Top 7 Shopify Candle Stores that Retailers Should Learn


Loving fragrances and having an eye for design? Starting Shopify candle vendor is the perfect idea for you. After identifying your target customers and product lines, and creating a business plan, you must set up your Shopify online store

However, for newbies without experience in building eCommerce websites, creating an attractive online store with a high conversion rate is really difficult.

To help aspiring retailers deal with this obstacle, on this blog, eComStart will analyze 7 successful Shopify candle stores and show you the valuable experience you can learn.

1. Best Shopify candle stores you should learn

1.1. Mala the Brand – one of the most impressive Shopify candle stores



  • Location: Canada
  • Website theme: Stiletto ($340)
  • Monthly visit: 41.1K

Mala the Brand is one of the best candle Shopify stores established in Vancouver, Canada. They focus on sustainability and minimizing their carbon footprint. 

Meaningful stories and messages



Mala the Brand emphasizes the core value on the website “Buy a candle, plant a tree”. Until now, Mala has planned 76,110 trees. What an incredible number! Store owners collaborate with Veritree – an environment company, to build trees in Kenya and sequester 4291 tons of CO2. 

Not only that, this candle store on Shopify shows us the inspirational story behind the brand and why they want to contribute to saving the environment. 

Superb customer experience 

When you access the store, you will be impressed by not only the cute game-inspired design but also the superb customer experience.



You can see the video from the founder of Mala, and interact with her by choosing questions you want to ask relating to the mission and products of Mala. This is innovative to interact with customers and convey a meaningful message to the customers.



If you don’t know which scent is suitable for you, Mala will help you address this problem by offering a scent quiz for you. After answering all questions, you will have the scent suggestion from Mala. 

Do you want to test the scent to make sure that it fits with you? Don’t worry, Mala offers discovery kits. They know that it is so hard to choose your unique scent through an online store.

Loyalty program with “Mala Club”



In the Mala store, a loyalty program is not only a way to attract customers, but also a way to create their community! You have to sign up to join this program. After completing an action, you will receive several points. 

These points can be turned into special gifts, like matchboxes, candles, wick trimmers, and more. And you can refer to friends and receive a 10% – 15% discount. 

Social proof



Mala built its community successfully! Just go to their website, and you can see tons of customer videos, reviews, and testimonials. 

When clicking on a video, you can buy the product directly thanks to shoppable video features. This is an interesting way to build trust and bring a seamless customer experience.

What you can learn?

  • Unique game-inspiration design
  • Meaningful stories and messages
  • Superb customer experience with shoppable videos, scent quizzes, and test kits.
  • Impressive social proof and community to build trust

1.2. Royal Essence – one of the most unique Shopify candle stores



  • Location: Australia
  • Website theme: Turbo ($425)
  • Monthly visit: 29.3K
  • Annual Revenue: $2M – $5M

Royal Essense, one of the best Shopify candle stores, provides DIY high-quality candles and scent products. This brand is also a prime example of how effectively catchy candle business name ideas com into practice.

Impressive design with brand characteristics



When entering the Royal Essence store, you will be surprised because of its colorful and attractive design. To show their brand characteristics, merchants use a main pink color tone and consistent fonts throughout the website, with high-quality images, and a clean, modern layout. 

Innovative and diverse products



Have you ever thought about finding jewelry in a scented candle?

If your answer is not, you will be impressed by Royal Essence. This store impresses customers because of its distinct candle business ideas. This Shopify candle store offers of a surprise piece of jewelry in each candle, leading to an exciting and unique customer experience. 

The jewelry is randomly placed in their products during the product process. And if you are lucky, you can discover a ring up to $5000!

Besides, this store offers you diverse products, including candles, diffusers, bath booms, bath crumbles, and bath scrubs. You can choose any product you want! 

Detail information



If you are confused about their products and services, don’t worry! This website offers any information bout products you need, on both the homepage and product pages. 

Customers can learn about ingredients, and scent profiles of products, how to discover jewelry, and check its value on their app. Lucky customers who discover a high-value jewel will have their prize shipped out.

Marketing program



Royal Essence provides various marketing programs. They have three reward programs, including receiving points when customers complete various actions on our store, a referral program with a $15 discount, and VIP tiers that give customers more exclusive benefits.

Besides, the store offers a 30% discount for birthday sales and sends free giveaways for customers who spend $200 in their store!

What you can learn?

  • Impressive design that aligns their brand characteristics
  • Distinct products with special smell
  • Trigger the curiosity of customers and bring an interesting experience through random jewelry in each product.
  • Rewarding programs, like discounts, free shipping, and free giveaways for customers buying products, following them on social media, and referring to friends. 
  • Detail information about products and services

1.3. PaddyWax



  • Location: USA
  • Website theme: Dawn (Free)
  • Monthly visit: 99.8K  

PaddyWax, one of the best Shopify candle stores, supplies handcrafted natural candles and scent products.

Clean design with brand characteristics



If you want to find an outstanding example of creating Shopify candle stores, PaddyWax is the ideal website you can learn from. With the Dawn theme, one of the best Shopify themes for any merchant, PaddyWax impresses customers at first look.

Thanks to a simple and clean layout and fonts, aesthetic image, and clear navigation, PaddyWax expresses brand characteristics successfully. 

Unique products and collections



Have you ever had a candle box shaped like a boot or hat?

PaddyWax will surprise you with diverse unique packages in different shapes and styles. They lead you to specific experiences, through the scent and packages. 

They have a mood collection that is designed to match what you’re feeling. The Nashville collection, with its vintage-inspired incense holder and match holder with the striker, will provide the appropriate Western mood to your bookshelf or coffee table.

PaddyWax has 30 candle collections! What an impressive number. 

Reward program



This store has a reward program “The Candle Club” where customers can join to earn rewards every time they shop and share with their friends. After completing an activity, you will receive some points. Then, you can turn points into benefits, like discounts.

What you can learn?

  • Clean, simple but unique design
  • Unique products and packages 
  • Diverse collections and products aligning stories and styles behind
  • Attractive reward program

1.4. Antique Candle Co.

Antique Candle Co-candle-shopify-store


  • Location: USA
  • Website theme: Impulse ($380)
  • Monthly visit: 42.2K
  • Annual Revenue: $2M – $5M

With an impressive candle business name, Antique Candle Co. is one of the best Shopify candle stores examples that supply unique hand-made candles using high-quality ingredients. 

Vintage design



With the vintage design, this store shows the brand’s antique inspiration. Customers are impressed by the store’s natural color scheme, old-fashioned typography, and imagery that inspires nostalgia and warmth. The clear navigation and mega menu make the website more user-friendly.

Special products 


Antique Candle Co. attracts customers due to its special products. Each product has a distinct scene, with 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks. You can find the product with special scenes like momma’s kitchen, fresh-cut herbs, or country pear. 

Marketing and services



Not only that, the store offers some marketing programs and thorough services, including free and a discount of 20% for new subscribers. And if the candle does not smell like you expected, it will support you in choosing the smell you love. Of course, it is free!

What you can learn?

  • Impressive design that aligns their brand characteristics
  • Distinct products with special smell
  • Marketing programs, like discounts and free shipping
  • Thorough customer services

1.5. Harlem Candle Co.



  • Location: New York, USA
  • Website theme: Prestige ($380)
  • Monthly visit: 123K
  • Annual Revenue: $2M – $5M

Harlem Candle Co. is one of the most successful Shopify stores examples that create luxurious candles and home fragrances with special perfumers. 




When you enter the store, you will be impressed by to only the luxury design, but also the story they want to tell. Each candle and scent is handcrafted to convey a unique and engaging story, making them ideal for elevating your environment or indulging yourself. 

When reading the description on each product page, customers can imagine the scent of products and the feeling when they use them. Customers can have exceptional experiences that are both enjoyable and stunning.

Social proof



Harlem Candle Co. focuses on the social proof that helps them build trust with customers. They show the trustworthy publications they work with, and blog posts to provide information about luxury candles and how to choose the suitable one, 

Customized sets



If you want to choose an appropriate candle set, this store can help you! You can build your personalized set of 3 candles or travel candles, based on your requirements. Customers can save $8 for a set of 3 candles, and $6 or $17 for a travel set.

What you can learn?

  • Impressive luxury design
  • Tell the story behind products
  • Emphasize social proof through presses and blogs
  • Customized product sets

1.6. ​​Voluspa



  • Location: California, USA
  • Website theme: Turbo ($425)
  • Monthly visit: 91.6K 

Voluspa is one of the best Shopify candle stores, providing hands-on luxury candles and diffusers. Their online store expresses luxury brand characteristics clearly through images, a color scheme, and consistent fonts. 

Customized sets



Voluspa offers special solutions for customers who want to build personal boxes. With the “Build Your Own” service, you can create a unique set, from products to candles and diffusers. It is a great idea if you want to create your own set or give special gifts to your friends and family. 

Emphasize the reviews



Voluspa understands the importance of reviews in building trust with customers. That is why they emphasize the review on each product page. Merchants highlight the main ideas in reviews and place the review sections in outstanding positions. 

Recommended products



On each product page, Voluspa recommends the add-on products that complete the candles or diffusers they choose. This recommended product can help the store increase sales and give customers the ultimate scent experience. 

What do you learn?

  • Impressive luxury design
  • Tell the story behind products.
  • Emphasize social proof through presses and blogs.
  • Customized product sets

1.7. Lilin + Co



  • Location: Malaysia
  • Website theme: Atlantic ($280)
  • Monthly visit: 11.3K 

Lilin + Co is one of the most impressive brands in the list of Shopify candle stores. The brand offers specific candles to individual customers and business clients.

Thorough customer service



If you like a product and want to receive it in a physical store, Lilin + Co. can help. When choosing a candle, you can choose to take it to their office. Besides, you can order a large number of products for your events. 

This store has worked with various companies and supplies customized candles as per their requirements. 

Testimonials and publications



One of the great things you can learn from Lilin and Co. are testimonials and publications. They highlight presses, their clients, and their Instagram accounts. When seeing the big brands they have worked with, like Uniqulo, BVLGARI, Samsung, and Michael Kors,… customers can trust Lilin + Co more.

Promotion programs



To attract more customers, Lilin + Co. has promotion programs in all stores. The difference is that customers have to complete each task to unlock the higher-level task with more benefits. It is really like playing a game to receive coins and items. 

What do you learn?

  • Clean, simple, but unique design
  • Through services for individuals and businesses
  • Social proof: press, Instagram account, testimonials
  • Attract promotion programs

2. What makes a Shopify candle store successful?

2.1. Product differentiation

The key to answer the question how to start a Shopify candle store successfully is providing unique products that impress customers. By crafting innovative fragrance combinations or using high-quality essential oils, you can create diverse candles and collections that make customers remember. 

Not only that, you should design impressive packages that align with the stories you want to tell. For example, PaddyWax has 30 collections with 30 different styles and stories behind them. Adding some features, services, or items into the main products, like Royal Essence adds jewelry, is a great idea to bring interesting experiences to customers. 

Being different will set you apart from other competitors and allow you the opportunity to be one of the best Shopify candle stores online.

2.2. Seamless and interesting customer experience

The customer experience plays an important role in retaining customers and increasing conversion rates. You should add some features like the “Quick View” and “Added to Cart” popups to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Besides, merchants can use shoppable videos, like Mala the Brand, to increase the interactive experience with customers. 

Customers can face challenges when buying candles online because they cannot test and find suitable scents. Thus, merchants should offer them test kits or scent quizzes on their website, as Mala the Brand, to help them choose products. 

2.3. Reward and promotional programs 

Using rewards and promotional programs is a great way to attract customers. Merchants can offer some gifts or discounts to customers who complete the activities on the website, like placing a first order, following store social accounts, and reviewing and referring new buyers. 

With these programs, retailers not only increase sales but also build strong communities on social media. 

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, providing exceptional and high-quality products and having a strategic online presence are the keys to creating the best Shopify candle stores. Just exploring successful candle online websites, you can learn from their experience and find inspiration. 

To help you level up your candle business, eComStart offers various valuable and practical knowledge on the site. You subscribe to us, and you will know how to succeed in this competitive market!

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