8 Best Shopify Themes for Conversion


Can a theme really make your Shopify store explode with sales? 

Spoiler alert: Yes!

In this article, we will introduce you to the best Shopify themes for conversion, which will be an investment that pays off in higher sales for your online store. We will put them head-to-head, exposing the truth about features, price, pros, and cons.

Let’s go ahead!

1. Top converting Shopify themes 2024: An overview 

No.NamePricingSuitable forRating (reviews)Live demo
1Eurus$220Fashion, luxury brands22 reviews (95% positive)Live demo
2Impulse $380High-converting stores, urgency949 reviews (95% positive)Live demo
3Debutify From $29 per month | Free plan availableNew stores, speed optimization9,537 reviews (94% positive)Live demo
4Palo Alto $330Tech, electronics, modern brands243 reviews (96% positive)Live demo
5Symmetry $360Minimalist brands, clean aesthetic319 reviews (93% positive)Live demo
6Ella $89Cosmetics & beauty products1,075 reviews
(95% positive)
Live demo
7Craft FreeHandmade crafts, creative & artistic brands12 reviews (67% positive)Live demo
8Sense FreeHome decor & furniture stores53 reviews (43% positive)Live demo

2. 8 best Shopify Themes for conversion [Free & Premium] 

2.1. Eurus 



Theme DeveloperBSS Commerce
Price$220 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)22 reviews(95% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Stunning visuals with large high-resolution images 
– Conversion-focused elements like countdown timers and CTAs 
– Mega menus with various features
– Product quick view
– Wishlist
– SEO tools

Eurus is considered one of the best converting Shopify themes with its elegant design, powerful features, and mobile-first approach. If you are looking for how to create a conversion-focused online shopping experience, Eurus can answer this question for you and your Shopify store.


  • Premium design and visuals: Elevates your brand and product perception
  • Conversion-focused features: Boosts your sales potential
  • Mobile-friendly: Reaches a wider audience
  • Feature-rich: Provides everything you need in a theme
  • Dedicated support team: Ensures smooth implementation and assistance when needed


  • Medium-high price: Compared with other Shopify themes
  • Learning curve: Some customization options may require some technical knowledge

And some businesses that will be recommended to choose Eurus theme are:

  • High-end fashion: Luxury clothing, jewelry, watches, accessories
  • Designer brands: Showcasing exclusive collections and emphasizing craftsmanship
  • Fine art & antiques: Galleries, auction houses, presenting valuable pieces elegantly


A real-world application of Eurus Shopify theme is The Kids Print Store. It provides high-resolution animal prints, fairy tales, and personalized names that come alive against crisp white backgrounds.

2.2. Impulse



Theme DeveloperArchetype Themes
Price$380 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)949 reviews (95% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Strategic product placement
– Limited-time offers
– Progress bars
– Recently viewed
– Before/after image slider

As one of the top converting Shopify themes, Impulse theme encourages impulse purchases and maximizes conversions.


  • Boosts conversions: Designed to drive sales with urgency and strategic elements
  • High-performing: Ensures a smooth and fast shopping experience
  • Easy to use: Simple installation and intuitive interface
  • Customization options: Maintains flexibility for branding


  • High price: Compared with other premium Shopify themes
  • Less focus on storytelling: Primarily emphasizes product features and promotions

And Impulse theme will be a perfect match if your business has:

  • Scarcity-driven products: Electronics, fashion deals, and travel packages
  • Event-based sales: Black Friday, holiday promotions, generating urgency and impulse purchases
  • Digital products: Online courses, downloadable content, creating immediate value and urgency


You can find an excellent web page using Impulse at GripT USA. Powered by the conversion-focused Impulse Shopify theme, it can take you on a ride through the world of high-performance athletic gear.

2.3. Debutify



Theme DeveloperDebutify
PriceFrom $29 per month | Free plan available
Review (rating)9,537 reviews (94% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Cart maximizers
– Conversion triggers
– Loyalty builders
– Shop protectors
– Strategic product placement

There is no doubt that the Debutify theme is listed in many best Shopify themes for conversion articles because it excels in ease of use and conversion features.


  • Free plan available
  • Reasonable price: Affordable subscription model compared to one-time purchase theme
  • Seamless integration: Full compatibility with trusted tools and Shopify apps
  • Drive conversion: Built-in features and design elements drive more sales


  • Subscription-based: Requires ongoing monthly payment compared to one-time themes
  • Lacks some design finesse and branding flexibility: Compared to premium themes

If you wonder whether your online business will match Debutify theme, let’s check these suggestions for suitable businesses.

  • New & startup stores: Focus on essential features and mobile performance
  • Minimalist product selection: Simple design emphasizes product photos and descriptions
  • Budget-conscious businesses: Free tier available, affordable paid plans


As an Indian clothing & accessories boutique, Le Mill has leveraged Debutify’s flexibility to customize the theme with its signature black and white color scheme, reflecting the brand identity.

2.4. Palo Alto 



Theme DeveloperPresidio Creative
Price$330 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)243 reviews(96% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Clean & minimalist design
– Powerful search
– Quick buying
– Editorial content support
– Extensive customization options

If you are seeking a beautiful showcase for your products, Palo Alto will be an ideal choice in this list of highest-converting Shopify themes.


  • Premium design: Elevates your brand image with a sophisticated and modern aesthetic
  • Conversion-focused: Streamlined checkout, powerful search, and urgency elements drive sales
  • Content-driven: Supports blog posts, lookbooks, and brand storytelling for deeper engagement
  • Customization flexibility: Adapts to your unique brand identity and product offerings


  • High cost
  • Lacks countdown timers or limited-time offer features

Palo Alto theme will be the best choice for several types of businesses including:

  • Tech gadgets & electronics: Sleek design, showcasing features and specifications
  • Modern homeware & furniture: Minimalist aesthetic, highlighting contemporary products
  • Subscription boxes: Subscription management features, product discovery, sleek presentations


You can take a look at this luxury women’s fashion brand, Mott & Bow, to see how Palo Alto theme comes into a real store. By utilizing Palo Alto’s clean design and powerful search, it can showcase its exquisite clothing and accessories perfectly.

2.5. Symmetry 



Theme DeveloperClean Canvas
Price$360 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)319 reviews (93% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– In-cart recommendations
– Reorderable homepage rows
– Horizontal product tabs
– Long-form homepage
– Multiple grid options

Trusted by the highest converting Shopify stores, Symmetry is praised for its clean design, customizability, and responsive nature.


  • Versatile design: Adapts to various industries and brand aesthetics
  • Highly customizable: Tailors the theme to your specific needs
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly: Reaches customers across all devices
  • SEO optimized: Improves your website’s discoverability


  • High price
  • Limited customization: This may require additional plugins for specific functionalities

The brands looking for the solution of Symmetry theme will have these characteristics.

  • Minimalist & modern brands: Tech gadgets, homeware, furniture, emphasizing clean lines and simplicity
  • Scandinavian-inspired products: Clean visuals, focus on functionality and quality
  • Brands with high-quality photography: Emphasizes product details and aesthetics


A successful example of Symmetry theme is Jodi Box. It offers a dynamic and colorful feel with stunning earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, showcasing modern trends and timeless traditions.

2.6. Ella 



Theme Developerhalothemes
Price$89 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)1,075 reviews (95% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Eye-catching mega menu
– Advanced product filtering
– Frequently bought together
– Lookbook capability
– Hot stock section

Ella is said to be one of the Shopify themes that convert high conversation with a sleek design and powerful features.


  • Reasonable price
  • Boosts conversions: Designed to drive sales with urgency and strategic elements
  • Mobile-friendly: Reaches customers wherever they are
  • High-performing: Ensures a smooth and fast shopping experience


  • Learning curve: Some customization options might require technical knowledge
  • Added cost: For specific functionalities, there might be a need to integrate third-party apps

And which types of businesses will be suitable for Ella theme? Let’s see these suggestions.

  • Cosmetics & beauty products: Skincare, makeup, haircare, showcasing product benefits and ingredients
  • Spas & salons: Online booking system, appointment management, customer testimonials
  • Feminine-oriented brands: Soft color palettes, and elegant fonts, tailored to a female audience

With product focus and clear information, Shop Beauty Depot utilizes the Ella Shopify theme to cater specifically to its beauty supply niche and target audience.



2.7. Craft 



Theme DeveloperShopify
Review (rating)12 reviews (67% positive)
Demo storeLive demo 
Highlight features– Ingredients or nutritional information
– Enhanced search
– Built-in social media icons
– Large grids, clear descriptions, and zoom functionality

If you are looking for the highest converting free Shopify theme, Craft can be an ideal choice for those who want to showcase their handmade creations with style and functionality.


  • Free and easy to use: Ideal for starting your online store without major expenses or technical knowledge
  • Beautiful design: Creates a charming and professional online presence
  • Focus on crafts: Tailored features support the specific needs of craft businesses
  • Mobile-friendly: Reaches customers on any device


  • Limited features compared to paid themes: May lack functionalities like complex product options or advanced marketing tools
  • Might not be ideal for all industries: Best suited for showcasing and selling handmade goods

And your online business should consider Craft theme if you are…

  • Handmade crafts: Showcasing unique craftsmanship, personalized products, and artist stories
  • Vintage & antique stores: Curated collections, storytelling elements, emphasizing one-of-a-kind items
  • Creative & artistic brands: Promoting individuality, supporting independent makers

Debby-Drago is a great example of how the Craft Shopify theme can be used to create a delightful and inviting online store for handmade creations. Its warm color palette and subtle animations perfectly connect with customers and share the magic of these playful dolls.



2.8. Sense 



Theme DeveloperShopify
Review (rating)53 reviews (43% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Large product images and hover effects
– Multiple product grid options
– Discount codes and email marketing integrations
– Drag-and-drop sections

Need a clean, modern, and user-friendly online store with a tight budget? Sense Shopify theme might be what you are seeking.


  • Free: Ideal for starting your online store without major expenses
  • Focus on product visuals: Effectively showcase your offerings
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to customize and manage even for beginners
  • Mobile-friendly: Ensures a seamless experience for all customers


  • Limited advanced features: Like mega menus and complex animations
  • Might not be ideal for high-end brands: The minimalist approach might not resonate with all brand aesthetics

This Shopify theme is suitable for:

  • Health and beauty stores: Sleek, modern design, emphasis on detailed product information, and responsive layout.
  • Home decor & furniture stores: Spacious product display, room inspiration galleries, design tips.

Natural y Magica, an online store for natural cosmetics and wellness products, utilizes the Sense Shopify theme effectively. The minimalist design perfectly complements Natural y Magica’s focus on natural ingredients and organic products.



3. Our verdict: How to choose the right Shopify theme for your online store? 

3.1. Define your requirements 

Think about your business needs and what you want to achieve with your online store. Consider factors such as the type of products you sell, your target audience, and your brand identity. Make a list of features and functionalities that are essential for your store.

3.2. Check conversion-focused elements

To boost conversion, the theme should prioritize showcasing your products clearly and enticingly. Large, high-quality images, zoom functionality, and clear descriptions are crucial.

In addition, prominent and strategically placed “Add to cart” buttons and other CTAs guide customers toward conversion.

Also, SEO optimization will play an essential role in driving conversion. You should consider themes with built-in features or plugin compatibility for optimizing page loading speed, meta descriptions, and image alt tags for search engines.



3.3. Read reviews and ratings

Don’t forget to check customer reviews and ratings for the themes you’re interested in. 

This can give you insights into the experiences of other users and help you determine if the themes are reliable.

3.4. Consider mobile responsiveness

With the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping, it’s important to choose a mobile-responsive theme. 

It will be a big plug if the themes you’re considering are optimized for mobile devices and provide a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets.

> You can check some suggestions of the best Shopify themes for mobile here with us.

3.5. Review support and updates

You will need a Shopify theme that comes with clear documentation, step-by-step tutorials, and a dedicated customer support team. 

Besides, themes that receive regular updates are likely to be more secure and compatible with the latest version of Shopify.

4. Summary

In conclusion, we hope that this article brings you a comprehensive overview of the best Shopify themes for conversion. Just have fun exploring and creating the perfect online space for your business!

If you are looking for more tips and insights for your eCommerce journey, just feel free to check out more helpful resources from eComStart.

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