resolution

• Well documented

• Compatible With Bootstrap 4.x
• Unsupportive author

• Hard to work with if this is your first time getting to know the Shopify theme

• Hard to customize the theme image
Rating: 3.8/5

2.2. Shopify restaurant themes: Booster

Booster, which emerged from other restaurant Shopify themes, is one of the fastest and most powerful themes you can find for your online business.

Because of the theme’s 2x faster than usual speed, Booster is an excellent choice for any restaurant or takeaway store with a high volume of online customers. Aside from its impressive speed, the theme is an excellent choice for businesses looking for conversion-focused themes.



The theme’s features and installation process will satisfy even the most discerning customers, thanks to its simplified code, which keeps the theme running smoothly and makes it simple to set up or customize.

Furthermore, the dedicated care and support of the theme publisher ensures that you will receive an answer to all of your questions or problems within one week.

Overall, Booster offers its users the best features for increasing web store conversion rates, such as a mega menu, optimized product filter, multiple swatch options, messenger chat support, video everywhere to engage audiences, and so on.

Take a look at the table below to find out what the theme’s advantages and disadvantages are.

Booster Shopify ThemePROSCONS
$248/ year$
498/ one-time purchase
•2x loading speed compared to other themes

• Top-notch customer service

• Stunning theme and layout design

• Excellent features for website customization

• Interaction and up-selling functionalities

• CRO tools accepted on the theme
•The pricing is not competitive to other Shopify themes

•Needs more customizable features for online selling

•Only 1 year of tech support, regardless of any purchase you made

•Customer service may take nearly a week to get back in the event of busy or overloaded
Rating: 4.1/5(131 reviews)

2.3. Shopify restaurant themes: Ella

When talking about the best restaurant Shopify themes, it would be a big mistake if we overlooked the Ella theme on this platform.

Ella, with the rating of #1 Best Selling Theme of All Time, is without a doubt the best choice for any Shopify seller; regardless of industry, the theme is always appropriate for them. 



Ella was first made available to the public in 2014 by Hallothemes. Since then, users from all over the world have been drawn to Ella because of its superior features, which include a powerful SEO website that maximizes conversion rates, browser compatibility, dedicated support, a beautiful and innovative UX/UI design, and more.

To find out what the theme’s pros and cons are, let’s examine what we have prepared for you in the following table:

Ella Shopify ThemePROSCONS
Price: $89• Competitive price with high-quality service

• Regular theme updating

• Various sales-boosting features: advanced cart options, product countdowns, and size chart options

• High adaptation on different devices, ensuring a satisfied journey for customers

• Suitable for businesses in a wide range of fields

• Various layout options and themes
•Some specific functionalities may need a third-party integration to run smoothly

•The site’s speed may be slowed down due to the huge number of features and functionalities.
Rating: 4.8/5(1,100 reviews)

2.4. Shopify restaurant themes: Fame

Fame Shopify theme for restaurants, which was released by Shine Dezign Infonet in late 2023, appears to be gaining more and more attention from online food businesses, particularly those that are looking for a way to tell stories through their product rather than simply serving it.

The theme includes several features that will surely improve your website visitors’ experiences and your online customer experience. Store locator, image hotspots, and ingredients/nutrition information are all features that will undoubtedly increase the trust and excitement of your target audiences.

Furthermore, Fame impresses many store owners with its stunning and luxurious design, which is motivated by a desire to elicit strong emotions through creativity.

Overall, this theme is an excellent choice for high-end restaurants, particularly fine-dining restaurants that cater to the affluent market and want to serve their food by telling stories to their customers.

Fame Shopify ThemePROSCONS
Price: $270• Stunning and creative design of theme and its child layouts

• Supportive and comprehensive customer service

• Always stay up-to-date and adaptable to the latest Shopify update
• Relatively high price when compared to other Shopify themes on the market

• Backend still needs more time to develop before it can run smoothly
Rating: 3/5(5 reviews)

2.5. Shopify restaurant themes: HoloFood

HoloFood is a great choice if you are on the hunt for a Shopify theme for restaurant. First launched by ShopiLaunch in 2020, the theme has reached a total of 39 sales on EnvatoMarket.



HoloFood is specifically intended for fast food establishments or restaurants. HoloFood’s theme design features a harmony of colors and space, ensuring that it will capture the attention of your target audience and convert more customers to your business.

This theme is an excellent choice for any F&B business owner, particularly those looking for an eye-catching yet easy set-up to showcase their products online. HaloFood can be an excellent choice for businesses that sell beverages, pizza, pasta, seafood, sushi, coffee, organic food, and so on.

HoloFood also impresses its users with its extensive list of features. Among the features are Bootstrap Toolkit, Animated CSS, Color Swatches, Optimize SEO, Validate HTML5 Code, and more.

HoloFood Shopify ThemePROSCONS
Price: $56• Competitive package price
High-quality design yet easy to install and set up

• Excellent customer support service from the theme developer

• Amazing layout with multiple styles, suitable for a variety of food business
• Short-term customer support (only 6 months after purchasing the theme)

• No high resolution

• There has been no new update since the time it was published
Rating: 5/5

2.6. Shopify restaurant themes: Yummi

Specifically speaking, Yummi is a highlight option on the list of the greatest Shopify themes for restaurants today. Right from its name, it is implied that the theme is a top pick for anyone looking to bring their F&B business online.



Published by Designthemes on June 16, 2020, Yummi gained popularity among food businesses worldwide very quickly and achieved an exceptional rating of 5/5 on EnvatoMarket.

The theme’s delightful and modern design makes it ideal for store owners who sell desserts, confections, fast food, seafood, dairy products, spices, healthy food, and so forth.

Along with a ton of other unique features and functionalities, Yummi gives its users an easy way to improve the customer journey. Examples of these include social integration, which lets users share information on social media, and SEO-friendly web code, which makes your company stand out on Google among thousands of other competitors.

Yummi Shopify ThemePROSCONS
Price: $69• Support multilanguage functions for you to work with customers from around the world

• Amazing and on-time customer support

• Awesome and fantastic collection of fonts and icons for customization

• Allow customers to create accounts on the webpage
• Only available on Shopify 2.0

• No high resolution

• Only 6-month support from the theme developer
Rating: 5/5(5 reviews)

2.7. Shopify restaurant themes: Modular

Released by Presidio Creative in 2022, Modular is a well-known Shopify theme for online eateries. In a short period after its public release, the theme has received 96% positive feedback from Shopify store owners.

Modular is an excellent choice for turning your food business into a work of art, with an appealing layout design, creative use of colors, and plenty of space for image display.



Aside from its stunning design, the theme has much more to offer its users. In particular, it offers a collection of features that are sale-focused, such as dynamic checkouts, color swatches, fast product views, and in-stock counts.

To see what the pros and cons of Modular are, let’s take a look at the following table.

Modular Shopify ThemePROSCONS
Price: $300• Competitive price when compared to other Shopify themes

• Top-notch and responsive customer support service

• Aesthetics appeal, stunning design layouts

• Feature-rich, great customization options

• User-friendly design, easily to navigate throughout the webpage
• The theme is only available on Shopify

• The Modular theme may not work well on Mac screen
Rating: 4.8/5(300 reviews)
Try Modular Shopify Theme

2.8. Shopify restaurant themes: Champion



Champion is a Shopify theme for restaurants that was released by Loess Inc. Champion’s modern and friendly design makes it ideal for online stores selling snacks, candies, chocolates, energy bars, cereals, diaries, fast food, and other items.

Champion Shopify ThemePROSCONS
Price: $350• Amazing design, easy to use theme
• Supportive and responsive customer support
• Pricing is relatively higher than other Shopify theme
Rating: 4.4/5(8 reviews)

3. Best Shopify restaurants using these themes

In this section, we will introduce you to a few Shopify restaurant website examples that utilize the themes we mentioned earlier, in an effort to better illustrate how the themes function and look in real life.

To begin, Common Man Coffee Roasters is a Singapore-based online business that uses the Modular theme for its website. The theme aesthetic design gives the store website a simple but impressive appearance to its visitors.



Next, PIP’S is a funny snack company that chose to stick with the Champion theme. As a result, the company’s website has a playful and energetic vibe.



Finally, Dat’s Louisiana represents stores that use the Fame theme. Large space on the website is devoted to showing customers enticing product pictures.



To sum up

We really hope that today’s blog post has given you all the information you need to know about Shopify restaurant themes.

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