Top 7 Shopify Furniture Stores That Might Impress You


The furniture industry is booming, with online sales experiencing a staggering 4.4% annual growth rate. In the USA, this market is estimated to value 32 billion USD in 2030! What a potential market for any retailers! With Shopify furniture stores, you can build a thriving furniture brand and run your store effectively. 

However, starting a Shopify business is not easy, especially in the competitive market!

To help retailers like you, in this blog, we will show you the best Shopify furniture stores and explain to you why they are successful!

1. List of best Shopify furniture stores 

1.1. Kane’s Furniture



  • Location: USA
  • Website theme: Dawn 
  • Monthly visit: 160.8K

Kane’s Furniture is one of the best Shopify furniture stores that focuses on luxury furniture products, at high prices.

Impressive designs 



Thanks to the Dawn Shopify theme, the store has a minimal but impressive design. With two main colors, white and bright turquoise, clear navigation, and vivid videos and photos, Kane’s Furniture not only shows its brand characteristics but also keeps customers continuing their buying journey.

A special financial offer



To support customers in buying their products easily, Kane’s Furniture provides a special financial benefit to buyers. On purchases of $2999.99 or more made with your Kane’s Furniture credit card until 03/31/24, they are offering 0% interest until March 2027.

Payments in equal installments are needed through March 2027. When using a different payment method, a deposit equivalent to 20% of the purchase total (product + tax) plus the delivery cost is needed.

Trending products with unique styles



This brand not only sells high-quality products but also brings superb experiences through its furniture. You can find out the trending home decor style with different types of furniture on the website. Customers can choose items based on the style they love.

Thorough customer service



Besides top-grade products, Kane’s Furniture brings you excellent services! You can choose to pick up your products at their stores or ship them to your home. Not only that, they offer extended warranty services, like 

What can I learn? 

  • Create a clean design with clear navigation.
  • Offer trending products with unique styles.
  • Provide great services and beneficial offers. 

1.2. Inside Weather



  • Location: USA
  • Website theme: Motion
  • Monthly visit: 155K

Famous for cozy and stylish living furniture, Inside Weather is one of the best furniture stores on Shopify.

Great promotion programs



When accessing the store, you will be amazed by not only the clean design but also the pop-up “Win 2500!”. This lucky promotion stimulates the curiosity of customers and convinces them to join this program. Besides, this brand offers a 25% discount for new subscribers. 

These two marketing activities can help the store increase its conversion rate and collect emails from new customers to run email marketing campaigns.

Customized option



To bring a superb experience to their customers, Inside Weather offers customized options for any product. You can choose the sizes and colors of the items you want. 

Understanding the challenges of customers when checking and testing the materials, colors, and forms of products, Inside Weather adds a special feature to product pages! Thanks to 3D images, you can rotate and zoom to see the detailed elements of products. 

Beneficial policies for customers



Have you ever heard about trying a product in a year?

Inside Weather can impress you! You can try the products in your home, and if there is any problem, you can ask them for a refund within the first 365 days. There is a 15% environmental charge (based on value before any discounts or special offers) for returns done within 14 days. However, the return shipping is free!

What can I learn? 

  • Create a clean and fresh design.
  • Offer promotions for new customers.
  • Add a customized option for each product.
  • Have beneficial policies.

1.3. Soaring Heart



  • Location: USA
  • Website theme: Parallax
  • Monthly visit: 30.6K
  • Annual revenue: $2 – $5

With a unique small business name, Soaring Heart is one of the greatest Shopify furniture stores that focus on bed products, especially mattresses.

Highlight excellent product quality



The main element that drives success at Soaring Heart is top-grade products. The store shows various certifications about quality that guarantee their quality and gain trust from customers. You can see images of material sources and manufacturer processes on their website!

Besides, store owners commit to the benefits that their mattresses can bring, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and back pain. The mattresses are made from chemical-free, hypoallergenic wool and organic latex that are friendly to sensitive skin and give customers a comfortable sleep. 

Provide valuable content



To help customers choose suitable items and understand more about bedding products, the store creates a valuable blog on its site. This is a great way to prove your professionalism and provide valuable benefits. 

20-year rubber mattress warranty

For twenty years from the date of initial purchase, Soaring Heart guarantees your new latex mattress to be free from material and workmanship problems. However, only the original buyer is covered by this guarantee. You can check the warranty on the FAQ page. 

What can I learn? 

  • Develop high-quality and friendly environmental products
  • Provide valuable blogs
  • Offer beneficial warranty services.

1.4. Rustic Trades Furniture



  • Location: USA
  • Monthly visit: 7.7K
  • Annual revenue: $2M – $5M

Rustic Trades Furniture is one of the best Shopify furniture stores, supplying handmade tables. 

Outstanding design



Rustic Trades shows the brand’s characteristics clearly thanks to its vintage style. They use the product designs’ sketching images, videos about the brand and their team, and serif font to create a stunning design. 

Highlight the manufacturer’s process and their team



Known as one of the most famous furniture stores using Shopify, this store actually knows how to tell stories and inspire customers. They show various videos of making a product, introduce their team, and share an insightful story behind it. 

Rustic Trades puts a lot of passion and love into each product, and they just want to bring the best experience to their customers. 

Unique products



Rustics Trades focuses mainly on large tables, from home to office. All products are handmade. You can choose the design you love in their store, which requires adjustments, and choose the size and materials.

What can I learn? 

  • Highlight your story, team, and manufacturing process.
  • Provide a unique product with high customization.
  • Create a brand-focused design. 

1.5. Floorplan Rugs



  • Location: USA
  • Monthly visit: 11.6K
  • Annual revenue: $2M – $5M

As the name of the store, this great Shopify furniture store provides various well-designed rugs to everyone.

Offer discounts for new customers



As with any store, to attract new customers, they offer a 10% discount if you subscribe to them. This action not only stimulates customers to make a purchase decision but also helps them collect information for future email marketing campaigns. 

Detail information about products



On the product pages, they give you information about designers and production. Each product is a masterpiece of art, not a normal rug. That is why they focus on highlighting the explanations behind product designs. 

Provide adding services



To provide a perfect experience to the customers, they offer various services, including cleaning and repairing your rugs and customizing items as you want. They can consult you on rugs that have a design and materials that fit your home. With thorough services, they show us how to sell furniture on Shopify successfully!

What can I learn? 

  • Offer discounts or gifts for new customers
  • Provide detailed product information
  • Provide maintenance services. 

1.6. Cultiver



  • Location: Australia
  • Website theme: Slate
  • Monthly visit: 11K
  • Annual revenue: $2M – $5M

Cultiver is one of the best Shopify furniture stores that offers household products and encourages users to love the items they use most frequently.

Diverse, high-quality products



Since linen is soft, breathable, and long-lasting, it’s the perfect fabric for the house, and Cultiver uses it in everything they do to “bring a sophisticated Australian ease.” Additionally, it is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

Customers may discover linen goods that complement their home design from the brand’s extensive selection, which includes bedding, towels, tablecloths, napkins, curtains, throws, and more. The products are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Elegant website design



The stores choose visually attractive photos to showcase their premium linen products in elegant home settings. To create an impression of quality and desirability, each product is presented in a luxurious and aspirational way. 

Besides, the website provides straightforward navigation with clear menus and categories, allowing customers to explore various product collections easily.

Offer a customization option



Customers can build their own bedding set based on their styles by choosing the “Build Your Set” option on the menu. You can pick your preferred linen fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, and set of 2 pillowcases to enjoy savings on a set price.

What can I learn? 

  • Design your store with a minimal but elegant vibe.
  • Provide diverse products with high quality.
  • Offer a customization option.

1.7. ​​Bend Goods



  • Location: Australia
  • Website theme: Baseline
  • Monthly visit: 19.4K
  • Annual revenue: $2M – $5M

Bend Goods is one of the best Shopify furniture stores that use recyclable resources to create exquisite, handmade furniture.

Artistic website design



One of the best Shopify furniture businesses, Bend Goods has a unique vibe that draws customers in immediately. When accessing the website, customers feel like they are at a Los Angeles art gallery with high-quality and artistic photos. 

Sustainability in the product lifecycle



Bend Goods not only wants to bring excellent products to customers but also focuses on environmental protection. At every stage of the process, from sourcing raw materials to production and delivery, the brand tries to choose durable and eco-friendly materials and environmental making methods. 

Showcase making process and story behind



Bend Goods tells an inspiring story behind the founder, who loves art and wants to protect the environment. With an interesting story, the brand can create a stronger bond with customers. Additionally, highlighting the manufacturer process can gain more trust from buyers. 

What can I learn? 

  • Have a unique and artistic design 
  • Highlight the special features of your products
  • Showcase your story and the making process

2. What makes a Shopify furniture store successful?

2.1. High-quality and unique products 

You may ask yourself, “How do I start a successful furniture business?”

First, you have to decide what products you offer!

Providing superior items is the primary factor in creating the best Shopify stores. By offering well-made, long-lasting items composed of high-quality materials, a business may establish a reputation for excellence and dependability. 

You can see how Soaring Heart succeeds with its high-quality products. They show customers the product-making process, highlight the certification of the website, and emphasize the benefits of each mattress that actually gain trust from customers. 

It also helps brands to increase recurring purchases and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

2.2. Attractive and user-friendly website design

Having an eye-catching website design is essential to attract and retain customers. However, visuals aren’t everything! A website should reflect your brand’s personality through design, be easy to navigate, and have clear CTAs that drive conversions.

For example, Inside Weather impresses customers with consistent brand colors and fonts throughout the site, along with easy-to-use menu bars and eCommerce features on the product page such as zooming and rotating 3D product images to see the detailed elements of products. 

These elements ensure a seamless and superb experience for your customers, keep them in your store longer, and increase the conversion rate. 

2.3. Thorough services

Shopify furniture stores can boost their sales by carefully adding services, including customization and warranties, like Kane’s Furniture. With tailored options, customers can have a unique product that meets their needs and provides a satisfying experience.

Just see how Floorplan Rugs does! They offer not only consultant services to ensure that the rugs fit with your space but also cleaning and repair services to protect your rugs after buying. 

3. Conclusion

Above are outstanding examples of Shopify furniture stores. We hope you have grasped how to start your own online store!

Initially, you have to find product lines and services that are outstanding in this competitive market. Besides that, creating an attractive website showing your brand characteristics and providing satisfied services are three main elements that contribute to the success of your store!

Just subscribe to eComStart to take your Shopify furniture business to the next level! We will show you how to start your online store successfully, from choosing a suitable niche, and an impressive name to creating an effective business plan and running it successfully!

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