Ella Shopify Theme: Features, Price, & Expert Review with Real Experience [2024]


Want to launch a bespoke e-shop with Ella Shopify theme? Let’s dive into our comprehensive review to see whether it fits you or not! In this Ella Shopify theme review, we’re going to walk you through all you need to know about this famous theme. 

As a top-tier theme, the Ella Shopify theme has passed our test regarding UI-UX designs, page speed, and conversions. But is it really up to the hype as a multipurpose theme you’ve been searching for? Let’s find out the answer!

1. Overview Ella Shopify theme

👉 Download Ella Shopify theme or See how Ella works in action.

1.1. Ella – multipurpose Shopify theme OS 2.0: A general look

Ella is a popular Shopify theme among merchants on the Shopify platform. The theme was published by Halothemes. After 8 years of being constantly updated with the introduction of more sales-driven elements and eCommerce features, Ella has become a go-to choice for Shopify merchants of all niches. 


Here are some numbers that speak volumes of Ella Shopify theme:

  • With 36,000+ sales and 1,100+ five-star ratings from merchants worldwide, the Ella Shopify theme is featured and ‘staff-picked’ by ThemeForest as one of the best Shopify themes of all time.
  • It’s ranked top #1 in the Bestselling Shopify theme of all time
  • Halothemes– Ella theme developer earned the honored badge Envato Elite Author

1.2. Pricing

Ella costs you $89 per on-time purchase, which includes:

  • Over 28 unique homepage layouts for you to choose from
  • 05 child themes tailored for various niches. This makes Ella a highly versatile theme among Shopify store owners
  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates
  • 6 months support from halothemes 

When compared to other themes in the Shopify marketplace, Ella’s pricing is highly competitive. Many premium themes demand a higher price (up to $360 – $380) but do not necessarily offer more features or better functionality. This makes Ella a particularly attractive option for businesses seeking a robust, versatile theme without a hefty price tag.

Another notable thing is that Ella offers up to 28+ homepage layouts and tons of sale-focused features like bundles & discounts, cart upsell, etc., allowing you to save costs for pricey third-party apps (we’ll review Ella theme highlight features in greater length below).

1.3. For which businesses is the Ella Shopify theme best used?

As we were saying, Ella comes in with a whopping 5 child themes, each catering to a specific niche and inAs we were saying, Ella comes in with a whopping 5 child themes, each catering to a specific niche and industry. The theme also generously offers 28+ homepage layouts. Whether you need Shopify theme for electronics, home products, or furnitures, Ella is an excellent choice.

Here are the niches that perfectly match with Ella Shopify store:

  • Fashion;
  • Accessories;
  • Health and Beauty;
  • Home and Garden;
  • Electronics and supermarket;
  • Sports and recreation;
  • Any other niche or industry you can have in mind

From our perspective, Ella’s strengths lie in its ability to provide a rich, customizable experience. This makes it not just suitable for general retail but also for niche markets and specialty products. 

Plus, Ella’s theme code is also well-optimized, making it a suitable choice for high-traffic stores or stores with a sophisticated catalog as well.

1.4. What people say about Ella Shopify Theme

With a respectable 4.78 rating from over 1,100 users, most of Ella’s users love the theme for its UI-UX-friendly design, tons of built-in sales features, and a superstar customer support team.

Here are a few Shopify merchants who just can’t get enough of Ella to grow their online store:

One of the best themes I’ve ever worked on. Highly customizable, highly efficient, and fast. Definitely worth buying if you’re thinking about using this theme for your site. You may need some help here or there to make third-party apps compatible, but the support team is very good and helpful.

This theme is excellent. It has plenty of child themes, and the design is excellent. The functionality is robust as well. I only built one website with this theme so far but will definitely build more on it. Highly recommended. 

The Ella theme offers a range of high-end appearance options at a surprisingly affordable price. Using Ella’s pre-designed layouts, sections, and blocks, I found it easy to customize my store to perfection. The user interface is incredibly customer-friendly.

1.5. Pros & Cons – Evaluate from our real experience

Based on our hands-on use and analysis, Ella represents a valuable investment for businesses seeking a high-quality, flexible theme. Despite its initial complexities, its robust and feature-rich nature makes it a worthy choice for businesses looking to grow and scale their online stores to new heights.

After spending some time testing the Ella theme, we’ve wrapped up below all the possible pros and cons of the theme for your sake:


+ Various layout options and child themes
+ The theme adapts beautifully across different devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for mobile users.
+ Ella includes lots of sales features like advanced cart options, product countdowns, and size chart options
+ With its multipurpose design, Ella is apt for diverse online businesses
+ The theme is regularly updated, ensuring compatibility with Shopify’s latest version


– The range of features and customization options requires a learning curve to leverage the theme’s potential fully.
– With so many features, there’s a potential risk of affecting the site’s loading speed, especially if not optimized properly.
– For specific functionalities, there might be a need to integrate third-party apps, which could add to the overall cost and complexity.

2. Ella Shopify theme review – highlighted features

Now that we’ve walked you through all the fundamentals of the Ella Shopify theme, let’s get to today’s main course– top 9 Ella’s feature highlights.

2.1. Various design and layout options

From our experience trying hundreds of Shopify themes, Ella still impresses us with its out-of-this-world design and layout options. 


With $89 per one-time purchase, you’ll get access to dozens of niche-specific layouts for each page and various styles for each section on each page. To name a few primary pages:

  • 28+ homepages: Our extensive testing of the theme revealed more than 28 dynamic homepage options. You can tailor-make your storefront with additional sections, like navigation bars, featured product showcases, or an Instagram gallery.
  • 9+ product page templates: Our hands-on experience showed that each product page layout goes beyond simple descriptions, offering you the chance to truly represent your brand and the unique value of your products with a variety of modern and wide-image gallery styles.
  • 6+ category page templates: The theme presents several ready-to-use category page layouts, which we found beneficial for neatly organizing products and facilitating a smooth browsing and purchasing process for customers.
  • 6 blog layouts: Delving into the Ella theme, we appreciated the assortment of blog page designs available, enabling you to enrich your site with quality content that engages visitors and encourages interaction.

2.2. Customization options

Each of Ella’s layouts is fully customizable with various pre-made and custom sections, allowing you to freely enhance your pages with any elements or features you want. 

For instance, you can feature a sleek Instagram feed on your home page to build social trust, include an FAQ section on your product detail pages to clear up customers’ confusion, etc. Or if your products come in a wide range of different colors, you can feature a color swatch like below and customize it to your liking.



2.3. Ease of use

Ella theme offers a whopping number of layouts and options for every element or feature. However, we found the theme is quite easy to use, just like many other Shopify themes listed on the Shopify Theme Store.



As Ella’s theme is compatible with Shopify Online Store 2,0, the theme editor is similar to the default editor theme. It’s just that Ella theme gives you many, many more options for each block and section. This might be the reason why many said they were overwhelmed when they first experienced Ella. 

However, once you’ve got the hang of it, we can rest assured you’ll be able to customize it like a pro.

2.4. eCommerce feature

Though the Ella Shopify theme has miscellaneous layouts and is easy to use, it’s the theme’s robust set of eCommerce features that set it apart from other Shopify themes in the market. The theme is well-packed with literally all you need to turn your Shopify store into a high-converting artwork.

And here are all the eCommerce features of the Ella theme that we believe will work magic on your store’s conversions.

1. Eye-catching mega menu

If you have a large product catalog with numerous product lines, you’ll surely fall in love with Ella theme’s neat and modern mega menu

With Ella’s mega menu, when your customers hover over a top menu item, it will collapse into beautiful sub-categories. This will allow them to find what they need without jumping back and forth confusingly and exiting.


2. Smart navigation

The more steps your customers have to take in order to complete a purchase, the higher the chance it is for them to drop off. 

And that’s another thing we love about the Ella theme– its smart navigation or what techies call it– Ajax navigation. 

🤔 Hang on! What is ‘Ajax navigation’?

Normally, when customers browse an online store, each time they move from one page to another, the page needs to reload. This process can be time-consuming and potentially frustrating. However, the Ella theme offers a solution.

With Ajax navigation, you can set up key points in your website’s navigation to function without needing to reload the page each time a customer moves to a different section.
  • Quick view: Enable your customers to view your products without even going to your product pages with Ella’s quick view feature.

  • Quick add-to-cart: Similarly, the theme allows your customers to instantly add any item they like to cart wherever they are– homepage or catalog pages.

3. Advanced product filtering

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, when your customers visit your online store, there is no sales staff asking them, “May I help you?” and showing the way to the exact item they need.

So if your e-store has hundreds of products to offer, and each product comes in significantly different colors, sizes, price ranges, etc., you’ll benefit from Ella’s advanced product filtering feature.

The theme empowers you to feature an advanced sort and filter, as shown below on your catalog pages, allowing your shoppers to use the filter and sort out what they want easily.


4. Sale-boosting features

Apart from stunning UI-UX-friendly layouts, the Ella theme also has tons of sale-driven features so you can optimize your store for conversions. 

  • Sale badge: Draw attention to your discounted products and irresistible promotions with noticeable sale badges.


  • Frequently bought together: Increase your average order value by displaying product bundle deals on your product pages.

  • Cart upsell: Prominently display a discount threshold on your customer’s cart page, incentivizing them to ‘buy more, save more’.

  • Hot stock: If you want to create a sense of urgency among your shoppers and encourage them to make ‘impulse’ purchases, Ella’s hot stock section can come in handy as well.

2.5. Compatibility

As its name might suggest, the Ella Shopify theme is compatible with OS 2.0 and any apps on the Shopify App Store. Also, the halotheme team is quite persistent with updating their theme to be compatible with the latest Shopify updates.

Regarding integration with third-party apps, we can confirm Ella works perfectly fine with top Shopify apps like PageFly (landing page builder), Ali Reviews (product review app), Transcy (language and currency translation app), etc.

2.6. Performance and speed

Many are concerned that the Ella theme’s numerous features can slow down their website. However, from what we experienced, that’s not the case. Ella theme’s page speed is perfectly fine. 

Well, it’s not the fastest Shopify theme we’ve tried, but Ella surely offers high-performing page speed if that’s what you’re worried about.

With that being said, there are tons of other factors that can mess with your page speed. For instance, we suggest being selective with the apps you choose and compressing images before uploading them to your store.

2.7. Mobile responsive

Like any other premium Shopify theme, Ella Shopify theme is built with mobile in mind. We’ve tested the theme on major devices– desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. and Ella adapts to all devices without any glitches. 

2.8. Support

From our research, Ella Shopify theme support team is praised for their top-notch services. Though Elle theme developers do not provide immediate assistance, they are quite competent when helping out Ella users.

If you require additional assistance, consider purchasing their 12-month extended support package, currently available for $27.75 (this price is part of their promotional offer and may change, so please use it for reference only).

Also, if you’re a self-learner, you’ll find that Ella Shopify theme documentation is quite comprehensive. They have a help desk with detailed guides on how to use every feature that the theme offers.

3. Top 5 stores using Ella Shopify theme

Are you worried that Ella Shopify theme demo might not give you an exact expectation? Let’s get you inspired with 5 Shopify theme examples using Ella to grow their stores.

1Shop Beauty DepotBeauty and cosmetics 
2VirtuePaintball products
4SFMartOrganic food
5Jam’s JewelersJewelry

3.1. Shop Beauty Depot


This haircare retailer offers an engaging user experience, blending an extensive product range with Ella’s sleek design. Shop Beauty Depot is a great example of how to present diverse items in an appealing, organized way.

3.2. Virtue


Virtue Paintball effectively uses Ella to create a dynamic, engaging site for its niche paintball products, demonstrating how the theme can cater to specific markets while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

3.3. Snapmade


Snapmade demonstrates Ella’s adaptability for custom fashion retail, offering a unique interface for personalization. It’s a testament to the theme’s flexibility in accommodating individualized customer experiences.

3.4. SFMart


SFMart employs Ella to simplify the online grocery shopping experience. The site’s clean, intuitive design is perfect for merchants looking to streamline the shopping process for health-conscious consumers.

3.5 Jam’s Jewelers


Jam’s Jewelers uses Ella to craft an elegant, luxury-focused online presence. The theme’s sophisticated design complements the store’s high-end jewelry, ideal for those in the luxury retail sector.

4. Our verdict

All in all, if you are searching for a Shopify theme that hits all the right notes– UI-UX-friendly designs, fast page speed, sale-driven, etc., Ella Shopify theme is a perfect choice.

And because the Ella Shopify theme has an impressive number of features and layout options, it’s more suitable for medium-to-large-sized online stores or stores on the growth.

If you’re a newbie, we suggest getting started with one of the free Shopify themes instead. As your store scales, you can switch to the Ella theme anytime you wish.

That’s it! eComStart hopes after reading this comprehensive review; you can have a better understanding of Ella– one of the most reputed Shopify themes. If you want to utilize Ella theme to the fullest to match your brand value, identity and audience, contact our Shopify store setup agency. Our seasoned Shopify experts helped merchants across the world start their journey to sell on Shopify seamlessly, from the earliest step of ideation to launch a fully functioned Shopify store.

Don’t forget to visit the topic of Shopify themes and eComStart.io for battle-tested tips and tricks to start a business without the hassle.

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