Shopify Beauty Stores: Unveiling the Secrets to Success


The world of Shopify beauty stores is a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

Do you wonder about the secrets of their success behind their captivating presence?

Today, we delve into the world of the best beauty Shopify stores, exploring their strategies and discovering the key ingredients that set them apart in a crowded marketplace. Let’s get it ahead!

1. Best Shopify beauty stores 

1.1. Fashion Nova

Established in 2006, Fashion Nova has established itself as a major player in the fashion industry.



LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
RevenueEstimated $845,000,000 / year
Monthly visitEstimated 22,590,000
ProductWomen’s clothing, shoes, and accessories
Target audiencesYoung women (18-34)
Shopify themeNova

Fashion Nova employs a fast-fashion model, releasing new styles frequently to keep up with current trends. They update their selection frequently, keeping customers engaged with new arrivals.

While their core target audience is young women, they offer a wider range of sizes compared to many other retailers, catering to a more diverse customer base. 

As one of the best Shopify beauty stores, they were named the #1 Most-Searched Fashion Brand on Google in 2018. They have collaborated with celebrities like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion, and Jordyn Woods, further expanding their reach and attracting diverse audiences.



It can be said that the success of Fashion Nova lies in:

  • Strong social media presence: The brand boasts over 25 million followers across platforms. They leverage this reach to connect with their audience, promote products, and build brand loyalty.
  • Trendy & affordable products: Offers on-trend styles at competitive prices, with frequent new arrivals (over 1,000 per week) to keep customers engaged.
  • User-friendly website: Their website provides a smooth shopping experience with easy navigation, clear product information, and a streamlined checkout process.

Fashion Nova offers a compelling combination of trendy styles, affordability, and a user-friendly online experience. 

💡Suggestion: Learning from the best shopify store examples in other niches is a great way to maximize the source of best practices that you can apply to your future store!

1.2. Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas offers a curated selection of premium, science-backed personal care products specifically for men. 



As one of the top skincare Shopify stores, they focus on high-impact ingredients, modern formulations, and sleek packaging to elevate the male grooming experience.

LocationSan Francisco, California, USA
RevenueEstimated $100,000,000 / year
Monthly visitEstimated 199,522
ProductPersonal care products 
Target audiencesModern men
Shopify themeKingdom

We are witnessing the increased demand for men’s skincare products, with the global market exceeding $200 billion in 2022. It is the reason why Blu Atlas works hard to break traditional stereotypes and provide men with effective and personalized products.

The keys to their differences are:

  • Shifting from stereotypes: They challenge the notion that men’s skincare is unnecessary or requires overtly masculine packaging. This inclusive approach resonates with a wider audience who may have previously felt excluded.
  • Health connection: As one of the best health and beauty Shopify stores, Blu Atlas emphasizes the link between a good skincare routine and overall health, appealing to individuals seeking holistic wellness solutions.
  • Positive perception: They are featured in publications like “10 Best Colognes for Men” and “7 Best Face Washes for Men” in Forbes, potentially suggesting positive customer response and brand recognition.

1.3. Taylor Stitch

Founded in 2012, Taylor Stitch has carved a niche in the menswear (and recently, womenswear) market by offering responsibly-made, classic clothing.



LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
RevenueEstimated $20,00,000 / year
Monthly visitEstimated 343,802
ProductMen’s and women’s clothing (shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, accessories)
Target audiencesEco-conscious consumers, professionals
Shopify themeMaster

As one of the top-notch beauty Shopify stores, Taylor Stitch caters to consumers who value both style and sustainability. They offer a unique blend of quality, ethics, and environmental consciousness, setting them apart from many traditional clothing brands.

What makes them stand out:

  • Unique selling proposition (USP): They have ethical and sustainable production, catering to a growing consumer segment.
  • Strong brand identity: They have built a strong brand identity around sustainability and transparency, resonating with their target audience.
  • Transparency: They provide clear information about materials, factories, and social responsibility efforts.

Taylor Stitch provides concrete numbers to showcase their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

  • 8.4 million gallons of water saved by using 100% organic denim.
  • 7.9 million gallons of water saved by using recycled fabric in their “Heavy Bag Tee”.
  • 33.6 million gallons of water saved by switching to 100% organic woven shirting.


These numbers offer a glimpse into Taylor Stitch’s efforts, which appeal to a growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers.

1.4. Morphe

Morphe positions itself as a rebellious and inclusive brand that empowers individuals to break the mold and express themselves through makeup.



LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
RevenueEstimated $58,200,000 / year
Monthly visitEstimated 219,690
ProductMakeup products
Target audiencesBroad audience
Shopify themeIcon

Listed as one of the best beauty Shopify stores, Morphe presents a compelling option for individuals seeking high-quality, affordable, and diverse makeup products. Their focus on inclusivity, creativity, and community sets them apart in the beauty market.

They were among the first beauty brands to heavily invest in influencer marketing, collaborating with prominent figures like James Charles and Jaclyn Hill.

Morphe’s success can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Affordable quality: They offered professional-grade makeup at affordable prices, making it accessible to a broader audience, especially millennials and Gen Z.
  • Building a community: They fostered a strong online community through branded hashtags like #MorpheBabe and engaging with smaller creators. This created a sense of belonging and loyalty among customers.
  • Shoppable video integration: They partnered with Sunrise Integration to seamlessly integrate shoppable video content from their YouTube channel (with 10 million views) into their Shopify store.

When considering the best Shopify themes for beauty stores, Morphe found a premium theme that allows them to customize and integrate video functionality successfully. This smooth integration of shoppable videos into their Shopify store lies in:

  • Time-stamped product overlays for easy identification within videos.
  • Video pop-ups on scroll for continuous viewing while browsing.
  • ADA compliance is ensured through video transcriptions.
  • Seamless UI/UX design for a cohesive shopping experience.


These technical aspects demonstrate a thoughtful approach to prioritizing user experience, accessibility, and brand consistency.

1.5. Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty, founded by singer and entrepreneur Rihanna in 2017, has become a prominent force in the beauty industry. 



LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
RevenueEstimated $582,000,000 / year
Monthly visitEstimated 1,884,000,000
ProductMakeup, skincare, fragrance
Target audiencesDiverse audience regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity
Shopify themeCustom theme

With an annual revenue of millions and a strong social media presence with 12 million Instagram followers, Fenty Beauty is the world’s most successful celebrity beauty brand in 2023 (Statista).



Until today, as one of the top Shopify beauty supply stores, Fenty Beauty has become a symbol of inclusivity and empowerment, embracing diverse models and fostering a welcoming community. 

The key aspects of their strategy include:

  • Strategic collaboration with LVMJ: They partner with Kendo Beauty, a division of LVMH. Therefore, they can leverage Sephora’s reach as a leading beauty retailer, and access to sales data from Sephora and other LVMH brands for informed decision-making.
  • Genuine commitment to inclusivity: Fenty Beauty launched with 40 shades of foundation, catering to diverse skin tones. They address the need for diverse beauty products to resonate with a large audience.
  • Focus on product quality: They spent over two years formulating high-quality products. This resulted in positive customer reviews and brand loyalty.

1.6. Beefcake Swimwear

Beefcake Swimwear stands out in the swimwear industry for its focus on inclusivity, size diversity, and sustainable practices. 



LocationMissoula, Montana
RevenueEstimated $10,000,000 / year
Monthly visitEstimated 22,854
ProductOne-piece swimsuits
Target audiencesIndividuals seeking comfortable and stylish swimsuits
Shopify themeImpact

Founded in 2017, the brand caters to a broad range of body types, offering one-piece swimsuits that are both stylish and comfortable. Inspired by 1920s swimwear, Beefcake Swimwear features vintage aesthetics with a modern twist.

It can be said that Beefcake Swimwear represents a shift towards a more inclusive and sustainable swimwear industry. They cater to a growing segment of consumers who value ethical practices, size diversity, and comfortable, stylish swimwear.

Beefcake Swimwear is different from other stores from:

  • Gender-neutral designs: Appeals to a broader customer base beyond traditional gender norms, challenging conventional standards in the swimwear industry.
  • Sustainable practices: They utilize digital printing to reduce water usage and waste, and partner with a woman-owned manufacturer.
  • Balancing affordability and sustainability: Despite the higher costs of ethical production and quality materials, they strive to keep prices accessible for a broader audience.

1.7. Alo Yoga

In this list of Shopify beauty stores, Alo Yoga is a global leader in activewear for the modern yogi. With an expansive collection of apparel and accessories, they cater to individuals seeking both physical and mental well-being.



LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
RevenueEstimated $1,000,000,000 / year
Monthly visitEstimated 3,446,000,000
ProductActivewear for men and women
Target audiencesYogis and fitness enthusiasts
Shopify themeProduction

Alo Yoga offers activewear designed for versatility, transitioning seamlessly from the studio to everyday life. 

They offer a diverse range of leggings, tops, sports bras, outerwear, and accessories, catering to various workout styles and preferences.

Alo Yoga’s success can be attributed to a combination of factors:

  • Strong brand positioning: With the “Studio-to-Street” concept, Alo Yoga positions their activewear as versatile, and suitable for both workouts and everyday wear, differentiating them from competitors.
  • Building a yoga community: They partner with over 4,000 yoga professionals to foster trust and loyalty within the yoga community.
  • Leveraging user-generated content (UGC): They utilize real customer photos on social media platforms to build trust and authenticity. Also, Alo Yoga uses UGC on the website, including the homepage, to further strengthen social proof and customer connection.


2. What makes a Shopify beauty store successful?

2.1. Strong brand identity and differentiation

  • Clearly defined target audience: Understanding your ideal customer and their needs allows for targeted marketing and product selection.

For example, Fenty Beauty caters to a diverse audience with a wide range of skin tones and features, addressing the lack of inclusivity in the makeup industry. Therefore, they offer a vast foundation shade range of 40+ shades to cater to diverse skin tones.



  • Unique brand story and values: Crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from competitors.

You can learn the way Taylor Stitch promotes sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. They partner with ethical factories and use recycled materials in their products.

Also, you should choose a unique and meaningful name when brainstorming your beauty business name ideas. For example, Alo Yoga is a short, simple, and memorable name, which reflects their products and resonates with their target audience.

  • High-quality product offering: Focus on offering unique, innovative, or effective beauty products that meet customer expectations.
  • Compelling visual identity: Invest in high-quality product images, clean website design, and consistent branding across all platforms.

For instance, Fashion Nova utilizes a vibrant and trendy aesthetic in their marketing materials. 

In the meantime, Blu Atlas employs clean lines, natural tones, and botanical imagery to convey its focus on natural ingredients and sustainability. Therefore, they use packaging with earthy tones and botanical illustrations, showcasing the natural ingredients in their products.



2.2. Effective marketing strategies

  • Influencer marketing: Partner with relevant influencers in the beauty space to promote your products and build brand awareness.

It can be said that Morphe’s success lies in its collaboration with various beauty influencers and famous people like James Charles and Jaclyn Hill to promote products and reach wider audiences. 

Another example here is Fenty Beauty. As we mentioned above, they partner with makeup artists and beauty bloggers of various ethnicities to showcase the versatility of their products.



  • Targeted advertising: Utilize social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach your ideal customer base.
  • Content marketing: Create valuable content like blog posts, tutorials, or reviews to educate and engage your audience.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Optimize your website and product listings for relevant keywords to improve organic search visibility.

2.3. Utilizing Shopify features

  • Leverage Shopify apps and features: Explore the vast array of available apps and functions to enhance your store’s functionality, such as email marketing, loyalty programs, and so on.

For example, by combining technical expertise with a user-centric approach, Morphe’s shoppable video integration into their Shopify website showcases a successful implementation that enhances the customer experience and aligns with their brand values.

  • Data analysis and insights: Utilize Shopify’s built-in analytics to understand customer behavior, track campaign performance, and make data-driven decisions.


2.4. Staying up-to-date with trends

  • Monitor industry trends: Keep up with the latest beauty trends and product innovations to ensure your offerings remain relevant and exciting.

You can see this valuable lesson from the way Fashion Nova embraces a “fast fashion” approach, allowing customers to stay on-trend at an accessible price point. The brand releases new styles frequently and uses social media to engage with its audience.

  • Embrace new technologies: Explore the potential of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to enhance the customer experience.

So now, from what we learn, let’s get started with your own business. Don’t hesitate to prepare a business plan for your interesting beauty business ideas and go ahead today!

3. Conclusion

In summary, we hope that this article tells you how a thriving Shopify beauty store can stand out in a competitive market. 

Do you want to become a successful Shopify beauty store like these top-notch brands? Let eComStart be your partner in this eCommerce journey to get this goal!

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