Top 30 Most Thriving Small Beauty Business Ideas [2024]


According to McKinsey, the beauty market is expected to reach $580 billion by 2027. What a lucrative venture for any entrepreneur! With the diversity of small beauty business ideas, products and services, and business models, you can enter this market in any way you want, based on your target audience, budget, and goals. 

However, this diversity is a challenge too. If you choose an improper business idea, you will spend a ton of money without getting any sales. To help you consider and pick one to start in 2024, we list 34 thriving small beauty business ideas below!

1. Business ideas for beauty salon/spa

1.1. Nail salon


If you’re looking for a way to start your business in the beauty field, beginning with nail business ideas is a great choice. You can opt to run a nail salon that suits your budget. You can start a mobile nail service with a low budget or build up your physical store if you have a large investment.

To attract more customers, you should have an impressive social account to show your designs. Besides, developing a personal brand image is crucial if you want to be outstanding in this industry. 

1.2. Hair salon

The hair salon is one of the greatest beauty parlor business ideas for you if you love hairdressing. Besides investing in tools, chemicals, studios, and skilled staff, you need to show your profession by having certificates at hairdressing competitions or qualifications in the beauty industry. To expand your brand image and attract more customers, you have to invest in marketing, especially digital channels, and sales campaigns for special occasions. 

1.3. Barbershop


Running a barbershop is one of the best small business ideas to start up because it doesn’t require investing in too many expensive tools. If you are concerned about marketing, besides developing your social media account, you can partner with some men’s grooming brands.

1.4. Waxing Salon

To establish a successful waxing business, you should consider several factors, such as budget, technology, and training for staff. Because of the intimate nature of the service, you have to comply with hygiene standards. Additionally, a strategic location, dedicated services, and efficient marketing strategies will help you develop in this competitive market.

1.5. Tanning Salon


With the rise in demand, tanning salons are a great business idea for entrepreneurs. Before investing in any devices, choosing a location to open a salon, or hiring staff, you have to deeply understand and strictly comply with the applicable state and federal laws. Make sure your sunlamps and tanning devices meet the safety standards. 

1.6. Day spa

A day spa is one of the most beneficial beauty business ideas. However, starting a spa requires investing a lot in technology and machinery, training staff, renting space, and marketing. You can start small first, providing a few services without expensive machinery. After knowing your customer demand and having a large budget, you can scale up your business. 

1.7. Body waxing

To start a body waxing salon, you’ll need various waxing equipment, including different types of wax, waxing strips, and post-waxing treatments. Not only that, hiring skilled and professional waxing experts and delivering dedicated services are things you need to do to have more customers. 

1.8. Nail polish


Nail polish is one of the best small business ideas for a beauty salon for you to start with a small budget. When running a thriving nail polish business, you have to maintain cleanliness and a well-stocked inventory. To create an unforgettable and superb experience for your customers, you should invest in a diverse selection of top-notch nail care products and offer exceptional services and sale programs for loyal customers. 

1.9. Massage therapy

Based on your budget, business model, and target, you can start a massage therapy business with an independent massage studio, mobile massage services, or a studio rented by hours. To increase your customer base, besides using effective digital marketing methods, you should partner with some spa and fitness studios and offer some extra services for customers like injury rehabilitation services. 

1.10. Sauna

There are various benefits of sauna, such as improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress. That is why more people pay for sauna services and even steam baths just to enjoy relaxation. However, a sauna business requires a large investment in location, construction, devices, and staff. You need to estimate costs and manage your budget carefully to avoid risks. 

1.11. Brow bar


Before you get started, there are some factors you need to know, from what supplies you’ll need to how to find clients. You must adhere to your state’s licensing requirements and other regulations. To practice legally, a brow bar artist must first complete a training program and, in most states, apply for a tattoo license. Running a brow bar is not inexpensive, so you should research the industry and offer appealing services at reasonable costs.

1.12. Tattoo parlor

Before opening a tattoo parlor, you can be a freelancer to improve your skills and gain all the certifications the state requires. To be successful in this career path, you must prepare an impressive portfolio. With proficient skills, you will build a solid reputation and gain more money.

1.13. Body lotion spa

A body lotion spa provides high-quality skin care services such as body wraps, massages, exfoliation treatments, and customized skincare consultations by using specialized body lotions and creams. With these services, customers can improve skin texture, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being. Since customers will have various skin types and issues, you must provide customized treatments tailored to their unique requirements and preferences.

1.14. Body piercing shop


Body piercing involves creating openings in the body using a needle, allowing for the installation of stunning jewelry. To open a piercing shop, you must have certifications and licenses from the authorities and make sure that tools and machinery are safe and clean.

1.15. Reiki therapy

Reiki is a technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and energetic balance through different training sections. You can offer individual sessions, group workshops, or even distance healing services for customers in various areas. Promoting your business through digital ads, YouTube channels, and partner networks are the things you need to do when running a successful Reiki therapy business. 

2. Beauty products business ideas

2.1. Men’s grooming product line


There are various product types for you to sell when running a men’s grooming business, such as shaving foams, face creams, after-shave lotions, and body sprays. Starting an online store is a good idea, especially with a small budget. You can build a website, create stores on digital marketplaces, and sell directly on social accounts. If you worry about inventory and the product cost you have to pay first, you should drop ship from wholesale suppliers. 

2.2. Hair products

When running a hair product business, you can consider several items including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, serums, and color dyes. You should begin with online sale channels like digital marketplaces, social media, or a website to reduce costs. Moreover, it is advantageous to initially focus on a specific group of core products rather than offering a vast array of different items.

2.3. Skin care products

The skin care product is one of the best small beauty business ideas for any beauty lovers. To be outstanding in this competitive market, you have to invest in high-quality products, attractive packaging, and effective branding. Moreover, establishing robust distribution channels, building a strong online presence, and dedicated customer services are crucial to achieving success.

2.4. Wigs


When entering this industry, you have to address some challenges. Initially, you must choose trustworthy manufacturers and test the material quality. Next, you should design trendy and up-to-date styles and send them to manufacturers. After completing these tasks, you have to establish an impressive website, stores on the digital marketplace, and attractive social accounts. 

2.5. Lashes

With lashes business, you will offer a range of high-quality lashes that help customer allure their eyes, from natural-looking extensions to dramatic and voluminous styles. To be successful in this business, you need to choose reliable suppliers, invest in digital marketing channels, and partner with famous influencers. 

2.6. Essential oils

Essential oils can be one of the most beautiful small beauty business ideas. If you don’t have enough budget for the lab, just consider a white-label actual oils business. The suppliers will attach your brand name and logo to packages, based on the white label agreement between you and them. Because you cannot manage product quality completely, choosing a reliable manufacturer is crucial to having high-quality products.

2.7. Perfume


The easiest way to sell perfume is by reselling products from other famous brands or becoming a distributor from a brand you love. With this business model, you focus more on marketing and distribution channels. Besides marketing, you should keep an eye on services, and offer some extra services benefiting your customers. 

2.8. Accessories

Having a solid understanding of fashion trends and a keen eye for design? Accessories are one of the best beauty industry business ideas. You can create accessories, resell them from other brands, or drop ship. Keep in mind the significance of marketing! It is critical to have a strong web presence and efficient product promotion.

2.9. Makeup line products

Before running your makeup product line, you must properly adhere to the regulations. Being a distributor of existing brands is a simple method to start a cosmetics business. You don’t have to pay more for branding, just focus on marketing. Besides digital marketing strategies, your business needs to implement some promotion campaigns.

2.10. Jewelry-making business

If you know how to make jewelry or design impressive jewelry items, handmade jewelry is one of the best beauty-related business ideas. You will be involved in designing and creating jewelry using various materials such as beads, gemstones, metals, and wires. To be successful in this market, you have to understand market trends, know how to develop a brand and showcase products through online platforms or local markets.

2.11. Handmade soap


To start a handmade soap business, you should research the competition, market, and target customers and choose the niche your business will focus on. When starting your business, you will choose a brand name, create a business plan with short-term and long-term goals, and implement an effective marketing strategy.

2.12. Lipstick

Lipstick has become one of the most lucrative small beauty products business ideas. There are several business models that you can start for this market, including producing and creating a brand, private labeling, and becoming a distributor of existing brands. Remember, marketing is a crucial factor in distributing the success of your business. Thus, you have to pick up one to three marketing channels that help you create more revenue and focus on them.  

2.13. Makeup services

If you are a makeup artist with excellent skills, running makeup services is a great idea for you. Besides developing a brand image on social media, you must develop skills and expand your knowledge to stand out in this industry. More consumers will recognize you and refer you to their friends and family after viewing your portfolio and experiencing your service.

2.14. Cosmetic store

If you love beauty and makeup, a cosmetic store is one of the most suitable cosmetic business ideas for you. Instead of building your brand with a huge cost, you can resell from famous cosmetic brands or become a distributor. Just consider the fame and price of these brands and choose ones that bring higher margins.

3. Consulting & specialist beauty business ideas

3.1. Image consulting


This market has been booming in recent years, with the rise of social media. As an image consultant, you will advise your customers about makingup, clothing style, color basis, and instruction to enhance preference and make them more self-confident. With this business idea, you can work remotely or have a face-to-face meeting any time, at any location that fits you and your clients 

3.2. Wellness retreat

Want to help customers improve their health and relax at the same time? This business idea is for you! When running a wellness retreat business, you will provide a variety of services such as yoga, meditation, spa treatments, nutritious cuisine, and holistic well-being programs. Wellness retreats strive to help guests rest, refresh, and achieve balance in their physical and emotional health by providing a relaxing setting.

3.3. Makeup artist

You can be a freelance makeup artist if you have excellent makeup skills. To be successful in this industry, nurturing a personal brand on social media is crucial. Updating the trend and creating attractive content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram can help you approach more target customers. And don’t forget to improve your makeup skills! The more professional you are, the more loyal customers you have. 

3.4. Weight loss consultant

Have nutrition and physical training knowledge and want to gain more money? You can be a weight loss consultant! You will help clients achieve their weight loss goals by offering personalized advice on nutrition and exercise. Besides, you have to motivate your customers to keep on track. As a weight loss consultant, you can work remotely and manage your work time based on your lifestyle. 

4. Conclusion

The beauty industry is flourishing, but aspiring entrepreneurs must confront numerous challenges. By selecting the right small beauty business ideas, adopting a suitable business model, and conducting thorough market research, you will minimize risks. 

eComStart hopes that with the 34 thriving small business ideas for the beauty industry above, you can choose an appropriate one. If you are seeking opportunities to gain more money, check out our business ideas topic for further insights. Our mission is to make eCommerce accessible to all and turn dreams into success.

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