Top 15 Small Business Ideas for Women [2024]


If you dream of being a woman entrepreneur and finding out the top small business ideas for women, you’ve come to the right place! 

More and more women are looking for opportunities to succeed in their careers, standing on their own feet to have businesses and gain more money from side hustles. However, even having passion and preparing a large budget, you cannot avoid risks and failures if you choose an inappropriate business idea.

In this blog, eComstart will list the top 15 best small business ideas for women that you can consider to start!

1. Comparative overview of small business ideas for women

There is a table of various unique business ideas for ladies:

Business Ideas for WomenEstimated Startup CostsPotential Profitability
Home-made jewelryMediumMedium-high
Personal trainerLowMedium-high
Mobile make-up servicesLowMedium-high
Direct brand distributorHighHigh
Affiliate marketingLowMedium-high
Drop shippingLowHigh
Print on demandLowHigh
Mobile nail servicesLowMedium-high
Online bloggerLowMedium-high
Online courseLowMedium-high
Graphic artistLowMedium-high
Online fitness trainerLowMedium-high

With this table, you can review and compare the cost and benefits of each idea and choose the most suitable small business ideas with low investment to start!

2. Best small business ideas for women entrepreneurs

2.1. A personal trainer


If you love the gym and have personal trainer certifications, becoming a personal trainer is one of the greatest business ideas for fitness industry that women can enter. 

As a personal trainer, you must provide accurate exercise and meal plans in specific stages for different customers. Besides, to make sure they can obtain fitness goals, you have to motivate customers to go to the gym, exercise, and track the calories and food they take. 

The greatest thing about becoming a personal trainer is that you can work as a freelancer and choose suitable meeting times and methods of meeting customers. Thus, you can have other jobs or businesses to increase your income. 

2.2. Home-made jewelry store

A homemade jewelry store is one of the greatest homemade business ideas for women who are skillful and have an eye for aesthetics. 

As one of the most beneficial small jewelry business ideas, you don’t need a large budget to begin. You can start establishing a store in digital marketplaces like Etsy or even creating a website with Shopify to reach more customers and sell your jewelry. You can open a small store in local fairs, or partner with some local clothing store to sell your products. 

2.3. Handmade soaps and scented candles


Have a crafting hobby and want to make more money? Starting a handmade soap and scented candle is one of the most unique art business ideas for women at home. To start this business, you don’t need a huge investment in renting a physical store or hiring staff. 

The only thing you need is an online store on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or just a website that showcases your products. Make sure that you have appropriate marketing strategies. Developing attractive social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok is a must. 

2.4. Mobile makeup services

Providing mobile make-up services is a great small business idea for women if you have excellent makeup skills. To become successful in this competitive market, the first thing you have to do is develop skills and enrich your knowledge continuously. 

Then, you have to nurture a personal brand on social media, update the trend, and create attractive content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to attract more target customers. Don’t forget to retain your customers. Creating attractive promotion programs is an effective way to have more loyal customers. 

2.5. Mobile nail services


Want to open a nail salon but you don’t have enough money to invest in renting space and hiring staff? You can take a small step first and offer mobile nail services – one of the most profitable nail business ideas from home. With this business, you will serve your customers at their homes and bring your equipment.

If you want to attract and retain customers, providing additional services and implementing discount programs are effective strategies for you. Customers will be happy with satisfied services and recommend you to their families and friends.

Besides, to build trust and increase your online visibility, you need trustworthy and interesting social media accounts that showcase an exceptional portfolio and update attractive content.

2.6. Becoming direct brand distributors 

As a distributor, you will partner with companies and sell their products directly to customers through various channels. Brands always have preferential prices to the distributors, thus they can have income from the price difference.

The key to success is choosing trustworthy brands and understanding their products. By choosing famous brands, you don’t have to worry too much about branding, just focus on marketing strategies. Running attractive promotion programs, and building strong relationships with your old customers are great ways to approach more customers and retain old ones. 

2.7. Pet sitting


Offering pet-sitting services is one of the best perfect pet business ideas for an animal lover like you. You will visit customers’ homes in your neighborhood and take care of their pets while they are on vacation or business trips. You can offer some related business services, such as dog walking service or mobile pet spa. 

To have more income in this business, you have to build great relationships with your customers and retain them with attractive promotion programs. If you have certifications in veterinary or graduated in veterinary medicine, you will gain more trust from customers. 

2.8. Graphic artist


Becoming a freelance graphic artist is one of the greatest business ideas for women who have art talent. Based on your career, you can work full or part-time as a side hustle. 

To start, you need an impressive portfolio that showcases all the excellent work you have done. Next, you should create social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok and nurture your branding image with exciting content. 

3. Best online business ideas for women from home 

3.1. Freelance graphic designer


If you are excellent at creating impressive graphics, becoming a freelancer graphic designer is great for you. Using creative skills and graphics editor tools, you will provide design services to your customers on a project basis. 

Building a strong portfolio, staying updated with design trends, and delivering high-quality work are the things you need to do to become successful. 

3.2. Writing freelancer


Becoming a writing freelancer is one of the best online business ideas for women who want to work from home. 

However, this market is extremely competitive. To stand out from the crowd, you need an impressive portfolio showing your credentials and increasing your online presence by creating exclusive social media accounts and websites.  

Not only that, you have to define an appropriate and profitable niche, enrich your knowledge about this market, and connect with experts are important things you can do to grow your freelance business. When building up a solid reputation and practice, you can start raising your rate and joining more projects.

3.3. Online blogger


With the booming of digital, you can earn more money by becoming an online blogger. Based on your expertise and interest, you can create different content on your blog website to share valuable knowledge and insights. You can earn money by selling digital books and guides, online courses, and becoming a KOL, KOC advertising famous brands. 

This is one of the greatest small business ideas at home for ladies who love sharing and connecting with others. With a small budget to start, instead of spending money for renting space or hiring staff, you only need to invest in branding and marketing, attracting target audiences to come to your website and engage with them.

3.4. Content Creator


Have tons of interesting ideas and want to gain more money from them? Becoming a content creator on social media is one of the best online business ideas for women like you!

To thrive in this competitive industry, you have to invest more in personal branding by creating interesting content on social media, improving your filming and editing skills, and building relationships with famous influencers. 

As content creators, you have many ways to monetize your business, from affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship, advertising, and selling courses to sharing your expertise. If you gain more fame, you can enter the entertainment industry or establish and strengthen your brand.

3.5. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is a lucrative business idea for you when you don’t have more money to start. Instead of handling inventory or shipping logistics, you can partner with suppliers who fulfill orders, from produce to shipping products to your customers.

With this model, you can start with a low budget while providing a wide range of products without storage space. Investing in effective marketing strategies, carefully choosing trustworthy suppliers, and ensuring a seamless customer experience are things you need to do to succeed in this competitive market. 

3.4. Online courses 


When starting an online course business, based on your expertise, you have to choose one or two related topics to focus on.

Showing your skills and experience through impressive portfolios and certificates, branding your image on social media, and partnering with other influencers are methods that help you succeed in this sector. You can offer promotions and affiliate programs for your courses to attract more customers and stimulate your students to recommend your courses to acquaintances.

3.6. Print on demand (POD)


Thank the development of digital print technology, you can transform creative ideas, image, and quotes into clothing and accessories. 

The greatest advantage of this business model is that you can start with low cost and don’t have to think about handling logistics and inventory. Instead of spending on purchasing or manufacturing, you find reliable partners that fulfill for you, from supplying clothing and accessories and printing to shipping to the customers.

However, to be successful in this market, besides investing more in digital marketing strategies, such as SEO and social ads, you have to improve your services. Adding customized options for each product is a good idea, customers will have unique items and superb experiences. 

3.8. Online fitness trainer

Being an online fitness trainer is one of the small business ideas for women who enjoy workout and have vast fitness knowledge. You will provide different individual training programs and dietary advice that fit with customers and help them reach to fitness goals. Since you will work remotely online, you can choose the time and location to work freely, based on your lifestyle. 

To have more customers, the first thing you have to do is enhancing your knowledge and communication skills to stimulate your customers to keep working out until reach their goals. When customers see the result, they will recommend you to others. 

4. Conclusion

We hope you are satisfied with our list of the greatest small business ideas for women. To start a business, you have to consider crucial elements, including the market, your budget, and your goals to choose a suitable business idea to start.

After that, based on your business model, you have to try to gain some certificates, create an effective business plan, and manage the potential risks. 

If you want to know how to start your business or seek out some potential market to step in, just subscribe to eComStart and check out our blogs on the topic of business ideas! This valuable and interesting information will help people succeed in the world of business.

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