Shopify Outdoor Stores: 4 Best Examples for Inspiration


When it comes to opening your own Shopify outdoor store, there may be many challenge you need to overcome. The best way to do it is to learn from the best examples, which you will find in this article.

Our list of best Shopify outdoor stores will help you get on the road by giving you a better understanding of their successful strategies and approach that you can use in your incoming Shopify outdoor shop.

1. 4 best Shopify outdoor stores examples

NoTitleCountryShopify ThemeMonthly VisitRevenue
1Mountain StandardUSIcon2.8K$2m
2Zpacks | Ultralight Backpacking Gear | LightweightUSCustom theme318.9K$24.4m
3The Mossy Oak Store: Hunting & Camo Apparel, Outdoor GearUSImpulse131.2K$25M – 100M
4Snow Peak USA – Japanese-Designed Camping GearUSCustom theme290.5K$19.1m

1.1. Mountain Standard: 

1.1.1 Overview



Out of the multiple Shopify outdoor stores, Mountain Standard is a well-known shop. This brand provides consumers with quality outdoor clothing and equipment.

All items are designed at the company and manufactured in other countries in order to maintain quality. To build their initial base of customers, they used personal relationships and writing blog posts.

The store is built using Icon Shopify theme, an optimal choice for brands striving for visually striking interfaces with image-focused content.

1.1.2 Why is Mountain Standard successful?

Focus on Honest Pricing

Mountain Standard aims to provide high-quality outdoor equipment at fair prices. They avoid retail markups and set the prices 40 – 50% lower than their most competitors through online stores and pop-up stores. It helps them in establishing trust easily with the customers who are more concerned with the costs involved.

Quality Content Marketing

One of the strongest areas of the brand is content creation, creating beautiful and informative blog posts, product descriptions, and social media posts that feature the products in use. Their blog, RIMBY Tales contains advice, tips, and stories that would interest all the members of the outdoor community.

Event-Based Sales Strategy

By participating in events like the Denver Flea, Mountain Standard allows customers to experience their products firsthand without the overhead of permanent retail stores. This strategy is bridging the gap between online and offline retail without the high costs of maintaining permanent storefronts.

Unique Brand Identity

The #RIMBY (Right In My Backyard) mood concept appeals to customers who value local adventures and accessible outdoor activities, differentiating Mountain Standard from larger outdoor brands and building a strong emotional connection with their audience. 

These strategies make Mountain Standard one of the best Shopify outdoor stores examples, which show how good design and effective marketing can help to succeed in the market.

1.1.3 What can you learn from Mountain Standard ?

  • To gain the trust of budget-conscious customers, avoid excessive markups and offer competitive prices
  • Develop high-quality blog posts and product descriptions, use social media to promote use of products, and provide outdoor-related tips, advice, and experiences.
  • Pop-up stores and local events can deliver direct product experiences while reducing operating costs in traditional stores.
  • Develop a unique brand voice that promotes local adventures and accessible outdoor activities. Using your unique vibe idea you can build a deep emotional connection with your audience.
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1.2. Zpacks:

1.2.1. Overview

Zpacks is a leading name among camping Shopify stores, focused on the ultralight backpacking equipment. They provide diverse equipment and apparels such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and outfits. This company is one of the most successful examples of the best Shopify stores to buy outdoor gear.

1.2.2. Why is Zpacks successful?

High-quality, niche products

Zpacks specializes in ultralight backpacking gear, a niche market with dedicated enthusiasts. It offers products that are quite light with high endurance that appeal to serious hikers who want small load packs. This specialization helps them to carve a niche in a highly saturated outdoor gear industry.


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Strong customer reviews and testimonials

The store features numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, which builds trust and credibility.

For example, Christine rated a Zpacks tent 4.5/5 stars, praising its roominess and sturdiness during her six-month PCT hike. Paul England also gave it 4.5/5 stars, highlighting the impressive space and ultralight design. Duzzi rated it 5/5 stars, calling it one of the best tents he has ever owned, ideal for three-season ultralight backpacking.



These high ratings emphasize the reliability and performance of your gear, encouraging new customers to make purchases.

Customizable products



Zpacks does allow customers to choose custom settings for many of their apparels and gears to meet certain specific needs. This level of personalization is highly valued in the outdoor community, giving them an edge over competitors who offer standard, off-the-shelf items.

1.2.3. What can you learn from Zpacks?

  • Concentrate on selling high-quality products in small numbers, focusing on specific target markets.
  • Highlight positive reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  • Offer variations to match customer requirements and provide additional value over basic products and services.

1.3. The Mossy Oak Store:

1.3.1. Overview

Mossy Oak Store is a popular Shopify hunting store that offers hunting and outdoor equipment. They sell clothing items and accessories that are camouflage with apparels, sporting equipment and fishing accessories for both male and female as well as children.

The Mossy Oak Store which has an online presence and a physical store in West Point, MS, serves as a success story in the field of Shopify outdoor stores. The store is built using Impulse Shopify theme, a nice theme with 20+ outstanding sections, powerful promotions & modern design.

1.3.2. Why is The Mossy Oak Store successful?

Product range

The Mossy Oak Store features an extensive diverse line of products that range from hunting and camo clothing and accessories, outdoor equipment and many others.

They have a variety of items such as fishing tech shirts, fishing shorts, neck gaiters, hoodies, swim and fishing shorts for both men and women. 



With such a broad selection, Mossy Oak can cater to almost any kind of outdoor activity, whether it’s camping near a lake in the summer or hiking a high mountain in the winter.

They also provide separate categories for kids as well. The range of products offered is rather vast, and this can be an advantage as it attracts a rather large audience.

Social media presence

It appears the store has a strong presence across most social media platforms, these being Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and Vimeo. 

On Instagram, with 41.1K followers, they post weekly about sales, new products, and conservation efforts, along with engaging reels. Their Facebook page, with 761K likes, shares content on events and partnerships.



YouTube, with 86K subscribers, features playlists like “The Fabric of a Brand” and “Turkey Season,” with the most popular video reaching 10 million views. Twitter, with 2,629 followers, announces sales and promotions, while Pinterest, with 7.9K followers, showcases images linking to blogs and product collections. 

This strategic use of social media keeps their audience engaged and informed.

High-quality visual content



The Mossy Oak Store has high-quality images and videos that present their products in real-life outdoor settings. 



For example, their Fishing Neck Gaiter is shown on a model by a sunny lake, highlighting its UV protection and breathability. This approach helps customers see how the products perform in specific conditions, making them more appealing and demonstrating their practical benefits.

Engaging and informative content

The Mossy Oak Store effectively engages and informs their audience through a combination of blogs, a TV series, and a podcast.

Their blog covers diverse topics, from fishing tips like “A History of the Jonboat” to deer hunting strategies such as “The Best Watering Hole Locations for Whitetail Deer,” ensuring a wide range of interests are catered to.



Their TV series, “Fish Wars,” offers visual and entertaining content, enhancing viewer engagement over its four seasons. Additionally, the podcast “Fist Full of Dirt,” hosted by Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, delves into the outdoor lifestyle, providing listeners with practical advice and inspiration. 

This integrated approach keeps customers informed and connected, blending education with entertainment.

1.3.3. What can you learn from The Mossy Oak Store?

  • You should consider providing a broad range of products to attract a wider audience.
  • If possible, you should maintain an active and engaging presence across multiple social media platforms to stay connected with the community.
  • Diversify your content appearing on the website by combining high-quality images and videos to showcase your products, how to set up the gear in different environments, etc
  • Offer informative content such as blog posts, guides, compelling content such as podcasts. It’s not only building a community using your products but also improving your SEO score.
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1.4. Snow Peak:

1.4.1. Overview

The Snow Peak Shopify store is known as an outdoor gear retailer, being popular for its high-quality camping equipment and apparel. As a leading Shopify outdoor gear store, the brand focuses on crafting durable and functional products that cater to outdoor lovers and adventurers.

Snow Peak’s main products are apparel, like jackets and pants, to essential camping gear, including tents, fire pits, and cookware.

1.4.2. Why is Snow Peak successful?

Strong Brand Identity

Snow Peak’s unique brand identity is rooted in its dedication to craftsmanship and Japanese origins. Founded in 1958 by Yukio Yamai in Niigata, Japan, the company was inspired by the rugged terrain of Mt. Tanigawa and the skilled metalwork of Tsubame-Sanjo.

Under the leadership of his son, Tohru Yamai, Snow Peak expanded from climbing gear to car camping and outdoor apparel, always driven by a love for nature and quality. 



Community engagement through events like the Snow Peak Way fosters a close-knit customer base, further strengthening its brand. This blend of meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, and deep cultural ties defines Snow Peak’s distinct identity. 

Customer engagement and community building



Snow Peak makes use of social media and local events to communicate directly with its customer base. They organize workshops and camping events to promote an environment of community between those who attend.

So in addition to building brand loyalty, such interaction encourages word-of-mouth advertising.



Sustainability and ethical practices

Sustainability is highlighted all over Snow Peak’s product range. They ensure ethical manufacturing procedures and integrate recycled materials in many of their products. Customers that care about the environment appreciate the company’s commitment to sustainability, which also improves its reputation.



Snow Peak has transitioned all its global offices, business units, and directly managed campsites to renewable energy sources, achieving zero CO2 emissions.

They are also striving for 100% clean energy in raw materials, manufacturing, and consumer experiences, actively engaging with manufacturing partners to reduce carbon footprints.

1.4.3. What can you learn from Snow Peak?

  • Create a unique brand identity that combines style and functionality.
  • Use social media and arrange events to interact with clients directly and foster an impression of community.
  • Prioritize ethical and sustainable business operations to bring in eco-aware customers.

2. Interesting facts about outdoor industry on Shopify

In the Hiking & Camping category, there are 3,126 active Shopify outdoor stores as of May 24, 2024. Here are some key facts from this segment to inspire your own Shopify outdoor gear store:

  • Social media usage: 41.6% of stores use Instagram, making it the most popular platform. YouTube is at 17.5%, and Facebook is at 36.7%. Shopify outdoor stores may effectively engage with their audience by using these platforms.
  • Contact information: 52.5% of stores offer email as the preferred means of communication. In addition, 30.8% provide a phone number to ensure that buyers can get in touch with them easily.
  • Top countries: The United States dominates with 57.5% of these stores. Australia (9.2%), the United Kingdom (8.6%), and Canada (6.7%) also host many Shopify outdoor stores online.
  • Top Shopify apps: Apps offering product reviews are important. 20.0% of stores have Product Reviews installed, however only 17.0% use Product Reviews. 18.0% of stores implement geolocation apps to personalize the in-store buying experience.
  • Top technologies: Cloudflare is used globally, increasing 99.6% of stores’ security and functionality. 99.2% of users use Arrive for assistance in shipment tracking. With 98.8% of users using Cloudflare CDN, fast content delivery is assured.
  • Product range: Targeting niche markets, 1–9 products are available for purchase in 24.6% of the total businesses. While 16.5% and 18.8%, accordingly, have 10–24 and 50–99 products, both of them offer a wide but reasonable range of options.
  • Top Shopify themes: Dawn is the most popular theme, used by 20.8% of stores. Debut and Refresh follow, used by 5.8% and 4.9% of stores. These themes offer clean, functional designs ideal for camping Shopify stores.
  • Top-level domain distribution: The .com domain is dominant, used by 74.0% of stores. The domain is prevalent in Australia (5.4%), and the domain is common in the UK (4.0%).

These facts illustrate how successful Shopify outdoor stores leverage specific tools and strategies. By understanding these practices, you can enhance your own Shopify hunting store or any other outdoor-focused business.


In conclusion, Shopify outdoor stores are successful because they integrate important technology and apps, use social media strategically, and effectively engage customers. These strategies can help you build a successful Shopify outdoor gear store.

Visit Ecomstart at for additional information and business concepts. In a crowded market, sticking to proven strategies will help you identify your store. Take inspiration from these models to create your own profitable outdoor business stores.

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