Top Shopify Wholesale Stores: Unleash Your B2B Potential


Do you know it?

The global wholesale market is experiencing tremendous growth, projected to reach a staggering $53.02 trillion in 2024. 

In this competitive market, what truly sets the best Shopify wholesale stores apart?

So, in this article, get ready to learn from the best and discover the secrets to building a thriving wholesale empire on Shopify!

1. What’s a Shopify wholesale store?

A Shopify wholesale store is an online store built on the Shopify platform designed for business-to-business (B2B) sales. It allows businesses to sell their products in bulk at discounted prices to other businesses (manufacturers, distributors, retailers, or other wholesalers) who will then resell them.



People choose this model because some of its advantages outweigh those of retail stores, as follows:

  • Higher profit margins: Wholesalers typically buy products in bulk at significantly lower prices than retailers. This allows them to mark up the products and sell them for a higher profit margin.
  • Large & consistent orders: Wholesale customers, like retailers, often place large orders on a regular basis. This provides a predictable income stream and reduces the need to constantly find new customers.
  • Lower marketing costs: Wholesalers often target their marketing efforts towards a specific group of businesses, which can be more cost-effective than reaching a broad range of consumers in a retail setting.
  • Stable client relationship: Wholesalers establish reliable customer bases with retailers who require consistent product supplies.
  • Reduced risk of spoilage: Since you’re selling products in bulk, there’s less risk of individual items expiring or going out of style, unlike a traditional retail store with a wider variety of products.

After getting an overview of what a Shopify wholesale store is, let us show you how it works step by step.

  • Step 1: Wholesalers source products from manufacturers or distributors.
  • Step 2: Wholesalers manage inventory in bulk, considering storage space, lead times, and projected demand.
  • Step 3: Retailers place orders by browsing Shopify wholesale stores and contact wholesalers to negotiate purchase agreements.
  • Step 4: Wholesalers fulfill orders and ship orders to retailers.
  • Step 5: Retailers receive the products from wholesalers and then sell the products to consumers in their stores or online.

(*) Small note: In some cases, wholesalers can sell their products directly to consumers, not via retailers.



Let’s dive deeper into which typical characteristics will create a wholesaler.

  • Target audiences: Wholesale (B2B) sells products to other businesses (retailers) who then resell them to consumers.
  • Order volume: Wholesale deals in bulk orders at discounted prices per unit. The more you buy, the lower the cost per item.
  • Pricing: Wholesale has lower prices per unit due to bulk sales, resulting in a lower cost per item sold.
  • Relationship management: Wholesale focuses on building long-term relationships with clients who require ongoing supplies. Platforms offer features like custom pricing and order history tracking to foster loyalty.
  • Storage and warehousing: Wholesale utilizes large, functional warehouses optimized for bulk storage, efficient loading/unloading, and logistics flow.

2. What makes a Shopify wholesale store successful?

2.1. Strong product selection

  • A specific niche: Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Focus on a specific product category or industry where you can develop expertise and cater to the needs of your target retailers.
  • High-quality products: Wholesalers act as a trusted source for retailers, so ensure you offer high-quality products that meet their standards and customer expectations.
  • Competitive pricing: Wholesalers benefit from economies of scale, so leverage that to offer competitive pricing that entices retailers to buy from you. Consider tiered pricing structures for larger purchases.


2.2. Streamlined online store

  • User-friendly platform: Shopify is a great platform for building wholesale stores with built-in marketing tools and various apps. To be more specific, you can take advantage of the best wholesale app for Shopify to achieve success.
  • Clear product information: Provide detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and specifications to avoid confusion and ensure retailers understand what they’re buying.
  • Secure payment processing: Offer secure and reliable payment options for retailers to complete transactions with confidence.


Check out the best Shopify themes to bring a top-notch user experience to your customers!

2.3. Excellent customer service

  • Responsive communication: Be readily available to answer questions, address concerns, and provide support to your wholesale customers.
  • Fast order fulfillment: Efficiently process and fulfill orders promptly to maintain a positive relationship with retailers who rely on you for their inventory.
  • Returns and exchange policy: Have a clear and fair returns and exchange policy to build trust with retailers in case of any issues.


2.4. Marketing and sales strategies

  • Targeted marketing: Implement marketing strategies to reach your target audience of retailers. This could involve online advertising, attending trade shows, or industry publications.
  • Content marketing: Create valuable content like product guides, industry trends, or marketing tips to attract potential retailers and establish yourself as an expert.
  • Wholesale pricing structure: Clearly communicate your wholesale pricing structure and any potential discounts for larger orders.


3. Best Shopify wholesale store examples 

3.1. Ashland Conveyor Products

Ashland Conveyor Products is a manufacturer and supplier of conveyor systems and related parts and accessories.

LocationAshland, Ohio
Revenue$10M – 20M
Monthly visitEstimated 22,555
ProductGravity conveyor systems & Powered conveyor systems
Target audiencesBroad audience
Shopify themeCanopy

Ashland Conveyor Products is a manufacturer and a wholesaler also. The company manufactures conveyor systems and sells them directly through its Shopify store.



The company highlights its 35+ years of experience in manufacturing conveying equipment, suggesting a strong track record and established expertise in the material handling industry.

What we can learn from this business:

  • Get higher profit margins: By eliminating the middleman (wholesaler), manufacturers can capture a larger share of the profit margin between the production cost and the final retail price.
  • Focus on durability and reliability: Their website emphasizes building conveyors for smooth and reliable material movement. This could be a selling point for industries where consistent performance is crucial.
  • Request a pricing quote: Since they offer custom conveyor systems, the final price likely depends on factors like size, features, and order quantity. Requesting a quote allows for a more personalized approach and potentially better pricing for bulk orders in a Shopify wholesale store.


3.2. TKB Trading

As one of the best Shopify wholesale stores, TKB Trading is a leading supplier of cosmetic ingredients and crafting materials, empowering individuals to create their own makeup, skincare, and other personal care products. 



LocationOakland, California
Revenue$5M – 10M
Monthly visitEstimated 65,867
ProductCosmetic ingredients
Target audiencesBeauty entrepreneurs
Shopify themeEmpire

Reports indicate that the global cosmetics market has been booming since 2004, and by 2024, it’s expected to generate a market size of $419 billion.



As the market grows, the demand for DIY cosmetics and personalized beauty products could increase, potentially benefiting TKB Trading’s sales.

They provide a wide range of ingredients to businesses, cater to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs, and have built a strong reputation for quality and expertise over the years.

They can stand out in this competitive market because they have:

  • Longstanding presence: They have been in business since 1997. It indicates a strong track record of reliability and established relationships with manufacturers or distributors who supply them with cosmetic ingredients.
  • Dedicated technical resources: In-depth technical resources show that their products have a certain level of complexity, requiring more information for informed purchasing decisions by businesses (common in B2B wholesale).


3.3. Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate, one of Shopify wholesale store examples, is a unique chocolate company on a mission to bring the rich flavors and textures of Mexican-style chocolate to the world.

LocationSomerville, Massachusetts
Revenue5M – 10M
Monthly visitEstimated 48,761
Target audiencesBroad audience
Shopify themeRecharge

Taza Chocolate offers a unique and delicious chocolate experience made with high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients.



Taza was the first in the US to establish a third-party certified Direct Trade cacao sourcing program. This ensures fair treatment and transparency for cacao farmers by building direct relationships and paying a premium above Fair Trade prices.

  • Allergen-friendly: Their chocolate is certified for various dietary needs, including being USDA Organic, Certified Gluten Free, non-GMO, Kosher, soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan. This caters to a wider audience with allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Organic and sustainable: They use organic cacao beans and prioritize sustainable farming practices, appealing to consumers who value ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility.

3.4. MakerGear

MakerGear carves its niche in the 3D printing world by offering high-quality, industrial-grade desktop 3D printers for hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike.

LocationBeachwood, Ohio
Revenue1M – 5M
Monthly visitEstimated 14,321
Product3D printers
Target audiencesBroad audience
Shopify themeTurbo

The global 3D printing market is anticipated to reach a staggering $62.76 billion by 2030, fueled by a growth rate of 20.8% annually. This surge highlights the increasing adoption of 3D printing technology across various industries and applications.

MakerGear is strategically positioned to capitalize on this flourishing market. 



MakerGear embraces the open-source philosophy, allowing users to customize printing parameters and experiment with different materials.

So why they win:

  • Exceptional customer support: Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their responsive and knowledgeable customer support team, ensuring users receive the assistance they need to navigate any challenges.
  • Wide material compatibility: MakerGear printers are known for their ability to handle a vast array of printing materials, including PLA, ABS, nylons, flexibles, composites, and many more.
  • Case studies for businesses: They have customized pages showcasing businesses using MakerGear printers for production and prototyping strengthens their B2B appeal.


3.5. Tofino Soap Company

Nestled amidst the breathtaking scenery of Tofino, British Columbia, Tofino Soap Company handcrafts a collection of natural and luxurious home and body care products. 

LocationTofino, Vancouver
Revenue1M – 5M
Monthly visitEstimated 5000
ProductSoap, body care, lip care, home scents
Target audiencesBroad audience
Shopify themeCraft

The organic soap market is experiencing significant growth, with a projected value of USD 1.20 billion by 2029. This trend highlights a growing consumer preference for natural and organic personal care products. 



Tofino Soap Company, with its commitment to 100% natural ingredients and focus on gentle formulas, is well-positioned to benefit from this market expansion.

They embrace eco-conscious practices throughout their operations by utilizing recyclable and biodegradable packaging, minimizing waste, and striving for a minimal environmental footprint.

When considering small business ideas from home, Tofina Soap chose a name that perfectly fits with its product and brand identity. Their product names and scents often evoke the sights and smells of the Pacific coast, transporting you to a place of tranquility and rejuvenation.



What makes them stand out:

  • Small-batch production: Their products are handcrafted in small batches, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality control standards.
  • Strong brand identity: The rugged beauty of Tofino and its surrounding environment serves as a constant source of inspiration for Tofino Soap Company. 

3.6. Lunchskins

Lunchskins is a brand dedicated to providing eco-friendly and stylish alternatives to disposable plastic bags and containers.

LocationBethesda, Maryland
Revenue1M – 5M
Monthly visitEstimated 5,039
ProductLunch bags, snack bags, and storage containers
Target audiencesBroad audience
Shopify themeWhisk

Scientists showed that 79% of plastic waste ends up in landfills, taking hundreds of years to decompose and potentially leaching harmful chemicals into the environment. 

With the alarming statistic that the world has produced more than 9.2 billion tons of plastic since 1950 (UNEP), Lunchskins offers a sustainable solution.



Founded with a mission to reduce single-use plastics, they offer a variety of reusable lunch bags, snack bags, and storage solutions for people on the go. This caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring there’s a Lunchskins product for everyone.

Their success lies in the following: 

  • Reusable and sustainable: Lunchskins products are designed to be reused countless times, significantly reducing reliance on disposable plastic bags and containers that contribute to landfill waste.
  • Appeal to all ages: Their designs range from fun and colorful options for children to sleek and minimalist styles for adults, ensuring everyone can find a Lunchskins product they love.
  • Retailer program: Lunchskins uses Shopify Collective, allowing them to partner with businesses interested in reselling their products.


3.7. ‎BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold, one of the best shopify store examples , is a specialty coffee company on a mission to celebrate Black entrepreneurship and create exceptional coffee experiences.

Revenue1M – 5M
Monthly visitEstimated 12,817
Target audiencesBroad audience
Shopify themeExpanse

Every single day, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world.

It is the reason why among various small business ideas at home, BLK & Bold comes into this booming market.

Founded in 2016 by Janine & Derrick Dorsey, BLK & Bold sources high-quality, ethically sourced beans and roasts them to perfection, offering a variety of blends and single-origin coffees.



The keys to their success are:

  • High-quality beans: They focus on 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans, ensuring exceptional taste and brewing experiences. 
  • Socially conscious approach: Beyond just coffee, BLK & Bold is dedicated to empowering Black communities. They achieve this through partnerships and initiatives that support Black entrepreneurs and invest in their future.
  • Availability in large retail chains: Their Homepage area mentions their products are available in “12,000 Retail Locations” including Target, Albertsons, Walgreens, Shop Rite, Giant, etc. This suggests they are working well in selling in bulk quantities to these large retailers, which shows great proof for other retailers looking for a collaboration chance.


4. Summary

In conclusion, this article helps you delve into inspiring successful examples of Shopify wholesale stores, analyze their winning strategies, and provide valuable insights to help you craft your own top-tier wholesale business.

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