Top 10 Shopify Dropshipping Stores that You Have to Learn


If you want to start your business with a small budget, running Shopify dropshipping stores is a great idea for you! However, creating an eCommerce business is pretty difficult, especially when you don’t have much experience or knowledge about it!

To help aspiring retailers overcome this challenge when starting a Shopify store, eComStart will analyze 10 successful Shopify dropshipping stores and show you the lessons you can learn from them!

1. Best Shopify dropshipping stores

1.1. Meowingtons



  • Location: USA
  • Niche: Pet products 
  • Website theme: Expanse
  • Monthly visit: 122.8K
  • Annual revenue: <1M

Meowingtion is one of the top Shopify dropshipping stores that provide pet products, especially for cats and dogs. 

Cat-themed design and optimized web experience



When accessing the store, you will be impressed by the cute design with many cat images, which show their brand characteristics. Even simple words, like “testimonial,” become “test-meow-nials”. 

Not only that, the store offers Accessibility adjustments that help customers adjust the content and interface on their devices when entering their website. For example, you can increase the font size to read content easily or use the ADHD-friendly profile feature to decrease distractions and help ADHD people focus on essential elements. 

Engaging and valuable content 



This impressive dropshipping Shopify store provides engaging content, such as Milton the Cat Comics, a cute series relating to the activities of cats. Besides, this store has valuable blogs updating interesting cat information. The store not only sells cat products but also becomes a platform for cat lovers!

Customizable printing



Thanks to the “print your pet” service, customers can have a unique product, including a blanket, mug, pillow cover, etc., with a photo of their beloved pet. The process is very simple; you just create an order and send the store the pet images. Thus, you will have a unique item after 7–14 days.

Meaningful missions



Meowingtons’ mission is to help these lovely cats in any way they can, and they get to rescue pets that are in need. To help the cats that need it most, they collaborate closely with their shelter partners to foster kittens from their offices, provide necessary supplies and enrichment toys, and promote local cat adoption events.

What can I learn? 

  • Building a strong social media presence
  • Offer valuable activities that contribute to the community
  • Optimize web experience
  • Offer customized services

1.2. Best Choice Products



  • Location: Canada
  • Niche: Home furniture and garden 
  • Monthly visit: 206.3K
  • Annual revenue: $10M-$15M

Best Choice Products is pretty famous in the furniture industry. This is one of the top Shopify stores that provide you with high-quality products for your home and garden.

Professional design and optimized website 

The store has a superb professional design with the main brand color scheme of red and white. By combining the image with the video in the store, the store shows detailed products with stunning images of customers using their products. That impacts customers’ feelings and stimulates them to buy. 



Besides, the store uses image hotspots, allowing customers to see additional information and highlight key features in photos. Customers can make purchase decisions quickly. 

Amazing reward point program

Having an attractive reward program is a great way to increase sales, build up a community, and strengthen your social presence. Customers can create an account and start earning points for every purchase and action taken, then use all the points to get a discount. 



Simple tasks like submitting a review, adding a photo to the review, and following their social media accounts are all required. Additionally, there are many program member levels, ranging from Bronze to Gold, demonstrating that the point value increases with level.

Appealing social proof hashtag campaign

Best-choice-product-hashtag campaign


Customers are encouraged to take pictures of their purchases and post them with the hashtag #MYBCP on this website, which went above and beyond. Because selfies and hashtags are so popular today, buyers are excited to work with brands. 

Furthermore, social evidence gives customers confidence. Instead of just importing feedback from our suppliers, this helps your dropshipping website create real social truth. Be imaginative and have an open mind!

What can I learn? 

  • Create a professional design 
  • Offer amazing reward point programs
  • Emphasize the social proof

1.3. Twinkling Tree



  • Location: Australia
  • Niche: Lighting inside and outside the home
  • Monthly visit: 186.8K

Having an idea for selling lighting with the dropshipping model? You can learn from Twinkling Tree, one of the best Shopify dropshipping stores in the home decor industry

Unique products 



At the heart of Twinkling Tree’s success lies its unique lighting décor products. They offer special and beautiful pieces that transform any space, be it a cozy bedroom, a vibrant living room, or even your outdoor haven. Their specialty is creating a magical, dreamy ambiance with fairy lights shaped like moons, stars, and flowers.

Discount for new subscribers



When entering the store, customers can see a popup that offers a 10% discount for new subscribers. This strategy not only helps merchants increase sales but also collects customer emails to run email marketing campaigns.

Green marketing strategy

Twinkling Tree promotes products with a green marketing strategy that actually gains trust and love from customers. On their product page, we can see slogans like “Buy a Lamp. Plant a Tree”.

When buying a product, sellers pledge to contribute to the environment after customers buy their products. This strategy increases customers’ loyalty toward our brand and stimulates them to make purchase decisions. 

What can I learn? 

  • Have unique products in a specific niche.
  • Offer discounts for newcomers.
  • Offer a green marketing strategy to build trust and increase sales.

1.4. Holstee



  • Location: USA
  • Niche: Tools for learning and self-discovery include journals, cards, and eBooks
  • Monthly visit: 150.5K
  • Annual revenue: $2M – $5M

Holstee is one of the greatest Shopify dropshipping stores with innovative products and services relating to journals, cards, and self-development eBooks

Excellent design

Holstee impresses customers with its website design. They emphasize the mission of the store and their products: “Inspiration and tools to help you live a more meaningful life.” This immediately makes customers want to look up Holstee memberships, reflection cards, and the Reflection app.



Customers can simply enter their name and email address to subscribe directly below the text: “Begin your day feeling grounded and inspired.” To convince customers to use their products, the store showcases the products’ unique selling propositions (USPs) and the stories behind them.

Strong community



Holstee doesn’t just focus on selling products. They actively build a strong community for self-development. You can join their community directly on their website to see updates on events or courses, connect with other members, and share your thoughts with the community!

Reflection app



You’ll be impressed with the app they created! The Reflection app allows users to write in a journal, share and store their thoughts, memories, and events, and connect with others. The app offers daily prompts and guides to help users journal effectively. Users can track their moods and thoughts over time to reflect on themselves.

What can I learn?

  • Emphasize USPs and your mission.
  • Build a strong community.
  • Use apps or any platforms to connect and interact with your community.

1.5. Notebook Therapy 



  • Location: UK
  • Niche: Journals and writing accessories
  • Website theme: Ella
  • Monthly visit: 247.4K
  • Annual revenue: $1M – $2M

Thanks to cute products, Notebook Therapy has become one of the most famous dropshipping Shopify stores selling journals and writing accessories

Cute online store



Just go to the website, and you’ll be amazed by the store’s impressive and cute design. Colorful images and graphics, a clear menu bar, and adorable fonts successfully showcase their brand characteristics.

Their product pages are straightforward, featuring product images, reviews, and recommended items.

Unique products with different collections



The key element that contributes to Notebook Therapy’s success is its product line. You can find any type of bullet journal, tape set, or tamp set with a special design in this store. They have various collections that have a story behind them, giving you the best experience when writing your journal.

Gift cards for subscribers



As soon as you visit this website, as a subscriber, you may enter to win a $50 gift card. To win a gift card, potential consumers would probably give their email address. It works like a fun minigame. When used properly, this intriguing marketing strategy may generate a ton of visitors.

What can I learn? 

  • Create various collections with unique products
  • Design your store to show brand characteristics
  • Offer gift cards for new subscribers

1.6. Burga



  • Location: USA
  • Niche: phone and laptop accessories
  • Monthly visit: 1.824 M

Thanks to its marketing campaign in each sale holiday, Burga, the phone and laptop accessories business, is one of the best Shopify dropshipping stores for sale 

Thorough services and product quality



Burga offers a 12-month warranty and free shipping for orders over $70. They guarantee the quality of products that are made from premium-quality materials with stunning designs. The merchants use shock-absorbing CloudShield technology that helps you protect your devices in any environment. Products are made of high-quality materials.

On the product pages, the store shows detailed products from every angle, which helps customers make easy decisions. 

A special offer for the new subscription



When accessing the store, you will see the “Spin-to-Win” popup with special offers, like free cases or discounts. They don’t give you a specific discount, like in common stores. Customers have to fill out the email address and spin the wheel to receive a random offer, which brings an interesting experience to your customers. 

Recommended products



Burga leverages its product page effectively to upsell by adding recommended products. They will offer you items with similar designs or the same types of items you choose. Besides, they suggest accessories that fit with your products too!

What can I learn? 

  • Professional design with detailed images
  • Offer high-quality products with unique techniques. 
  • Provide thorough services.
  • Recommend different products

1.7. Pillow Slides



  • Location: Canada
  • Niche: Home sliders and footwear
  • Website theme: Maison
  • Monthly visit: 18.7K

Pillow Slices, a home sliders and footwear business, is one of the most outstanding Shopify dropshipping store examples.

Innovative products with great designs



Besides the minimal web design that shows their brand characteristics, the store emphasizes the USPs and effects of products, bringing comfort and making sure that customers walk pain-free! On the homepage, they show the customers the features of the products, including their light weight and versatility.

Not only that, customers will love the product design—minimal but attractive. With basic colors like white, black, pastel pink, blue, and green, you can wear them with any clothes. Easy to wear and easy to style!

Social proof



Pillow slides focus on social proof to build trust with customers. The store reveals that 50,000+ customers are enjoying and satisfied with its products. They stimulate customers to publish the products and reviews on Instagram and tag Pillow Slides. This is a great way to engage with customers and use user-generated content to promote their brand. 

Cart upsell and checkout



When adding items to your cart, you will see some recommended products with discounts. Besides, you can see reviews of items you buy and highlight benefits like money-back guarantees to boost confidence and make a purchase decision. 

What can I learn? 

  • Minimal website design showing brand characteristics
  • Innovative products with elegant designs
  • Focus on social proof.
  • Upsell in the checkout process

1.8. Aesthentials



  • Location: USA
  • Niche: Girls’ clothing and accessories
  • Monthly visit: 12.6K

Diverse clothing types and products


Aesthentials is a leading dropshipping company on Shopify that serves girls of all ages who have an eye for distinctive clothing. For young people who care about fashion, it’s a haven with over 1,000 stylish goods.

You can find any clothing types and accessories you want, from t-shirts, dresses, crop tops, jewelry, phone cases, hats, etc.

Strong social presence 


With over 52K customers on Instagram and Facebook, this store can attract a large number of customers from social media. They not only post their products but also funny products and trending memes that entertain customers. With this content, they can engage with the audience deeply.

Focus on reviews


Aesthentials knows that it is essential to gain the trust of customers with reviews (5881 satisfied customers). That is why they highlight the number of customers they have and review on their homepage and product page.

What can I learn? 

  • Diverse products with a unique vibe
  • Focus on building social media marketing
  • Highlight the reviews by the number of customers.

1.9. Paddie Nails



  • Location: USA
  • Niche: Nail kits 
  • Website theme: Sense
  • Monthly visit: 32K

Highlight the benefits of the product



The store clearly shows the benefits of the product, “Save up to 70% on your next manicure,” in their banner. They commit to ensuring that customers can transform their manicures in 15 minutes without damage. This content stimulates customers to choose “Get a starter kit” and find out how this nail kit works. 

Offer suitable kits based on your levels



Understanding that customers can be confused when finding a suitable product in the numerous nail kits. Thus, they show the appropriate products based on your level on the homepage—starter, intermediate, and expert—with reasonable prices. For example, if you are a beginner, you can try the nail kit for only $27.95. 

Value information and tutorials 



Don’t know how to use the nail kits?

This website will show you how to utilize the kits easily, based on your level! The store provides both video and step-by-step tutorials that you can follow without having any nail polish experience.

Strong social presence



Padie builds a good image on social media and has a community of fans. Just see the number of followers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube; you will be impressed! Showing these numbers on a website builds trust with customers

What can I learn? 

  • Highlight the USPs of your products and the benefits you bring to customers.
  • Focus on building social media marketing.
  • Offer customized products for different customer segments.
  • Add valuable information and tutorials.

1.10. Be Activewear



  • Location: Australian
  • Niche: Sports apparel 
  • Website theme: Superstore
  • Monthly visit: 34.1K
  • Annual revenue: $2M – $5M

Diverse products for all customers



Be Activewear goes one step further and creates a range of clothes specifically for those who are overweight. These not only increase self-esteem in their physical appearance but also make exercising more appropriate for them. 

With more than 60 top brands and international sales to more than 50 countries, Be Activewear can teach you how to achieve great things in life.

Strong social presence



The merchant focuses on developing their image on social media on different platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. With a strong social image, Be Activewear can not only attract and engage with customers but also build trust with audiences on its website. 

Offer a discount for new subscribers



How do I increase the conversion rate?

Just offer customers more benefits! 

Be Activewear understands this, and that is why they give a 10% discount to new subscribers. Besides, they can use customers’ emails for email marketing campaigns in the future. 

What can I learn? 

  • Provide products for special customers.
  • Focus on building social media marketing.
  • Offer a discount for new subscribers.

2. What makes a dropshipping Shopify store successful?

2.1. Unique products

The key element that contributes to the success of dropshipping stores is products. In a competitive market, having a great and innovative product helps you stand out from the crowd. You can see how Meowingtons and Twinkling Tree chose their product lines. 

2.2. Superb customer experience

To bring a great experience to your customers, besides the impressive designs and clear layout, you can add some features that optimize the experience of customers when reading the content, like Meowingstons offering accessibility adjustments.

Besides, providing a fast delivery time, shipping and return policies that are beneficial to buyers, or customized products and services are great ways to enhance the shopping experience. 

2.3. Promotional programs and social media presence

Retailers can offer a discount to new subscribers or random gifts for customers by using a spinning wheel. It can provide an interesting experience for customers. 

Besides, building a strong social media presence is crucial. Remember, don’t put the same types of content on different social platforms. You have to define the social platform that fits your target audience and choose suitable content. 

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, providing unique and high-quality products, creating a superb customer experience, and promoting your store on social media are important elements that drive success in Shopify dropshipping stores

If you want to level up your dropshipping Shopify business, just subscribe to eComStart! Our eCommerce experts will bring you valuable and practical knowledge!

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