Sense Shopify Theme: A Closer Look at Performance and Value


As an online store owner, maybe sometimes you wonder “What is the best theme for Shopify?”. To help you answer this daunting question, after researching and trying to use some themes, our team found some of the best Shopify themes. The most outstanding is the Sense Shopify theme

You can freely create an impressive online store to showcase your brand image, attract more customers, and increase conversion with the Sense Shopify theme!

In this blog, we will analyze the remarkable features, benefits, and pros and cons of the Sense Shopify theme to help you understand more about this theme.

1. Overview Sense Shopify theme

1.1. Sense Shopify theme: A general look 

So, what is a Shopify theme? 

Shopify theme is a template that helps you to personalize the appearance and feel of your online business. It manages every aspect of website preference, including the colors, layout, typefaces, and buttons. And the Sense is one of the best Shopify themes 2024 that many store owners use. 

Launched in 2022 by Shopify, the Sense Shopify theme is considered one of the best Shopify themes ever. With a vibrant and fresh look, this theme will help entrepreneurs create an impressive and attractive website and showcase their brand image.


With stunning and engaged UI/UX, various functions, and responsiveness, Sense has become one of the most popular themes for Shopify store owners, especially beginners. The Sense Shopify theme free download is available on the Shopify theme store now! Just go to the website, find the theme, and choose it to try. 

1.2. Pricing 

If you consider the cost of the Sense Shopify theme, you don’t need to think about the price anymore. This theme is totally free! And without having to pay anything can be one of the advantages of using a Sense Shopify theme.

This is a prioritized and optimized choice for startups or those just starting the brand-building process. The Sense theme provides simplistic features and is easy to use. You may sell anything with this theme—including online services—and be sure that it does so with great success. There is a maximum number of goods you may have in your store with this theme, though. It is therefore ideal for retailers with little stock.

1.3. For which businesses is the Sense Shopify theme best used? 


Sense is an optimized Shopify theme suitable for small businesses and newcomers in all industries, especially niches that require creativity, including health and beauty, fashion and accessories, food and beverage, etc.

However, the Sense theme is not suitable for businesses that have large catalogs, or highly technical products and brands that have playful images.

1.4. What people say about the Sense Shopify theme

The Sense Shopify theme has 53 reviews in the Shopify theme marketplace, with over 43% positive ones. Most of the positive Sense Shopify theme reviews complement the ease of use, low capacity, and elegant design. The updated preference of this theme makes merchants’ stores more professional and has awesome features. 


“It’s incredible how many awesome features are packed into this free theme. Thank you for providing a solid foundation for web designers to build upon. We absolutely love it..”  – by @Tonja Howard

“Sense is the perfect template for my site! It really gives a happy, bright look and shows customers what I’m trying to get across, that my products are fun & happy! Love it and 100% recommend!! ” – by @Mountaintop Botanicals Skincare, LLC

However, some negative reviews primarily complain about some bugs when changing background colors and using color schemes. The theme provider replied to each review and gave the solution for every comment in great detail.

1.5. Pros & Cons – Evaluate from our real experience

When using the Sense Shopify theme, you will be impressed by the various benefits of this theme. First of all, the theme is pretty easy to use for non-tech-savvy users. You can choose existing homepage layouts that the development team has created and use their robust features to customize the store. 

Although the Sense theme is free, it has various necessary eCommerce functions, including blog sections, cross-selling, FAQ page, mega menu, product filtering and sorting, product reviews, promo banners, recommended products, etc, that help you optimize the store to increase conversion rates and sales. 


Besides a clean and engaging design, the Sense Shopify theme impresses me with its high mobile friendliness! It is a fantastic feature for any eCommerce business owner because the majority of clients purchase online via mobile!

On the other hand, users have to deal with some issues when first encountering the Sense theme. You will be confused with the various elements in the theme and take more time to finish setting up a single element like the navigation bar. 

Sometimes, the changes are not instantly reflected on the editor board because of bugs, so you have to save all the things you do to see the changes. It is a little bit annoying. Some merchants admit that the color schemes are too confusing to use in the new update. 

– Ease of use
– Various existing layouts
– Robust eCommerce functions
– Mobile-friendliness
– High loading speed
– Slow editing time
– Some bugs when using
– Confused color schemes

2. Sense Shopify theme review – highlighted features 

2.1. Design & Layout

As one of the best Shopify themes, Sense Shopify theme impresses users with its layout options, attractive preferences, and engaging UI/UX. Its balanced and well-organized symmetrical arrangement makes it simple to browse and purchase. Any device will display the theme attractively because it is mobile-friendly and responsive.


You can choose a suitable layout and alter the page using both premade blocks and custom blocks at the Editor Board. These elements in the Editor Board allow you to enhance the professional and eye-catching appearance of your pages, including FAQs, About Us, Reviews, etc.

2.2. Customization Options

Multiple premade blocks and custom blocks of the Sense theme allow you to customize the page to your liking freely. The Shopify Sense theme is an incredibly flexible theme that offers businesses an abundance of options for customization. A few of the many features that can be altered are logos, images, and other visual elements that can all be tailored to the particular requirements and preferences of the business’s style.

With outstanding features like cross-selling, mega menu, product reviews, product filtering, and sorting, recommended products, etc. in the editor board, you can set up a perfect online store without code knowledge.

2.3. Ease of use


Thanks to its remarkable ease of use, Sense Shopify has become the most ideal choice for both beginners and experienced eCommerce business owners. There are various useful Sense Shopify theme tutorials to help you learn this theme easily, without understanding code knowledge. 

The Sense theme allows users to choose the feature for the page and arrange the layout logically to showcase products and information. Without coding knowledge, you can create an impressive and user-friendly store, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across devices, from PC to mobile. 

Sense’s robust features empower entrepreneurs to establish a professional and visually appealing online store without the complexities!

2.4. eCommerce feature

2.4.1. Advertising Banners


The Shopify Sense Theme’s advertising banner features are perfect for visually promoting current sales, new arrivals, or limited-edition goods. They attract clients’ attention as soon as they walk into the store, encouraging them to linger longer and finally make a purchase.

This not only improves the look of the business but also has a strong marketing tool to promote the goods, get customers involved, and boost sales.

2.4.2. Upsell and Cross-sell

The cross-selling and suggested product features of the Sense Shopify Theme are particularly noteworthy. They allow businesses to highlight related or complimentary products to their customers, therefore improving their shopping experience and increasing sales.

When a customer examines a skirt, for example, the theme can recommend further products from the same line or complimentary things like a shirt that fits the skirt.

2.4.3. Mega Menu


With the mega menu function in the Sense Shopify theme, you can organize and display a range of product categories and subcategories easily. Thanks to this feature, retailers can create a simple and user-friendly navigation that helps them increase customer engagement and profitability. As a result, clients may locate what they’re searching for more quickly and simply and reduce the amount of clicks required to get the desired item.

2.4.4. Quick Buy & Cart Notes


Quick Buy and Cart Notes is one of the most optimized features in the Sense Shopify theme. With Quick Buy features, customers can add the products they love without leaving the page. This feature makes the shopping procedure simple and pleasurable and enhances the customer experience in the shopping journey. 

Cart Notes is a different feature that improves convenience for customers while shopping. When a consumer adds a product to their basket, the basket Notes function displays what’s in there. This allows consumers to maintain track of selected items, prevent forgetting anything, and facilitate a quick checkout.

2.4.5. Page layout


With Sense’s symphony of rich features, you can level up your store and product preferences. High-resolution images and video demos, interactive galleries, and other functions can help you create an impressive online store. Sense Shopify theme not only provides the tools for you to decorate your store but also creates compelling product stories.

2.5. Compatibility

The Sense theme is completely compatible with all recent versions of Shopify, including the latest version. Not only that, this theme has been integrated with many Shopify apps, allowing customers to increase the features and functionality of their businesses.

2.6. Performance & Speed

The Sense Shopify theme is one of the best Shopify themes having exceptional speed and performance. It received a 90% (A) page performance score for both desktop and mobile versions.

When it comes to loading times and performance, the Sense Shopify theme wins. It is an excellent option for businesses that value a quick and responsive user experience because of its well-written code, efficient handling of images, and simple design. 

Although some elements, like large photos and bulky apps, might impact performance, its fundamental design and integrated optimizations make it a competitive option for companies who prioritize speed.

2.7. Mobile Responsive


With a focus on user experience, Sense will optimize your store on any device, from tablet to mobile, to make your store professional, clean, and organized. Thanks to its highly responsive design, this theme is adaptable to a variety of screen sizes. 

Your online store can showcase your brand images and provide a seamless customer experience that captivates and engages your customers.

2.8. Support

When using the Sense Shopify theme, you will access useful Sense Shopify theme documentation and valuable blogs and articles that will help you optimize your store with this theme. Not only that, you can join the Shopify community to raise your questions. The Shopify experts will give solutions for your issues. 

3. Top 4 Sense Shopify theme examples – successful stories

NoWebsite Niche
2Dr. Will & ColeHealthcare
3Little Coffee FoxStationery
4Yostar Game

3.1. FLOliving


FLO Living is a hormone-balancing program that addresses health concerns associated with menstrual periods through diet and supplementation. With the Sense theme, FLOliving elevates its services to fantastical levels. When entering the website, you will be impressed by the colorful and elegant design, simple typography, and logical arrangement of sections. You can see hidden details with hover effects, and browse well-chosen collections with ease thanks to the big menu. It’s a master class in simple navigation and design.

3.2. Dr. Will & Cole

Dr. Will-Cole-sense-shopify-theme

Dr. Will and Cole is a brand providing supplements and books for optimal wellness. With the Sense Shopify theme, the website is sleek, contemporary, and user-friendly, bringing customers a flawless shopping experience. The well-structured design makes the website simple to browse through the various areas and locate the things you’re looking for. Users can realize the feeling of purity and cleanliness thanks to the dominating color scheme of white.

3.3. Little Coffee Fox


Little Coffee Fox is a creative website that provides free classes, worksheets, and planner printables. With the Sense Shopify theme, the website showcases its brand image attractively through a calming color palette, soft pastel tones, and pops of vibrant colors. The entire appearance is improved and the spirit of creativity and art is captured via the use of excellent photos and eye-catching graphics. 

3.4. Yostar 


Thanks to the Sense Shopify theme, Yostar can show its brand identity with a game vibe. The visuals and aesthetics of these games are given priority in the website’s design and layout, giving visitors and fans an immersive experience. All things considered, the Yostar Official Store’s concept honors and celebrates the gaming community, giving enthusiasts a fun and easy method to interact with their beloved titles.

4. Our verdict 

With various features, responsive design, and no cost, the Sense Shopify theme is one of the best Shopify themes for any business.

Any type of business can leverage its features to establish a stunning and attractive store, especially for industries that require high aesthetics, including fashion and accessories, home decor, decoration services, event services, and more.

Besides the advantages, there are some disadvantages you have to deal with when using Sense, such as slow editing time, confused color schemes, and some bugs when using (any theme can have issues like this).

Before selecting a theme, it’s essential to evaluate its compatibility with your needs. Delve into the theme’s strengths and weaknesses, weighing the pros and cons to determine if it’s the right choice.

5. Conclusion

If you are a Shopify online store owner, the Sense Shopify theme is one of the best themes for you. Without any fee, you can access various features that help you build up a stunning store, improve customer experience, and boost conversion rate. 

If you want to find out more impressive Shopify themes, let’s subscribe and check our blogs. With valuable and practical knowledge, eComStart will help you level up your business and reach success!

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