8 Fastest Shopify Themes For a Rocketing eCommerce Success


Do you feel frustrated by sluggish websites that put off potential customers with their slow loading times? The demand for speed has never been so critical in the online retail world.

When it comes to managing your eCommerce business, every second is important. Slow-performing websites not only annoy customers but also directly impact both conversion rates and search engine rankings. Therefore, it is essential to select a Shopify theme that focuses on speed without sacrificing functionality or design.

In this article, we shall explore the fastest Shopify themes. We will discuss their main points, what makes them so great, and why you should make speed a priority in your eCommerce site.

1. 8 fastest Shopify themes 2024: An overview

NamePricingRatingPerformance score (demo store)Live demo
Debutify$1494.5/5 (GetApp)9771Live demo
DawnFree32% positive8371Live demo
Blum$170100% positive9754Live demo
Eurus$24098% positive9990Live demo
Split$28099% positive9559Live demo
Warehouse$32085% positive9777Live demo
Impact$38087% positive9154Live demo
Impulse$38095% positive9155Live demo

2. Fastest loading Shopify themes [Free & Premium]

2.1. Debutify Shopify Theme



Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: Numerous customizable options 
Responsive & quick customer support
Fast page loading speeds & high GTmetrix rating
Positive long-term experience for users
Potential hidden charges after the trial planBusinesses focus on conversion optimization & sales-boosting, and dropshipping of all sizes
Rating: 4.5/5 (156 reviews from GetApp) 
Live demo

Debutify is an ideal Shopify dropshipping theme. It is designed to optimize for high conversion rates, user-friendly customization, built-in sales tools, and efficient customer support. It streamlines the dropshipping process with features tailored for a seamless user experience and improved store performance.

Highlighted features:

  • Quick page load speed
  • Limitless design possibilities
  • Mobile-optimized design

Example of a store using this theme: The Laughing Pug



The Laughing Pug is an Australian renowned coffee brand that made their name by simplifying the brewing process. All that while offering premium coffee beans and drip bags, setting the standard for convenient, world-class coffee in Australia and New Zealand.

Below are The Laughing Pug speed results on desktop and mobile:




2.2. Dawn Shopify Theme



Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: FreeModern and clean design
Responsive design
Easy customization
Fast loading speed
Limited features
Updates do not occur automatically 
Technical issues
Startups & tight budget businesses in the fashion industry
Rating: 32% positive (162 reviews)
Live demo

If you’re looking for a Shopify with quick-load speed that would be fit for writing product news and updates, Dawn could be your choice. Its minimalist and responsive design ensures that stunning lifestyle and product images are showcased seamlessly across all devices and browsers.

Highlighted features:

  • High-resolution images & image galleries
  • Blogging creating & managing tools
  • Cross-selling & promo banners
  • Press coverage support which can be shared via blog posts
  • Product reviews to strengthen customer confidence

Example of a store using this theme: MD Complete



MD Complete is about skincare products. It’s easy to navigate through the site with a mega menu. Product pages are attractive with large images, customer reviews, and clear product descriptions. Information pages for skincare routine recommendations and knowledge about skin are presented on distinctive layouts.

Below are MD Complete speed results on desktop and mobile:




2.3. Blum Shopify Theme



Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: $170High-speed page loading
Intuitive navigation features
Mobile responsiveness
Customizable elements
Feature overloadStartups & small businesses in the fashion, beauty industry, or online art galleries 
Rating: 100% positive (18 reviews)
Live demo

Blum theme is especially suitable for brands that are vivacious and dynamic, since it has looks that appeal uniquely to consumers while loading quickly. It is meant to capture a customer’s attention with appealing text styles and unique design features. This theme is aimed at mobile shoppers, as it gives your brand the flexibility to be accessed from anywhere on a smartphone. In addition, it emphasizes quick site load speed taking advantage of the most current provided by Shopify

Highlighted features:

  • Visual storytelling with features
  • Mobile responsive & image-focused features
  • Lazy loading for quick page loading
  • SEO optimized
  • Intuitive user interface

Example of a store using this theme: EkoArtMarket



EkoArtMarket is an Afrocentric lifestyle e-marketplace that connects artists and artisans to collectors and lovers of African Art. Through EkoArtMarket, you can get a piece from different parts of Africa.

Below are the store’s speed results on desktop and mobile:




2.4. Eurus Shopify Theme


Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: $240Good customer support & immediate issues resolved
Regular updates 
Comprehensive features
Issues with variants
Few feedback
Medium to large businesses in the niche of apparel, jewelry, outdoor & garden, kid, and dropshipping
Rating: 98% positive (57 reviews)
Live demo

Eurus is a fast, feature-rich, and mobile-first theme that is designed for exceptional sales and aesthetics. It embodies a comprehensive, high-performance, and ultra-modern approach that amplifies store appeal and boosts conversion rates. Eurus can help you build a high-speed site and provide as many built-in features as possible in the theme so merchants can save time and money installing apps.

Highlighted features:

  • All-in-one solution
  • Speed optimization and mobile-first design
  • Extensive customization with 40+ dynamic sections and blocks
  • Seamless product discovery

An example of a store using this theme: Ashley’s Artistries



Each artwork in Ashley’s Artistries is presented with stunning clarity and detail, allowing customers to appreciate the craftsmanship up close, and fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for her work.

Below are this store’s speed results on desktop and mobile:




2.5. Split Shopify Theme



Split Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: $280Clean design 
Robust set of features 
Excellent support 
Limited customization options
Issues with high-res images
Visual-focused brands in the cosmetics, furniture, clothing, home & garden, and luxury industry
Rating: 99% positive (229 reviews)
Live demo

Split is a good visual storyteller and if you are looking to present your brand through the said approach, then this theme should be yours. It gives you an attention-grabbing website with great performance and loading speed.

Highlighted features:

  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Enhanced sales-enabled features
  • Mega menu and product filtering
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Compatible with Online Store 2.0

Example of a store using this theme: Bôtan Distillery



Bôtan Distillery is famous for being the first non-alcoholic distillate superior. Their in-house factory handles everything in the distilling process – even planting and growing the herbs.

Below are Bôtan Distillery’s speed results on desktop and mobile:




2.6. Warehouse Shopify Theme



Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: $320Flexible customization
Advanced features
Conversion-rate focus
Quick loading speed
Limited capability with creating custom landing pages 
Can’t config image ratio on the product page
Small & mid-sized stores with large product catalogs to display
Rating: 85% positive (271 reviews)
Live demo

The Warehouse theme is aimed at displaying and promoting an incredibly wide assortment of products. It is designed with features that enable time-based promotions such as flash sales and managing heavy traffic flow transactions.

Highlighted features:

  • Cart features, checkout, marketing, and conversion tools.
  • High-resolution images, product videos, and color swatches
  • Enhances product discovery features

An example of a store using this theme: Bord Furniture



Bord is a family-run furniture business that specializes in wood craftsmanship. They custom design desks and tables for both commercial and household and even offer to use clients’ woods as materials.

Below are the store speed results on desktop and mobile:




2.7. Impact Shopify Theme



Impact Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: $380 Customization options & built-in features
Mobile responsive
Omnichannel sale optimization
No live chat support
Compatibility issues with some third-party apps
Businesses operating in fashion, lifestyle, wellness, design, and technology
Rating: 87% positive (82 reviews)
Live demo

The Impact Shopify theme is one of the high-quality premium themes that are characterized by great style and impressive functionality. The theme comes with a wide range of built-in features that enable it to work efficiently for almost every product category and optimize the performance of blogs. Its striking illustrations, powerful visual elements, clearly defined layouts, and most important of all – its gradient color scheme makes it stand out as an upscale professional look.

This theme is elegant and contemporary and allows you to use it to decorate your Shopify store. Impact is appropriate for businesses engaged in the fashion, lifestyle, wellness, design, and technology industries.

Highlighted features:

  • Social media buttons
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Landing pages & blogs managing tools
  • SEO optimization
  • Enhanced cart features

An example of a store using this theme: Koh



Koh is a brand known for its innovative cleaning products. As an eco-friendly brand, Koh has chosen Impact’s green tone combined with a clean layout to create an environmental atmosphere as their core value to the customers.

Below are Koh’s speed results on desktop and mobile:




2.8. Impulse Shopify Theme



Shopify ThemeProsConsIdeally for
Price: $380Cutting-edge design
Enhanced product features
Excellent support documentary
External customization services are available 
No live chat is availableHigh-end brands, or merchants with large stores who are looking for a mobile-first theme
Rating: 95% positive (953 reviews)
Live demo

It does not matter whether you manage a handful of collections or a store with large product catalogs, Impulse Shopify theme can still project brand images that speak professionally. It is a theme with strong promotion fundamentals.

Highlighted features:

  • Modern and professional design
  • Flexible header and footer options
  • Mobile customize options
  • External customize services

Example of a store using this theme: The General Co



The General Co is a collective of new-generation craftsmen, artisans, and designers offering luxury craft services to discerning customers and brands. They provide personalized leather gifts, custom handcrafted goods, and even support to local makers. They considered themselves one of the pioneers in providing informal craft and design education to the public via accessible craft workshops.

Below are the store’s speed results on desktop and mobile:




3. Our verdict: How to choose the right Shopify theme for your online store?

Let’s discuss some essential characteristics of the best and quickest Shopify templates.

3.1. Website speed

With this, the rankings that you get from Google also depend on the site speed in addition to your visibility, conversion rates, and users’ experience. A high-speed site is always given a better rank and probably many customers will be attracted to it.

3.2. Design & flexibility

It is not only the speed that serves as a first condition for an efficient digital shop, but also its appearance. Therefore, in searching for the fastest Shopify themes, you should after those that have designs that will capture the eyes of online shoppers. Moreover, also make sure that the themes are versatile and can be easily modified to allow you to let your imagination flow as wildly on how you want an online store to look.

3.3. What makes a theme fast?

One of the basic characteristics of a fast theme is its rapid rendering speed. A quick theme has tidy CSS and fewer CSS documents that are easily obtainable when the page is loaded. It also results in fewer forces from the javascript of a browser that makes it easier to display information.

3.4. Other methods of speeding up your Shopify store

To improve your store speed, there are several other options. External hosting of media can be very beneficial. Loading time can be greatly reduced if you upload videos to a sharing service and not your site.

The regular updates and analysis of the website will help you see the problems with broken links, redirects, or other issues that slow down your store.

4. Conclusion

Conclusively, selecting the most appropriate among fast Shopify themes is significant. The speed of your website can never be overstated in ensuring that you have a flawless user experience, as well as better conversion. It is made possible by the fact that there are many fastest-loading Shopify themes available to store owners, allowing them to improve their website performance.

While exploring these themes, take a look at eComStart, which provides useful eCommerce guides and resources for entrepreneurs. To get more tips to improve the performance of your site and eventually boost sales, let’s head over to eComStart.io.

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