7 Best Shopify Home Decor Stores Examples  [2024]


As the number of small and medium-sized households increases, so does the number of home decoration stores, including home decor Shopify stores.

Are you looking to start your own home decor business? Do you ever want to make it available online through the Shopify platform? Are you struggling to find realistic inspiration for your store?

If that is the case, this blog is for you. In today’s article, we will introduce you the key characteristics that contribute to the success of an online home decor store and inspire you with the 7 best home decor Shopify store examples

1. What makes a home decor Shopify store stand out?

Do you know what specific qualities set a home decor Shopify store apart from other online stores? To find out if you are lacking any qualities, let’s review the list below.

1.1. Visually appealing design

To begin, your online store’s visual design is the first factor that contributes to its appeal to your target audience. Therefore, make sure that your website has:

  • High-definition product images:

High-quality images will help your audience understand how your products look, including their colors, textures, and designs. In order to more fully explain your products, you might also think about including videos.

This quality is especially crucial for home decor stores because your customers will need a lot of information about your products, such as the color scheme, size, and even how to use or decorate them in their homes.

  • Easy-to-use website:

Did you know that, in comparison to other websites, a user-friendly website can help you increase your conversion rate by 2.5 times?

Having a user-friendly website can help you rank higher in Google’s SEO rankings. This quality is crucial, as it will not only help you to attract many new customers to your online business but also to better retain your old customers and increase their loyalty.



  • Mobile-responsive website:

Besides traditional websites, a huge amount of online shopping is conducted on mobile devices. Therefore, don’t forget to maintain a responsive mobile version of your online store.

Furthermore, all Shopify themes are 100% mobile-responsive, so you may want to consider using Shopify themes to launch an online home decor store.

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1.2. User experience prioritized

The second but equally important consideration when developing Shopify home decor store online is user experience.

  • Personalized product list recommendations:

Who does not enjoy having a list of products that are specifically tailored to their style, purpose, or budget? We are confident that this feature will help you score higher and leave a good impression on your customers.

  • Shop the look:

Aside from a list of product recommendations tailored to your customers’ preferences, make sure to include a feature that allows your website visitors to shop for the look they see on your homepage.



This encourages customers to purchase more home decor items from your store and provides them with additional information and suggestions on how to place or use the item to decorate their home.

  • Fast loading times and easy navigation:

It is critical to ensure that your website has fast loading time to satisfy your customers while browsing your store. A common mistake of new online store owners is that they do not paying enough attention to page loading speed. This often leads to bounce rate and decrease in conversion rate.

In general, you should strive to make your web store easy to navigate so that your customers can have a smooth experience while browsing your store, looking for products, or checking your menu. 

1.3. Engaging website content

It is critical to include informative and engaging content on your website in order to reach your target audience. Many successful home goods shopify store spend good amount of money and effort on content to drive traffic & potential customers



To do so, consider writing blog posts about home decor topics, DIY tutorials for home decor items, or collaborating with any KOL/KOC in the home decor niche to widely promote your store and products.

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2. Shopify home decor stores best examples

Are you excited to find the best Shopify stores in the furniture industry recently? Lefarning from the best examples set you on the right path to become a successful online vendor.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 most successful Shopify home decor stores examples below

High-quality lamps and lighting accessories
Daily life furniture
Hello Moppet
Illustrated books and posters
Home with LCB
Furniture, lighting, accessories, and more
Furniture, vases, lighting, wall decor, rugs, and tableware
Poster and Canvas prints
Valrygg Studio
Furniture, home office accessories, kitchen accessories, art accessories

2.1. Gascon

Gascon is a Spanish brand that produces high-quality lamps and lighting accessories. Gascon had a long history with its physical store, which opened in 1986, before becoming one of the best home decor Shopify stores.



With over 12,000 lighting, LED, fan, electrical, and decoration products, the online Gascon store welcomes a lot of visitors every day and is always prepared to offer its clients a wide selection of products. The webstore is based on the Enterprise Shopify theme.

What they excelled at:

  • High-resolution images, with a lot of space for image showcasing and story-telling
  • Large categories and a mega menu help the store provide a large selection of products for its customers
  • Simple color scheme and uncluttered design that make it simple for customers to browse
  • Cross-selling involves promoting a list of recommended products to customers

2.2. Grado

Grado is among the most well-known luxury home decor Shopify stores that aims to provide its customers with comfortable and everyday furniture items. Grado’s webstore is built using Shopify’s Cornerstone theme.



The word “grado” in Italian means “degree.” Grado’s designers see life from various perspectives and express their ideas about life through their furniture and fragrances.

What they excelled at:

  • Quick view that allows customers to see the product description, stocking number, and add to cart through a card, without having to visit the product page
  • In-menu promotion that provides customers with the newest and best-seller list of items from which to choose
  • Engaging website content, including news about the brand Grado, product stories, and designer profiles
  • Super fast loading speed to ensure customer satisfaction when navigating throughout the stores

2.3. Hello Moppet

Next in line is Hello Moppet, an American illustrated book and poster brand. The store’s website was created using Shopify’s Symmetry theme.

Unlike other home decor Shopify stores examples that sell books and posters solely for decoration purposes, Hello Moppet allows you to incorporate your children’s subject knowledge into their wall decorations. This will allow your children to learn from their surroundings at all times.



What they excelled at:

  • High-resolution images, plenty of space to highlight product images and tell their stories
  • Currency conversion based on the location of the customers, which will make their shopping journey smoother and increase the store’s conversion rate
  • A color scheme soothes visitors’ eyes, with a clean and neat layout
  • Cross-selling by recommending a list of related products at the bottom of the product page
  • Engaging blog content is appealing to parents looking for a way to teach and develop their children

2.4. Home with LCB

When discussing the most successful home decoration Shopify store examples, it would be a mistake not to mention Home with LCB.

The store is a haven for anyone looking for beautiful but functional furniture, lighting, accessories, and so on. The store website made by Shopify’s Abode theme.



What they excelled at:

  • Mega menu with in-menu promotions to better inform customers about the store’s new arrivals
  • Quick View allows customers to view more product images and add them to their cart while on the homepage or browsing for other items
  • Slide-out cart allows customers to easily check or modify their shopping list
  • Shop the Look feature not only allows customers to shop for items in a well-defined setting but also gives their customers more suggestions and inspirations for displaying their items

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Aside from Home with LCB, Hygge is one of the well-known home decor Shopify stores that use Shopify’s Abode theme to build its online presence.

The word “hygge” originated in Norway and means well-being. The store, like its name suggests, aims to bring a peaceful life and quiet comfort to its customers’ lives through its collection of furniture, decorations, and rugs.



What they excelled at:

  • High-definition images and videos, with plenty of space to showcase their product concept and tell stories about the brand and products
  • A visually appealing color scheme combined with an elegant and clean web design
  • Detailed product descriptions provide customers with everything they need to know about the products, including their name, color, dimensions, and configuration.
  • Engaging website content, including blogs and interactive lookbooks, appeals to anyone interested in home decor and interior design

2.6. Stilwand

Stilwand, a German online home decor store that specializes in postcards and canvas prints, comes next. The Next Shopify theme has been used to create the store website.



Stilwand was founded with the goal of bringing art into their customers’ lives through printed products. Furthermore, the brand aims to promote sustainable development by using eco-friendly methods and materials in its production.

What they excelled at:

  • Quick-view allows customers to easily access the product description, size, and stocking number and easily add to their cart
  • Website language translation and currency conversions will smooth out the shopping journey of customers regardless of the country they came from or the currency they use.
  • Slide-out cart and recently-viewed list of items assist customers in keeping track of their shopping list and not missing out on any products they are interested in.
  • Promo banner right on their home page, with a countdown timer, to better inform customers about their promotion programs and make them feel the urgency to purchase these products.

2.7. Valrygg Studio

Valrygg Studio, a Norwegian retailer of furniture, home office, kitchen, and art accessories, takes the final spot. Their webstore was created using the Cascade Shopify theme.

Valrygg Studio primarily works with clients in the hospitality industry, providing architectural and design services to them. But, do not worry if this is not the same as your target customers, because you will find plenty to learn and be inspired by when you visit their online store.



What they excelled at:

  • Aesthetic design and product display, with plenty of space for displaying product images and long-form text to tell stories.
  • Top-notch features that improve their customers’ shopping experiences include a slide-out cart, smart product suggestions in the search bar, image zoom, and so on.

Wrapping up

We hope you can find everything you need to know about the most successful home decor Shopify stores, as well as some inspiration and suggestions for your own online home decor store in the future.

If you know anyone else who is interested in this topic, please share this blog post with them and spread the word. If you want to learn more about Shopify or e-commerce in general, follow us at eComstart.io to stay up to date on our latest blog posts.

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