5 Best Coffee Shopify Store Examples to Learn From


Do you have a strong interest in running an online coffee shop? Are you interested in starting your own coffee business? Do you want to learn more from real-life best practices for Shopify coffee stores ?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will reveal the top 5 most successful coffee stores on Shopify, as well as the factors that contribute to their thriving businesses.

1. Top 6 best Shopify coffee store examples

Here are the top 5 most successful coffee Shopify store examples that we have carefully researched. Let’s discover these stores with us for more market insights and inspiration.

No.StoreNicheStore themeCountry
1Blackstone RoadCoffee and coffee goodsFreshAustralia
2CoffeeifyCoffee & tea mugsPrestigeChina
3EmberCoffee drinkwareRetinaUS
4KujuGrounded coffeeIraUS
5MerloCoffee and coffee gear, coffee giftEllaAustralia
6Death WishCoffeeDawnUS


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1.1. Best Coffee Shopify stores: Blackstone Road

Blackstone Road is an Australian coffee brand whose website was created using Shopify’s Fresh theme. The store primarily sells coffee roast and decaf coffee, as well as coffee-related merchandise such as apparel, accessories, and homewares.

1.1.1 What drives the store’s success?

The coffee quiz is one of the most prominent and specific features on the Blackstone Road website. In general, the quiz will help their customers select a coffee brew based on their needs, preferences, and coffee machine.

Moreover, the quiz is also an effective tool for them to collect customer’s information, e.g. their emails for further promotions. Alongside that, they also allow users to create accounts on their users to stay in touch with them.



Furthermore, the store theme has a straightforward yet effective design. In other words, the website provides ample space for images, particularly high-quality images, to showcase their products and tell their brand story.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what counts is the endorsement from their previous clients. For each product page, Blackstone Coffee always includes a review section, in which you can find detailed and reliable reviews from other users.

1.1.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Build long-term relationships with customers, focusing on customer relationship management
  • Take advantage of the positive feedback from your previous customers
  • Engaging games and quizzes can help you generate interest and cross-sell your products

1.2. Best Coffee Shopify stores: Coffeify

Coffeeify is the next in line of the best coffee Shopify stores, focusing on coffee and tea mugs, as well as traveler’s tea sets. The store webpage was developed based on the Prestige Shopify theme.

1.2.1 What drives the store’s success?

First and foremost, Coffeify’s success is due to its high-quality products, which are made of the finest materials and feature impressive designs.



To be more specific, their coffee mugs were crafted from the finest ceramic, making them both lightweight and durable. The mugs were then glazed with highly pigmented colors and finished with vibrant gold to maintain their vibrant and elegant appearance.

Furthermore, their webstore is both functional and visually appealing. Although the Coffeify website appears to be classic, it still contains all of the necessary elements to help them increase their sales and conversion rate.

The store, in particular, displayed its products in high-definition images that appeared impressive and enticing to website visitors. Next, including high-scoring reviews on their home page helps them gain credibility in the eyes of their customers.

Just as importantly, the detailed product description page helps them gain credibility with potential customers. Aside from the necessary figures for the mugs, the manufacturing process is documented and followed by detailed and reliable feedback from other buyers.

1.2.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • To increase your store’s credibility, include a detailed product description page and positive feedback.
  • High-definition images and videos for product presentation and storytelling.
  • Prioritize the customer’s experience with high-speed websites.
  • Increase sales revenue by upselling and cross-selling products, e.g., promoting related items in the “You may also like” section.

1.3. Best Coffee Shopify stores: ember

Next up is another coffee drinkware brand from the US, ember. The store’s webpage is built with Retina Shopify theme.

As coffee is an expanding and growing industry, it is no surprise that the number of coffee stores online is rapidly increasing, particularly in the United States, which accounts for 56.4% of Shopify stores in the Coffee & Tea category.



1.3.1 What drives the store’s success?

The most obvious factor that contributes to ember’s high customer satisfaction rating is their high-quality products. Their distinct and intelligent temperature control technology enables users to set a precise temperature for their beverage.

That means their user can keep their drink at a specific temperature and enjoy it from start to finish without worrying about it becoming cold after a while.

Second, it is their webstore that elevates ember to the top of the best coffee Shopify stores. The web page speed is excellent, and navigation is simple throughout the store.

Furthermore, storytelling and product showcasing are highly valued by the website developer. This allows visitors to gain a better understanding of their brand’s products and unique technology. 

Just as importantly, informative and related content can pique visitors’ interest and increase their engagement with the brand. That is why you will find many helpful blogs on coffee recipes and tips on Ember’s page.



1.3.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Engaging content to target potential customers and improve your conversion rate.
  • Use high-quality images and videos to promote your coffee drinkware.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of trustworthy reviews and feedback from previous customers.
  • Prioritize the product’s quality, which in this case is the quality of your coffee or drinkware.

1.4. Best Coffee Shopify stores: Kuju Coffee

One of the best coffee Shopify store examples that we should not overlook is Kuju Coffee, a grounded coffee brand from the US. Kuju webstore is developed upon the Ira theme Shopify.

1.4.1 What drives the store’s success?

Kuju has everything you need for the best coffee experience on your camping trip, from pour-over-ground coffee bags to coffee gear.

From our perspective, the factor that contributes to Kuju’s high customer satisfaction is its effective and visually appealing web design.

First and foremost, the Kuju webstore has a simple yet effective webstore layout. Despite their classic color scheme, you can find anything you need on their webstore, and at lightning-fast speeds.

Aside from the necessary information about the product, we can find related and helpful information in their product description, such as instructions on how to use their coffee bags, their retail partner information, or trustworthy reviews from other customers.

In addition, Kuju web developers prioritize product showcasing and storytelling to appeal to their target customers. For this reason, their website is replete with eye-catching videos and excellent photos.



1.4.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Top-notch and captivating photos and videos to wow potential customers
  • Prioritize the customer experience when browsing your webstore with a quick loading time, an easy-to-navigate design, or a slide-out cart for easy cart checking.
  • Detailed and useful product description page, which includes detailed instructions and necessary information about your coffee products. 

1.5. Best Coffee Shopify stores: Merlo

In the 5th spot on today’s list of the best coffee Shopify stores, we will look at Merlo, an Australian coffee roaster. Merlo’s website was created using the popular Ella Shopify theme.

1.5.1 What drives the store’s success?

Merlo has a stunning website with a lot of colorful designs and images telling the brand’s story.

Despite the large number of items and sections on their website, Merlo’s page loading speed is impressive. Furthermore, browsing and navigating through the store’s various sections is simple, which improves the overall experience.



Merlo developers appear to have made significant efforts to provide their audience with an engaging and exciting experience. One of the most interesting things we discovered in this webstore was the cute animated video on their loyalty program page.

The video not only piques audiences’ interest and encourages them to sign up for the program, but it also impresses them with its straightforward and comprehensive content. 

1.5.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Prioritize the customer experience by ensuring fast loading times, easy in-store navigation, detailed product description pages, and more.
  • Select a beautiful layout and design to impress your website visitors.
  • Engage customers and pique their interest through creative images, videos, and informative content blogs.

1.6. Best Coffee Shopify stores: Death Wish Coffee

The final spot of the best coffee Shopify store belongs to Death Wish Coffee – a brand with such strong idendity that resonate with their self-proclaimed “world’s strongest coffee”. Death Wish website is built using Dawn, a popular, free yet effective Shopify theme. It’s also one of the top one product Shopify stores we’ve introduced

1.6.1 What drives the store’s success?

The most noticeable thing about Death Wish Coffee is the bold design, which is not only stunning but also deliver strong and distinct identity of the brand. They use skull and crossbones, dark colors to reflect the edginess and create an impression that they provide strong, powerful coffee.

Their website also provide high quality images of bean which can immediately tell customers about the quality of the coffee they sell. But more impressively, Death Wish Coffee use continuous videos that show the “life cycle” of coffee products: from product designing, and packaging to patronage and tastings, which create a customer trust. Not only does this show their creativity, it’s also a prime example of how effective story-telling content can affect the experience of customer.

Death Wish Coffee’s website is also fully optimized for mobile devices. With clear navigation, easy-to-read text, and again – high quality product images, the user experience on smaller screens like tablet and phone is nearly flawless. We notice that the check out process is also very smooth, which encourage customers to make purchase through the website.

1.6.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • High quality product images, continuous story-telling videos that captivate brand’s product life cycle
  • Focus on buyer experience on all kind of devices – from desktop to tablet and phones
  • Apply brand identity on every aspect of the website: font, color, decoration..

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2. What are tips for successful coffee Shopify stores?

If you got lost in our previous section, do not worry. In this section, we will provide a brief but comprehensive overview of key takeaways for building flourishing coffee Shopify stores for you to check out and get more inspiration from. 

  • Engage customers and collect information through quizzes and reviews.
  • High-quality product images and detailed descriptions are essential.
  • Informative content and storytelling connect with potential customers.
  • A visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website with fast loading times improves the customer experience. 

Another important thing to remember is that to become a successful coffee selling business, you need to have a strong base – which is a well-setup Shopify store! If you want to have a nice balance between store appearance, functionality and user experience, we recommend you to find out about our trusted Shopify store setup services. We helped many small business merchants to kickstart their store by taking care of the whole process from ideation, setting up, launching and ongoing supports for your store.

To wrap up

We hope that you are satisfied with today’s blog on the list of the best coffee Shopify stores and what factors contribute to their thriving business.

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