Top 20+ Small Jewelry Business Ideas [2024]


Like clothes and footwear items, people have worn jewelry for eons as a form of self-expression, making us feel more confident and true to ourselves.

And now, as we’re reaching 2024 at any time soon, the jewelry industry is still in high demand. The value of the global jewelry market is predicted to grow from around $270 billion in 2022 to over $330 billion by the end of 2026.

So, if you are interested in this potential niche but don’t know where to start yet, let’s explore the top 23 small jewelry business ideas we’ve compiled just for you!

1. Top 23 small jewelry business ideas 2024

1.1. Online jewelry store 


Are you a newbie searching for small jewelry business ideas? Well, then launching an eCommerce store selling jewelry can be a smart choice. This is because, then, you won’t have to worry about the huge jewelry business cost of running a physical shop.

Instead, you can set up a stunning, functional jewelry store in hours with easy-to-use eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, etc. Thanks to its low starting cost and flexibility, starting an eCommerce store is one of the best online jewelry business ideas.

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1.2. Jewelry resale business

Do you know where to source high-quality pieces of jewelry at good prices? If so, starting a jewelry resale business can earn you a decent income. With the resale model, you purchase jewelry from wholesalers or suppliers at discounted prices and sell it to your customers at higher prices. This will allow you to earn profits on the pricing differences.

1.3. Jewelry rental business

Not all pieces of jewelry are expensive. However, good stuff in the jewelry niche, like a diamond necklace or a jewelry collection from a luxurious brand, can easily cost a fortune. That’s why most would opt for jewelry rental services when they need extravaganza jewelry pieces for special events and seldom wear them on casual days.

If you have a huge investment upfront, buy the luxurious, superb jewelry pieces you see fit and put them on rent. This service-based model can be one of the best jewelry business ideas that can earn you high recurring revenues.

1.4. Jewelry repair and polishing service

Since quality jewelry pieces are pricey, people won’t easily get rid of their jewelry items whenever their jewelry gets damaged or imperfections like they normally do with clothing or footwear items. Hence, opening a jewelry repair and polishing service can earn you a good income. Plus, the starting cost of operating this service is also moderately low as well. 

1.5. Jewelry design


If you are looking for some jewelry business ideas that empower you to unleash your creativity to the fullest, becoming a jewelry designer can be a rewarding choice. You can design your own jewelry pieces and then craft and sell them. Or you can simply design and sell your ideas on Upwork, Fiverr, etc, to monetize your creativity and passion for the jewelry niche.

1.6. Secondhand jewelry business

Did you know that per Statista’s forecast, the global pre-owned luxury jewelry market is expected to climb remarkably, reaching $1.3 billion by 2027 from just around $444 million in 2021?

So, if you are interested in selling pre-owned items, launching your secondhand jewelry business is a no-brainer. Though it can be challenging to find secondhand jewelry to sell, you can diversify your product-sourcing channels– via donations, consignments, flea markets, etc.

1.7. Handmade jewelry business


Are you passionate about making and selling your own jewelry pieces? If so, launching a handmade jewelry store is one of the best custom jewelry business ideas, and you won’t regret it. 

Etsy is a marketplace specifically known for selling handmade items. So, if you are looking for DIY jewelry ideas to sell, you can browse product listings on the platform to have more insights into what kinds of handmade jewelry your customers are most interested in.

1.8. Personalized jewelry business

A personalized jewelry business can be among the most fantastic jewelry business ideas that can help you earn a place in the competitive jewelry industry. By offering your customers personalized jewelry pieces that cater to their preferences and styles, you can price your products higher and earn better profit margins. Not to mention that with a personalized jewelry store, you can also offer “add-on” services like name engravings, gift wrapping, etc.

1.9. Vintage jewelry business


Launching a jewelry store specializing in selling vintage pieces is another awesome jewelry business idea we’d love to suggest to you. As vintage screams high fashion, vintage jewelry pieces will never go out of style if that’s what you are concerned about. The good thing is that vintage jewelry pieces come with great diversity on any online marketplace– allowing you to source your products easily.

1.10. Resin jewelry business


Have you been searching for small jewelry business ideas but can’t decide where to get started yet? A jewelry store selling resin pieces won’t let you down. It’s also easy to launch a resin jewelry shop, all you need are some supplies, including resin, molds, pigments, and mixing tools. The best part is that resin jewelry pieces are versatile– you can sell them online, at craft fairs, or sell your pieces to boutiques and gift shops.

1.11. Seashell jewelry business

If you are environmental-conscious and also want to start a jewelry store with a low starting cost, selling jewelry pieces crafted from seashells is one of the must-try jewelry business ideas. With people’s shifting attitude toward sustainability, the seashell jewelry market is expected to bloom in the upcoming years.

1.12. Wedding jewelry business


Everyone loves to have luxurious jewelry pieces to make their special day even more special. This is not only about the rings but also about the bracelets, earrings of the bride, or wristwatches and necklaces of the groom. With a potentially high-profit margin and consistent demand, starting a wedding jewelry business is one of the most profitable jewelry business ideas.

1.13. Earings business

Apart from rings and bracelets, earrings are one of the most popular jewelry items people wear to mix and match with their outfits, improving their appearance and boosting their confidence. And with various campaigns against toxic masculinity worldwide, nowadays, not only women but also men love to wear earrings as a form of self-expression. 

So, if you are looking for profitable and enjoyable jewelry business ideas, starting a jewelry shop selling earrings is a brilliant decision.

1.14. Zodiac jewelry business


Gen-Z and millennials are crazy about the zodiac and are willing to pay for items related to their zodiac sign. Hence, if your target audience is the young adult group, you should consider adding zodiac jewelry pieces to your product offerings or even start a line selling zodiac-related jewelry pieces only.

1.15. Birthstone jewelry business

As customers are more willing to pay for products that offer them emotional connections and foster their beliefs, launching a jewelry store that sells birthstones is among the best jewelry business ideas. 

Consider offering birthstone jewelry pieces in different types, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc., to diversify your products and give your customers more options. 

1.16. Pendants 


If you are looking for winning products to start in the fiercely competitive jewelry niche, your search should end with pendants. These jewelry pieces are always in demand as pendants make popular gifts for all ages and occasions. Not to mention that the demand for pendants is also driven by fashion trends. For example, necklaces with a big, well-polished pendant are currently all the rage.

1.17. Minimalist jewelry

As the saying goes, “Simplicity is the utmost sophistication”. Thus, jewelry pieces that strive for the minimalist style are among the most sought-after pieces in any jewelry store. So, if you are looking for potential jewelry business ideas to embark on, starting a minimalist jewelry store can be a smart move.

1.18. Men’s necklace business


Are you finding lucrative opportunities where your business can survive and thrive in the jewelry niche? If so, launching a store dedicated to selling men’s necklaces is one of the most appealing jewelry business ideas. With the growing appreciation for self-expression and style among men, men’s jewelry, to be general, and men’s necklace businesses, to be particular, are poised to succeed.

1.19. Smart jewelry business


If you love both technology and jewelry, we have one of the most innovative jewelry business ideas up our sleeves– combining them by starting a smart jewelry business. Per statistics by Grand View Research, the global smart jewelry market was estimated at around $218.64 million in 2021 and is predicted to rise at a remarkable annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.9% from 2022 to 2030, reaching $890 million.

Therefore, if you love to sell jewelry pieces that seamlessly integrate technology into fashion accessories like smart bracelets, rings, etc., now is the golden time.

If you’ve decided on the jewelry business you want to pursue and are ready to kick off your venture right now, don’t forget to explore our top jewelry business name ideas that may inspire you.

1.20. Teenage girls’ jewelry business

Jewelry is not only for adults. Nowadays, teenagers around the world are also actively seeking out affordable and fashionable pieces to improve their appearance or simply give each other presents. 

However, due to their limited financial resources, if your target audience is teenage girls, make sure your pricing is reasonable enough to convince these price-sensitive individuals. Also, teenage girls love to browse social media, so perhaps you could try running TikTok ads and other social media campaigns to better attract them.

1.21. Bohemian-style jewelry business


Another jewelry product idea we highly recommend is vibrant Bohemian-style jewelry pieces. Jewelry pieces of this specific style tend to have elements in bright and bold colors and are usually made from naturally sourced materials like textiles, seashells, leathers, etc. 

Together with vintage jewelry, the Bohemian-style jewelry business is a top choice among jewelry enthusiasts thanks to its affordability and versatility.

1.22. Eco-friendly jewelry business


As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of minimizing their impacts on the environment, a large number of jewelry lovers opt for eco-friendly jewelry pieces instead of ordinary pieces. And that makes starting an eco-friendly jewelry store can give you ample opportunities to succeed. 

You can manually source natural materials, craft your own pieces, and sell them on Etsy, or choose the resale or dropshipping model if you don’t want to start with much effort. 

1.23. Wooden jewelry business

Last but not least, if you are looking for a unique and profitable jewelry business idea, starting a wooden jewelry business can be an awesome option worth considering. On average, woods are relatively easy to shape and design with basic tools, and they are also affordable to source. So, if you love to start your handmade jewelry store, launching a wooden jewelry business is among the best small jewelry business ideas. 

💡 Small business ideas might provide you with more ideas if you want to investigate business ventures in other industries outside jewelry.

2. Bonus: trends & insights for jewelry business

2.1 What type of jewelry sells the most?

According to a survey of 3,800 women by Diamond Nexus, earrings are the most popular type of jewelry. Meanwhile, per research by Classy Women Collection, men would prefer necklaces. 

And when putting the whole population into consideration, necklaces are the most sought-after jewelry category.

2.2 What kind of jewelry is the trendiest?

According to the search trends from Google Trends on some common jewelry categories over the past 12 months worldwide, rings are the trendiest jewelry category. 

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants earn the second, third, fourth, and fifth place in the “race”.


2.3 Who buys the most jewelry?

According to GWI’s jewelry market research, most jewelry buyers are married women from 25 to 34 with an average income. However, it is individuals from 45 to 54 with an annual income of $200,000 are willing to spend the most.

In terms of gender, 44% of males said they had bought a piece of jewelry at some point. Meanwhile, this number is 56% with females. 

Analyzing jewelry spending data by marital status, it’s interesting that married customers make up 55% of all jewelry purchases.

The 35-44 age group encompasses 22% of all jewelry customers, while a mere 4% of jewelry purchases are from those over the age of 55.

3. Final thoughts

We’re reaching the end of 2023, and jewelry is still a very promising niche in the upcoming years. And we hope our list of 23 best small jewelry business ideas can get you some valuable insights and inspiration for your jewelry store.

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