Top 300+ Unique Shoe Business Name Ideas [2024]


When asked about the essential clothing items, can you ignore your footwear? Base on recent research, footwear is a multi-billion dollar industry in the world, making it one of the most thriving business model for entrepreneurs across the globe. From 2023 to 2030, the global market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3%

Thus, if you haven’t decide an idea to become an entrepreneur, consider opening a shoe business. But before that, there are many thing to do, starting by coming up with good shoe business name ideas.

We know that picking a good name can be a daunting task. Do not worry! We’ve got you covered! Below is a list of 300+ recommendations with different types, styles, and themes divided into different categories. Scroll down to learn more!

1. List of 300+ unique name ideas for shoe businesses

1.1. Creative shoe store names


Soleist Sole WayMy Sole Way
Velvetor Velvet WalkAia Velvet Walk
EnigmaEnigma FootprintsEnigma Footwear Fusion 
WhimsyTiptoe WhimsyCinderella’s Whimsy Closet
5HubFine HubStand up Hubo
2CrossTo CrossChic Cross Strides
DaFeetsPer Feet Feet Ensemble Elegance
KickItStride KicksUnder Stride Kicks
TalkatoTalk ShoesShoes Know Talk
ShoetopiaWhimsical ShoetopiaPosh Peds Shoetopia

1.2. Unique shoe names list

DepoDecober’s Shoe The Refill Depot
ChaussureLe HotxicoLe Hot Garage
CustoramoCustom PierreCustom Advice First
BigmoDefined BigBig O More
PioneeryPace PioneerClassical Pace Pioneer
ForerunnersFitness ForerunnersSpecial Fitness Forerunners
FlexingFlex FlairFlex Flair Racers
EcoStrideNature NomadsElegant n Nature

1.3. Catchy shoe business name ideas


TrekkyTrek TrendyFreedom in Trekking
SparkleSpotStyle StatementSparkles & Stones Studio
LuxeLootLuxury LaneLavish Luxuries Loft
WalkWiseDream Footwear Your Dream Steps
ShinningStepShineWalk With Confidence
UrbanStride Stride BoutiqueUrban Stride Boutique
StepShineShinning PathShine Your Steps
ZestStepZest FootwearStep Whisper Shoes
GlowingFoot GlowDreamPace Shoes
HeelHeavenStep EleganceStep into Style

1.4. Funny shoe business name ideas

HeleyHappy HeelsHeels for Occasion
Chuckle Chuckle StyleChuckle in Chukkas
WitWalk Wit MeWith Our Steps
BoomingBooming CollectionBelong Booming Collection
ChicChic ChillaxChic Chillax Together
PunnyPumping ShoesPuns in Pumps
CloggyComic ClogsYour Own Clogs
SmilingOur SmileSmiles in Sneakers
QuirkyQuirk StepsHis Quirk Footwear
RushaRush WalkComfort Rush Walking

1.5. Trendy shoe business names


WanderWearVelvet VibesThe Fashion Line
9TreadsTrendy TreadsHigh With Fashion
PurfectPerfect StepsEvery Step Matters 
FencyFancy FeetAbout Fancy Feet
PoshaPosh PetalsPosh Pace Parade
HerAbout HerFor Your Woman
BestBest ChoiceBest Footwear Choice
HarmonyHeel HeightsHeel Harmony Haven
SnuggleSnug StepsSnug Strut Styles
GlideGear               Glide & GlamGlide Gear Galore

1.6. Cool footwear business name ideas

GlobalGlobal ShoesUnique Global Shoes
StepShine Step GlitzStep into Shine
SoleSprint Sole JourneySole Sprinter’s Path 
GlideeGlide Comfort Glide in Style
PacePulse Pace Paradise  Pulse of Pace Collection
MixnMatchMixxing ItMix & Match
MemorableMemory ShoesAbout Your Memory
Specific Specific VisionBetter Specific Vision
ParisKinda Paris StyleParis in London
RedRed StepSpecial Red Step

1.7. Elegant name ideas for footwear business

TrekTune Trek TempoTune into Trekking
LuxStep Velvet WalkGolden Sole Elegance
LikeDiamAs Diamond Diamond Tread Grace
Lavisha Lavish LacesLavish Path Footwear
AurareAura TreadAura Tread Design
Whisper Luxury StepsWhisper on Steps
Enchanted Enchanted EveningEnchanted Evening Soles
PathfindersPearl PathfindersFor Pearl Pathfinders
EtherealEthereal Walk Ethereal Walk Boutique
SandedonRadiant FootwearRadiant Road Sandals

1.8. Classic name ideas for shoe brand

Sty-vintage Vintage VogueVintage Velvet Steps
AdaminAdamin ShoesShoes of Addamin
2E2E FootfallsEternal Elegance Footfalls
BeBootsBeauty BootsBygone Beauty Boots
ThreeLLace LoafersLegacy Lace Loafers
EraShoe Era EleganceEra Essence Heels
AntiqueSole Antique Appeal Antique Ambiance Footwear
TraditionTrotTradition TrailTradition Tread Elegance
Cobble Cobble TogetherCobble Together Path
AttentionAttach AttentionFocus on footwear

1.9. Women’s shoe line names


GlamStep Girl Glam Glam Up Girls
Daisy Daisy DancerDaisy Dancer Series
Twilight Twilight TwirlTwilight Twirl Tiptoes
Belle Belle Sole Steps of Belle 
Couture Couture KicksCouture Kicks House
FlaoninFashionista FlatsFlats Shoes Detector
PathwaysComfort PathwaysAbout Comfort Pathways
Midnight Velvet VixenMidnight Velvet Walk
SeragoonSerene StandbySerene Blossom Beauty
CollectiyRevue CollectionRevue Collection Compliant

1.10. Men’s shoe line names

GentGentStep June Gent Step 
SavvySavvyShoe Shoes of Savvy
DistioadsDistinguished SumsDistinguished Dapper Derbies
ClaozaClassic AstronautClassic Connoisseur Astronaut
VentinixVenture FluenceWalking in Venture 
FooalzpStylish FootwearSmart Stylish Footwear
NobluinNoble Stride    Noble of March
2August August SwitchingMove on August
SlicktailSlick ViewedOutlook So Slick 
GenabaGentle ToasterFor Noble Gentlemen

1.11. Children’s shoe business names

BabisineBaby LoversLove A Baby
LittlelaLittle Leapers For Leapers Raw
MinimoMini Movers Cutie Mini Movers 
TinieeTiny Treads About Tiny Born
KidFoFor KidsAll For Kids
BBootsBuddy Boots Your Buddy Boots 
Rainbow Special RainbowRainbow Runabout Rascals
Butterflyy Ballet FlatsButterfly Ballet Flats
Kiddo Kiddo Kicks   Cute Kiddo Kicks   
AdventureLittle AdventuresLittle Steps Adventures

1.12. Sneaker shoe brand names

RhythmRhythm Run Era Rhythm Run  
JoggieUrban JoggersStreet Urban Joggers
Dynamic Dynamic DesignersDynamic Dash Designers
Gravity Gravity GlideGravity Glide Gurus
Cosmic Cosmic CruiseCosmic Cruise Creators
FlashFeet Fusion Footsteps  Flash Fusion Footsteps  
3LLightning LeapLightning Leap Legends
Celestial Celestial StepCelestial Step Surge
EnergeticEnergy FootwearBest Energy Footwear
LightlyLightner MovingLight Street Style 

2. Tips for naming your shoe business 

2.1. Know your audience 

Customers are the heart of a business. Hence, the first thing to keep in mind when starting shoe business ideas is focusing on your audience. A good name option can immediately set your business apart from competitors. The best way to do that is to pick a name that best reflect the preferences and values of your consumers. 

2.2. Think about the long-term effect 

The second aspect to consider is its adaptable and timeless feature. Look further when your business reaches 5 or 10 years old. Then, will the name be appealing to consumers? To solve this issue, the tip is to avoid shoe brand name ideas that are too trendy—instead, look for a name that can keep its value regardless of time.

2.3. Conduct the market research 

Do you want your business to be the same color as your competitors? If not, this is the crucial tip to stand out. And if you are running out of ideas about good shoe business names, try using the Shoe Brand Names Idea Generator from Shopify. 

2.4. Check the legal availability 

This is a crucial step in how to start your own shoe business. If you do not want your potential customers to be confused between your shop and your competitors, check the name availability. 

Before finalizing any topic of business name, check it on the internet to make sure it is unique. Otherwise, you can use online tools such as UPSTO or ICANN to check if it is trademarked. In case you have more budget, consulting with a legal expert is a good idea. 

2.5. Get feedback 

For more confidence before launching your name, ask your social circle for honest opinions and suggestions. See the way they react to your choice and are open to criticism can improve your performance. Moreover, to get more objective opinions, consider conducting surveys, polls, or focus groups on social media or related forums.

3. Conclusion 

To sum up, with the right choice, you will find it simpler to become a go-to destination for consumers. Moreover, by following the tips above, your business may have the opportunity to attract and retain more clients. 

eComStart hopes this article has inspired and guided you about shoe business name ideas. For more name ideas for small businesses, do not miss out on the latest posts published on Good luck with your decision!

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