Eco-Friendly Shopify Store Examples: The Green Guide


Imagine a world where your online shopping choices not only benefit you but also the planet. This vision is becoming a reality thanks to a growing number of eco-friendly Shopify stores.

These businesses are changing the game by offering sustainable products and practices, all while leveraging the power of Shopify to reach a wider audience.

If you’re curious about how you can join them, then this article will equip you with valuable insights and practical takeaways to launch your own successful eco-friendly Shopify store.

Let’s meet the businesses leading the charge!

1. Best eco-friendly Shopify store list 

1.1. 100% Pure

LocationSan Jose, CA, USA
Revenue1M-10M / month
Monthly visit101K-200K
ProductNatural makeup and skin care products
Target audiencesWomen
Shopify themeCapital


As an eco-friendly Shopify store in the USA, 100% Pure goes beyond just offering natural products. They actively strive to minimize their environmental impact throughout their business practices, making them a strong contender in the eco-friendly beauty space.

As 100% Pure’s eCommerce ambitions grew, they faced limitations with their prior platforms (Volusion and NetSuite) that slowed down their website and impacted sales. 

Therefore, they migrated to Shopify.

This platform is designed for high-volume merchants, offering the speed and scalability they need to handle their growth.



In addition, Shopify provides a flexible platform that allows 100% Pure’s tech team to develop the “Purity Toolbox” using the Shopify API. This custom solution streamlines data management across their various stores and locations, saving them significant time and effort.

🔶 Here’s how they built a successful eco-friendly Shopify store:

  • Faster loading time: Shopify Plus is renowned for its fast performance, ensuring a smooth experience for 100% Pure customers.
  • Custom built for efficiency: Thanks to Shopify’s robust API, 100% Pure can build custom solution that automates data synchronization across their entire operation
  • Effective omnichannel approach: 100% Pure can manage both their online stores and brick-and-mortar locations through Shopify’s Point-of-Sale (POS) system, creating a seamless experience for customers regardless of their shopping channel.

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1.2. 4ocean

LocationBoca Raton, FL, USA
Revenue1M-10M / month
Monthly visit51K-100K
ProductBracelets, apparel, and other merchandise
Target audiencesA broad audience
Shopify themeCustom theme

4ocean is one of the eco-friendly Shopify store examples on a mission to tackle ocean plastic pollution. Their core product is a bracelet made from recycled materials. 

4ocean goes beyond just selling eco-friendly products. Their focus on ocean health sets them apart from traditional bracelet sellers. 

A 2023 McKinsey report found that 70% of global consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable brands. 4ocean’s model directly aligns with this growing consumer preference.

They actively remove plastic pollution from the oceans, giving customers a tangible way to contribute to a cleaner environment.  



🔶 Here’s how Shopify helped them stand out:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Shopify’s built-in features reduced the need for expensive custom development, saving them money that could be directed towards ocean cleanup operations.
  • Operational efficiency: Native functionalities on Shopify streamlined daily tasks like product management and marketing campaigns, freeing up internal resources.
  • Speed to market: Shopify’s user-friendly platform allowed them to make quick changes and launch initiatives like the “trash tracker” efficiently.

1.3. Kowtow

LocationTe Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
Revenue30K-50K / month
Monthly visit10K-20K
ProductOrganic cotton garments
Target audiencesA broad audience
Shopify themeCustom theme

Kowtow is a clothing brand, focused on creating high-quality garments, built on a foundation of sustainability and ethical practices. 


Kowtow’s success story exemplifies how a strategic omnichannel approach, grounded in a brand’s core values, can drive business growth.

Leveraging Shopify, Kowtow established a robust foundation for managing its online stores across New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. 

Besides, Shopify’s functionalities enabled Kowtow to effectively showcase their commitment to sustainability through captivating storytelling. They educated customers about Fairtrade-certified organic cotton, circular design principles, and ethical practices.



By integrating the Loop Returns app with Shopify, Kowtow streamlined returns while minimizing environmental impact. Detailed sizing information displayed through Shopify Metafields further reduced returns, benefiting both customer experience and sustainability goals.

🔶 What we can learn from them:

  • Scalable foundation: Shopify empowers Kowtow to manage its global stores while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Storytelling for impact: Shopify tools help Kowtow showcase its sustainability efforts, attracting eco-conscious customers.
  • Reduced returns: Integrations with Shopify minimized environmental impact from unnecessary returns successfully.

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1.4. memobottle™

LocationMelbourne, Australia
Revenue500K-1M / month
Monthly visit10K-20K
ProductSustainable water bottles
Target audiencesA broad audience
Shopify themeSymmetry

memobottle™, a Melbourne-based initiative in this eco-friendly Shopify store list, is on a mission to promote a more sustainable lifestyle by selling reusable water bottles.

Shopify was a game-changer for Memobottle’s success.



It allowed Memobottle to create localized online stores for key regions (Australia, the UK, US, Europe, etc.). This enabled them to tailor content and product offerings to specific markets, boosting customer engagement.

In addition, the Shopify B2B module streamlined the experience for Memobottle’s network of wholesale customers. 

Retailers gained functionalities like dedicated logins, past order reviews, draft order capabilities, and bulk order options aligned with Memobottle’s shipping requirements. 

Memobottle leveraged Shopify Audiences (a data-driven marketing tool) to create targeted advertising campaigns across platforms like Meta and Google, reaching potential customers in different regions more effectively.

🔶 Here are key takeaways:

  • Simplifying regional stores: They created localized stores with relevant content for different regions, all connected to their global inventory.
  • Enhanced B2B sales: Wholesalers got a streamlined experience with advanced features.
  • Data-driven marketing: Shopify Audiences insights helped them target new customers on social media platforms.

1.5. Boody

LocationSan Diego, CA, USA
Revenue30K-50K / month
Monthly visit20K-30K
ProductBamboo clothing
Target audiencesWomen, men and babies
Shopify themeCustom theme

The global bamboo market is expected to reach USD 1.53 billion by 2027, reflecting a growing consumer interest in sustainable textiles (Grand View Research, 2020). 



Boody capitalizes on this trend by offering eco-friendly products to sell, including a range of underwear, socks, and basic wear made from organically grown bamboo viscose.

Boody successfully transitioned from a wholesale model to a thriving online business with the help of Shopify. 



Shopify not only provided a user-friendly interface but also enabled the automation of tasks with Shopify Flow and streamlined payments with Shopify Payments.

Also, by integrating their existing ERP, customer support, and CRM systems with Shopify, Boody gained a unified view of their customer data. This lets them personalize the checkout and improve the customer experience.

🔶 Here is what sets Boody apart:

  • Automation & efficiency: Boody automated emails, security checks, and payments using Shopify Flow, eliminating developer dependence.
  • Integrated systems: Boody connected Shopify with their ERP, customer support, and CRM for a unified view of their customer data.

1.6. Wildway

LocationSan Antonio, TX, USA
Revenue30K-50K / month
Monthly visit10K-20K
ProductGranolas, organic oats, and coconut chips
Target audiencesA broad audience
Shopify themeImpulse

Wildway, a food eco-friendly Shopify store, was born to revolutionize the way we eat, prioritizing both our health and the planet’s well-being.



Wildway isn’t your average food company, and its commitment to sustainability shines through on its Shopify store. 

Wildway leverages one of the best Shopify themes to showcase its regenerative farming practices and commitment to plastic neutrality. They used their delicious, clean-ingredient products with high-quality images and engaging descriptions. 



This transparency builds trust and attracts environmentally conscious customers.

In addition, Shopify empowers Wildway to offer a unique and impactful checkout experience. With a single click at checkout, you can easily offset the carbon footprint of your order on Wildway. 

The customers will feel confident about their purchase knowing they’ve minimized their environmental impact with minimal effort.



🔶 Here’s why Wildway thrives with Shopify:

  • Seamless customer experience: Shopify’s user-friendly platform allows Wildway to showcase its story and products beautifully.
  • Smooth checkout: The custom checkout solution resonates with eco-conscious shoppers and strengthens Wildway’s brand loyalty.

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1.7. ANIÁN

LocationVictoria, BC, Canada
Revenue10K-20K / month
Monthly visit1K-10K
ProductClothing made from recycled natural fibers
Target audiencesCco-conscious consumers
Shopify themeCustom theme

Founded on the idea that fashion shouldn’t harm the environment, ANIÁN creates timeless pieces from recycled materials, giving textiles a second life.



As one of the best Shopify stores, ANIÁN turned to Shopify to streamline their complex operations and manage their inventory across multiple channels.

ANIÁN tracks over 10,000 variations across its manufacturing, warehouses, and stores – all with Shopify. The centralized system ensures accurate stock levels and simplifies order fulfillment.

Shopify lets ANIÁN track inventory movement across its entire supply chain. This visibility allows them to optimize operations and ensure efficient delivery to wholesale partners, retail stores, and online customers.

Moreover, Shopify integrates seamlessly with ANIÁN’s chosen carrier, FedEx. 

It ensures accurate shipping information, simplifies cross-border transactions, and keeps costs under control.

🔶 Here’s what sets ANIÁN apart:

  • Seamless inventory management: The Shopify system helps ANIÁN manage incoming and outgoing inventory across all channels smoothly.
  • Simplified shipping: The integration between Shopify and the shipping provider ensures order and shipping data are always synced, eliminating errors and simplifying cross-border compliance.
  • Data-driven decisions: Shopify’s reporting and visualization tools empower ANIÁN to understand their business and make informed decisions for future growth.

2. What makes an eco-friendly Shopify store successful?

2.1. Strong commitment to sustainability

All businesses in this eco-friendly Shopify store list prioritize eco-friendly practices throughout their operations, from using recycled materials and ethical production methods to minimizing waste and offsetting their carbon footprint. 

This resonates with today’s environmentally conscious consumers who are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products.

All the stores highlighted prioritize eco-friendly products made from recycled materials (ANIÁN, 4ocean), organic materials (Kowtow, Boody), or natural ingredients (Wildway).



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2.2. Seamless inventory management

Shopify helps stores manage complex supply chains with multiple sales channels. This ensures they never oversell and can fulfill orders efficiently, minimizing waste and maximizing customer satisfaction.

For example, Kowtow, managing stores across New Zealand, Australia, and the US, leverages Shopify to maintain consistent stock levels and avoid stockouts, regardless of location.

2.3. Streamlined operations

Shopify empowers eco-friendly stores to streamline their operations through automation and data integration. 

Take Boody for instance. 

They leverage Shopify Flow’s automation capabilities to handle repetitive tasks like sending emails and security checks. This frees up their team’s valuable time to focus on more strategic initiatives, like product development or customer outreach. 



In addition, Shopify integrates seamlessly with various business systems, allowing eco-friendly stores to create a unified view of their customer data.

2.4. Effective marketing tools

Shopify empowers eco-friendly stores with built-in marketing tools like email marketing and social media scheduling. 

Additionally, the vast app store allows them to integrate loyalty programs, influencer marketing tools, and sustainability storytelling apps to effectively reach the right audience and promote their eco-friendly products.

Memobottle, for instance, leverages Shopify Audiences and built-in marketing tools to reach potential customers in different regions based on demographics and interests in sustainable products.



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3. Conclusion

In summary, the inspiring stories of these eco-friendly Shopify stores showcase the immense potential for sustainable businesses in the eCommerce landscape.

Ready to join the movement and build your own eco-friendly Shopify store? Take the first step towards a sustainable future with eComStart today!

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