Best Subscription Apps For Shopify: Top 6 Expert Picks


To simplify their life, many Shopify consumers search for different subscription services, from cooking to cleaning, razors to gift-giving, etc.

Subscriptions may be a brilliant business concept and make life much simpler. The eCommerce box or subscription business has developed into a booming sector with annual revenue potential. 

How can you kick off your Shopify subscription business? The answer is to install the best subscription apps for Shopify.

This blog will list the top 6 Shopify subscription apps for setting up subscriptions for your Shopify store and offer some tips for maximizing your app choice’s functionalities.

1. Best Subscription Apps For Shopify Stores: Our Top 6 Picks

So, what is the best subscription app for Shopify? Below are a few of the best subscription apps for Shopify that come in various pricing points and offer some fantastic features.

App name
BSS B2B Subscriptions
BSS: B2B Subscriptions
14-day free trial
Start at $0/ month
Smartrr Subscriptions
Smartrr Subscriptions
14-day free trial
Start at $99/ month
Recharge Subscriptions
Recharge Subscriptions
30-day free trial
Start at $99/ month
RecurrinGO! Subscriptions App
RecurrinGO! Subscriptions
14-day free trial
Start at $29/ month
Seal Subscriptions App
Seal Subscriptions
30-day free trial
Start at $0/ month
Bold Subscription
Bold Subscriptions
30-day free trial
Start at $0/ month

1.1. BSS: B2B Subscriptions


BSS: B2B Subscriptions is the best free subscription app for Shopify, and it has the most beneficial characteristics if you want to launch a subscription model and boost sales.

With the help of BSS Subscriptions, retailers can offer their customers monthly product deliveries, which lowers churn rates and boosts revenue. You may sell goods using this app using various methods, such as pay-as-you-go, regular or advanced prepayment, discounts, and more.

The app dashboard tracks subscription performance, including total order value, average order value, and more. A subscription page on your online business also allows customers to manage their membership status.

This app supports many subscriptions: Curated subscriptions, Custom subscriptions, Digital products, Physical products, Product bundles, Replenishment subscriptions, Services, and Subscription boxes.

Using Subscription by BSS, you may customize messaging, suggestions, and adverts to make the experience more unique and memorable.

💡 Key feature:

  • Predicting the income stream of the business with accuracy and consistency.
  • Automatically gathering user feedback to understand consumer demands and motivation better.
  • Providing consumers access to a secure online payment channel.
  • Providing both one-time and subscription purchases.
  • Configuring automated personalized email alerts for your buyers.
  • Displaying discounted rates and a message to draw in repeat business.
  • Giving buyers the freedom to Activate, Pause, Cancel, Skip, or Cancel their subscription.
  • Adjusting price and frequency policy choices. You can specify the price: per-user price, fixed pricing, dynamic pricing, custom pricing, and recurring payments. Subscribe to save money with tier pricing.

💰 Pricing:

  • Free
  • Starter: $5/month
  • Pro: $10/month
  • Advanced: $20/month

👍 Shopify User’s Review: 14 reviews. 

All of the comments are positive. Users praise the app’s clear instructions. immediate support and reasonable pricing. 


1.2. Smartrr Subscriptions


Next up, we have Smartrr Subscriptions, a great answer to your quest for the best Shopify app for subscription.

Smartrr Subscriptions provides various subscription choices, a customizable customer site, and committed customer service. Improve your consumers’ subscription experience.

Smartrr is an effective customer account gateway since it offers simple instructions, the ability to manage your subscriptions, and convenience.

Additionally, Smartrr provides various subscription options designed to increase your company’s lifetime value. 

Using Smartrr makes cultivating a relationship between your brand and customers feasible.

💡 Key Features:

  • Thorough and effective onboarding procedure.
  • Management of SMS and emails.
  • Provided customer assistance with setup and migration procedures.
  • Sophisticated analytics to identify areas for expansion.
  • Incentives for maintaining a subscription
  • Recommending subscription services
  • Access a mobile-friendly platform with a dedicated customer success manager to collaborate with and round-the-clock chat assistance.
  • Subscribe & Save, Bundles, Build-a-box, Sequential, and Prepaid subscriptions are examples of flexible subscription services.

💰 Pricing:

  • Launch: costs $99 per month and offers a wide range of features and a 14-day free trial. 
  • Grow: costs $299 per month, and 
  • Excel: starts at $499 per month.

👍 Shopify User’s Review: 45 reviews. 

All of the reviews are positive. They love how the app streamlined their subscription service for loyal customers. They also praised the app’s support and user-friendly functionalities.


1.3. Recharge Subscriptions 


The fantastic Recharge Subscriptions app is the next Shopify subscription manager app on our list. It has many valuable features that will help you boost lifetime value and customer engagement.

One of Shopify’s most excellent subscription applications, Recharge Subscription, focuses on managing and charging subscriptions. It assists companies with client account management, subscription plan setup, and easy handling of recurring payments.

You may utilize custom CSS with Recharge to ensure everything reflects your identity. Furthermore, Recharge facilitates the creation of customized customer journeys for various users, resulting in a completely immersive experience.

Subscribers may quickly and simply manage their subscriptions using their mobile devices, adding one-time purchases or delaying delivery.

💡 Key Features:

  • Alerts will automatically inform you of new orders.
  • Make use of robust APIs, adaptable templates, and enterprise-level support.
  • One-time upsell on products.
  • Dashboard for performance metrics.
  • Retry payments automatically when a transaction fails.
  • Compliant with Shopify Checkout and Payments.
  • smooth interaction with popular applications such as Gorgias, Yotpo, and Klaviyo.
  • Reduce attrition, boost lifetime value (LTV) using upselling tools, strengthen customer loyalty with skip/swap options, and assess product effectiveness.
  • Utilize the most reliable integrations to streamline and simplify the subscription business of every solution.

💰 Pricing:

  • Standard: $99/month with 1.25% + 19¢ per transaction.
  • Pro: $499/month with 1% + 19¢ per transaction

👍 Shopify User’s Review: 1,678 reviews.

Users love the app’s easy set-up, simple navigation in the admin portal, and excellent ‘help’ articles. Yet, some problems exist, including increasing monthly costs, missing data, etc.


1.4. RecurrinGO! Subscriptions App


Another fantastic Shopify option for recurring sales is RecurrinGO! Subscriptions App. With frequent invoicing and Shopify billing connection, RecurrinGO! Subscriptions help decrease returns and chargebacks. It also provides subscription boxes and various payment choices.

By using this product’s recurring payment cycle features, users may charge consumers automatically and increase their subscription income.

You may also make customized subscription plans, choose alternative delivery schedules, provide discounts, and write comments to clients. Shopify Checkout and the app are entirely connected to offer a seamless shopping experience.

💡 Key Features:

  • Prepaid subscriptions, pay-per-delivery alternatives, and adjustable discount schemes.
  • User-friendly customer portal made to keep and interact with your subscribers.
  • Automated debits and periodic statements.
  • Analytics for client subscriptions and subscription rules.
  • Management of cancellations and trickery.
  • Complete personalization across all aspects.
  • Discounts for a product subscription and irregular or monthly payment alternatives for consumers.
  • Build-a-box and storage package aspects. Replicated payments are made to several firms.

💰 Pricing:

  • Plus: $29/month with a 0.5% transaction fee for every order containing a subscription item.
  • Pro: $99/month with a 0.25% transaction fee for every order containing a subscription item.
  • Ultimate: $199/month with no transaction fee.

👍 Shopify User’s Review: 204 reviews. 

According to the users, this app has a fantastic support staff, is very easy to set up, and is adaptable. However, some complained about a glitch in its interface and inadequate functionalities.


1.5. Seal Subscriptions App


Seal Subscriptions App is another best Shopify app for subscription that provides sophisticated yet elegant tools for growing your company.

The application enables e-commerce companies to sell and generate subscriptions, free trials, and discount coupon coupons. It also provides subscription-related services. Additionally, it offers several users delivery alternatives and plans that may be customized.

After installation, all you need to do to start selling using the app is create subscription rules. Recurring orders will be debited to your account automatically, and you can view them in your Shopify admin.

💡 Key Features:

  • Automation of customer invoices.
  • Subscription widgets suited for mobile devices.
  • Keep track of missed payments and canceled memberships.
  • Different subscriptions in one cart.
  • Monitoring performance with in-depth data visualizations.
  • Simple administration of subscriptions.
  • A customer portal for subscription management.
  • Never personally billing consumers; instead, sending them automatic bills. 
  • Consumers do not need to register to access their subscriptions. They will gain access to them through mystical bonds.
  • Using vouchers to collect recurring payments from your customers.

💰 Pricing:

  • Free For Life: Up to 150 subscriptions with 0% transaction fee.
  • SuperSale: $4.95/month or $41.58/year and save 30% with 0% transaction fee.
  • Rising: $7.95/month or $66.78/year and save 30% with 0% transaction fee.
  • Star Legend: $19.95/month or $167.58/year and save 30% with 0% transaction fee.

👍 Shopify User’s Review: 1,396 reviews.

The review is positive. The users praised the app’s incredible support and smooth functionalities. However, some are unhappy about the incompatibility with their store themes and the pricing.


1.6. Bold Subscriptions


You may develop and manage subscription items using Bold Subscriptions, a well-liked and best Shopify app for subscription.

It provides user-friendly tools for creating, introducing, and growing subscription businesses. Bold Subscription further offers recurring billing, configurable subscription boxes, and the ability to sell one-time purchases and subscription goods side by side.

You’ll like this program if you’re fascinated by each procedure’s details. It works perfectly with your store to provide scalable recurring payments and is made for Shopify Plus.

💡 Key Features

  • Design and language management.
  • Seamless connection with Shopify.
  • Installs effortlessly in line with your theme; gives all goods a “subscribe and save” discount.
  • Place one-time and recurring items in the shopping basket.
  • Send out thorough email notifications.
  • Control of SMS subscriptions.
  • Give consumers the flexibility and access they desire, such as the capacity to modify, stop, skip, and manage orders.
  • Recurring billing designed for businesses and Shopify Plus. 
  • Recurring purchases are simply included in the Shopify app, products, cart, checkout, customer accounts, and order flow.

💰 Pricing:

  • Sandbox & Dev Shop: Free
  • Core – Unlimited: $49.99/month +1% of orders containing subscription products.

👍 Shopify User’s Review: 372 reviews

There are many positive reviews besides some negative ones. Good customer service and easy integration are 2 main reasons why the users love it so much. Yet, the app is less customizable and some updates caused inconvenience.


2. Why do you need a subscription app for your Shopify stores

For eCommerce businesses, particularly those looking to build a subscription-based business strategy for their brand, subscription applications are essential. These Shopify subscription apps can provide features that effortlessly allow buyers to subscribe to your products monthly or annually.

Besides, they offer more benefits than you could think of:

  • Assisting you in forecasting future profits and making other cost plans for your company.
  • Streamlining your fulfillment processes and making shipping easy and reliable.
  • Fostering strong brand loyalty since subscriptions allow you to focus on retaining current clients, which increases the average customer lifetime value.
  • Boosting the possibility of upselling and cross-selling makes it simple to offer related products to clients you currently deal with or anyone who has shown interest in your business.
  • Automating the entire procedure will provide better service to customers. This will allow customers to avoid wasting time looking for what they want or manually inputting their payment details for every transaction.
  • Scheduling everything using a subscription app ensures that supplies are constantly available and your inventory is always full.
  • Using the best Shopify app for subscription, you may implement automation features and streamline the invoicing process for consumers and organizations. This enhances operational effectiveness, client loyalty, and income stability.

3. 4 things to consider when choosing the best subscription apps for Shopify

The eCommerce business sector is vast and diverse, with many companies vying for customers by providing unique deals and product packages. These businesses might greatly benefit by selecting the best Shopify subscription manager app.

Here’s how to select the app for your subscription:

  • Specify What You Need: Recognize the demands of your company and the subscription model (e.g., product-based, box-based, tiered price) that you wish to use. Different applications may cater to certain subscription kinds.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Ensure the app and your Shopify store interact smoothly. Also, verify that it works with any other necessary applications or technologies you use, such as analytics, inventory management, and payment gateways.
  • Management of Customers: Think about how well the program handles user data. A few things to look for include account administration, customer portals, and simple access to subscription information. Customers should easily manage their subscriptions.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Seek applications with comprehensive reporting and analytics features. To expand your subscription company, you may make data-driven decisions with insights about subscription performance, customer behavior, and revenue patterns.

4. Best practices to make the most out of your subscription app

Using a subscription app is a simple way to boost your Shopify revenue, but growing your business might be tricky because it demands a long-term commitment. This implies that you must put more effort into your product marketing and promotion to attract consumers, reduce risks, and convince reluctant purchasers.

You can take a few practices to guarantee that your Shopify subscription app works more effectively.

4.1. Find the right niche for your business 

Given the crowded subscription market in specific product categories, you can have trouble convincing people to subscribe to your service.

Due diligence on the viability of your subscription items is thus highly recommended before establishing a total Shopify subscription business with an app. Be careful to investigate if subscription boxes fit in with your particular specialty.

In particular, product testing, trials, and surveys are crucial for determining whether you need a subscription product and for providing further insight into potential competitors.

4.2. Monitor and analyze churn rates

You need to understand the importance of providing genuine value in your subscription boxes. Consumers won’t spend money on items they don’t require or desire. Furthermore, buyers can back out and cancel the purchase if they decide they no longer see the value in your goods after placing them.

Don’t be negative whenever they do something; let’s see the positive side. You’ll have an opportunity to realize that something is off. All you have to do is pay great attention to your Shopify subscription tracker app’s metrics.

To improve your services and stop customers from canceling in the future, dissect them and identify the problem.

4.3. Diversify marketing and sales channels

These apps can help you provide excellent subscription services, but you need to tell your customers that and convince them to choose you over others.

That’s why you must put more effort into marketing and diversifying your sales channels to be visible to as many customers as possible.

Offering your subscription where customers usually visit is essential because they can locate subscriptions anyplace on the internet. In addition, social media advertising, email marketing, and affiliate marketing are great avenues for advertising your subscription business. 

4.4. Work on customer retention

These apps are great for managing customers and providing outstanding services. However, there is more you need to do to retain customers.

When interacting with your customers, you must be proactive and enthusiastic. Informing your clients that they can contact you at any time may help them obtain a prompt response from the support service.

Additionally, consider their advice and evaluate the information to decide how best to assist them and deal with their issues.

5. Conclusion

Building a subscription business can be easy with the right app. Throughout this blog, we highlighted the 6 best subscription apps for Shopify in the market, with all the details that can help you find your favorite one.

Furthermore, you can establish a successful Shopify subscription business if you follow our guide and use subscription apps effectively. Follow for more valuable ecommerce tips.

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