Best Shopify Themes for SEO to Consider [2024]


Are you kickstarting a Shopify store and need a theme that’s SEO-friendly? Already run your store but want a new theme to up your search engine game and boost sales?

If you’re struggling to find the right one for your online store, this article provides the best Shopify themes for SEO and expert tips to make your decision easier. 

Let’s dive in.

1. 8 best Shopify themes for SEO 2024: An overview 

Before going into the details, we’ll give you a snapshot of 8 Shopify themes for SEO presented in this post. Let’s take a look at the following table.

No.ThemePricingSuitable forRatingLive demo
1Eurus$220– Businesses in clothing & accessories, gardening products 
– Businesses with a large product catalog
95% positive (22 reviews)Demo
2Capital$180– Visual-driven businesses such as fashion, beauty
– Budget-conscious businesses pursuing elegant and sophisticated look
– High-volume stores
86% positive (93 reviews)Demo
3Symmetry$360 – Businesses with a focus on displaying products
– Businesses handling a large volume of transactions
93% positive (319 reviews)Demo
4Palo Alto$330– Businesses in fashion, beauty & cosmetics, etc. – Businesses aiming at product storytelling and brand narrative 96% positive (243 reviews)Demo
5Be Yours$250 – Beauty & lifestyle businesses- Dropshipping stores – One-product stores 98% positive (382 reviews)Demo
6Broadcast$360– Businesses of clothing & accessories- Luxury brands- Businesses with a large amount of traffic and transactions.94% positive (198 reviews)Demo
7Oars$69– Sustainability-driven  brands such as organic food & beverage stores96% positive (26 reviews)Demo
8TasteFree– Businesses of food & beverage, arts & crafts- Content-driven businesses 60% positive (5 reviews)Demo

2. Best Shopify Themes For SEO [Free & Premium] 

1. Eurus



Designed for – Businesses in:
+) clothing & accessories
+) furniture & home decors
– Businesses with a large product catalog
Unique features– Various conversion-focused features 
– Fast page speed & mobile-friendliness
– Highly customizable
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews95% positive (22 reviews)

Leading our list of the best SEO-friendly Shopify themes is Eurus from BSS Commerce. It stands out with a variety of templates, top-notch eCommerce features, and a design specifically crafted for SEO.

Eurus boasts a lightning-fast page load with an impressive 99 score on desktop and a 90 score on mobile. This can lead to better page rankings, as Google prioritizes fast loading times. The theme’s mobile-friendly design enhances web page SEO performance.

BSS Commerce’s theme ensures a clear site structure with mega menus and breadcrumbs, enabling search engines to understand and enhance your visibility in search results.

Highlight features:

  • High page loading speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Nice-looking, easy-to-navigate layouts
  • Translation available

Peach Swimwear, an online store for sensual, sophisticated swimwear, chooses the SEO-friendly Eurus theme. The website impresses with its modern design, easy navigation, fast loading speed, and mobile friendliness.



2. Capital



Designed for – Visual-driven businesses such as fashion, beauty, art & crafts
– Cost-conscious businesses caring about brand storytelling 
– High-volume stores
Unique features– Three well-designed presets in different industries
– Clean, modern layouts
– Powerful features
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews86% positive (93 reviews)

The Capital theme, created by Eight Themes, impresses users with its modern, sleek look and SEO optimization.

This Shopify theme has clean, well-structured codes, making it easy for search engines to navigate, understand, and categorize your content accurately. As a result, your web pages are likely to appear in the relevant search results. 

Capital comes with clutter-free, easy-to-navigate layouts, leaving room for brand storytelling and improving the user experience.

Highlight Features:

  • High performance
  • Clear, logical navigation
  • Nice-looking designs
  • Fully responsive on mobile devices

The bag brand from Australia, Neoprene Bags, has expressed how well they understand their brand when choosing Capital’s Berlin style for their website. A theme style exudes a modern minimalist, sophisticated aesthetic while ensuring 100% mobile responsiveness.



3. Symmetry



Designed for – Businesses with an emphasis on showcasing product-centric visuals
– Businesses with a large volume of traffic & transactions
Unique features– A wide range of highly customizable sections and features 
– Visually harmonious, stylish, and sleek theme styles focus on engaging visuals 
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews93% positive (319 reviews)

As one of the best Shopify themes, the Symmetry developed by Presidio Creative is built with SEO in mind. Although it comes at a higher price, its diverse styles and top-notch features make it worth considering for improving your website’s SEO performance.

Specifically, this Shopify theme has a visually pleasing, user-friendly design that captures shoppers’ attention and encourages longer stays, benefiting SEO. Symmetry also includes image tools for fast loading without sacrificing quality.

Having numerous built-in features means less reliance on external extensions, leading to tidy code and high performance.

Highlight Features

  • Clean, SEO-friendly codebase
  • Image compression
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Engaging, product-centric design

Yellow Box is a great example of using Symmetry well for its website. This website has a clean, modern design that highlights its products. It gives off an authentic, warm, and inviting and looks great on any device, including mobile.



4. Palo Alto



Designed for – Businesses in fashion, beauty & cosmetics, etc. 
– Businesses with a strong emphasis on product storytelling and brand narrative (such as luxury brands)
Unique features– Powerful conversion-focused features
– Fully responsive design
– Ease of set up
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews96% positive (243 reviews)

As a premium Shopify theme by Presidio Creative, Palo Alto is designed with conversion and sales in mind. Its 100% responsiveness and optimized codes make it great for SEO, ensuring your web pages are discovered and ranked effectively.

Leveraging the blog and social media features in the Palo Alto theme can bring in more organic traffic and backlinks.

Palo Alto theme has built-in markup, creating rich snippets in search results. These snippets show product prices, ratings, and availability, increasing the likelihood of searchers clicking on your site.

Highlight Features:

  • Responsiveness on different screen sizes and devices
  • Blog and social integration
  • Powerful eCommerce features
  • Multilingual support 

Buttrmlk, a high-quality natural skincare brand, is a customer of the Palo Alto theme. They’ve adopted the theme’s Phenomena style, giving their website a clean and minimalist look with a clear visual hierarchy.



5. Be Yours



Designed for – Beauty & lifestyle businesses
– Dropshipping stores with large product catalogs
– One-product stores
Unique features– Plenty of eCommerce features
– Well-designed theme styles
– Easy customization
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews98% positive (382 reviews)

Be Yours is feature-packed for eCommerce and content, letting users create functional, rich websites. Developed by RoarTheme, it prioritizes SEO to meet growing optimization needs.

Those searching for the best Shopify theme for SEO can’t miss out on this theme because it seamlessly adapts to all devices of various screen sizes. Also, fast page speed, blog functionality, etc. greatly contribute to your SEO success.

Be Yours is easy to set up, costs less than premium themes like Palo Alto or Symmetry, yet still packs enough features to build a great eCommerce website.

Highlight Features:

  • Responsiveness
  • Image optimization
  • Built-in blog functionality

House Doctor, as the name suggests, sells home decor products. They make good use of the Be Yours theme’s top-notch features like mega menus and breadcrumbs to help shoppers easily navigate their large catalog.



6. Broadcast



Designed for – Businesses of clothing & accessories, jewelry, etc.
– Luxury brands
– Businesses with a significant number of transactions
Unique features– Feature-rich sections on pre-designed content pages
– Adaptability to mobile screens
– Various eCommerce features
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews94% positive (198 reviews)

Broadcast is a strong contender among premium Shopify themes for SEO. Its clean design and optimized performance deliver a fast, memorable shopping experience, resulting in longer site visits and better search engine rankings.

Broadcast, like other premium themes, is well-coded and chock full of built-in features, ensuring high performance and sufficient capabilities without the need for extra plugins.

Highlight Features:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Fast loading speed
  • Google rich snippet
  • Blog functionality

Satya Jewelry, an online store specializing in spiritual jewelry, wisely chose Broadcast’s Clean style for their site. This choice is fitting for jewelry websites like Satya Jewelry, as the theme style gives off an elegant, sophisticated vibe and highlights close-up shots of single items.


7. Oars



Designed for – A variety of businesses, especially sustainability-driven brands such as organic food & beverage stores
– Businesses with low-budget businesses
Unique features– Plenty of home page styles
– Clean, modern design with high-resolution images
– Fast page loading
– Easy to customize
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews96% positive (26 reviews)

Despite being the most affordable paid theme on our list, Oars doesn’t lag behind other themes for SEO. Developed by the Envato team, it inherits powerful functionalities from its popular Shopify theme, helping you create a robust eCommerce store. Its lightweight design ensures faster webpage loading, crucial for SEO.

Oars boasts minimalist, clean, and bright designs with high-quality product images and plenty of white space, along with features such as mega menus, and breadcrumbs. This guarantees a fast, enjoyable experience for your shoppers.

Highlight Features:

  • Optimization for mobile and speed
  • User-friendly, beautiful designs
  • Smart search
  • Ajax Wishlist, Ajax Compare, Ajax Add to cart

As a website selling cooking tools, Misen leverages the Oars theme for its clean, bright, modern design. The website adapts seamlessly across devices from desktops and tablets to mobile phones.



8. Taste



Designed for – Businesses of food & beverage, arts & crafts
– Content-driven businesses (blogs, magazines, brands with heavy-text product descriptions)
Unique features– Clean, aesthetic, product-focused design
– Mobile responsiveness
– Easy to use
– Sufficient features to create a good online store
Storefront demosDemo
Reviews60% positive (5 reviews)

Even though it’s free, Taste has a simple yet visually appealing design that highlights products well. With strategic layouts, high-quality images, and ample white space, shopping becomes easy and enjoyable, helping reduce bounce rates for improved search rankings.

Taste offers robust features that help online merchants effortlessly create a comprehensive eCommerce store. By utilizing the Blog function and regularly crafting SEO-optimized blog posts, users can naturally boost organic traffic to their site.

Highlight Features:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Clutter-free, nice design 
  • Blog functionality with recipe templates

Whattheteacherwears a teacher fashion website using Taste as its theme, looks simple, nice, and mobile-friendly. Taste is indeed a great choice for its small product catalog like Whattheteacherwears.



3. How to choose the right SEO theme for your Shopify store?

Now that you have a list of the best Shopify themes for SEO, let’s explore the criteria for choosing the right one for your online store.

  • Fast page loading speed: A fast-loading theme helps search engine bots efficiently crawl more pages on your site, ensuring quick indexing and ranking. Google and other search engines reward websites with a fast and clean user experience with higher scores. To evaluate the theme’s speed, you can test its demo page using speed tools like PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix.
  • Responsiveness and mobile friendliness: A mobile-friendly design is crucial for search rankings. If your site has a non-responsive theme, it can harm user experience, leading to higher bounce rates and therefore a negative signal to Google. 


  • Customized metadata: You can benefit from SEO-optimized meta tags—such as titles, meta tags, and image alt text—that provide details to search engines for quick indexing and ranking. Well-crafted meta tags can also attract searchers, likely increasing click-through rates.
  • Various customization options and features: A feature-rich theme, including mega menus, sorting options, and size charts, enhances the shopping experience and conversions. Plenty of powerful built-in features eliminate the need for additional plugins, resulting in faster-loading website pages and a smoother user experience.
  • Optimized images: Businesses in visual-driven industries tend to use many large images for their websites which, if not optimized, may hurt your pages’ performance and ultimately the rankings. Look for a theme with image compression tools to address this.

  • Clean, well-structured codes: Themes with clean code make it easier for search engines to decide whether your web pages show up in relevant search results. Plus, optimized code helps pages load faster, which search engines highly appreciate.
  • Great support: This aspect can enhance your website for better SEO through bug fixes and enhancements, even though it may not directly affect it.
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4. Ending words

There you go, folks. We hope our list of the best Shopify themes for SEO, along with some helpful tips, has made choosing the right theme for your site easier.

While having an SEO-friendly theme is crucial, it’s just one piece of the SEO puzzle. That’s why you should find other ways to maximize your store’s potential.

Want more helpful yet interesting articles like this? Visit eComStart, an eCommerce knowledge hub for store owners across industries.

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