5 Best Shopify Subscription Stores To Inspire Your Own


Nowadays, many Shopify customers look for various subscription services to streamline their lives. Subscriptions greatly simplify life and are also a fantastic business model. The subscription eCommerce or box market has grown into a thriving industry where you can make significant revenue yearly.

If you want to run Shopify subscription stores but don’t know where to start, we recommend you keep reading to explore some of the best stores in the market and learn from them.

1. What is a subscription-based store?

1.1. Overview of a subscription-based store: 

A subscription-based store is a business where customers pay for recurring deliveries of products or services. Running subscriptions for your company is one of the most popular small business ideas

It provides many benefits for merchants in term of boosting sales & revenue, operation & foster brand loyalty. Here are some notable benefits of running a subscription-based store:

  • Predictable income sources 
  • Ideal way to maintain positive cash flow 
  • Easy and reliable shipping 
  • Predictable stock to minimize waste
  • Fostering strong brand loyalty
  • The increase in upselling and cross-selling 

Now, let’s go over all the different subscription models that are frequently employed:

  • Subscription box: recurring delivery of curated physical products.
  • Curation: Selection and personalization of products or experiences
  • Service: Ongoing access to a service or benefit for a recurring fee.
  • Access: Granting permission to use a resource or content for a set period.
  • Replenishment: automatic delivery of replacement items as needed.
  • Digital content: digital products like ebooks, music, or movies.

1.2. Why is Shopify the best platform for subscription-based stores?

Shopify is a platform for you to create the best Shopify subscription based store for many reasons:

  • User-friendliness: You can use the platform without technical coding knowledge. Shopify includes a straightforward built-in feature set and a drag-and-drop page-building tool that simplifies online development and administration, even for newcomers. 
  • Affordability: With affordable options for companies of all sizes, you can start doing business online at a reasonable cost without compromising features and functionality.
  • Scalability: With customizable subscription plans, merchants of various sizes and stages of development can handle demand spikes without paying for extra services and capacities.
  • Security & Reliability: Shopify offers industry-leading security features for payment processing and secure hosting, so your customers’ data is protected when creating an e-commerce website.
  • Multichannel Sales: With your Shopify customer portal, you can sell through various channels and get a detailed report on sales and stock levels to complement your primary e-commerce website.

Overall, you can start a subscription store using Shopify even if you’re a small business since it’s affordable, provide more than enough features, and can scale as your business grows. Especially since Shopify allow you to use the platform 3 days for free & only charge $1 for the first month. Meaning, you can try all the features and decide if it’s fit with no risk!

🫖 The best platform to start a subscription-based store

3 days free trial, then full 1 month usage for just $1!


2. The List of Best Shopify Subscription Stores For Inspiration

Store name
Joshua Tree Coffee
Coffee, Mug, Bottle
Hu Kitchen
Chocolate & Snacks

1.1. Plonk



1.1.1 Overview 

Subscriptions are an excellent way to start a wine business on Shopify, and Plonk is a living proof! UK-based Shopify liquor store Plonk aims to “rescue Britain from mass-produced, commercial wine that lacks character.” 

Each month, they collaborate with independent winemakers to bring a carefully chosen assortment of handcrafted wines straight to members’ homes, along with ideas for food pairings and tasting notes. This is one of the best wine business ideas we’ve ever heard.

London, UK
Target audience
Wine enthusiasts
Wokiee from themesforest

1.1.2 Why is the store successful: 

Flexible subscriptions 

Each month, customers can select from two, three, or six bottles of small-batch wines and receive exclusive benefits like access to VIP events, unexpected presents, and reduced repurchase prices. Their wine subscriptions are refundable and may be stopped at any time.

Clear interface

Using symbols to communicate critical figures to potential customers, Plonk’s Shopify site explains how its wine club subscription operates. The shop also features a chatbot to offer prompt support and a comprehensive FAQ section on its dedicated subscription home page. 

Social proof display to build trust



Social proof is another method this London-based Shopify alcohol store uses to inspire trust in prospective clients. A sticky widget spanning the whole website prominently showcases its 5-star rating, and an interactive carousel of authentic customer reviews can be seen on its homepage. 

1.1.3 What you can learn from this store: 

  • Offer flexibility for your customers with different subscription options 
  • Build an easy-to-navigate website with straightforward information to let shoppers take action more smoothly
  • Show off your good side with genuine comments from your past customers

1.2. Joshua Tree Coffee



1.2.1. Overview: 

One fantastic example of the best Shopify subscription based store that succeeds at selling subscriptions is The Joshua Tree Coffee Company. They provide organic coffee that is locally roasted. We adore this website’s modern layout, which includes stunning product images and little writing.

California, US
Coffee, Coffee Mugs & Bottles
Target audience
Coffee lovers
Custom Shopify theme

💡Tip: If you notice, Joshua Tree Coffee is using a custom Shopify theme! If you have specific needs that require customization, finding expert that can help you customize a theme on Shopify expert marketplaces might be a good idea!

1.2.2. Why is the store successful: 

Strong call-to-action button and clear information



The webpage tempts you to click on one of the highlighted coffees immediately. The subscription packages are clear-cut and easy to use. Delivery options for customers include every 30, 14, or 7 days. Customers may see the Subscribe and Save option, which offers a 10% discount if they commit to placing recurring orders.

Valid reviews to polish your brand

Over a thousand reviews for this product indicate that many satisfied users have rated this subscription service five stars. Having a large number of reviews increases your Google search engine ranking and helps you appear higher in SEO-rich Snippets.

Great upsale & Cross-sale tactics



They also have a Coffee Club where you can customize your ideal membership for a friend or yourself by selecting the precise coffee variety, grind, and brew you want. Offering subscription gift choices to consumers is a terrific approach to get them to buy more from your shop because they can purchase a subscription for someone else.

1.2.3 What you can learn from this store: 

  • Offer flexibility for your customers with different subscription options 
  • Build an easy-to-navigate website with straightforward information to let shoppers take action more smoothly
  • Show off your good side with genuine comments from your past customers

1.3.  Hu Kitchen


1.3.1 Overview: 

Hu Kitchen is a brand-new product that has gained popularity among health foodies worldwide! This best Shopify subscription based store offers paleo and grain-free food items for sale. Products like sugar-free chocolate, gluten-free crackers, and allergy-friendly cookies are available as subscription services.

Chicago, US
Chocolate & Snacks
Target audience
People with a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate
Custom Shopify theme

1.3.2 Why is the store successful: 

Comprehensive pricing and call-to-action buttons

Customers who sign up for a monthly delivery are told they may save 10% with the subscribe and save option. We appreciate how the pricing is broken down for each item. That reads, “$5.00/bar.” The little icons read, “100% satisfaction guaranteed, and free shipping if you spend more than $75,” entice users to click the “add to cart” button.

Customer trust building with genuine customer reviews


In addition, its product has many five-star customer evaluations, which helps convince those who need clarification about subscribing.

Detailed product information



We adore their thoughtfully designed graphics highlighting the components NOT included in their products. This highlights the premium components present in the product, providing the consumer with an incentive to purchase it should they have a food sensitivity or allergy or just follow a particular diet such as gluten-free, vegan, or Keto.

1.3.3. What you can learn from this store: 

  • Provide detailed information about pricing and products to answer any question on customers’ mind
  • Add call-to-action buttons to encourage shoppers to take action
  • Include customer reviews on your website as your testimonials 

1.4. Tsuno



1.4.1. Overview: 

Australian brand Tsuno creates vintage-inspired items. This best Shopify subscription based store offers chocolate and organic tea! With this subscription service, women may receive a monthly package of several ethically sourced tampons and pads sent right to their homes.

Target audience
Women, especially those who love eco-friendly and sustainable items

1.4.2. Why is the store successful: 

Clear explanation of subscription service



It’s a smart move to provide them with an explanation of why they should sign up for frequent delivery. All the information a customer might want regarding the subscription process is provided (what’s inside, when it arrives, how products are sourced, etc.).

The idea of building subscription boxes is genius

This enables the shoppers to receive precisely what they desire each month. Additionally, it’s a great way to upsell them on other items like tea and chocolates. Promoting add-ons increases the average cart value and the merchant’s recurring revenue.

Great purposeful business



What differentiates them from the competition is that this best Shopify subscription based store provides the option to give a box to a charity.

1.4.3. What you can learn from this store: 

  • Create comprehensive and transparent information on your subscription options
  • Add upselling options to increase sale
  • Build your brand’s image as a purpose-driven business by creating a donation section

1.5. Myro Refillable Deodorant

1.5.1. Overview: 

Last on the list of Shopify subscription stores is Myro Refillable Deodorant. Myro’s mission is to protect the environment. And they make that very evident. Their plastic-neutral 24-hour plant-powered deodorant is part of their green product range. In other words, the refill pods reduce plastic waste. 

Target audience
Custom Shopify theme

1.5.2. Why is the store successful:

Flexible and easy-to-cancel subscription options

Myro offers a subscribe and save option and a one-time purchase option. With the subscription plan, the buyer receives free shipping and saves $5.

To encourage customers to finish the checkout process, they playfully remind them that they can cancel at any moment or choose not to get a package. Finally, it’s brilliant that they let the consumer select from three distinct smells for their initial shipment. 

Impactful reviews with intelligent displays



The brand smartly arranges its customer reviews near the top of its website. Shoppers will immediately be convinced of your brand’s trustworthiness.

Besides, you can find customer feedback and reviews from famous sources such as magazines and big brands.

Meaningful service



We like how their website features a mission statement page explaining how they are an environmentally conscious business. Focus on whether your subscription service benefits people or the environment.

The business advertises that their “refills” are simple to order and will be delivered to the customer’s home.

1.5.3 What you can learn from this store: 

  • Create comprehensive and transparent subscription options to facilitate your customers’ shopping process
  • Add powerful reviews to accumulate trust in your customers
  • Run a business with a good purpose and portrait that with your products

3. Tips & advice on how to grow a successful Shopify subscription store

Although using Shopify for subscriptions is simple and will probably boost your income, expanding it might take time because it calls for sustained dedication. You can take a few steps to guarantee that your Shopify subscription stores yield maximum benefits.

3.1. Invest time in tracking and evaluating churn

You must understand the fundamentals of providing genuine value in your subscription boxes. Consumers won’t spend money on items they don’t require or desire. Furthermore, consumers can still cancel the order if they decide they no longer see the value in your offering after placing it.

Don’t be negative whenever they do something; let’s see the positive side. You’ll get an opportunity to realize that something is off. To find out how to improve your services and keep consumers from canceling in the future, you have to conduct surveys and use the forms on the cancellation page.

One of the easiest way to tracking & managing subscription for your Shopify store is using high-rated subscription app on Shopify store. These apps usually include a lot of features that can cater to your specific needs regardless of business sizes and niches.

3.2. Vary the channels you use for sales and marketing.

Subscribers may locate subscriptions anywhere on the internet, so it’s essential to have your membership available where they often browse. Subscription boxes are widely available through influencer networks and eCommerce marketplaces like CrateJoy.

Additionally, social media advertising, email marketing, and affiliate marketing are popular ways to advertise your subscription company.

3.3. Invest a lot of resources in keeping customers.

The difficulty of keeping customers is one of the disadvantages of Shopify subscriptions.

Remember that your current subscribers are your most valued prospects. Don’t ignore them in favor of pursuing other agreements. Investing time and resources in enhancing their purchasing process would be wiser.

Inform your customers that they may contact you immediately and that the support team will respond to them promptly. Additionally, consider their input and evaluate the information to figure out how to support them and solve their issues.

4. Conclusion

We hope this blog helps you find inspiration to start a subscription store on Shopify!

Overall, shopify subscription store is a lucrative business model, and more so if you follow the best practices from brands all over the worlds. To get started, consider setup a Shopify store, then proceed to find subscription apps , fulfillment partners, and a positive outlook to get your subscription store on board!

Visit eComStart regularly as we update new insights about Shopify and ecommerce landscape in general, rain or shine. If you need any help, feel free to drop a line, we’ll reach out shortly.

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