Top 20+ Profitable Business Ideas for Farmers [2024]


 Agriculture has been increasingly proven a sector with great economic potential. It seems that more people are interested in starting a farming business with the aspiration of lucrative profits. 

However, embracing large-scale, traditional agriculture business ideas can be overwhelming to newcomers. Choosing less traditional, niche agricultural ones that demand lower capital but promise high yields is a smart move, instead. 

If you are looking for low-investment yet profitable business ideas for farmers, more than 20 unique ones below will help you.

1. Overview of Lucrative Business Ideas for Farmers

Before jumping into the main part, let’s take a look at the skimmable table below for leafing through the expenses and profitability of these 20+ money-making agriculture business ideas for farmland.


Agricultural Business Idea Estimated Startup CostPotential Profitability
Organic farmHighMedium
Tea plantationHighHigh
Fish hatcheryHighMedium
Mushroom farmMediumHigh
Quail egg farmMediumHigh
Manure productionMediumMedium-high
Butterfly farmMediumMedium
Snail farmMediumMedium
Lavender farm MediumMedium
Christmas tree farmMediumMedium
Sunflower farmMediumLow
Microgreens farmLowMedium-high
Rabbit farmLowMedium
Herb farmLowMedium
Insect farmLowMedium
Jam productionLowMedium
Dried flowersLowMedium
Worm farmLowMedium
Juice productionLowMedium
Agri-tourism farmLowMedium
Recreational fish farmLowMedium

2.1. Organic farm 

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly concerned about their health; they tend to choose organic farm produce grown with eco-friendly biological fertilizers from animal and plant waste. 

Therefore, an organic farm can be one of the profitable small business ideas to start. Don’t have vast land? It’s never been a big deal. You absolutely can grow an organic farm right in your small backyard by vertical farming.

2.2. Herb farm


Herbs are not only an essential flavoring to make tasty, healthy dishes but they have been also widely used in medicine, pharmacy, and cosmetics. 

With an ongoing demand for herbs, starting a herb farm can yield high profits. First, it doesn’t require a massive area to begin. What’s more, compared to vegetables and flowers, herbs can even be easier to grow. However, you need to do careful research so you can figure out what kind of herbs are both niche and lucrative.

2.3. Mushroom farm

Growing mushrooms can be another lucrative business idea for farming, especially for those planning to start their own agricultural businesses with limited capital and experience. 

With about 20 diverse varieties and a high demand for each in different industries such as food, medicine, or even beauty, mushroom farming offers incredible opportunities for anyone, even those with a small piece of land, to make money. 

2.4. Beekeeping 


The market potential for beekeeping and organic honey production is vast. In recent years, organic honey and bee products, such as beeswax or royal jelly, have been a choice among consumers because of their huge health benefits. 

If you’re interested in beekeeping and want to earn money from it, consider starting a honey production business. To ensure your future success, it’s essential to equip yourself with relevant knowledge and regulations of beekeeping. 

2.6. Recreational fish farm

Fishing is a recreational activity of choice in many countries. If you are a fish farmer in one of those countries, you can leverage your fish farm to boost your income. To succeed, you should learn what types of sport fishing are preferred. 

A great way to increase your fish farm income is to offer a picnic area where they can cook their freshly caught fish and enjoy dishes with their friends or family.

2.6. Microgreens farm


Microgreens farming is a profitable agricultural business that can be run by anyone. Microgreens are incredibly easy to grow, don’t take up a lot of space, have a quick turnaround time, and require minimal financial investment to get started.

Mustard greens, broccoli, cabbage, radish, peas, and kale are some popular microgreens to consider for your business. You can grow these tiny veggies both outdoors and indoors. If you have enough money, consider investing in a greenhouse, which can be costly but produces a year-round return.

2.7. Snail farm 

Compared to many businesses of other livestock, snail farming is a low-risk venture. It doesn’t require high startup and operation costs. Instead of spending money on a snail farm, you can build one right in your backyard, 

More importantly, the demand for snails in human consumption and cosmetics has been increasing, making snail farming a profitable business idea to consider. 

2.8. Manure production 

As consumer health awareness grows, farm produce grown with manure—a byproduct of animal farming without harmful chemicals—has become popular among consumers. 

If you want to launch a manure production business, then it could bring in a lot of money with minimal risks. This venture requires a low-cost investment with little-to-no-cost raw materials.

To get your business started, you should learn about manure production and understand local regulations related to the production and usage of manure.

2.9. Tea farm


The global tea market is expected to grow at a rate of 6.6%, reaching more than $68 million in five years. This lays a good foundation for considering a tea-planting business in 2024. 

Moreover, tea farming has always been a lucrative venture due to high demand and low labor costs. However, it’s important to make sure the area’s climatic conditions and soil are suitable for tea planting. 

2.10. Juice production

As consumers grow more concerned about their health, they are seeking out healthy drinks as an alternative to soft and carbonated beverages. This increased demand suggests that a juice production business can be a great idea to make money. 

If you are a fruit farmer, offering orange juice is beneficial as you can make use of the fruit you grow. Otherwise, you can source fruits from reliable fruit farms in your area.

To get started, you’ll also need good recipes that suit most tastes, some necessary equipment, and permission from competent authorities are what you need to prepare. 

2.11. Rabbit farm

Raising rabbits is a highly lucrative small farm business idea. When compared to other animal species, rabbit farming requires far less investment.  Rabbits are inexpensive and have low living costs. They also reproduce quickly and are quite productive. 

Plus, there is a large market for rabbit meat and fur, making it a quick and profitable business idea for farming.

2.12. Lavender farm

If you love lavender and want to turn your fondness into a money-making agriculture business idea, lavender farming is worth considering. 

The investment to start this business is not too high. Meanwhile, there are many different ways to earn extra income from sunflower farming. Namely, you can sell fresh cut stalks, and dried flowers that can be used as décor, organic soap, or essential oils. 

You may also raise your revenue by renting out lavender farms for photo shoots.  

2.13. Sunflower farm


Another profitable business idea farmers can start is sunflower farming. You can make money by selling fresh-cut stalks, seeds, and especially oil. 

Sunflower oil is always in high demand due to its health benefits, making it a business opportunity to yield high profits. Like lavenders, you can make extra money by offering your lavender fields for photoshoots.

2.14. Quail farm

Quail farming is an option to think about when you’re looking to venture into the poultry industry.

The demand for high-value quail meat and eggs has been growing. In addition, raising quail requires low start-up costs and doesn’t take up too much space. These factors indicate that quail farming could be a profitable business to consider.

2.15. Fish hatchery

A fish hatchery is a facility where fish are artificially reared and bred. Due to limited natural fish sources and the high demand for fish products, this has led to an increased adoption of fish farming. Therefore, this could be a lucrative business you should consider.

You can sell your finish locally if there’s a big market for fish in your area. To boost revenue streams, think about distributing your products across the country. 

3. 5+ most innovative agricultural business ideas

3.1. Dried flowers 


This is one of the flower business ideas worth considering if you are passionate about dried flowers and want to turn your fondness into profits. You can completely make high profits, especially if you grow and dry your own flowers.

To start your venture, you don’t need a physical storefront, particularly if you lack experience and funds. Instead, you can run your business from your home. You can promote your dried flowers online or visit home décor stores and craft fairs for business.

3.2. Worm farm

It would be a shame not to mention worm farming, another money-making business idea for farmers. This organic fertilizer is becoming more and more in demand since consumers are aware of the high-level safety that worm fertilizer offers for their food. 

Since worms may be fed organic waste such as rotten vegetables and fruits, rearing worms doesn’t cost much. All you need to start a worm farm are worms, soil, food, and materials, as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of worm farming.

3.3. Insect farm

Insects, such as crickets or grasshoppers, are fed to pets and even humans due to their sustainable protein-rich source. With a growing demand for insects, raising these small creatures has become a lucrative business idea for small-scale farmers

While livestock farming requires a lot of resources such as land, water, and labor, raising insects is both low-cost and high-profit margins. A worth-considering lucrative venture!

3.4. Christmas tree farm


Every Christmas, the demand for Christmas trees is tremendous. Starting a tree-farming business can reap a lot of money. With an acre of land, you can grow up to 1500 Christmas trees, each of which, when mature, can bring in at least $100. 

However, it takes up to 8 years to gather the yields. Consider the pros and cons carefully before you jump into the business.

3.5. Jam production

In recent years, organic and homemade has been one of the big food trends. Jam production from home is a fantastic small food business idea as the global jam market is estimated to reach $9.87 billion in a few years.

There has always been a need for jam because this is also the essential ingredient to give bread and other meals tastes. Moreover, jam is quite easy to make, and only needs a few ingredients. There is no need for a physical store since you can start this business from the comfort of your home. 

3.6. Agri-tourism 

Agri-tourism has gained popularity in recent years. As a combination of agriculture and tourism, this unique business idea for farmers enables tourists to immerse themselves in the agricultural lifestyle and have firsthand experience with farming activities. 

Some activities for the agri-tourism business include farm tours, farm stays, pick-your-own, educational workshops, and more. The income comes from both daily booking and your crops. 

If you’re interested in this venture, the earnings from it will never let you down. 

3.7. Butterfly farm

butterfly-farm-agricultural-ideas-for-small business

If you are a nature lover and wish to help many people find pleasure and healing, then butterfly farming could be a rewarding business. You can earn income by selling butterflies to local exhibitors, and gift shops, or offering tours and training.

To kick off your business, you need to research this colorful insect, including habitat construction, nutrient requirements, and best practices for raising butterflies.

4. Conclusion

The agriculture industry is fertile ground for aspiring people looking to venture into it. To succeed in such an ever-changing sector, you need to do careful market research, define both your short- and long-term goals, and evaluate and analyze your resources. Choosing the right business ideas for farming is one of the first cornerstones for your business to thrive.

Hopefully, 20+ profitable small business ideas for farmers eComStart has compiled can help you find the best option for your venture. Any ideas or questions to share? Feel please to comment below.

Stay tuned for our articles on successful business ideas across industries on our site!

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