150 Unique Beauty Business Name Ideas To Inspire You [2024]


Are you ready to make a lasting impression in the competitive market of beauty businesses? It’s time to brainstorm and develop unique beauty business name ideas that resonate with your target audience! 

This essential step will help you to establish your brand identity and attract a potential customer base.

If you’re feeling stuck and need assistance in answering the question, “What is a good name for a beauty business?” then look no further. 

Our article will assist you in selecting a name that truly represents your business and set you toward triumph. Get ready to leave your mark with unwavering confidence and enthusiasm!

1. List of 150 Unique Beauty Business Name Ideas 


Choosing your beauty business name is not just picking a random word that sounds good. We recommend you look through the following factors carefully before coming up with any name:

  • Brand Identity: What kind of impression do you want your brand to make? Simple, cute, playful or creative? Once you get that answer, you can choose a name that fits your brand image.
  • Target Audience: Consider who your customers will be. Which particular group does your targeting audience belong to (e.g. age-based, gender-based, behaviors, etc) in the beauty industry? Your brand name should have a strong connection with your customers. 
  • Simplicity:  Don’t overthink. You just simply keep the name simple and clear by choosing a name that’s easy to say and remember. Avoid complex words that could confuse people or make it hard to recognize and remember your brand. 
  • Legal Considerations: You should conduct careful research to check for existing similar business names and the legality of the chosen name. 

Now that we have discussed important considerations while choosing a name, below are 150 unique beauty business name ideas to get you started.

1.1 30 Name Ideas For Small Beauty Business 

Starting off, we have 30 name ideas for small businesses. One tip is to avoid using pretentious names that might make your brand appear overly sophisticated. Instead, choose a simple name that reflects your brand identity.

AmoraBeauty BlissASpark of Beauty
BelleCardi LoveCrystal Glow Studio
BabyLuxeDreamy DazeDainty and Darling
FleurFound BeautyGraceful Beauty Haven
Lil’scentPetit GlowKiss Kiss Beauty
LuvlyPure RadianceLuminous Beauty Bar
MiniBlissShe BlossomsPearl’s Delightful Spa
SimpliqueStory BeautyThe Tiny Belle
SoftlyVelvet TouchYour Pure Beauty
SoulsmallWee LovelyVelvet Touch Beauty

1.2 30 Cute Beauty Business Names

Next, we delve into something cute. Cute beauty business names tend to evoke warm and friendly feelings, making your beauty business more approachable and inviting to potential customers.

AdorablesBea CutiesBeauty Bloom Club
AscutecCheerful ChicBon Bon Beauty
Besty Cheeky BeautyCutie Pie Biz
Cherubic Girls N’MoreFemme and Flower
CutesyGirly GoodiesPrimp and Princess
GirliQKawaii ChicSo Cute Beauty
LolilovePink PrettiesThe Cutie Box
LoveliciousPretty MirrorThe Beauty Maven
PrettilySweet CoutureTouch Me Beauty
QTBeautyTeeny TreatsVoice of Cuteness

1.3 30 Creative Beauty Business Names

Creative names can be a fantastic choice for a beauty business, as they can spark curiosity and imagination, setting your brand apart from the competition. 

ArtisticaAmour EcoBlended Concepts Club
BeaUtiqueBeauté NovaGirls In Glow
B-InspiredBlossom HouseKreation In Kloth
CosmivibeFace FairyLady Of Styles
DIYDivaGlam BlingMake Up Genius
i-BeautyIkon BeautyOh So Beauti
PolishedIsland GlamScents and Shades
PosheffectLa CreativaSisterhood Of Artistry
SoulistaMystique MuseStreamlined Beauty Bar
YouniqueWorship BeautyThe Artsy Avenue

1.4 30 Catchy Beauty Business Names

Catchy name is another option for your unique beauty business name ideas. Catchy names have a strong recall value as they stick in people’s minds and make it easier for customers to remember and recognize your brand amidst the sea of competitors.

BeamishAlluring BlissBeauty and Beyond
BeauteeBeauty HypeBoost Your Belle
BCatchyBranded LookBorn 2 Shine
EyecatcherzCosmetic ClicksFragrant Frost Haven
FlorenjoyDazzled BeautiMuse and More
NameitLevelup BeautySay Me Pretty
RedamancyPretty CatchSister Soul Club
ReverieSay GorgeousTake The Beauty
ScentsationalSparkle PotionThe Fabulous Club
Way2beautyVisual GlamThe Moonlit Beauty

1.5 30 Rhyming Beauty Business Name Ideas

If the options listed above didn’t quite hit the mark, let’s get creative and have some fun! You can brainstorm rhyming names that will make your brand unforgettable and playful. 

Rhyming names have a unique rhythm and repetition that make them easy to remember and share with others. This can lead to increased brand recall and word-of-mouth recommendations, as customers find sharing and referring to your business easier.

BellabrandBeauty CityAlluring Whispers Oasis
GoGlowBliss KissBare ‘N Bold
GlossomDivine ShineBlissful Kisses Boutique
CharmchicBible BeautyCharming Serene Glow
MelomuseGlam Jam Chic and Unique
LyraluxeLuminous BloomGlamour Hammer Studio
PrettytoneLovely GloveGlam ‘N Glitz
GlitzygoPure AllurePosh Gloss Haven
GlammyRadiant AidSparkle and Splendour
LuxeverseSassy LashesThe Muse Miracle

2. Beauty Business Real Name Examples 

Ready for more inspiration on our journey to discover unique brand names? Below are the 4 most recognized cosmetic brand name ideas:

2.1 Glossier



The name “Glossier” comes from the word “glossy”. This is not a rare name, but it harmonizes perfectly with the mission of promoting natural beauty and a glowy look of its customers. 

2.2 Sephora



The brand was inspired by the Greek word “sephos” which means beauty. Until now, Sephora has successfully provided its customers with a place to play, experiment, and discover the world of beauty.

2.3 Lush



The word “Lush” can immediately give customers a sense of freshness and vibrant beauty once they hear about the brand. This has effectively reflected the brand’s commitment to producing environmentally friendly products. 

2.4 NYX Professional Makeup 



This is a global brand offering affordable makeup. The name is inspired by the Greek goddess of the night, conveying mystery, glamour, and transformation. The brand empowers individuals to express their unique beauty with professional-quality products available to all.

3. Conclusion

In general, your business name plays a vital role in shaping your brand identity. It’s the first impression your customers will have of your business, so make sure to make it to be unforgettable, distinctive, and aligned with your core values. 

Whether you are seeking something unique, cute, or creative for your beauty business name ideas, we hope the article has brought you some insightful information and inspired you to bring your brand closer to your customers.

In case you’re interested in the topic of business name ideas, our eComStart website is a wonderful resource for you to get more useful information and inspiration. 

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