Best Pet Shopify Stores Examples: Build a Stand-out Store in 2024


According to Storeleads reports, in the fourth quarter of 2023, there were over 40 thousand live pet Shopify stores in the Pets & Animals category. The report also claimed that pet Shopify stores have increased 58% year-over-year in 2023 Q4.

We can see the rapid growth in Shopify’s Pets & Animals field, which is highly competitive. How do you stand out in this field if you want to open a pet Shopify store?

In this article, we at eComstart will provide you :

  • Key aspects to build the best pet Shopify store
  • 5 best pet Shopify stores examples to inspire you

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Three elements to build a great pet Shopify store

Creating an outstanding pet store requires a solid online presence. Shopify as one of the most easy-to-use platform lets you create a pet store that looks good and works well. If you haven’t started your Shopify store, this is the best time to consider the deal:

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Once you have established your Shopify store; let’s look at the essential aspects you need to consider to build a profitable pet Shopify store.

1.1 Nail your niche

Do you specialise in luxury pet accessories, eco-friendly pet supplies, or cutting-edge training courses? The niche you choose to do business in will significantly influence your decision to build an online presence. 

An online pet food store differs from a website that provides pet services such as dog and cat spas, grooming services… For example, since you store is all about selling pet products, you will need to include basic functions such as a button to add products to the cart.

1.2 Choose the appealing design

Once you have chosen the right niche for your pet Shopify store, here are some things you should consider adding to it to help with sales and marketing in Shopify.

  • Choose Shopify pet store themes

There are over 100 free and paid styles in Shopify’s theme library. Pick a subject that fits your brand and niche once you know this. Our advice is that your Shopify theme should look good, work well on mobile devices, and be easy to navigate.

This is the Storeleads report on the top 3 themes that pet Shopify stores use the most. The dawn theme is the most popular, with 21.7% of stores using it. The debut theme comes in second with 7.4% of store owners believing it, and the refresh theme comes in third with 7.2%.



  • Optimize high-quality images & videos

One of the significant marketing trends in 2024 worldwide is video. Stay caught up! Pets are inherently adorable and have countless naughty moments, so take advantage of this! You can focus on high-quality photos of pets and consider adding lifestyle videos of your pets using your products/services.

  • Focus on engaging content

Storytelling is another trend that is rising this year and will take off in the future. If you want to stand out, list the great features and benefits you offer, put them in a natural setting, and tell a vivid story.

You should focus on writing content about how your goods and services can help pet owners and solve their problems. You can create informative and appealing content that establishes your expertise and positions you as a trusted resource for pet parents, such as blog posts on pet care tips, product reviews, or heartwarming stories featuring pets using your products.

  • Optimise with mobile devices

The Pew Research Center polled adults in the US in 2022 and found that 91% of those people only shop online with their smartphones. With more people buying on their phones, ensure your pet Shopify store works well on them by loading quickly and having a responsive design.

1.3 Use helpful functionality features for pet Shopify store

Your eCommerce shop can add features with Shopify App Store apps. After researching, you should add those features to your pet Shopify store.



eCommerce featuresDescription
High-resolution product images with zoomAllow customers to zoom closer to product features, making it feel like they are looking at pet supplies in a store.
Easy-to-use search barUse a user-friendly search bar to find goods by name, brand, or category.
Customer reviews & ratingsDisplay ratings and encourage customer reviews to build trust and social proof.
Pet type/needs filteringSet up filters so customers can search by pet type (dog, cat, fish, etc.) or need (allergies, training, etc.).

The three crucial factors to consider when building a pet Shopify store are as above. If the field you are interested in does not only revolve around pets but also fields such as fashion, cosmetics, and other services, take a look at the top shopify stores for eCommerce inspiration.

2. Your Inspiration: Examples of 5 Pawsome Pet Shopify Stores

Now, discover five inspiring pet Shopify store examples and what makes them unique to us. Here are the top 5 pet Shopify store examples picked by editors.

Shopify pet store namesDomainShopify pet store themesKey design elements
Gunner Kennelswww.gunner.comCustom• Large, clear photos and videos.
• Customer testimonials and reviews.
• Clear navigation and filtering.
Greenieswww.greenies.comDawn• Vibrant colors.
• Engaging video testimonials.
• Clear product information sections.
Dog Qualitywww.dogquality.comBoost• Easy-to-use search bar.
• Currency switcher.
Informative links• Trustworthy and professional aesthetic.
• Clean and simple layout.
Subscription options.
BarkShopwww.barkshop.comLaunchpad• Large product photos with dogs in action.
• User-generated content integration.
• Interactive features (quizzes).

2.1 Gunner Kennels

Gunner Kennels, a company dedicated to crafting heavy-duty dog crates named after their founder’s canine companion, exemplifies the power of a well-designed Shopify Plus store. Their migration from Magento to Shopify Plus highlights the platform’s scalability and advanced features.

The store uses a customized theme provided by Shopify experts, which explains the superb browsing experience for customers

Why do we adore this pet Shopify store?

  • Pack news area: Contains stories about the impact of Gunner products on dogs’ lives, showcasing real-world applications and customer experiences.
  • Easy navigation and product filtering: A user-friendly website with clear navigation and filters based on dog size, breed, and travel needs allows pet owners to find the perfect crate for their dog quickly and effortlessly.
  • 3D models and AR features: The website incorporates 3D models and an augmented reality feature for their crates, allowing customers to virtually place the crates next to their dogs to understand the product before purchasing it better.


2.2 Greenies

For over 30 years, Mars Petcare’s Greenies has provided dog dental care. They make tasty and effective chews to improve dog oral hygiene. Greenies prioritize pet owner efficiency and convenience.

Greenies make dental chews for different dog breeds, sizes, and chewing styles. The unique chewing texture of dogs removes plaque and tartar, improving breath and teeth.

Why do we love this store?

  • Interactive features: Greenies may offer dosage calculators or quizzes to help you choose dog chews. Interactivity can make shopping fun and educational.
  • Visually appealing platform: High-quality product photos and engaging graphics of happy dogs chewing could make the Greenies website visually appealing.
  • Seamless online shopping: Dog owners seeking dental care solutions can shop online with convenient ordering, targeted product selection, and potentially informative content.


2.3 Dog Quality

Dog Quality was founded to improve senior dog life. They help senior dogs overcome their unique challenges with love and ease. Dog Quality’s speciality products improve senior dogs’ mobility, comfort, and well-being. Examples include strollers, orthopaedic dog beds, ramps, harnesses, and diapers.

Why do we adore this pet Shopify store?

  • Targeted navigation: Senior dog care terms and categories may be prioritized in the website navigation, making products and resources accessible. Examples: “Mobility Aids,” “Comfort Solutions,” and “Senior Dog Care Guides.”
  • Informative blog section: Pet owners can benefit from a senior dog care blog with articles and guides. Nutrition, exercise, age-related health issues, and senior dogs’ emotional well-being could be discussed.
  • Supportive online community: Senior dog owners feel supported on the website. Sharing experiences and providing support can help during this stage.


2.4 YuMove

YuMove is a top dog and cat joint supplement brand. Lintbells, a reputable pet care company, founded YuMove in the UK to support healthy and active pet lifestyles. YuMove’s main product is veterinarian-recommended joint supplements for dogs and cats of every age and activity level.

Why do we love this store?

  • Product recommendations: YuMove may use quizzes or recommendation tools to help you choose a joint supplement for your pet’s age, breed, and activity level. This customization ensures your dog or cat receives the best support.
  • Before-and-after visuals: YuMove’s website could feature photos or videos of pets’ mobility improvements after using their supplements. This visual storytelling can make the product seem effective.
  • Expert advice section: The website may include veterinarian Q&As or blog posts on pet joint health and supplement use. Access to expert advice can reassure pet owners.


2.5 BarkShop

BarkShop, founded in 2017, is a popular online destination for dog owners looking for creative ways to spoil their pets. BarkShop is a playful brand that celebrates dogs, not just retailers. 

BarkShop has a large online dog store and subscriptions. BarkShop makes customized subscription boxes. Your dog’s breed, size, and play style are listed when enrolling. BarkShop makes themed boxes with high-quality dog toys, treats, and accessories. This make BarkShop among one of the best pet Shopify stores.

Why do we adore this pet Shopify store?

  • Curated canine fun: Offer personalised subscription boxes based on dog breed, size, and play style.
  • Shoppable social feed: Integrate social media feeds showcasing real dogs enjoying BarkShop products.
  • Unleashing the power of influencers: Partner with dog-loving influencers for product promotion and exclusive discounts.


3. Conclusion

There are a lot of tips and examples in this guide that will help you discover the secrets of pet Shopify stores that people will love and that will turn clicks into sales. Remember that running a successful store takes ongoing work. To beat the competition, keep your products fresh, focus on customers, and use social media and content marketing. 

Your pet store can become a popular online spot for pet lovers worldwide if you work hard and use the right tools from Shopify. Follow for helpful tips for your eCommerce store, especially Shopify. 

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