Symmetry Shopify Theme: Is It the Right Fit? Basic Review


What is a Shopify theme?

Shopify theme is defined as the way that an online store looks, feels, and functions for store owners and their customers. In other words, the theme is more than a single astonishing face of your business. 

And it is the way the Symmetry Shopify theme works.

In this article, we will investigate deeply highlighted features, pros and cons, feedback about the Symmetry theme, and whether it is a perfect fit for your online store. Let’s check it out!

1. Overview Symmetry Shopify theme 

1.1. Symmetry Shopify Theme: A general look 

Known for its clean, modern aesthetic and powerful features, the Symmetry Shopify theme is one of the most outstanding themes of Clean Canvas. 


Clean Canvas, the developer of Symmetry theme, always focuses on building exceptional themes with high loading speeds, mobile responsiveness, and seamless integration with popular Shopify apps. And there is no doubt that Symmetry is their flagship theme, which can perfectly show off their excellent skills in design and high technology.

When it comes to the best-selling Shopify theme examples, the Symmetry theme is a one-stop option for Shopify store owners seeking to build a modern and feature-rich web page. You can find the name Symmetry in the top list of categories like “Clean & Minimal” and “High-Volume Stores” in Shopify.

1.2. Pricing 

Along with some added values for the Symmetry Shopify theme, its price is $360 in 2024 January.  It falls on the higher end of theme pricing compared to many other options available on the Shopify Theme Store. 


So, with a high-end theme, your online store will get:

  • Responsive design
  • High-quality product page layouts with zoom functionality
  • Customizable homepage sections
  • Blog functionality
  • Built-in social media sharing buttons
  • Mega menu options for easier navigation
  • Integration with popular Shopify apps

In addition, at $360, rest assured that the Symmetry Shopify theme will be always compatible with the latest Shopify versions. The regular updates will continuously provide it with new features and free-bug experiences.

But is Symmetry worth $360?

The Symmetry Shopify theme will be worth this high price if it meets your requirements, fits your brand identity, and matches your budget.

Let’s check in details in the next part to see who will be highly recommended to try this premium choice!

1.3. For which businesses is the Symmetry Shopify theme best used? 

Yes, Symmetry is considered one of the best-selling Shopify themes, but “best-selling” doesn’t necessarily mean “best for you”. 


Here are some things to consider when evaluating Symmetry for your online store:

  • Your industry and brand aesthetic: Does the theme’s clean and modern style align with your brand identity and target audience?
  • Feature needs: Does the theme offer the features you require for your store functionality, such as product variations, blog sections, or integration with specific apps?
  • Customization options: Can you easily customize the theme to match your brand colors, fonts, and overall design preferences?
  • Budget: Consider your budget and compare it to other Shopify themes.

Due to its modern aesthetic and feature set, Symmetry tends to shine in several types of businesses including fashion & apparel, home & decor, beauty & skincare, technology & electronics, and minimalist lifestyle brands.

1.4. What people say about Symmetry Shopify theme 

Currently, Symmetry has over 300 reviews on the Shopify Theme Store, and around 93% are positive feedback.

Let’s check out some detailed Symmetry Shopify theme reviews:

“Absolutely high-end theme in our eyes! Has many sales-promoting features as well as many small refinements built in that most theme providers do not even consider, the theme can also be designed individually. A great detail that is important to us is that you can set the free shipping banner to each country individually! Top ! The Support helps in every situation. Great work !” – UDINGO

“I m using this theme since last 2 years and are very happy but still found few features missing in this theme which sometime makes me feel to switch from this theme. Searched approx. 10 theme and all they have ” Add to Cart” button option for collection page and everywhere on the website so that it customer can quick buy the product without redirecting to the product page.Please bring this feature” – Sancha Tea (Online Boutique)

“A $340 USD theme doesn’t have a liquid section in the footer. When asked, the support prompted us to use apps or modify the code. This is the 1st theme that doesn’t have this feature. If you are a Romanian business owner, you won’t be able to add the mandatory Images and Links to ANPC and SOL without having to buy apps or edit the theme code. Beware!” – A L Y A M O R E


Symmetry Shopify theme has both positive and negative reviews written by store owners from various industries. To provide you with more comprehensive and honest insights, we decided to head down there to experience for myself rather than take anyone else’s word for it.

Now, it’s time to check out the pros and cons of Symmetry!

1.5. Pros & Cons – Evaluate from our real experience 

Like other premium themes on Shopify, Clean Canvas offers an unlimited free trial until you publish the theme to your store. We can see that it is easy to try and set up the Symmetry theme in the first steps. 

After experiencing Symmetry on our demo store about natural skincare, we can summarize several advantages and disadvantages in this table below.

– Appealing and professional designs with a modern and minimalist aesthetic
– User-friendly product pages, customizable homepage sections 
– Seamless integration with popular Shopify apps
– Fast loading times and responsiveness on various devices
– Easy to ease
– Helpful customer support
– Support for multiple languages
– High price
– Limited customization (i.e.: Limited control over grid layouts, restricted header and footer options, limited font control, etc.)
– Sometimes slow responses from the customer support team 

>> You can also try out the Symmetry Shopify theme free download with a free trial here!

We believe that with this section, you have an overview of Symmetry already. But to decide whether this is a perfect choice for your store, it is essential to collect more detailed and comprehensive information. 

So now it’s time to delve deeper into the features and characteristics of the Symmetry Shopify theme. Let’s get straight to it!

2. Symmetry Shopify theme review – highlighted features 

2.1. Design & Layout

In general, the keywords of the Symmetry Shopify theme include “clean”, “modern”, “neutral colors”, “calm vibe”, or “minimalist aesthetic”. It has four distinct styles that share the same core layout and features.

However, we can still find differences primarily in color palettes and design elements between them.

StyleColor PaletteFeelDesign elementsIdeal for
BeatnikBold hues, vibrant accents, pops of black & whiteCool, trendy, fashion-forwardBold typography, minimalist layouts, playful graphicsClothing, accessories, tech products
ChantillySoft pastels, airy whites, delicate accentsModern, elegant, sophisticatedDelicate fonts, airy layouts, subtle texturesBeauty, home decor, premium goods
DukeRich wood tones, deep colors, masculine accentsClassic, traditional, luxuryTraditional grid layouts, serif fonts, textural touchesMenswear, outdoor gear, luxury brands
Salt YardEarthy tones, natural textures, organic accentsRustic, wholesome, eco-friendlyHandcrafted elements, earthy textures, nature-inspired visualsFood, wellness, eco-friendly products

In short, Beatnik will be a perfect choice for a brand that wants to focus on highlighting products and brand colors.


Let’s take into consideration Chantilly for its unique and eye-catching style, especially when your brand wants to connect with its audience on an emotional level.


Duke will bring your webpage a timeless and mysterious atmosphere, creating a high-end ambiance.


And if you are looking for a grounded and welcoming image with earthy tones and textures, Salt Yard style should be your ticket.


2.2. Customization Options

When trying the Symmetry Shopify theme demo, we realize some highlights in customization options.

Overall Design: Color Palette, Fonts, Logo and Favicon

Homepage sections:

  • Sections and layout: You can choose, arrange, or remove pre-built sections like featured products, banners, collections, blog posts, etc. to customize your homepage.
  • Background images and colors: You can add unique background images or colors to each section.

Product pages:

  • Product grid options: It is possible to change the number of products per row, product image sizes, and spacing.
  • Product information display: You can control the order and visibility of product information like titles, descriptions, prices, and feedback from your customers.
  • Customizable sections: You can add custom sections to product pages for further branding or storytelling, such as videos, FAQs, or size guides.

Other customization options:

  • Menus and navigation: You can adjust font, color, and hover effects.
  • Blog settings: It allows you to adjust all settings and functions of the blog section, like layout, post formatting, and sidebar elements.
  • Custom CSS: For advanced users, you can add custom CSS code for the extra theme’s design and functionality.

However, please keep in mind that while the Symmetry Shopify theme offers plentiful customization options, it’s not as flexible as custom-built themes for highly unique design needs. Some limitations still exist, such as limited theme code access and a predefined layout structure.

2.3. Ease of use

There is no question that Symmetry is a user-friendly Shopify theme.

It uses a drag-and-drop interface for arranging pre-built sections, making basic customization intuitive for Shopify beginners. Most customization options on Symmetry utilize sliders, color pickers, and drop-down menus, allowing non-technical users to personalize the theme at their fingertips.


Also, Clean Canvas offers a Symmetry Shopify theme tutorial with detailed documentation and informative videos. You can follow the step-by-step guidelines from them to set everything perfectly.

2.4. eCommerce Features 

Menus and Navigation

  • Mega menu that supports extensive menus with categories, subcategories, and product links 
  • Sticky header
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and hover effects

Cart and Checkout

  • Slide-out cart
  • Sticky cart throughout the checkout process
  • Cart notes that allow customers to leave messages for the seller at checkout
  • In-store pickup option
  • Pre-order function
  • Quick buy option

Collections and Products

  • Live search
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Collection page navigation
  • High-resolution images and galleries
  • Image zoom, hotspots, and rollovers
  • Product tabs and options
  • Product videos and usage information
  • Stock counter and shipping/delivery information

Upsells and Cross-sells

  • Recommended products
  • Quick view
  • Product badges
  • Promo pop-ups/banners


  • Clean and well-organized code
  • Image alt text 
  • Heading tags

To be more detailed, some highlighted eCommerce features of the Symmetry Shopify theme that you can take a look at include:

In-cart recommendations

This feature will suggest related or complementary products while customers are already reviewing their carts. This can inspire them to add more items, leading to higher sales. 


While increasing your average order value, it also contributes to creating a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Reorderable homepage rows

This feature allows you to customize the layout of your homepage by easily dragging and dropping pre-built sections like banners, product grids, and testimonials. You will have creative control to prioritize content and optimize conversion flows.


Horizontal product tabs

Symmetry Shopify theme presents product information like descriptions, specifications, and reviews in an organized and visually appealing way using horizontal tabs. 


Long-form homepage

This feature will help you introduce your brand values, mission, and what makes you unique. In addition, it is ideal to showcase featured products and highlight key information on a long-form homepage. 


This can capture attention, engage visitors, and guide them toward conversion.

Quick buy

With this feature, customers can purchase products directly from product pages or hover menus without navigating to a separate cart page. Symmetry is doing its best to optimize the checkout process and boost impulse purchases.


You can try the Symmetry Shopify theme download to experience these powerful features in the demo store by yourself.

2.5. Compatibility

The Symmetry Shopify theme is compatible with the latest version of Shopify. The Clean Canvas team actively maintains the theme and ensures compatibility with new Shopify releases.

Generally, the theme works well with many popular Shopify apps and plugins, including popular apps for marketing, SEO, shipping, analytics, and more. However, it is recommended to check the individual app’s compatibility information before installing it.


If you’re unsure about a specific app, you can reach out to the app developer or the Clean Canvas support team for further information.

2.6. Performance & Speed

The theme utilizes modern best practices in Shopify development, leading to a generally clean and optimized codebase. 

Another highlight in the performance & speed of the Symmetry Shopify theme is the lazy loading setup for images. It will help improve the initial page load times of your Shopify store and provide a smoother browsing experience.


Overall, the Symmetry theme generally enjoys a good reputation in speed & performance.

2.7. Mobile Responsive

Symmetry is designed to automatically adapt its layout and elements to look and function flawlessly across all devices, including smartphones. 

By applying technical expertise, it allows images, text, and buttons to adjust for various screen sizes and resolutions on different types of mobiles.


Also, intuitive navigation options like hamburger menus and drop-down lists are available for the Symmetry Shopify theme on mobile. On smaller screens, it guarantees that mobile users can still easily access search and filtering features.

When it comes to loading times on mobile devices, rest assured that a smooth and fast experience for all users is the top priority of Symmetry theme developers.

2.8. Support

Clean Canvas provides extensive Symmetry Shopify theme documentation covering all aspects of the theme, including installation, customization, features, and troubleshooting. 

With helpful articles and video tutorials showcasing the theme’s capabilities, you can find helpful tips there to use and optimize your Symmetry theme effectively.

In addition, you can directly contact the Symmetry Shopify theme support team via email with any questions or issues you encounter. They typically respond within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

3. Top 5 stores using Symmetry Shopify theme 

No.WebsiteNiche product
1Story SparkStationery & Gifts
2The Cinchy CowgirlWestern Fashion & Accessories
3Wall EncyclopediaArt & Home Decor
4Little HowdyChildren’s Clothing & Accessories
5Solo InlineSolo inline skates

3.1. Story Spark


Story Spark is a lifestyle brand built on the spark of creativity and connection between art and technology. They cater to geeks, engineers, gamers, and anyone who loves being different. 

With the Symmetry Shopify theme, the designs of this website avoid visual clutter, opting for bold lines, clear imagery, and a limited color palette. This makes the shirts feel modern and versatile, suitable for casual wear or even professional settings.

3.2. The Cinchy Cowgirl


Listen, my friend. The Cinchy Cowgirl is calling your name! It’s an online boutique celebrating all things Western style for the modern cowgirl.

With the bold graphics and patterns of Symmetry, the website itself has a clean and organized layout. By highlighting cheeky product descriptions, we can feel a sense of humor and personality throughout the site. 

3.3. Wall Encyclopedia


Wall Encyclopedia is a company that creates educational and visually appealing posters for children. 

The posters are designed to be both informative and visually appealing. By setting up the Symmetry theme, they focus on using clear text, colorful illustrations, and infographics to catch the attention of customers.

3.4. Little Howdy


LittleHowdy is a Texas-inspired treasure trove of fun goods for children. They design art prints, toys, accessories, and apparel that capture the wild spirit and good-hearted nature of this amazing land. 

With the help of the Symmetry theme, LittleHowdy’s designs are playful, vibrant, and infused with a distinctly Texan charm. Its welcoming and cozy atmosphere is a big plus for this webpage.

3.5. Solo Inline


Solo Inline offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality skates, equipment, and accessories, catering to every style and skill level.

The website has a modern and easy-to-navigate design. From the default design of the Symmetry Shopify theme, Solo Inline decorated and personalized its store with muted grays and whites as the base to create a neutral canvas, bringing a modern and sophisticated feeling for skaters.

4. Our verdict 

What is the best theme for Shopify?

There is no exact answer to this question. Symmetry can be, or not.

We believe that this article provides you with comprehensive insights about the Symmetry Shopify theme. Although $360 is not a small number, if you are looking for a theme with powerful eCommerce features, clean and optimized code, and excellent mobile responsiveness, you can take a look at Symmetry. And if your brand prioritizes a clean, modern look and visual balance, Symmetry might be a perfect fit. 

And also, you can check out and compare other Shopify themes with the help of eComStart resources to make a smart decision on the face of your store.

5. FAQs

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