150+ Outstanding Art Business Name Ideas [2024]


Beginning an art company and searching for art business name ideas? The name of your business can change the game. It’s not just a name; it’s your brand’s look, shows what you can do, and attracts people who might want to buy from you.

In this blog post, we will give you a list of great names to help spark your imagination. We will also advise on how to choose good names for art business. If you like painting or digital drawing, these suggestions will help make your brand stand out just as much as the art does. And remember to always mind what fits best, whether it’s traditional style or more modern design.

Remember, choosing a good name is very important for your business. It helps decide how it feels or looks like. So, go slow and pick carefully. Let’s dive in!

1. 150+ Outstanding art business name ideas for your brand (2024)

Picking the best name for your art business is very important. It is your company’s first view, it creates the feeling and draws in great customers for you.

artist-surrounded-by-art-supplies-holding-a-colorful-palette-brushes-art business-name-ideas


If you are a nail artist making small works of art, or using resin to create amazing things from gold-like liquid, or if you use a computer as an interactive tool then your name should show what makes you special. So, get rid of the boredom and jump into this collection of great art business name ideas!

1.1. Nail Art Business Name Ideas

1 Word2 Words3 Words
AuroraAmethyst MuseDazzling Digit Designs
BloomBrushstroke SymphonyMosaic Mani Masterclass
CanvasCosmic LacquerOnyx & Opal Odyssey
DazzleEnchanted EnamelPrismatic Playground Palace
IllumeFiligree FingersQuill & Cuticle Concierges
OasisGlimmer GardenShimmering Sonata Symphony
SpellboundHorizon HuesStardust Studio Showcase
StanzaIllusive InksSun-Kissed Swirl Splendor
VerveJade JeweleryThe Chromed Canvas
ZephyrLiquid MoonlightThe Lacquer Muse

Nail art business name ideas should show the beauty and imagination that nail art expresses. A fun, fancy name can bring in customers and make them feel like they’re entering a place of classiness.

If you’re delving into the nail art industry, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive guides: nail business ideas and how to start a nail business at home. Our guide has a lot of information to help you begin. It discusses many things like finding your best customers, selecting a good business plan, and keeping up with new nail art styles.

1.2. Resin Art Business Name Ideas



Resin art business name ideas should show the shiny and bright side of resin crafts. A name that sounds fancy and bright can attract people who like the special looks of resin things.

1 Word2 Words3 Words
AetherAzure GleamAzure Abyss Luminescence 
CandescentCaptured RadianceCaptured Sunlight Studio 
CrystalliteCosmic CurrentsEnchanted Emberglow Emporium
DiamondflowCrystallized DreamsEnchanted Forest Embers
EmberliteEthereal Embers Opal Odyssey Workshops
ElixirFrozen Starlight Petrified Radiance Pantheon
FirmamentGilded Galaxy Prismatic Dreamscapes Portal 
GlazeHoneyed SunlightSolar Symphony Showcase
HypnosLiquid StarlightWhispering Waves Workshop 
IrisMoonstone AtelierStardust & Seashell

For those who enjoy the magic of resin art, we’ve got a post full of jewelry business ideas to fuel your creativity. Our post will give you more information and help to start your resin art business journey.

1.3. Makeup Artist Business Name Ideas

1 Word2 Words3 Words
ChrysalisAurora’s BrushstrokesBeyond Beauty Studio
CinderChrysalis TransformationsBrush & Blossom
FlauntDreamcatcher IllusionsCharcoal to Champagne
IllusionEmberlight ExpressionsCosmic Color Alchemy 
MetamorphosisGlamour SanctuaryMirage & Makeover
MirageMetamorphosis MuseMuse & Masterpiece
MusescapeSerene SpaPhoenix Rising Makeup
NirvanaSparkle BoutiqueBrush & Broom
PaletteUnstoppable AgencyStardust & Serenity
RenaissanceWonder MakeupStrokes & Shades

Makeup artist business name ideas should show how powerful makeup is. A cool, fashionable name can attract customers who want to look and feel great.

đź’ˇTip: When you have come up with a good name for your art business, it’s time to spend time preparing for your first online store! We suggest Shopify as the all-rounded ecommerce platform for starter, plus Shopify offers 33 days usage for just $1! You might also want to find out the best Shopify art stores to learn what top brand are doing.

1.4. Art and Craft Business Name Ideas



Art and craft business name ideas should show the personal touch and originality of handmade goods. A name that shows one-of-a-kind and inspiring ideas can connect with buyers who care about being original and skillful in their work.

1 Word2 Words3 Words
BespokeArtisan AuraArtful Aesthetic Arrangements
CuriosCrafted CharmFantasy Filled Frames
FibersongDainty DesignsJoyful Juxtaposition Journeys
FraymeDelicate DraftsKeen Knit Keepsakes
GraftedDreamy DoodlesLovingly Layered Landscapes
ImprintElegant EmbroideryMagical Mosaic Masterpieces
IndigoFantasy FramesNifty Notion Novelties
JuniperHandmade HarmonyOriginal Ornament Offerings
LanternImaginative ImpressionsPersonalized Pattern Portraits
MandalasInnovative InklingsThoughtful Thread Tableaus

1.5. Digital Art Business Names

Digital art business names should show the modern and technological side of digital art. A name that sounds new and cool can attract people who like up-to-date art styles.

1 Word2 Words3 Words
ArtivisionArtistic AlgorithmArtificial Aesthetic Advancements
BitBrushLuminary LinesBinary Brushwork Brilliance
CreatiCodeMega MuseCreative Code Canvas
DigiDreamsNeo NicheDigital Design Dynamics
EvoArtOptimized OeuvreEvolving Easel Electronics
FuturFramePixel PulseFuturistic Frame Fusion
GraphiGridQuantum QuillGraphic Generation Genius
HyperHuesRetro RenderHolographic Hue Harmony
InnovInkSynthetic SketchInnovative Illustration Intelligence
JpegJourneyTech TonesJuxtaposed Jpeg Journeys

Choosing the creative art business names can be enjoyable and imaginative. If you do nail art, resin art, or makeup, your business name must be the right one to make your brand better than others in selling things.

Keep in mind that the top names are special, easy to remember, and capture what your brand is about. We hope these good names for art business have given you some ideas to start your project.

To find more name ideas for small businesses, check out our other helpful resources. Good luck with your art business journey in 2024!

2. Common pitfalls when choosing name for your art business

Picking art business name ideas is very important, but you should watch out for mistakes. One typical mistake is being too general or unclear. Your art company name should be special and easy to remember, showing the imagination of your creations. Don’t just pick a name that doesn’t get people interested or tell your brand personality wrong.

Another problem is picking a name that’s hard to say or spell. Keep in mind, your business name is important for places like internet searches and social media. If things are too hard, it might be tough for people who could buy from you to find where you are.

Lastly, not following copyright laws can cause legal problems. Check that the name you picked isn’t already being used by someone else or protected by trademark rules.

In summary, coming up with unique art business names is not easy. It’s like making your artwork – you need to use imagination, think carefully, and add a bit of yourself. Remember, your company’s name shows what your brand is like and can have a big effect on how others see your art. So, go slow, think out loud, and pick a name that connects with the core of your work.

For more ideas, look through our big list of business name ideas. If you’re new or changing your business image, we can assist in making things simpler for you.

Go to eComStart.io for more helpful tips and tools if you want them. Happy naming!


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