Top 10+ Profitable Nail Business Ideas from Home [2024]


Since more customers care about improving hand and foot preferences, the nail industry has become thriving and booming in recent years. According to Statista, the revenue of this industry is expected to reach 14.31 billion USD in 2028. To enter this lucrative market, beauty lovers have to deal with the first challenge – choosing appropriate nail business ideas.

With careful consideration and analysis of the budget, goals, and market, you can pick the best beneficial business idea and how to start a nail business effectively. To help you overcome obstacles and achieve success, we listed the best 12 thriving nail business ideas that any entrepreneur can start!

1. Top nail business ideas you can start from home

1.1 Mobile nail services


If you want to start a nail business with a low budget, offering mobile nail services is one of the best home-based nail business ideas for you. 

You will serve your customers at their home and bring your equipment, customers don’t have to prepare anything. Providing additional services and implementing discount programs are effective strategies to attract more loyal customers. By maintaining impressive social media accounts and showcasing an exceptional portfolio, you can stand out in this industry and achieve success.

+ Lower overhead costs
+ Flexible to set schedules and choose the locations
+ Provide a convenient and personalized experience for customers
– Have to carry all the necessary tools and supplies.
– Cost of transportation and waste time on travel
– Maintain a high level of hygiene and sanitation in different locations. 

1.2. Nail salon


If you’re considering a small beauty business idea, opening a nail salon is highly recommended. Since more people want to enhance the beauty of their nails, nail salons have gained immense popularity and become one of the best nail tech business ideas

Investing in skilled nail technicians, a beautifully decorated salon, innovative equipment, and offering additional services such as nail consulting will bring superb experience to your customers and help you attract more loyal clients. 

Not only that, but marketing plays an important role in creating your success. You need to implement a digital marketing strategy on social media channels and partner with famous influencers.

+ Well-equipped and safe environment to serve customers
+ Attract more customers with various nail services
+ Develop customer base easily
+ Strengthen brand and visibility
– Higher overhead costs
– Hire skilled nail technicians and staff and manage the team
– Competitive market 
– Maintain and update the equipment and store

1.3. Nail art specialist


If you love art and nails at the same time, this is one of the best low-investment online nail business ideas

As a nail artist, you will transform nails into miniature works of art and showcase intricate designs. To succeed in this industry, you have to enhance your skills to attain a superior level, possess a keen sense of aesthetics, and master communication with customers while building a strong network.

With an outstanding portfolio, effective digital marketing strategies, and a vast network, you have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with famous influencers and celebrities, gain exposure across various media platforms, and achieve fame.

+ Express creativity freely and showcase artistic skills
+ Expand network with big customers
+ Provide customized nail art designs 
– Require superb and exceptional skills 
– Invest in high-cost equipment
– Require training and update trends continuously.

1.4. Natural nail care


Unlike nail salons, which focus mainly on enhancing nail preference with gel and color, natural nail care, known as nail spas, primarily provides care and maintenance services such as manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, etc.

If you want to upsell and increase revenue, offering added services like hand and foot massages or related products is a good idea. You can develop social accounts, stimulate customers to give good feedback and run promotion campaigns to gain more customers.

+ Offer add-on services and related products to upsell
+ Build a loyal customer base easily
+ Tap into a thriving industry
– High cost of chemicals and equipment
– Face up with seasonal fluctuations
– Hard to be outstanding in this competitive market. 

1.5. Online nail course


If you wonder how to start a small nail business from home, opening a course for beauty lovers to teach about making nails is one of the best nail business ideas for you. With this business, how to start a small nail business from home. 

To be successful in this sector, you need to show your skills and experiences through an impressive portfolio and invest in branding your image. Not only that, it is crucial to create a website. You can update information about classes, store your lessons for easy access, promote promotion programs, and publish interesting news about the nail industry.

+ Reach a wide customer base, in different areas.
+ Schedule times and locations freely, based on your lifestyle.
+ Lower overhead costs
+ Help you increase brand image
– Limited hands-on practice experience. 
– Lack of personal interaction
– Develop a branding strategy to build trust

1.6. Nail care products


Starting your own nail care products business is one of the greatest nail business ideas if you want to enter this industry but don’t want to rely too much on a physical store. You can sell nail care products and related items, such as hand cream, to enhance your revenue.

There are various business models for you to start based on your budget, long-term and short-term goals, and the resources you have. Dropshipping and reselling are popular business models for aspiring entrepreneurs with a low budget.

+ Diverse product range to choose
+ Potential to expand product line
+ Reach the global market with different customers.
– Choose trustworthy suppliers
– Inventory management
– Create effective marketing and branding strategies 

1.7. Subscription box service


Offering a subscription box service with various nail care product lines, why not? It’s one of the most successful small business ideas you shouldn’t overlook. Especially when you are a nail product retailer, you can scale up your business with this service. You will increase your income, bring exceptional experiences to your customers, and gain more insight based on the orders and feedback of your clients.

However, this business requires careful choosing and sourcing of quality products, managing inventory, and providing excellent customer service. Thus, you need to have profound management and business knowledge and experience to control and reduce risks.

+ Have the opportunity to understand real insights of customers
+ Bring exceptional experience to customers with updated products
+ Ensure a steady cash flow
–  Manage supplier and inventory carefully
–  Some upfront costs for product sourcing, packaging, and shipping
– Meet the high expectations of customers

1.8. Influencer in the nail industry



If you want to showcase your creativity and expertise and have opportunities to connect with other influencers or celebrities, becoming an influencer in the nail industry is one of the best nail business ideas for you.

As an influencer, you can share knowledge about nails, impressive nail styles, and samples, review nail products, and tips to have strong and beautiful nails on social media and websites. However, this is a competitive market with talented influencers. Thus, you have to try to update new content trends and improve your branding skills to stand out from the crowd.

– Build up engaging community
– Have the opportunity to collaborate with celebrities, influencers, and brands
– Have fame in the nail industry- Open doors to other professional opportunities
– Invest more money and time
– Hard to be outstanding in this competitive market
– Face high pressure and expectation

1.9. DIY nail kits



Stating the DIY nail kits business is one of the greatest nail business ideas for people who have an aesthetic sense and love creating beautiful items.  

As a DIY nail creator, you will provide customers with creative and comprehensive nail kits that fit their style, bringing them a unique experience through customized nail kits. When running a DIY nail kits business, you have to prepare various equipment, high-quality materials, impressively designed packaging, and provide clear instructions to your customers. 

+ Approach wide customers in different areas
+ Have the opportunity to scale up business with different types of kits and customized styles. 
+ Bring convenient solutions and experiences to customers
– Have profound customer insights and update nail trends to create personalized and trendy kits for customers
– Complex packaging and shipping logistics
– Choose reliable suppliers and high-quality materials. 

1.10. Wholesale nail accessories shop



By opening a nail art accessories shop, you will provide various nail product lines to help your clients enhance their manicures. As a wholesale store, besides implementing marketing strategies, you also need to build your customer base and broaden your network.

There are some challenges in this market, especially in logistics, inventory, and quality product management. Based on your resources, budget, and goals, you can outsource from different manufacturers or even manufacture by yourself.

+ Have the opportunity to expand your network and broaden your customer base
+ Establish strong relationships with customers
+ Cost savings through economies of scale
– Manage a large inventory and supplier network
– Upfront cost for inventory and logistics
– Face up with order fulfillment challenges

1.11. Nail products retailer

If you consider the cost of running a wholesale business, you can start a nail product retail business. As a retailer, you have to implement procurement and inventory processes and select high-quality products such as nail polishes, treatments, tools, and accessories from various brands. By providing a wide range of product lines, you meet specific customers’ demands, provide a seamless and engaging experience, and allow them to explore and discover new products.

+ Reach various customers in different areas
+ Choose suitable business models based on your budget, resources, and goals
+ Have the opportunity to scale up your business in different sales channels
– Try to be outstanding in a competitive market
– Choose reliable suppliers producing high
-quality products
– Face up with challenges and risks in logistics and inventory 

1.12. Starting 24/7 nail salon

When running a 24/7 nail salon, you will provide ultimate nail services to do their nails and relax after hard working days. To be successful, you have to choose the right location for your nail salon. You can locate your salon at or near a large venue that is always open, such as a conference center, airport, or other 24-hour store or highway where vehicles always travel day and night. 

+ Increase revenue by extending operating hours
+ Distinguish you from other competitors in this competitive market
+ Bring an extremely convenient experience to your customers
– Face difficulties when managing a team
– Upfront cost for renting space and operation
– Risk in training and hiring staff

2. Conclusion

Starting a nail business is a great way for any entrepreneur wanting to enter the beauty industry because of the diverse business models, products, and services, as well as the lower budget requirement. 

To reduce risk and achieve your goals, it is crucial to consider your resources, short-term and long-term targets, and market before choosing any nail business ideas. With the right marketing strategies, dedicated services, promotion programs, and reliable suppliers, you can stand out from the crowd and hold the potential for success in this industry.

With the top 12 nail business ideas, we hope that you can choose an appropriate one. If you want to gain more money and stand on your own two feet, explore our business ideas category for additional thriving opportunities! At eComStart, we’re dedicated to helping individuals succeed in the realm of online business.

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