8 Best Shopify Beauty Themes for Comestic Stores


What makes your beauty brand sparkle online?

There is no question that your Shopify theme is a reflection of your brand’s inner glow. Choosing the right Shopify beauty theme will make your customers say “Wow!” and offer them a satisfying shopping journey.

Whether you are in love with free Shopify beauty themes, or you are ready to pay for a premium advanced theme, let’s explore and compare to find the perfect match for your online beauty store!

1. 8 best beauty Shopify themes 2024: An overview 

No.NamePricingSuitable forRating (reviews)Live demo
1Sense FreeStart-ups, clean & modern brands, minimalist style53 reviews (43% positive)Live demo
2Blockshop $320High-volume stores, wide product range361 reviews (96% positive)Live demo
3Booster $398 Versatile stores, multiple presets130 reviews (82% positive)Live demo
4Retina $220Stunning products, luxury brands283 reviews (96% positive)Live demo
5Prestige $380Luxury beauty brands, high-end product607 reviews (90% positive)Live demo
6Maker $320Bold & unique brands, modern & minimalist design75 reviews (96% positive)Live demo
7Be Yours $250Personal care products, intimate & approachable brands, feminine aesthetic388 reviews (98% positive)Live demo
8Vantage $300Variety of beauty brands, clean & modern design214 reviews(93% positive)Live demo

2. Best Shopify Themes For beauty products [Free & Premium]

2.1. Sense 

Looking for a Shopify beauty theme free? Sense theme is here for you.



Theme DeveloperShopify
Review (rating)53 reviews (43% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Comprehensive product descriptions
– Suggested items and cross-selling
– High-resolution images & video for visual storytelling
– Rich information (Product info, shipping info, usage info)

Listed as the best free Shopify theme for beauty products, Sense theme has a minimalist and modern aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of audiences.


  • Free: Ideal for startups or budget-conscious businesses
  • Visually focused: The clean and modern layout with emphasis on high-resolution images to showcase beauty products
  • Minimalist aesthetic: Appeals to a large audience, particularly those seeking trendy and modern beauty brands
  • Flexibility in customizing layouts: Designed for product pages, collections, and homepage


  • Limited customization: May not be suitable for highly specific brands or those requiring extensive design changes
  • Navigation not ideal for large product lines: A basic menu structure might not effectively organize a vast array of products

If your business lies on these types, then Sense theme will be a great choice.

  • New beauty businesses with a budget: Its cost-effectiveness and ease of use are ideal for launching quickly
  • Minimalist and modern beauty brands: The aesthetics align perfectly with trendy and sleek styles
  • Brands with a manageable product line: The navigation structure works well for smaller, curated collections

Persephone’s Purse successfully utilizes the Sense theme to create a clean and modern online presence.



The website has a minimalist aesthetic with plenty of white space, large product images, and a clear layout, which showcases their beauty products effectively. The theme’s emphasis on imagery is leveraged well with high-quality product photos as the main attraction.

2.2. Blockshop



Theme DeveloperTroop Themes
Price$320 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)361 reviews (96% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Spacious layout
– Large image display
– Customizable homepage
– Ingredients or nutritional information
– Size chart
– Social media integration

As one of the best Shopify themes for beauty, Blockshop is a good choice for brands targeting a younger audience and prioritizing a modern and fashion-forward image.


  • Stylish and minimalist: Features a clean layout with plenty of white space, large product images, and subtle animations
  • Customization flexibility: Allow to customize layouts & sections, and rearrange product blocks, insert video banners, highlight testimonials, etc.
  • High-volume performance: Designed for fast-loading and handling large product catalogs


  • High price
  • Learning curve: Might require time and effort to learn its functionalities 

With these characteristics, Blockshop theme will be highly recommended for:

  • High-end/luxury brands: The theme’s sleek and elegant aesthetic perfectly complements premium beauty products
  • Brands with a wide product range: Ideal for businesses with diverse offerings like makeup, skincare, haircare, and body care products
  • Fast-growing businesses: Ideal for brands experiencing rapid growth with its scalability and efficient performance

Let’s check out Valliere Swim shop to see how Blockshop can be the perfect choice for a beauty store.



The large product images and elegant layout immediately capture attention and lavishly showcase the swimwear. Blockshop theme perfectly includes the brand with artistically crafted makeup palettes, innovative skincare textures, or unique packaging designs.

2.3. Booster 



Theme DeveloperBooster
Price$248/year or $398 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)130 reviews (82% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Upsell & Cross-sell
– Currency converter
– Lazy loading
– Sticky Add to Cart
– GDPR cookie bar

As a top-notch beauty store Shopify theme, Booster is a powerful and versatile choice to get a head start on your online store design.


  • Highly customizable: Offers extensive customization options with multiple child themes, drag-and-drop page builder, and a plethora of sections and layout choices
  • Scalable and high-volume performance: Efficiently handle large product catalogs and high-traffic
  • Multiple themes preset: Choose from pre-designed beauty-specific themes like “Cosmetics,” “Salon,” or “Spa”


  • High price
  • No free trials available
  • One license for one store only

It can be said that Booster theme will be one of the best choices for these business types.

  • Businesses with diverse product lines: Can efficiently handle large and varied product catalogs
  • Brands looking for complete design control: Independent makeup lines, artisanal skincare brands, or curated beauty boxes with distinctive aesthetics

Milk Makeup is a great example of a beauty store using the Booster Shopify theme.



The website instantly captures attention with its vibrant colors, playful animations, and unconventional layout. This aligns perfectly with Milk Makeup’s edgy and trendsetting brand image.

2.4. Retina 



Theme DeveloperOut of the Sandbox
Price$220 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)283 reviews (96% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Dismissable promotion banner
– Multi-level Menu
– Featured product callouts
– Versatile sidebar
– Collection page navigation

Retina is believed to be the best Shopify theme for beauty products when it works perfectly for beauty brands looking to stand out from the crowd. 


  • Bold and unique design: With modern grid layout, vibrant colors, and playful animations
  • High-volume performance: Handles large product catalogs and traffic efficiently
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive: Ensures a smooth shopping experience on any device


  • Medium-high price
  • Limited storytelling focus: Lack of built-in blog features or strong content sections

So now, let’s check which types of business will be suitable for this theme and its example. 

  • Brands targeting a younger audience: Social media-savvy makeup brands, innovative beauty subscription boxes, or cruelty-free skincare lines
  • Brands with a distinct voice and personality: Allows for strong brand expression through imagery, color palette, and text choices

Using the Retina theme for Odd Future’s beauty shop is a bold and unexpected move.



The theme’s emphasis on large images can effectively showcase Odd Future’s unique and often artistic product packaging and visuals. The vibrant and playful style of the Retina theme ideally caters to very different aesthetics.

2.5. Prestige 



Theme DeveloperMaestrooo
Price$380 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)607 reviews (90% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Color swatches
– Image hotspot
– Timeline
– Slide-out cart
– Enhanced search functionality

Prestige theme offers a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, making it a popular choice for luxurious and high-end brands who are looking for an excellent beauty store cosmetics fashion Shopify theme.


  • Premium features: Include wishlist functionality, custom product badges, and gift-wrapping options
  • Strong focus on visuals: Prioritizes large, beautiful product images and engaging product galleries
  • Built-in blog features: Offer blog functionality to share brand stories, product tutorials, and exclusive content


  • High price
  • Limited customization: The theme’s pre-designed layout and style might not be easily adaptable to every brand identity

Prestige theme can become a perfect match for:

  • High-end and luxury brands: Luxury skincare, perfumes, cosmetics, and hair care brands 
  • Brands with rich brand stories: The theme’s blog and editorial sections offer a platform to share your brand’s story, history, and values

Aglaia is a great example of a beauty shop successfully utilizing the Prestige theme.



The soft pink and gold color scheme aligns with their brand identity and adds a touch of feminine elegance. The clean lines, high-quality product images, and subtle animations reflect Aglaia’s focus on offering premium, handcrafted jewelry and beauty products.

2.6. Maker 



Theme DeveloperTroop Themes
Price$320 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)75 reviews (96% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Customizable contact form
– Brand video banners
– Predictive live search
– Editorial-based layouts
– Image hotspot

As one of the best Shopify beauty themes, Maker theme will provide your business with vibrant colors, playful animations, and modern typography. 


  • Focus on storytelling: Built-in blog and editorial sections facilitate sharing your brand story, product insights, and behind-the-scenes content
  • Conversion-focused features: Provide product quick view, wishlist functionality, and countdown timers
  • Dedicated support team: Have a responsive and knowledgeable support team available


  • High price
  • Potential for design overload: Easy to get carried away and create a cluttered or overwhelming website

And Maker theme will shine perfectly for these types of businesses:

  • Bold and trendy brands: Independent makeup lines, cruelty-free skincare brands, or subscription boxes featuring curated trendy beauty finds
  • Brands with a strong brand story: Brands with unique founding narratives, ethical practices, or inspiring journeys to share with their customers

Martin Martin Paris is a great example of how the Maker theme can be adapted to cater to a different aesthetic than its usual trendy style.



Martin Martin Paris utilizes a soft color palette and elegant imagery, creating a modern yet sophisticated aesthetic that aligns with their Parisian fashion brand identity. 

2.7. Be Yours 



Theme DeveloperRoarTheme
Price$250 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)388 reviews (98% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Unique design with animation
– High-resolution images and videos
– Stock counter & Pre-order
– Multiple pre-built layouts
– Mobile-responsive design

Be Yours is a charming and feminine Shopify beauty theme, where you can find soft colors, delicate fonts, and playful animations to create a romantic and whimsical aesthetic.


  • Easy to use: Have a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop sections and straightforward customization options
  • Variety of pre-designed styles: Be Yours offers multiple styles including Sweet, Peace, Dark, Beauty, and Trendy
  • Compatibility with one-product stores: Highlight your main offering


  • No live chat support
  • Customization limitations: Not cater to more complex needs for product variations, discounts, or advanced marketing features

And which businesses will be suitable for this charming theme? They should be:

  • Brands targeting a young audience: The playful and pastel-hued aesthetic resonates well with teenagers and young adults
  • Businesses with a single, hero product: Ideal for brands launching a new, innovative beauty offering or promoting a limited-edition collection

Daylily Paris successfully customized the theme to create a brand-aligned online presence that deviates from the typical Be Yours aesthetic.



The website uses a mature and sophisticated color scheme of muted earthy tones and black accents. The ingredients and textures of their products are perfectly shown with sleek and elegant photos.

2.8. Vantage 



Theme DeveloperWe are Underground LLC
Price$300 (One-time payment)
Review (rating)214 reviews (93% positive)
Demo storeLive demo
Highlight features– Responsive layouts
– Product display and organization
– Customer Feedback integration
– Image galleries
– Age verifier

Vantage Shopify theme boasts a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, making it a contender for beauty businesses seeking a sleek and minimalist online presence. 


  • Focus on product presentation: Put the spotlight on your products with high-resolution images and organized layouts
  • Highly customizable: Offer extensive customization options with drag-and-drop sections, multiple layout choices, and color palette adjustments
  • Scalability and versatility: Adapt to accommodate a growing product line or diverse offerings effectively


  • High price
  • Limited menu options: Lack of drop-down options in the upper menu

And don’t miss out Vantage theme if your eCommerce business is…

  • Dropshippers: Allow to add new products easily
  • Brands with innovative or minimalist products: Ideal for brands differentiating themselves through design and functionality

Threads For Reds demonstrates how Vantage can be a strong foundation for a diverse brand, showcasing how it can be adapted to cater to a diverse brand like theirs. 



3. Our verdict: How to choose the right Shopify theme for your online store?

3.1. Match your brand personality

It is essential to choose a theme that aligns with your brand’s overall vibe. You can check out the color palettes, fonts, and animations of each theme to make sure that it will complement your brand identity.

3.2. Highlight product visuals 

Beauty products rely heavily on visual appeal. 

If your products have stunning packaging, unique ingredients, or intricate details, you should prioritize themes that put product images at the forefront. 

3.3. Focus on conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is crucial for any online store, and for beauty stores in particular, where competition is fierce and attention spans are short. 

Features like quick view, wishlist functionality, and prominent call-to-action buttons play a key role in streamlining the user experience and encouraging purchases. 

>> You can check out several suggestions of the best Shopify themes for conversion here.

3.4. Prioritize essential features and functionalities

Based on typical characteristics of beauty businesses, you can tailor theme choices to enhance your online presence.

For example, your ideal Shopify beauty theme should offer interactive features like zoom functionality and product sliders that allow customers to explore product details closely. If your products come in different colors or shades, built-in options like swatches and color variations will be a good point.


In addition to choosing a perfect-fit theme, you can take a look at this guide to learn how to start a beauty business effectively.

4. To sum up

In conclusion, we hope this informative article helps you choose the perfect Shopify beauty theme with compelling interactive features. 

And don’t hesitate to access more eComStart resources to gain helpful tips and valuable insights for your eCommerce journey!

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