Top 18 Small Wine Business Ideas Trending in 2024


Want to make money off the wine industry? Though you can become a wine seller– there are many careers or ideas in the wine niche you might not know about yet. Therefore, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or an ordinary person looking for opportunities in the wine industry, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 18 wine business ideas with their pros & cons to help you figure things out.

1. Small wine business ideas to launch in 2024

In the next five years, the global revenue of the wine industry is estimated to grow steadily at an annual growth rate of 4.56%. This means you have ample opportunities to earn millions in this promising industry. However, to make money off wine, you need an idea first– and here are the 17+ wine business ideas we’ve prepared for your sake!

1.1. Online wine store 


First, let us show you how to get into wine business without the sweating part– launching an eCommerce wine shop. With an online wine store, you don’t have to worry about the high costs of running a brick-and-mortar store– which is a lot. So, if you want to start a wine business on a budget, we highly advise you to sell your wine online first and expand to a physical store as you scale up.

+ Start small and manage everything yourself
+ Good profit margins as you don’t have to pay much costs
+ Wider customer base
– Intense competition
– Complex regulations and high costs for shipping alcohol
– Risk of spoilage and overstocking

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1.2. Wine subscription box


Just like meals or cosmetics, wine is a perfect type of product you can sell under the subscription model. As the cost of acquiring a customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining one, starting a wine subscription business will allow you to retain your customers better, improving your customer lifetime value and loyalty.  

+ Steady, predictable income from repeat customers.
+ The subscription box industry is growing, particularly for niche products like wine
+ Curated experiences can help enhance your brand loyalty
– Navigating complex regulations and handling fragile goods can be challenging.
– Subscriber engagement and preventing cancellations can be challenging

1.3. Wine consultation services


If you have in-depth knowledge and expertise about wine, instead of starting a wine business, you might want to be a consultant giving advice on all things wine. For instance, you can consult your clients on wine pairings for events, staff training, wine menu development for bars, etc. 

+ Low starting cost
+ You get to consult on what you’re passionate about
– Requires significant effort to build trust with potential clients
– Luxury services like wine consultation can be vulnerable to economic downturns

1.4. Wine blog site

Are you looking for online winery ideas that allow you to earn income in the wine industry from home? It’s a no-brainer to blog your way to success. You can monetize your insightful blogs by doing affiliate marketing for local bars, wine brands, etc., and earn commissions.

+ Generally low initial investment required
+ Various ways to monetize your blog site, like ad placements, affiliate marketing, or sponsored content
– To grow a blog site, you must invest heavily in SEO– which takes at least 4-6 months
– Monetizing a blog is often uncertain and can fluctuate widely based on traffic and market trends

1.5. Wine bar with tasting rooms


If you have a large budget upfront and want to start big, you can launch a wine bar with tasting rooms. The allure of wine and the experiential nature of tasting rooms will help you nurture a strong customer base.

+ Tasting rooms offer an immersive and educational experience for your customers
+ Beyond wine sales, tasting fees, food pairings, events, and merchandise can generate you extra income.
– Require significant rent, equipment, inventory, etc.
– Managing inventory, controlling costs, and providing consistent service requires significant expertise and effort.

1.6. Wine import business

If you’re living in a country where people love the taste of foreign wine– starting a wine import business is one of the most profitable wine business ideas you should consider. If you want to be a wine importer, you should order samples from multiple suppliers first and choose the ones that offer good prices and quality. 

+ High profit margins on imported wines
+ Potential to build relationships with international wineries
– High initial investment required
– Dependence on international trade and logistics
– Risks of currency exchange rate fluctuation

1.7. Wine exporter


Besides being a wine importer importing wine from other countries and selling it to domestic customers, another fantastic idea is to become a wine exporter serving international customers. 

Though it might be challenging to deal with the regulations of the countries you plan to export to, once you get the hang of it, exporting wine will secure you a good income.

+ Can sell in various countries with different preferences and consumption patterns
+ Margins on exported wine can be high, especially for unique or premium brands
– The international wine market is saturated
– Navigating import/export regulations and obtaining licenses can be challenging

1.8. Winemaking business

If you are not into the idea of selling wine to the masses, consider producing your own quality wine and selling it to local bars, wine brands, etc. To expand your profit margin with this idea in the long run, we suggest you invest in a vineyard to optimize your production cost. But if you just get started, just source quality grapes from reliable suppliers that you know.

+ Have control over your production cost and wine quality
+ Local bars and wine brands usually buy in bulk, allowing you to earn steady incomes
– Require a large investment upfront for winemaking equipment and even a vineyard 
– Winemaking is a physical job that requires long hours and hard work.

1.9. Wine accessory store


If you feel like the wine industry is already too saturated, you should consider starting a wine accessory store. Of course, you could sell various wines in your store. However, wine isn’t the only main character in your shop. Instead, you can drive sales with a wide range of trending wine accessories like wine dispensers, aerators, and electric corkscrews.

+ Wine accessories have high profit margins
+ You can start a wine accessory store with a relatively small investment
+ There are many suppliers of wine accessories
– The market for wine accessories is smaller than the market for the wine itself
– Wine accessories can go out of style quickly

1.10. Wine education classes

If you are a wine expert with fantastic knowledge of wine, apart from being a consultant, you can be a wine educator. You can release courses both offline and online, from wine-tasting techniques to how to hold wine glasses properly in a formal setting, etc.

+ You can start with low costs
+ Be flexible to set your own hours and curriculum.
– You need to have a strong understanding of wine to teach others.
– It’s difficult to build trust and acquire students 

1.11. Wine cellar designer 


With the growing trend of wine collecting and the appreciation for wine culture, the demand for custom wine cellar designs has risen sharply. Therefore, if you’re looking for a promising career in the wine industry, becoming a wine cellar designer can be very rewarding. 

+ Low starting costs compared to other alcohol business ideas
+ Give you the freedom to unleash your creativity 
+ High profit margins, especially for big and complex projects
– Dealing with high-end clients can be demanding
– The demand might not be as high as other ideas

1.12. Wine grape growing and harvesting

If you’re not much into the idea of making wine or selling it, being the boss of your vineyard is a cool idea. It might require significant initial investment in land, equipment, and labor. However, once established, vineyards can yield harvests for decades, providing you with continuous revenue streams.

+ Steady incomes while your vineyard matures
+ You can sell tickets to tourists, improving your profit margins
– Huge investment upfront for land, equipment, labor, etc.
– Income can fluctuate depending on market conditions, weather events, and other factors.

1.13. Wine taster


If you are gifted with sensitive taste buds superior to ordinary people’s and want a well-paid job in the wine industry, consider being a wine taster. 

As a wine taster, you’ll be in charge of tasting and analyzing wines to evaluate their color, aroma, flavor, body, acidity, tannins, balance, etc. Before wine brands and bars decide to release some new wine flavors, consulting a wine taster is a must-do task. This makes wine tasting a very promising career.

+ You can start with very low overhead costs
+ The ability to taste different wines
– Might not be a suitable choice for those without good health conditions
– You may need to get certificates from reliable authorities to be a wine taster

1.14. Wine influencer

If you prioritize flexibility and want to start making money in the wine niche, you can learn to be a wine influencer. With the popularity of influencer marketing lately, local bars and wine brands usually collaborate with wine influencers to promote their business.

Don’t think that you must have millions of followers to be an influencer. If you have thousands of engaging followers, you can already make some good money as a micro-influencer.

+ You can earn through collaborations with wineries, brands, and sponsorships
+ You may get to visit wineries, attend industry events, and expand your network
– Building a loyal following takes time, effort, and strategic planning.
– Revenue can vary depending on partnerships, content creation, and market trends

1.15. Wine club owner


Another business idea in the wine industry we’d love to recommend to you is being a wine club owner. As a wine club owner, you offer curated selections of wine to registered members on a subscription basis, providing them with access to unique and exclusive bottles, events, educational content, etc.

+ A great source of income, with recurring revenue from memberships and subscription fees
+ The chance to connect with other wine enthusiasts, members, and industry professionals
– Requires investment in inventory, marketing, website development, and other expenses
– Attracting new members and retaining existing ones requires effective marketing strategies

1.16. Wine tour guide

If you have both excellent communication skills and incredible knowledge of wine, being a wine tour guide is one of the best wine business ideas ever. You can walk your clients around local bars, vineyards, tasting rooms, etc., and charge service fees.

+ Flexible working hours
+ Depending on experience, location, and tips, wine tour guides can earn a good living.
– Tours often require standing and walking for extended periods, potentially leading to fatigue.
– Your work can be inconsistent, depending on tourist seasonality

1.17. Wine collecting business


Being a wine collector is a profitable wine business idea you should definitely consider. What makes this business idea particularly appealing is its awesome return on investment rate. Fine wines, especially those from prestigious vineyards or limited editions, are often hunted by wine enthusiasts who are willing to pay big.

+ Rare and vintage wines can appreciate significantly in value over time
+ Building and managing a collection can be a fulfilling hobby for wine enthusiasts
– Acquiring a valuable collection requires a significant upfront investment
– Proper storage conditions are crucial for preserving the value of wines

1.18. Cellar manager 

Last but not least, if you want to have a job that pays off in the wine industry, you should apply for the cellar manager position. As a cellar manager, you’ll take care of all aspects of wine production, from grape selection and fermentation to bottling and storage. 

Since this position requires a blend of technical knowledge, managerial skills, and a deep understanding of winemaking processes, cellar managers are paid pretty well.

+ Cellar managers are paid well
+ Cellar managers have the opportunity to learn about different types of wines
– The job requires long hours, physical labor, and meticulous attention to detail
– Working with wine involves exposure to sulfur dioxide and other chemicals

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2. Conclusion

The wine industry is promising, with a wide range of money-making ideas and career options. And eComStart team hopes after reading our comprehensive list of the best wine business ideas, you can pinpoint an idea that most resonates with you.

Still uncertain? Maybe you’d love to check out our well-crafted articles on the topic of business ideas of all niches and industries– fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, what you name it! And don’t forget to check out for the latest eCommerce news, tips, and tricks.

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