Top Shopify Shoe Stores: Lace Up for Success


What makes a shoe store truly click in the vast online marketplace? 

Forget cookie-cutter storefronts – the most successful Shopify shoe stores are trendsetters, not followers. They’ve mastered the art of attracting customers, building loyalty, and raking in sales. 

But what sets them apart?  

This article dives deep into the winning strategies used by these Shopify superstars, giving you the roadmap to build your own footwear empire. Let’s check it out!

1. Best Shopify shoe stores

1.1. KEEN Footwear

LocationPortland, OR, USA
Revenue$101K – 200K / month
Monthly visit1M – 10M
ProductComfortable, durable & sustainable shoes
Target audiencesMen, women & kids
Shopify themeCustom theme

As one of the best Shopify stores, Keen Footwear carved out a unique space in the footwear market with a focus on comfort, durability, and unconventional design. 


A Cone Communications study revealed that 83% of global consumers are willing to switch brands based on social and environmental impact. 

Keen’s commitment to sustainability appeals to this growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers.

In addition, Keen developed content that not only informs but also inspires and educates potential customers about Keen products and their suitability for various outdoor adventures. 


🔶 Here’s how this impressive business achieved its goal:

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Keen occupies a niche between sandals and traditional hiking boots with its unconventional designs, particularly the signature toe protection.
  • Website optimization: Keen leverages Shopify’s functionalities like product filtering, inventory management, and secure payment gateways, contributing to a smooth customer experience that can drive sales.
  • SEO-driven content: Keen takes advantage of Shopify SEO apps to further enhance SEO optimization, ensuring its content gets discovered by the right people.

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1.2. Hunter Boots

LocationQueensferry, United Kingdom
Revenue$31K – 50K / month
Monthly visit1M – 10M
ProductFootwear collection, outerwear, bags, and accessories
Target audiencesA broad audience
Shopify themeProduction

Hunter Boots is a renowned footwear brand with a rich heritage dating back to 1856. 


Listed as one of the best Shopify shoe stores, they’ve become synonymous with high-quality, practical boots, particularly their iconic Wellington boots.

Hunter Boots’ story is a compelling case study for established brands seeking to modernize their online presence. 

Shopify empowers businesses with a user-friendly platform, powerful marketing tools, and the scalability needed for global growth.

Hunter Boots experienced a phenomenal 923% increase in sales just one month after launching the new website. This explosive growth continued, with orders surging by a remarkable 1000% within three months.  


🔶 And there are what contribute to its success:

  • Efficiency and speed: Shopify boasts a user-friendly interface that allows even non-technical teams to make quick updates to banners, pricing, and product descriptions
  • App powerhouse: Extensive app integrations, like Klaviyo for marketing automation and Better Reports for data analysis, provided powerful tools without complex setups.
  • Global expansion: Shopify offers Hunter Boost excellent tools for international growth, such as local warehousing, multi-currency support, localization, and geotargeting capabilities.

1.3. Giesswein

LocationBrixlegg, Austria
Revenue$1K – 10K / month
Monthly visit301K – 500K
ProductMerino runners, slippers, ballerinas
Target audiencesMen and women
Shopify themeCandidate

Giesswein is a company built on a love for wool and a commitment to innovation. They specialize in crafting footwear and apparel made from the finest merino wool, offering a unique blend of comfort, temperature regulation, and style.


When it comes to the question of which shoe stores use Shopify, Giesswein must be one of the first answers.

The success story of this best Shopify website for shoes exemplifies the power of embracing change and implementing effective strategies. 

In 2018, they decided to migrate their online store from Adobe Commerce to Shopify, experiencing benefits such as:

  • Faster and more efficient updates to their online store.
  • Reduced time spent on maintenance, allowing them to focus on growth strategies.
  • Ability to operate five international stores in different languages and currencies.

Thanks to this informed decision, they’ve seen a 179% increase in average yearly sales. 

🔶 Here’s what makes Giesswein stand out:

  • Niche expertise: They cater to a specific audience seeking merino wool’s natural comfort and performance benefits.
  • Ease of use and scalability: The user-friendly interface allows for faster updates and experimentation, enabling Giesswein to adapt its online store to customer needs and market trends more efficiently.

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1.4. Manitobah

LocationWinnipeg, MB, Canada
Revenue$1M – 10M / month
Monthly visit31K – 50K
ProductMoccasins, mukluks, and winter accessories
Target audiencesEco-conscious consumers looking for winter footwear
Shopify themeStreamline

As one of the successful shoes Shopify store examples, Manitobah Mukluks has a unique story.

Manitobah champions the art of mukluks, a traditional winter boot handcrafted by Indigenous peoples of North America for centuries. They use high-quality materials like caribou hide and moose hide, ensuring warmth and durability.


🔶 Here are Manitobah Mukluks’ key success factors:

  • Unique cultural product: They offer a unique product deeply rooted in Indigenous tradition, giving them a strong brand identity and differentiation in the footwear market.
  • Social impact mission: Manitobah champions ethical practices by supporting Indigenous artisans and cultural preservation through initiatives like Storyboot schools.
  • Streamlined operations: Its eCommerce platform, Shopify, offers features like Scripts, Flow, and Launchpad that Manitobah can leverage to automate tasks like order management, shipping, and promotions

1.5. Pashion

LocationSan Luis Obispo, CA, USA
Revenue$1K – 10K / month
Monthly visit301K – 500K
ProductHigh heels and other related products
Target audiencesWomen
Shopify themeCustom theme

Pashion Footwear is an innovative footwear company on the rise. They specialize in creating convertible and customizable high heels, catering to women who crave both style and comfort.


When looking for how to start a shoe business, Pashion’s innovative heels attracted angel investors ($4M), but traditional loans were out of reach. In 2021, Shopify Capital offered them the funding and flexibility to airship inventory.

With the help of Shopify, Pashion witnessed a 375% holiday sales surge and faster shipping. 

🔶 Here are some ways Pashion Footwear distinguishes itself in this list of top-notch Shopify shoe stores online:

  • Fulfilling a unique need: They address a specific pain point: uncomfortable high heels. By offering convertible heels, they cater to women who want both style and comfort.
  • Supply chain solution: By leveraging Shopify Capital, Pashion could airship a significant portion of their inventory, ensuring they had stock readily available during the crucial holiday season.

1.6. Jack Rogers

LocationNew York, NY, USA
Revenue$1K – 10K / month
Monthly visit301K – 500K
ProductShoes and accessories
Target audiencesWomen & kids
Shopify themeDawn

Jack Rogers, one of the famous Shopify shoe stores USA, is a name synonymous with chic and comfortable sandals. Founded in 1960, the brand has become a favorite among women seeking a touch of classic elegance for their summer wardrobe.


Overall, Jack Rogers’ success is a combination of a strong brand identity, a strategic eCommerce approach, and effective marketing strategies.

If you are looking for ways to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience like Jack Roger website, then the answer lies in Shopify.

The user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and access to valuable apps of this powerful platform, combined with data-driven marketing strategies, have positioned Jack Rogers for continued success in the online retail landscape.


🔶 Here are some highlights of this business:

  • Customization: The “Jack My Rogers” program allows for personalization, adding a unique touch and making them a perfect gift option.
  • Celebrity appeal: Being spotted by celebrities reinforces their brand image and attracts a wider audience.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Features like monogramming, faster checkout, and SMS marketing improve customer satisfaction.

1.7. Allbirds

LocationSan Francisco, CA, USA
Revenue$201K – 300K / month
Monthly visit1M – 10M
ProductMerino shoes and sneakers
Target audiencesA broad range of consumers
Shopify themeCustom theme

Allbirds has carved a niche in the footwear and apparel market by offering comfortable, stylish products made with sustainable materials. 


Grand View Research suggests the global sustainable footwear market size was estimated at USD 8 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% from 2023 to 2030. 

This significant growth potential highlights the exciting space Allbirds occupies within the footwear and apparel industry.


🔶 Allbirds’ success stemmed from a combination of factors: 

  • Omnichannel strategy: This Shopify sneaker site excelled at creating a seamless shopping experience across online and physical stores by equipping all store associates with Shopify POS systems, allowing for quick checkouts anywhere in the store with up to 18 systems running simultaneously.
  • Simple and comfortable design: Allbirds offered a minimalist aesthetic with a focus on comfort, differentiating themselves from brands emphasizing flashy logos or trendy styles.
  • Effective online marketing: Allbirds leveraged social platforms like Instagram for customer feedback, product research, and reinforcing their brand message. 

2. What makes a Shopify shoe store successful?

2.1. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

It is highly recommended that you prepare interesting shoe business ideas, giving your business a distinct USP that sets it apart in the market. A clear USP allows it to target a specific audience and stand out in the crowded footwear market.

For example, Hunter Boots leverages its heritage and iconic Wellington boots, while Manitobah Mukluks offers unique cultural products. 

2.2. Strategic eCommerce approach

All Shopify shoe stores in this list benefit from its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, well-designed Shopify shoe themes, and access to a vast Shopify app store

This allows them to manage their online stores efficiently, automate tasks, and integrate valuable features like customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing tools. 

These include product filtering, inventory management, and secure payment gateways, along with marketing automation tools and data analysis solutions.


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2.3. Effective storytelling

Beyond product features and website functionality, successful Shopify shoe stores leverage the power of storytelling. This goes beyond simply describing their shoes. 

For example, brands like Keen and Allbirds weave narratives around their commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

Meanwhile, Manitobah Mukluks tap into the rich heritage of handcrafted mukluks, connecting with those who appreciate cultural authenticity.

2.4. Content & SEO

A top-notch Shopify footwear store knows how to take advantage of content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to attract organic traffic and convert website visitors into customers.

Take Keen, for example. They create content rich in keywords relevant to search terms used by their target audience. 


By ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), Keen captures the attention of potential customers actively searching for products they offer.

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3. Conclusion

The inspiring stories of these top Shopify shoe stores serve as a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs. Are you ready to take the first step and launch your own online shoe haven? Let’s lace up your creativity and get started today!

And don’t forget to explore our eComStart resources for more helpful tips and insights!

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