Top 7 Shopify Fitness Stores in 2024 to Learn From


The fitness industry is booming, and with the rise of eCommerce, Shopify has become a powerful platform for businesses to reach their target audience. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, learning from examples of shopify stores can be an invaluable resource.

In this article, we will introduce the 7 best Shopify fitness stores in 2024, highlighting their unique approaches, marketing strategies, and design elements. By examining their success stories, you’ll gain valuable insights to inspire your Shopify fitness store and take it to the next level.

Let’s explore what makes them stand out and unlock the secrets to their success.

1. Best Shopify fitness stores

1.1. Alphalete



Store overview

Founded by fitness influencer Christian Guzman, Alphalete offers clothes that are both good for workouts and cool for everyday wear. This Shopify fitness store effectively showcases the brand’s style through bold visuals and user-generated content.

Location– Stafford, Texas, USA- Operate online and ship internationally
Monthly visit455,109 (As of Feb 26)
Product– Clothing: Shirts, hoodies, shorts, leggings, sports bras, tanks, etc.
– Accessories: Hats, beanies, socks, gym bags, water bottles, etc.
Target audienceIndividuals who are interested in fitness and have an active lifestyle.
Shopify themeAlphaneu

What makes Alphalete stand out?

Clean and modern theme

Alphalete’s website looks simple and neat, with lots of white space and really nice pictures of their products. This makes everything look professional and makes it easy to see what they’re selling.

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Back-in-stock notification alerts

Alphalete uses the Back in Stock: Restock Alerts app to notify customers when products are available again. A website with this Shopify app integrated will help retain sales on out-of-stock products. 

Founder-driven brand identity

Alphalete’s founder, Christian Guzman, leverages his strong personal brand and social media to reach out to potential customers. This authenticity resonates with fans who connect to Guzman’s journey and fitness philosophy.



High-quality content creation

Alphalete invests in creating professional and engaging content, including product photoshoots, motivational videos, and workout routines. This content not only showcases their products but also inspires and educates its audience.


What to learn from Alphalete

Here are some key takeaways you can learn from Alphalete’s business strategies:

  • Add additional features, such as back-to-stock notifications, to drive more sales and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • Leverage the power of a strong personal brand to connect with potential customers and build trust. 
  • Focus on a particular group of people with specific needs and interests instead of trying to please everyone
  • Content is king. Create engaging and informative content that showcases your products, educates your audience, and inspires them. This could include high-quality product photos and videos, workout routines, or informative blog posts.




Store overview

POPFLEX is famous for its clever leggings with hidden pockets. They’ve changed the activewear market by being inclusive and positive about different body shapes. This is one of the best fitness Shopify stores with a bright and engaging website and user-friendly features like size guides and fit quizzes.

LocationUnited States
Monthly visit1.549 million (As of Feb 26)
ProductActivewear for women, including:
– Clothing: Leggings, sports bras, shorts, tops, hoodies, joggers, etc.
– Accessories: Socks, headbands, scrunchies, water bottles, etc.
Target audienceWomen who are interested in fitness, yoga, pilates, and other active lifestyles.
Shopify themeSymmetry (

What makes POPFLEX stand out?

Swym Wishlist Plus Shopify App

POPFLEX utilizes this application to allow its customers to save their preferred items and resume shopping seamlessly upon their return. This add-on is a powerful tool for accelerating sales and increasing user experience. 



FREE style quiz 

They offer customers a free quiz to find the perfect outfit. By answering a few questions about preferences and body type, customers will receive personalized recommendations tailored to their needs.



But POPFLEX goes beyond just recommendations. After taking the quiz, a section called “[Customer Name]’s Edition” appears on the website’s main menu.



Focus on inclusivity and body positivity

POPFLEX actively promotes body positivity and inclusivity through its messaging, marketing materials, and size range offerings (XXS-3X).



Innovative product features

Their signature product, the anti-camel toe leggings with hidden pockets, addresses a common pain point for many women and sets them apart from competitors.



What to learn from POPFLEX

POPFLEX’s journey to success offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to start a fitness clothing business:

  • Consider using Shopify apps to add more interesting features to your website that help increase sales and enhance customers’ experience. 
  • Target a specific group of people and meet their needs. For example, focus on women who want inclusive, body-positive, and comfy workout clothes.
  • Make sure your customers have a great experience from start to end. This means having an easy-to-use website with clear size guides and an honest return policy.
  • Be creative and solve problems for your customers. POPFLEX did this with their innovative leggings that prevent camel toe, addressing a common issue in activewear.

1.3. Outdoor Voices



Store overview

Outdoor Voices offers versatile apparel for various activities, from running to hiking to lounging. This Shopify fitness store exudes a sense of community and adventure with inspiring visuals and customer testimonials.

LocationUnited States
Monthly visit395,254 (As of Feb 26)
Product– Leggings
– Shorts
– Tops
– Jackets
– Accessories (hats, bags)
Target audienceActive individuals who prioritize movement and wellness in their daily lives.
Shopify theme2024 02 01 12 55 More OVU Copy

What makes Outdoor Voices stand out?

Use LazySize to reduce page load time

Outdoor Voices website utilizes LazySize, a Javascript designed to optimize page load times, especially on websites with many images. Users don’t have to wait as long for the content to appear, which can lead to a more positive user experience and keep visitors engaged.

Engage with customers through events

The events page on the Outdoor Voices website serves as a strategic tool to foster community, attract new customers, engage existing ones, promote products, and drive sales. 



Offer student discount

This is a great way for Outdoor Voices to expand its customer base. Students are potential consumers, so Outdoor Voices takes a strategic approach by targeting them and creating an inspiring message: “Study. Sweat. Save.”



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What to learn from Outdoor Voices

Here are what you can learn from Outdoor Voices’ business:

  • Optimize page load speed to create an ultimate experience for users.
  • Build a community around your brand through engaging social media presence, utilizing retail stores as community hubs, and promoting events.
  • Balance online and offline experiences for your customers.




Store overview

Specializing in footwear and apparel for functional fitness training, NOBULL has gained popularity among CrossFit enthusiasts and athletes alike. This fitness equipment Shopify store has a straightforward, performance-oriented website that showcases product features and functionality. 

LocationBoston, United States
Monthly visit925,331 (As of Feb 26)
ProductTraining shoes, apparel, and accessories:- Footwear: Training shoes, running shoes, lifting shoes, recovery slides- Apparel: Shirts, shorts, leggings, hoodies, sweatpants, sports bras- Accessories: Bags, socks, hats, water bottles
Target audienceAthletes who participate in various activities: gym training, running, cross-training, bootcamps, everyday walking, court sports, etc.
Shopify themeTomorrow Nobull Theme

What makes NOBULL stand out?

Strong community

NOBULL’s community isn’t just customers; it’s a valuable asset. It builds loyalty, engages customers, attracts new ones, offers marketing chances, and helps make better products. 



Specialization in functional fitness training

Unlike many brands catering to diverse athletic activities, NOBULL prioritizes functional fitness training. This includes exercises like weightlifting, CrossFit, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Partnership with relevant organization

NOBULL has collaborated with the NFL as its Official Combine Training Partner and partnered with Artists for Humanity (AFH), a non-profit organization. These collaborations aim to enhance brand credibility, expand audience reach, boost customer engagement and loyalty, and foster positive public relations.



What to learn from NOBULL

Here are the key takeaways from NOBULL that can help your Shopify fitness store stand out:

  • Build a community around your brand that goes beyond just selling products.
  • Identify a specific niche within the fitness market and tailor your products and services to that audience.
  • Collaborate with organizations and individuals who share your brand values and complement your target audience.

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1.5. Crossrope



Store overview

Crossrope is one of the best Shopify fitness stores offering a unique and effective workout tool specializing in weighted jump ropes. Their website showcases the benefits of their product through explainer videos and user testimonials. 

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LocationUnited States
Monthly visit258,549 (As of Feb 26)
Product– Weighted jump ropes: weights (0.25 lb to 3 lb) and rope lengths.- Accessories: jump rope mats, gloves, carrying bags, and workout guides.
Target audienceIndividuals looking for a fun and effective way to improve their fitness through jump rope workouts.
Shopify themeDebut 

What makes Crossrope stand out?

Innovative and unique product offering

Crossrope makes jump rope workouts more exciting and effective with special ropes to switch out. Customers can pick different weights depending on what they want from your workout and how good they are at jumping. Crossrope is better than regular jump ropes because it offers more options and keeps workouts interesting.



Convenience and portability

Crossrope’s jump ropes are lightweight, portable, and require minimal space. Individuals can use them at home, the gym, outdoors, or even while traveling. Moreover, the jump ropes can be used as a warm-up, cool-down, or standalone workout, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Technology integration

Crossrope offers a mobile app that complements their jump ropes, featuring:

  • Workout routines
  • Instructional videos
  • Progress tracking


What to learn from Crossrope

Here are what to learn from Crossrope’s business strategies:

  • Focus on a unique product offering: Traditional jump ropes face stiff competition, but Crossrope’s unique product creates a distinct market position.
  • Emphasize convenience and portability: Crossrope understands that people value convenience in their fitness routines. Their portable jump ropes cater to this need.
  • Leverage technology to enhance user experience: The Crossrope app provides valuable features that complement their physical product. 

1.6. Bala



Store overview

Bala is one of the top fitness Shopify stores. It offers a range of weighted fitness accessories, such as bangles and weights, to add variety and intensity to your workouts. Its website features instructional videos and user testimonials to showcase the effectiveness of its products. 

LocationUnited States
Monthly visit61,889 (As of Feb 26)
ProductWeighted fitness accessories:- Bala Bangles: weighted wrist or ankle weights.- Bala Beam: weighted barre for yoga, Pilates, barre workouts, and other exercises that benefit from added resistance.- Other Accessories: Power Ring, Bala Bars, The Play Mat, and the Hourglass Roller.
Target audienceIndividuals looking to add variety and challenge to their fitness routines through fashionable and functional weighted accessories.
Shopify themeBala Bangles Shopify

What makes Bala stand out?

Bala membership program

Bala allows its customers to subscribe to its membership program for various offers, exclusive products, and free gifts. This is a powerful way to build a loyal customer base, increase recurring revenue, and gain valuable insights to drive business growth.



Accessibility through range and weight options

Bala offers a variety of weights (0.5 lb to 3 lb) within its products, catering to different fitness levels. This makes its products accessible to beginners seeking a gentle introduction to weighted workouts and seasoned athletes looking for an extra challenge.

Stylish aesthetic

Bala emphasizes design and aesthetics, creating fitness accessories that are not only functional but also stylish and fashionable. 



What to learn from Bala

  • Consider offering a subscription service to generate recurring revenue, provide additional value to customers, and increase engagement.
  • Prioritize both functionality and aesthetics in your products. People often appreciate attractive options, even in fitness gear.
  • Leverage user data from your membership program, website analytics, or customer feedback to understand preferences and refine your offerings.

1.7. 310 Nutrition


Store overview

310 Nutrition offers healthy and delicious snacks and supplements specifically formulated for athletes. Their website is informative and visually appealing, highlighting the nutritional value and taste of their products. 

LocationUnited States
Monthly visit322,625 (As of Feb 26)
ProductNutritional products: meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, weight loss supplements, detox teas, and other dietary supplements.
Target audienceIndividuals looking to manage their weight, improve their nutrition, and lead a healthier lifestyle.
Shopify theme310 Nutrition/Master

What makes 310 Nutrition stand out?

Thriving online community 

With over a million followers across Facebook and Instagram, including a closed Facebook group with 415,000 members, 310 Nutrition has cultivated a thriving online community focused on empowering members in their health and fitness journey.

Empowering healthy choices

By sharing recipes for delicious treats and seasonal smoothies, 310 Nutrition helps its community feel equipped and empowered to make healthier decisions without sacrificing enjoyment.

User-generated content

310 Nutrition’s website and campaigns are filled with user-generated content, including success stories, testimonials, and before-and-after photos, showcasing real results from real people and inspiring others to join the journey.



What to learn from 310 Nutrition

Here’s what you can learn from 310 Nutrition – the best Shopify fitness and health store: 

  • Learn how to foster a thriving online community to empower and support customers in their health and fitness journey.
  • Understand the value of providing resources, such as recipes and nutritional tips, to help customers make healthier decisions without sacrificing enjoyment.
  • Recognize the power of user-generated content, such as success stories and testimonials, to build credibility and inspire trust among potential customers.

2. What makes a Shopify fitness store successful?



Here are some key ingredients that contribute to the success of Shopify fitness stores:

  • Focusing on a specific niche within the broader fitness market.
  • Offering high-quality, durable, and functional fitness products.
  • Building a strong brand identity with a clear story and values that resonate with customers.
  • Engaging with potential customers on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok is crucial. 
  • Creating a user-friendly online store including clear product descriptions, high-quality images, and a smooth checkout process.
  • Making the website mobile-friendly or building the apps to create a seamless shopping experience.
  • Offering subscription boxes or recurring deliveries for certain products to increase revenue and customer engagement.
  • Creating informative blog posts, workout videos, or healthy recipe content positions the store as a valuable resource and attracts potential customers.

3. Conclusion

In this post, eComStart showcased the best Shopify fitness stores that are valuable blueprints for success in the competitive online fitness landscape. By analyzing their strategies and implementing the key takeaways, you can elevate your own Shopify fitness store and attract a loyal customer base.

Remember, the journey to a thriving online business starts with learning from the best. So, take action, put these insights into practice, and don’t hesitate to visit the stores mentioned for further inspiration.

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