8 Best Shopify Themes for One Product Stores (Free & Premium)


If you want to attract more customers and increase your conversion rate, choosing an impressive Shopify theme is one of the most crucial things you have to do. 

However, finding an optimized Shopify theme for one product store that fits with your brands and target customers takes work. You have to define the brand image, your target, and customer preference to pick a suitable theme among various ones in the market.

In this blog, we have narrowed it down to the 8 best Shopify themes for one product to make you choose a theme easily!

1. Top 8 best Shopify themes for one product in 2024: An overview 

Let’s find out both paid and free Shopify one product themes in this table below: 

NoThemePricingSuitable forRatingLive Demo
1Eurus$220Dropshipping & fast-paced businesses95% positiveView here
2Ella$89All types of businesses4.75/5.0View here
3Impact$380All business sizes88% positiveView here
4Startup$240Brand-new and small businesses83% positiveView here
5Mode$380All business sizes4.96/5.0View here
6Combine$360All types of businesses4.96/5.0View here
7Maker$320All types of businesses96% positiveView here
8Sense$0Small businesses and new store owners43% positiveView here

2. Best Shopify themes for one product stores [Free & Premium] 

2.1. Eurus



Designed forMarketing programs optimization
Great forShowcasing your sales and marketing programs
Unique Features– Per-page pop-ups 
– Unlimited product badges
– Fash sales
– Estimated shipping rate and delivery time
Demo storeView here
Review95% positive (22 reviews)

Published in April 2023, the Eurus Shopify theme has become one of the best Shopify themes for one product thanks to impressive features. On the Shopify theme marketplace, the Eurus theme has 95% positive reviews

With lightning speed, customer-focus design, and mobile responsiveness, Eurus will help you create an attractive Shopify store and ensure seamless shopping on any device. 

You will also be surprised by Eurus’ eCommerce features, including per-page pop-ups, unlimited product badges, mega menu, flash sales, estimated shipping rate and delivery time, image gallery, etc. 

Eurus is suitable for any eCommerce niche, especially in dropshipping and fast-paced businesses. 

With $220, you can access all functions to increase your conversion rate and build a remarkable visual story.


  • Quick and responsive on mobile
  • Effective built-in features
  • Clever and clean design


  • Limited customization outside the Shopify editor
  • Higher cost than basic themes

2.2. Ella



Designed forMarketing programs optimization
Great forShowcasing your marketing and sale programs
Unique Features– Impressive existing layouts
– Bundles & discounts
– Advanced mega menu
– Product filtering 
– Product comparisons
– Countdown timer
Demo storeView here
Review4.75/5.0 (1100 review)

Launched in 2014 by the Halothemes team, the Ella Shopify theme has become the best 1 product Shopify theme. Until now, this theme has more than 36,000 customers and has an overall rating of 4.75/5.0. Ella is a powerful Shopify theme suitable for all types of businesses. 

With only $89, you can access  28+ built-in homepage layouts, 8 category pages, 9 layout options for product pages, and more. Not only that, you can increase your conversion rate and sales effectively with the help of its functions, including bundles & discounts, advanced mega menu, product filtering, product comparison, countdown timer, etc. 


  • Ease of use
  • Various functions and existing layouts
  • Robust eCommerce functions
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Speed and search engine optimization


  • Slow editing time
  • Some bugs when using
  • Low-response customer support

2.3. Impact



Designed forProduct & brand visual storytelling
Great forVisual storytelling and editorial content for high-volume stores
Unique Features– Before/after image slider
– Lookbooks
– Image hotspot
– Product tabs
– Ingredients or nutritional information
Demo storeView here
Review88% positive (82 reviews)

Impact Shopify theme is considered the best Shopify theme for 1 product store with 88% positive reviews on the Shopify theme marketplace because of its elegant design and sale-focus functions. 

With $380, you can use impressive features to increase your conversion rate, including before/after image sliders, lookbooks, image hotspots, product tabs, ingredients or nutritional information, etc. Not only that, this theme is optimized for mobile and light speed to bring a seamless shopping experience to customers. With high customization capability and tons of features, this theme is suitable for all business sizes. 


  • Trendy and attractive design
  • Built-in features supporting promotional campaigns
  • Omnichannel sales optimization
  • Mobile-friendliness


  • Higher price than others
  • Some compatibility issues with third-party applications

For example, Bugatti – a luxury smartwatch brand, uses the Impact theme to create a fantastic website with stunning images and designs. When entering this website, customers will be surprised because of the interaction of elements on the website, image sliders, and the high-end vibe they give. The products are emphasized with image hotspots stimulating customers to buy when seeing impressive images or lookbooks about the products.



2.4. Startup



Designed forMarketing programs optimization
Great forShowcasing your marketing and sales programs
Unique Features– Age verifier
– Product reviews
– Promo banners 
– Quick view
– Breadcrumbs
Demo storeView here
Review83% positive (98 reviews)

Startup starts your eCommerce adventure with a clean, modern look, mobile-friendliness, and a conversion-focused approach. This theme is ideal for brand-new and small businesses, providing a springboard for development without overwhelming complexity. This theme has 83% positive reviews on the Shopify theme store marketplace. 

With $240, you can use this theme to create your store effortlessly and optimize it with tons of sale functions, including age verifier, product reviews, promo banners, quick view, breadcrumbs, etc. 


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Built-in features that help you increase your conversion rate
  • Mobile-first preference


  • Limited color and text customization
  • Unsuitable for large catalogs
  • Lacks advanced features for scaling up

For example, Plampress Coffee – a brand selling portable and palm-sized coffee brewing devices, impresses customers with its cleaning and minimal design. With the Startup theme, the brand creates clear navigation options on the website making it simple for consumers to browse and purchase Palmpress items. Additionally, the website offers a feeling of community and involvement with links to their social networking platforms, FAQs, and instructional material about coffee.



2.5. Mode 



Designed forProduct & brand visual storytelling
Great forVisual storytelling and editorial content for high-volume stores
Unique Features– Product videos
– In-store pickups
– Animation
– Image rollover
– Product tabs
Demo storeView here
Review100% positive (9 reviews)

The Mode theme has become one of the most powerful Shopify themes for one product and has received 100% positive reviews on the Shopify theme marketplace

With dynamic functions like sliders, product video, product tabs in-store pickup, animation, image rollover, etc, and mobile responsiveness, the Mode theme empowers you to paint your brand’s story on the Shopify canvas. This theme is suitable for all business sizes.

The cost of the Shella theme is reasonable, just only $58 you can access all the features it offers. 


  • Advanced product display features
  • Trendy and attractive design
  • Built-in features supporting promotional campaigns
  • Mobile-friendliness


  • Higher price than others
  • Initial learning and adjustment
  • Fewer pre-built layouts

For example, Ohma Word – a brand offering a range of microphones, uses the Mode theme to create a dynamic website with impressive videos and images. Customers can customize the color and design of the microphone they want by choosing the “Create your Ohma” button on product pages. It’s fantastic! Buyers can order the products with a design they want on the website directly. 



2.6. Combine



Designed forBrand and product storytelling
Great forShowcasing products with attractive visual
Unique Features– Image hotspot
– Image rollover
– Animation
– Social proof
Demo storeView here
Review85% positive (13 reviews)

Thanks to dynamic visuals, interactive elements, and conversion-driven features Boom is considered one of the best Shopify themes for one product, with 85% positive reviews on the Shopify theme marketplace.

To help merchants grab attention and boost impulse purchases, Boom’s development team built up impressive features like image hotspots, image rollover, animation, social proof, etc. With $360, you can buy this theme and create a dynamic store. Due to its features, Boom fits with all types of businesses with dynamic product lines or businesses. 


  • Unmissable impact for attention-grabbing brands
  • Built-in features to increase conversion rate
  • Mobile-optimized preference


  • Limited customization
  • Higher price than basic themes

For example, Just Collagen – a brand providing natural collagen powder, attracts customers with a clean and elegant design. Thanks to the visual features of the Combine theme, this brand actually impresses customers with detailed descriptions of each item, cinematic videos, and images about the benefits on each product page.



2.7. Maker


Designed forBrand and product storytelling
Great forShowcasing your products with videos and sliders
Unique Features– Before/after image sliders
– Image rollover
– Size charts
– Color swatches
– Product badges
– Stock counters
Demo storeView here
Review96% positive (75 reviews)

The Marker is the best Shopify theme for one product store. This theme has a 96% positive review on the Shopify theme marketplace. Marker theme will help store owners personalize with custom fonts, colors, and rustic-chic layouts, impress customers with before/after image sliders, image rollover, size charts, color swatches, product badges, stock counters, and more functions. 

The Maker theme is suitable for all types of businesses. 

However, the cost of the Maker theme is $320, a pretty high price for aspiring entrepreneurs.


  • Visually stunning design
  • Built-in features focusing on visuals of products
  • Mobile-first preference


  • Fewer pre-built layouts
  • Higher price than others 

2.8. Sense



Designed forBrand and product storytelling
Great forShowcasing simple and clean homepages and product pages with gradient colors
Unique Features– Blog sections
– Recommended products
– FAQ page
– Product filtering and sorting
– Product reviews
– Promo banners
Demo storeView here
Review43% positive (53 reviews)

Launched in 2022 by Shopify, the Sense Shopify theme is considered one of the most popular Shopify themes for one product, with over 43% positive reviews. 

With a vibrant and fresh look, this theme will help store owners create a clean and minimal store. Not only that, this theme provides various necessary eCommerce functions, including blog sections, FAQ page, mega menu, product filtering and sorting, product reviews, promo banners, recommended products, etc. And this theme is free, thus any new business owners can try it. 

This Shopify one-product store theme free is optimized for small businesses and aspiring store owners in all industries, especially health and beauty, fashion, and accessories. 


  • Ease of use
  • Effective eCommerce functions
  • Mobile-friendly preference
  • Speed and search engine optimization


  • Slow editing time
  • Confused color schemes

3. How to choose the right Shopify themes for your one-product store?

When choosing the ideal Shopify theme for your one-product store, consider these essential aspects:

3.1. Advanced product display

Product display is one of the features that you have to prioritize when choosing a Shopify theme for a single product. Some features help you emphasize products, including grid or list view options, zooming images, product filtering and sorting, Quickview, text column, product review, and recommend products. 

3.2. Conversion-boosting features and design

If you want to have more sales, choosing a theme that has conversion-optimized features and design is a great idea. Make sure that the theme has a straightforward checkout process and easy navigation. Not only that, the Shopify themes should have a minimal and clear design to emphasize your product.

To increase sales and conversion rates, merchants should consider some eCommerce functions, like product badges, countdown timers, promo banners, trust badges and promo popups.

3.3. Search Engine Optimization

Selecting themes that are optimized for search engines is essential if you want to increase your consumer base and rank well. Make sure the theme loads quickly and has some SEO-boosting features, such as social media integration, blogs with structured content, automated image optimization, and meta tag and description editing. 

Additionally, you have to look at technical SEO components like valid and clean code, responsiveness on mobile devices, speedy loading times, and schema markup. 

4. Conclusion

By carefully analyzing the Top 8 Best Shopify themes for one product store listed above, you will be able to select a suitable theme to help you grow your business and achieve success. 

If you want to learn about more amazing Shopify themes, subscribe and check out our posts. eComStart can help you improve your business by providing useful and practical information!

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