The Best 5 Examples Of Shopify Gaming Stores To Learn From


Are you willing to turn your love of gaming into a successful business? Running Shopify gaming stores is a great way to make money online while enjoying your favorite things. You can develop it for your main business or a side gig.

So, what does a Shopify game store look like? Let’s start by exploring your future competitors to see how they operate and learn from them. 

Stage 1: Define your business

Stage 2: Discover eCommerce Platforms

Stage 3 – Create Your Online store

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Stage 4: Setup your Shopify store

1. Why Shopify is the best platform to build online gaming store

With many benefits, Shopify is a shining example of an eCommerce platform that assists the best Shopify stores launch their business operations.

  • Low Startup Costs: Shopify’s monthly costs are reasonably priced, making setup accessible. The lowest-priced plan is $29 a month, the next tier is $79 a month, and the most expensive bundle is $299. These options include everything you need to launch and manage a Shopify gaming store.
  • Global reach: Shopify is a global marketplace that serves people worldwide. The site supports more than 100 currencies and 170 languages.
  • Beautiful and Customizable Themes: It’s easier than ever to set up a Shopify business, especially if you use a dedicated game theme. These themes need little tweaking because they are designed explicitly for gaming shops. You only need to enter your information to get started.
  • Practical marketing tools: Shopify provides many marketing options. These tools can instantly enhance the implementation of your marketing plan. 

2. The 5 best Shopify gaming store examples 

No.Store NameThemeCountry
1Limited Run GamesCustom themeUS
3Glorious GamingCustom themeUS
4CluedUppCustom themeUK
5KontrolFreekCustom themeUS

2.1. Limited Run Games


2.1.1. Overview:

Limited Run Games is a leading publisher and distributor of collector’s editions in our top gaming Shopify store list, limited-edition video games, and associated products. Its main areas of interest include the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Every game that Limited Run publishes is a unique, fully licensed, limited-edition print that embodies their tagline #ForeverPhysical and is highly collectible.

LocationThe US
ProductVideo games and associated products
Target audienceVideo game players

2.1.2. Why is the store successful? 

Currency converters


The website will ask you whether to purchase in your local currency. This allows customers to see how much they would spend in their currency. This feature offers them a better shopping experience and a smooth checkout process.



The brand has built a blogging section where it uploads many articles about its products. Here, you can find information about its new releases, how to use the products, and other exciting stories about the gaming world.

2.1.3. What you can learn from this store: 

✍️Utilize currency converter apps to localize your website, giving shoppers a better experience.

✍️Build a blogging section to inform customers of your important information, such as announcements, updates, etc.



2.2.1. Overview:

BINBOK provides a selection of board games, card games, and puzzles for gamers of all ages. It offers a variety of entertaining alternatives for friends, family, and gamers seeking exciting and captivating experiences, ranging from strategic to party games.

ProductGames and gaming products
Target audienceGame lovers

BINBOK used Impact theme to build their elegant, simple yet intuitive store.


2.2.2. Why is the store successful? 

Beautiful and fascinating product illustrations

Beautiful, close-up product photos are featured on their website and product pages. They look professional and eye-catching and showcase the details and beauty of each item.

They also include GIFs and videos to demonstrate their products in motion, making it more imaginable for shoppers to see how they work in real life.

Utilize a sticky add-to-cart bar



The brand creates a sticky add-to-cart bar on each product page. It shows up in the right corner when you scroll down the page.

This feature encourages shoppers to buy and makes it easier to purchase the product they are looking at by clicking on the bar right where they are.

Upselling and Cross-selling in place


Under the “add to cart” button on the product page, customers can find a “Buy it with” area where another item is displayed. It could be a perfect match for your desired products.

This tactic helps the brand boost sales by recommending customers make more or bigger purchases.

2.2.3. What you can learn from this store: 

✍️ Add advanced features to boost sales, such as a sticky add-to-cart bar or bundle options

✍️ Display professional and high-quality product images to polish up and convince customers to buy more easily.

2.3. Glorious Gaming 


2.3.1. Overview:

In 2014, a devoted gamer who was fed up with the high cost and poor quality of PC gaming gear established Glorious Gaming. The brand has expanded impressively since then.

Zoominfo claims that Glorious Gaming is the market leader in the gaming sector and has over $5 million in sales, indicating how well-liked it is by players.

LocationThe US
ProductGaming gears
Target audienceGame players

2.3.2. Why is the store successful? 

Impactful reviews 


Its more than 6,000 evaluations are prominently shown on a simple landing page that cleverly adds an upsell function to increase income per visitor. Even though the assessments are mostly excellent, there are sporadic complaints about poor quality control.

Well-organized product categories 

They create categories for each product to let shoppers easily navigate and find what they specifically need instead of browsing a vast catalog. Moreover, they add other sections, such as “best-sellers” or “new arrivals,” to promote their best products or new releases to boost sales.

Impressive visuals to illustrate their items


They add a video on each product page to give shoppers a better grasp of the item. They can examine the item in detail, closely judging if it is worth their money.

2.3.3. What you can learn from this store: 

✍️ Categorize products neatly and promote them with special visuals to win customers’ hearts.

✍️ Add genuine reviews to showcase your products’ quality without claiming you have top-notch products.

2.4. CluedUpp Games


2.4.1. Overview:

CluedUpp Games offers a unique gaming experience by fusing the real and virtual worlds with its app-based outdoor detective adventures all around the city. Players take off on an interactive tour using GPS technology, exploring actual places while solving murder mystery puzzles.

LocationThe UK
ProductOutdoor gaming and team-building events
Target audienceAnyone

2.4.2. Why is the store successful? 

Diverse themes & Curious gameplay mechanics


CluedUpp features a variety of game genres, each with its theme. While Witchcraft & Wizardry offers a beautiful, fantasy-themed adventure, Sneaky Finders takes players to the evocative British detective dramas of the 1920s.

Once participants buy a ticket for the game of their choice, they create teams of up to six and download the CluedUpp app. Teams gather at a predetermined starting place and use the virtual map to navigate the city for clues. To solve the case, players must collect evidence, rule out suspects, and determine the murder weapon as they go.

Genuine reviews


They display genuine reviews from past customers, including stories and real photos. These work as testimonials of how good their service is and how much customers love them.

Appealing visuals

On the front of their webpage, they add a promotion video that looks like a movie teaser. This element arouses visitors’ excitement and eagerness to join the games.

2.4.3. What you can learn from this store: 

✍️ Capitalize on offering the best quality products and services

✍️ Display trustworthy reviews and good-looking visuals to encourage and ignite customers’ willingness to buy. 

2.5. KontrolFreek 


2.5.1. Overview:

As one of the best gaming Shopify stores, KontrolFreek has established a distinct niche in high-performance gaming accessories and peripherals.

Their performance thumbsticks, which work with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch controllers, highlight their product lineup. These thumbsticks come in various forms and styles to accommodate gaming genres and personal preferences. 

LocationThe US
ProductVideo games and gaming gears
Target audienceVideo game lovers

2.5.2. Why is the store successful? 

Specialized and high-quality products

Their main goal is to improve console gamers’ gaming experiences by providing a variety of specialized accessories.

Some examples include innovative thumbsticks, comfortable controller grips, premium gaming cables, and clothing with gaming themes, including hoodies and t-shirts. Offering state-of-the-art, high-end products, KontrolFreek serves both recreational and professional gamers.

Strategic partnerships


Strategic alliances with significant players in the gaming industry, including leading game developers and content providers, have also supported KontrolFreek’s growth. 

These collaborations frequently result in the creation of cutting-edge, uniquely branded goods for the professional gaming market.

Active social presence and engagement



KontrolFreek stays active on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The business uses these channels to provide news about new collaborations, product releases, and other corporate updates. 

2.5.3. What you can learn from this store: 

✍️ Focus on creating the best quality of your products to meet customers’ requirements.

✍️ Build your social presence to enhance your engagement with customers via different channels.

✍️ Collaborate with KOLs to facilitate your affiliate marketing.

3. The essential statistics on Shopify stores in the Games category.

It is reported that 4,504 Shopify stores sell gaming items as of June 2024.

This section offers a quick overview of the state of Shopify gaming stores, highlighting some key data points about Shopify stores within the Games category.

3.1. Social Media Presence on Shopify Stores for Gaming

These are the most popular social media platforms for Shopify shops selling video games.

  • 44.9% of Shopify gaming stores use Instagram.
  • 35.9% of Shopify gaming stores use Facebook.
  • 8.4% of Shopify gaming stores use Twitter.
Social Media Presence on Shopify Stores for Gaming

3.2. Best Shopify Apps for Stores Offering Games

These are the most popular Shopify applications in the Games category across all stores, sorted by install amount.

  • 22.3% of merchants have installed the Geolocation Shopify app.
  • 17.8% of stores have installed the Shopify Inbox Shopify app.
  • 15.5% of merchants have installed the Product Reviews Shopify app.

3.3. Best Shopify Themes for Gaming-Related Stores

Shopify features a theme store with extensions. To suit their demands, merchants can create a custom theme or choose from one of those pre-built themes. At the moment, we are monitoring more than 1,000 distinct Shopify themes. These are the main ideas.

  • 24.9% of merchants utilize the Dawn theme.
  • 8.0% of merchants utilize the Debut theme.
  • 5.6% of merchants use the Refresh theme.

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4. Conclusion

The growing popularity and demand for online gaming offer a bright future for businesses wishing to enter this sector. Setting up a Shopify gaming store may be profitable if you choose your niche well.

After the initial setup of your Shopify stores, attention turns to essential tasks like locating games through distributors, executing marketing campaigns, and supporting gaming events. These steps are vital to increasing revenue and expanding the store. 

If you don’t know how to do these things, you can find everything here on our eComStart blog.

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