300+ Lucky & Aesthetic Candle Business Name Ideas [2024]


Generally speaking, the name of your brand is crucial in creating a favorable first impression and lasting impact on your target customers. Candles specifically strive to provide their customers with a pleasurable and soothing experience. As a result, aesthetic candle business names will greatly aid you in communicating the essential value of your products to buyers.

We understand, after all. It can be challenging for candle business owners to come up with appealing names. It is an art that you need to master.

In light of that, let’s dive into our suggestions. We hope that our list will provide you with inspiration or ideas for naming your own project or business.

1. List of 300+ unique & aesthetic business names for a candle businesses



When it comes to home accessories like candles, your customers are interested not only in excellent items but also in the story behind each cup of candle that they purchase.

As a consequence, it is critical to create attractive candle business names that not only reflect the identity of your brand, but also the mood and spirit of your goods.

To assist those of you who are struggling to come up with catchy candle business name ideas, we have compiled a list for you to select from or be inspired by.

1.1. Luxury candle business names

If you’re having a hard time thinking of candle business names that create a luxury feel, check out our list of luxury candle business names below to find the most suitable name for your own.

AetherBriljante GloedCalidum Et Clara
AureliaCalidum LumenChaleureux Et Joyeux
EmberCandidus GloucChaleureux Et Lumineux
LigeraLaeta NocteDeliciarum Memoriam Noctes
LuceLaeti LuxDes Nuits Glorieuses
LumièreLueur BrillanteFovere Nos Noctes
LuminaLumière EsthétiqueJoyeux Et Mémorable
MaramaLux DeiLaeti Et Memorabiles
SatoriMemorabile LumenNos Nuits Douillettes
ValoaMemorabile NoctisSouvenir La Nuit

1.2. Unique candle business names

If your products are dedicated to bringing out the feeling of a unique and distinctive spirit, don’t hesitate to check out our inspiring list of unique candle business names below.

AroomaCelestial ScentsCitrus & Starlight
CxndlxDancing FlamesEmber & Myth
EmberlightDawnlit GlowEmbers & Moonbeams
ExxxticEmber GlowMidnight in Bloom
FlemaIndigo EmbersPillow Talk Flickers
KandleLuminous FlameScent & Sizzle
Un:qSapphire SeasWanderlust & Flame
WxxSerenity ShoresWhispering Willow Glow

1.3. Aesthetic candle business names

In case your intended customers are seeking artistic home decorating, then, why not incorporate the aesthetic sense into the names of your candles?

AuraeGlow BarGolden Ember Glow
EmberlyMidnight ApothecaryScent Scape Studio
FizzMoonlit MuseStardust & Solace
GlowOceanic GlowSunfall & Serenades
LuxStarlit ApothecarySunfall & Serenades
SatoriWax WanderlustSunstone & Seaglass
SparkleWickit SparkWhispering Dunes Candle
WicketWildbloom LullabyWhispering Willow Grove

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1.4. Small candle business name ideas

This name list below will provide you with careful pick-ups for your local or small business, just in case you’re looking for your aesthetic candle business names.

BloomEmberlit WhispersGlowering Night Memo
CanesMoonlit MuseMoon Glowing Memo
FlameOcean GlowOcean Breeze Solace
GlowShimmering NightScent of Youth
KanesStarlight SerenitySerene Sanctuary Scents
LighteningSunlit DriftShimmering Sands Glow
SparkTwilight LullabyStarlit Light Wave
SunWarm GlowSunlit Meadow Dream
WhispWaving LightSunny Daydream Scents
WhisperingWildbloom FlameWickit Spark Joy

If you are looking for name ideas for small businesses in other industries, check out our blog for some inspiration.

1.5. Funny candle business names

If you aim to generate a hilarious and engaging feeling for your buyers, check out our list for funny candle business names.

CandelancheBurnout TherapyC’mon, Lighten Up
CandleabracadabraCandlelight McFlamefaceLighter Than Air
DuskCatching FyrePants on Fire
FlickerliciousFlickerliciousSniff & Chuckle
GleamHot MessSniff My Wick
LumenattiScentsitive SoulSoot Me Up
SmelliotSerenity NowThe Blazed Bakery
Wick’dWax OutWhiz Khalifa Light

1.6. Creative candle business names

Your choice of candle business name ideas may strike a balance between aesthetics and creativity as well. Here are some suggestions:

DreamscapeDreamy GlowDusk & Dreamfall
EmberfallGlowing NightersFall of Nights
IgnisLuminous BloomForesty Firelight Haven
MoonstoneNight WhispersSerene Sanctuary Scents
StargazerSandalwood SolaceShed of Lights
SunstoneStarlit LullabySunset Serenade Studio
WanderlustStarlit MuseWandering Wicklight Flame
WhisperSunny DaydreamWhispering Dunes Candle


1.7. Cute candle business name ideas

For anyone who is looking for soft and cute candle business name ideas, this list is for you.

CandidleCotton CandiesBurning Questions Blankets
CutewaxDreaming NightCotton Blossom Glow
CutiecandiesPillow WaxFluffy Flame Fiesta
EmberlitPinky SweetiesMarshmallow Moon Lights
GloamSofty ScentsStardust & Dreams
SweetiesscentiesSundrenched MeadowWaxing Poetic Panda
SweetlitSweet LightsWhispering Willow Grove

1.8. Catchy candle business name ideas

To create a long-lasting impression on your target customers, let’s find the inspiration for your catchy candle business name ideas in our name list.

AiromaticsAlkahest AromaticsEmber & Myth
AromanticEmberfall GlowEphemeral Glow Alchemy
FlaminglowForest FirelightHidden Harbor Glow
FlamingoMidnight ApothecaryLuminous Blooming Lights
ForestyMoonlight MuseSerene Sanctuary Scents
ScentsationalSnugglezilla FlameStardust Serenade Studio
SungreatsWickit WhimsyWhispering Sands Solace

1.9. Spiritual candle business names

Do you want to add a touch of the mysterious and strange to your candles? Then allow us to offer some suggestions.

1-word name2-word name3-word name
AlkahestDancing ShadowsBlack Cat Bazaar
CovenEmber & ShadowCosmic Caravan Candle
DustFlickering PhantomsPharos of Shadows
GallowsGhostlight GroveSerene Soul Scents
SerpentScreaming FireThe Screaming Night
ShadowSkullduggery ScentsWhisper of Oracle

1.10. Elegant candle business names

If you aim to catch the attention of elegant customers, take notice of our suggestions for your aesthetic candle business names.

AzureEmberlit DreamfallDriftwood Seaglass Bliss
MoondustMoonlight MuseLux & Lumen
SandalwoodNight MelodyMemento Mori Flame
SereneSandalwood SolaceMoondust & Magnolia
SolaceStardust SerenadeSerene Sanctuary Scents

This industry is not where your business belongs? Don’t worry, browse our categorized list of business name ideas and select the one that best fits your needs.

1.11. Witty candle business names

Last but not least, wordplay is also a great way to capture attention and create a good impression on your audience. Check out our list below for some catchy candle business name ideas.

MoonshineLighten UpJurassic Park Flicker
PharosSerene SparkSniff & Chuckle
SundriftSniffy BusinessSnuggle & Soothe
Wick’dStardust & SecretsThe Denerys Glow
WispflameWaxing PoeticThe Great Candly

2. Tips for naming your candle shop

We hope that the aforementioned list of names has helped you choose a great name for your candle business. To further assist you in naming your shop, let’s check out our exclusive tips on aesthetic candle business names.



  • Ensure clarity and eye-catching: this will help you to engrave your brand name into customer memory once they see your brand, and therefore create the chance your products will be chosen the next time they look for candles.
    To accomplish this, keep your names short and easy to read. Consider some names that will grab your attention the first time you see them and stick with you forever.
  • Take into account your brand and target customers: It is crucial to carefully consider your target audience and your brand image before choosing a name for your business.
  • Be more creative and playful with your brand name: To create unique and distinctive candle business names, you have to think outside the box and not hesitate to try new approaches.

In other words, you can try to utilize wordplay, puns, foreign names, or even make up a new word that conveys the spirit and story behind your products.

3. Conclusion

We hope our blog today has provided you with everything you need to know about creating aesthetic candle business names for your business.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to spread it to anyone who has the same interest in this area. Besides, follow us at eComStart.io for more useful business tips.

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