Top 7 Shopify Art Stores That You Can Learn From


If you are an artist and want to make money, selling art on Shopify is one of the best ideas for you! After choosing business ideas, you have to create your Shopify store with an impressive theme to showcase your masterpieces to a global audience. However, it is not easy! 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you should learn from other artists and find inspiration. In this blog, we will help you list the top Shopify art stores that stand out from the crowd!

1. Top 7 best Shopify art stores you can learn

1.1. Newbury Comics



  • Location: USA
  • Product: Music album
  • Monthly visit: 173.9K
  • Annual revenue: $25M – $50M

When accessing the store, you will be impressed by the design of the store, minimal but fashionable. The website’s design recalls traditional comic aesthetics, with its vibrant colors against a sleek, black backdrop. It’s designed for newcomers and fans of the past, with a touch of the present.



Not only that, Newbury Comics prioritizes the shopping experience, especially in the checkout process. When adding a product to the cart, the popup shows the order information. Thus, customer can continue the buying process without going to the checkout page to check their order. This feature makes sure that customers have a seamless buying experience!



Why does it win? 

  • Add to cart popup 
  • Fashionable design
  • Well-organized and user-friendly interface

1.2. Andy Okay



  • Location: USA
  • Product: painting
  • Website theme: Prestige ($380)
  • Monthly visit: 91.4K

Andy Okay is one of the most outstanding Shopify art store examples. Their mission is not only to provide impressive paintings but also to raise awareness about environmental protection through art. 

When accessing the website, you will be impressed by the clear message of this store through banners. The homepage banner has a vivid image that shows Andy’s mission and special charity program “82% off for charity”. Not only that, the statistics including the number of artists, artworks for charity, and charity partners highlight their goals, trust, and mission. 



Andy Okay runs a special charity program that allows customers can donate to a charitable organization of their choice by buying limited-edition, certified art pieces. This is an impressive meaningful program, that can not only attract and retain customers but also build trust and gain love from buyers. 



This store knows how to stimulate the customer’s purchase intent. Besides showing social proof, including publications, reviews, and testimonials, this website evokes a fear of missing out (FOMO) by strategically placing headings such as “ALMOST GONE” and “LOST FOREVER. That impacts purchasing decisions a lot!



Why does it win? 

  • A clear message is shown on the site, through images, text, and data. 
  • Clean and professional design
  • Special charity program 
  • FOMO features

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1.3. Riverry Studio



  • Location: USA
  • Product: Portrait painting
  • Website theme: Aurora ($290)
  • Monthly visit: 12.2K

Riverry Studio, selling art on Shopify, has one of the best art business ideas –  customized watercolor art focusing on pets, houses, and human portraits. The mission of the artist team is to bring impressive portrait paintings that show unique characters and make customers happy. 

When accessing the website, you will be impressed by the reviews and comments of customers on their homepage. You can see the happiness of customers when receiving the pictures from Riverry Studio through their pictures, reviews, ratings, and unboxing videos. 

Social proof of this site is the most powerful weapon in helping them build trust and engagement with customers. 



To increase the conversion rate, merchants offer a 10% discount for new customers who subscribe to them through email. With these marketing strategies, the merchants not only enhance sales but also have customer data to run email marketing campaigns in the future. 



Not only that, Riverry Studio prioritizes the shopping experience. Customers can view the products they want with the “Quick View” button. You can see the detailed information of the product, from options, size, and images to a video of the drawing process, without leaving the page. 



Not only that, customers can add products to the cart quickly thanks to the “Added to Cart” popup. Thus, customer can continue the buying process without going to the checkout page to check their order. This feature makes sure that customers have a seamless buying experience!



Why does it win? 

  • Promotion program: 10% discount for new customers
  • Social proof: video painting process, reviews, testimonials
  • Seamless shopping experience: “Added to cart” popup, “Quick View” button
  • Well-organized and user-friendly interface

1.4. Morrison Hotel Gallery



  • Location: USA
  • Product: Music Photography
  • Website theme: Dawn (free)
  • Monthly visit: 62.2K
  • Annual Revenue: $5M – $10M

Morrison Hotel Gallery is one of the top shopify stores that inspire any artist! This website provides prints of photographs of famous musicians. 

With a professional and aesthetic design with a musical vibe, this website impresses customers immensely! The website’s design, dominated by black and white tones, takes visitors on a nostalgic trip through the rich history of music. It’s well-organized, with photographs grouped by photographer, musician, and genre, making browsing simple for enthusiasts.



As an online photography studio, Morrison Hotel Gallery prioritizes the information and story behind each photographer’s photos. It offers a Photographer Index page where customers can find their favorite photographer, understand the story behind their work, and see the artwork they have. Not only that, customers can see the detailed stories of photos on product pages. 



Morrison Hotel Gallery focuses on creating the most thorough, customized experience for their customers. This store offers an “Art advisory” service that provides advice on buying, caring for, and placing the prints to align customers’ styles and personalized experiences.



Why does it win? 

  • Aesthetic design with a musical vibe
  • Meaningful stories of each photographer and photos
  • Photographer index page to show information about photographers
  • Personalized experience with art advisory service

1.5. IKONICK – One of the most inspirational Shopify art stores



  • Location: USA
  • Product: Digital motivational arts 
  • Website theme: Reformation (320$)
  • Monthly visit: 68.2K
  • Annual revenue: $1M – $2M

With a mission that inspires and uplifts everyone’s spirits, IKONICK is one of the best Shopify art store examples. Having one of the most impressive art business names, IKONICK impresses customers with its art style – inspiring captivating artwork. 

IKONICK’s website immediately strikes one as having a modern aesthetic and professional design, thanks to the Reformation theme – one of the best Shopify themes for artists. Its efficient arrangement and elegant design make it easy for buyers to find the parts they’re looking for. The dynamic blend of eye-catching images and powerful fonts quickly draws visitors in.



With well-organized navigation and comprehensive product descriptions, customers can choose the product they want. The ability to zoom in and see little details is evidence of their transparency. 

IKONICK will impress you with a superb customer experience. To bring the website up to the highest standards of online accessibility, they use EqualWeb – a web accessibility solution that ensures disabilities can use the website easily. Besides, with the popup “Adds to cart”, you can choose to buy the product on the product page easily without going to the checkout page. 



A successful brand always has an inspirational story behind it, and so does IKONICK. Store owners highlight their stories through 12 episodes on the website. These stories not only build trust with customers but also inspire them a lot!



Why does it win? 

  • Professional design with clean navigation
  • Superb customer experience by using 3rd apps like the “Add to Cart” popup and EqualWeb
  • Inspirational story behind

1.6. Film Art Gallery



  • Location: USA
  • Product: Arts and posters inspired by film 
  • Monthly visit: 163.6K

If you are a movie enthusiast, the Film Art Gallery is for you! This website provides digital art, art prints, and posters inspired by famous movies and films.

The website makes users feel like they are stepping into a movie theater! When accessing the website, the intuitive design will attract you due to an eye-catching display of featured pieces and trending movie themes.



With a smooth experience, fast loading speed, well-defined categories, and clean navigation, customers can have a seamless experience during the shopping journey. Customers can choose suitable art based on the movie title, year, actor, director, etc,.. with an ultimate search bar on the website. 



When coming to the Film Art Gallery, you can see that they focus on convenience. With a variety of framing options, customers can easily get their artwork framed and ready for display. Not only that, you can zoom in on products to see the details of the artwork. 



Why does it win? 

  • Aesthetic design and layout with filming vibe
  • Ultimate search bar
  • Zoom-in feature
  • Various framing options

1.7. Painting to Gogh



  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Product: Painting kits
  • Website theme: Expanse ($360)
  • Monthly visit: 123.5K
  • Annual Revenue: $1M – $2M

Painting to Gogh is one of the best artistic Shopify stores providing art kits with digital tutorials for customers who want to learn drawing online. 

The store successfully highlights its brand characteristics thanks to the consistency of colors, designs, and fonts throughout the website. With bright and vivid visuals and a yellow color scheme, this website expresses its creative and fun vibe. On the homepage banner, the company highlights its mission and the number of reviews that make customers understand their brand and trust the service it gives. 



Customers can easily choose suitable products and know how to use painting kits due to detailed information, tutorials, and recommended products. The website shows the process of buying and using the services and recommends painting bundles, which make it easy for customers to choose and use the new service. 



With neatly categorized products and video tutorials on each product page, customers can learn to draw the pictures they want, whether they are amateur artists or not. 

The store also highlights customer reviews to build trust with customers. According to the websites, they have over 200,000+ customers. What an impressive number!



Why does it win? 

  • Consistent design, fonts, and colors
  • Detail information and tutorials, from the use process to video tutorials on each product page
  • Well-defined categories and a clear menu
  • Outstanding testimonial section.

2. What makes a Shopify art store successful?

2.1. Visual appeal

The first thing that impresses and keeps customers is the design of the store. You can choose a simple theme with a basic style, have to make sure that the design aligns with the brand’s characteristics. 

With consistency in design, colors, fonts, and layout, you can bring a seamless experience to audiences and emphasize your brand traits. 

Besides that, using high-quality images and videos is a must if you want to create a professional website. Images can showcase your art’s details and beauty, which builds trust in your customers and helps them make purchase decisions easily.

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2.2. Seamless user experience

The user experience plays an important role in any online store, especially when your store has a large number of products. Store owners should categorize the art based on topics and materials and add a search bar at the top of the homepage to ensure customers can find out about your art easily.

Not only that, store owners should use “Quick view” and “Added to cart” popups to retain customers on their buying journey and avoid interruption when shopping. 

2.3. Trust and engagement

Engagement and trust are crucial elements that impact the purchase decisions of customers directly. To build trust and connect customers on a deeper level, store owners can share their stories, processes, and inspirations behind the art.

Besides that, you should highlight customer reviews and testimonials, integrate social media, and have a blog in your store to prove your product and service quality and foster a community around the art and artist.

2.4. Sales and marketing campaigns

With sales and marketing campaigns, you can create the best art Shopify store! Some stores offer discounts for new customers or referrals, run limited-time offers like flash sales, seasonal discounts, and clearance events, and send gifts and vouchers to retain loyal customers. 

Besides, you can run the free shipping program and offer some extra services. Keep in mind that success requires patience and consistency, so continue looking for new opportunities to promote your art and adjust your tactics in response to data.

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3. Conclusion

In conclusion, to create the best Shopify art stores, merchants have to bring unique experiences that fit to target audience and highlight their brand identities and art styles. 

By focusing on high-quality visuals, clear navigation, social proofs, and effective marketing strategies, store owners can build outstanding online art businesses and connect with art enthusiasts worldwide. Besides, exploring various Shopify art stores can be a great idea for you to find inspiration.

If you want to level up your art business, just subscribe to eComStart. We bring valuable and practical knowledge to entrepreneurs like you!

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