5 Examples Of Inspiring Shopify General Stores


Are you ready to enter the world of Shopify and eCommerce? Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced company owner, setting up a Shopify general store might be a great way to start things.

These stores can be your good bet because they offer something unique compared to the competition, and their customers like diversity.

This blog will display examples of the best Shopify general stores to inspire you. By doing this, you will have a better grasp of how to organize your store and boost sales.

Now, let’s get started! 

Stage 1: Define your business

Stage 2: Discover eCommerce Platforms

Stage 3: Create Your Online store

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Stage 4: Setup your Shopify store

1. What is a general store?

1.1. What is it & Why should you build a general store?

A general Shopify store is defined as one that offers products in several categories. Its collection includes everything from toys to kitchen tools on one website. This is one of the great business ideas that allows them to promote all in-demand products without building a different store for every market niche. 

When you sign up for Shopify and run a general store, you can receive several advantages:

  • Draw in a Wide Audience: Offering various products allows you to draw in clients with different tastes and passions. Whether a customer is searching for distinctive presents or fashionable clothing, your business may be their one-stop shop.
  • Develop Brand Loyalty: These retailers cultivate strong customer relationships by providing various goods and excellent customer service. By offering a variety of items and first-rate customer service, these shops may build strong connections with their customers.
  • Offer Potential for Cross-Selling: You may increase sales and income by encouraging consumers to add additional things to their basket by making complimentary product or accessory recommendations based on browsing or past purchases.
  • Adapt Quickly Market Trends: Shopify general stores possess the adaptability to adjust to evolving market conditions, unlike specialist businesses that particular trends or seasonal changes may restrict. You may change your store’s offers to benefit from new trends and customer requests by adding new product categories or tweaking your marketing tactic.

1.2. Why Shopify is the best platform for general stores

There are a few reasons for using Shopify as your general shop platform that we list below:

  • Offering an extensive range of themes: The appropriate theme for your Shopify general store is essential to establishing a warm and convenient online shopping environment. Thankfully, Shopify provides a wide range of free themes tailored to the various requirements of owners of eCommerce stores.
  • Putting scalability first: Shopify is made to expand your business or cater to novice users. In the fast-paced realm of e-commerce, you can quickly scale your developing company as it grows or adjust to any changes with a strong foundation for long-term success. 
  • Across-channel selling: Shopify allows you to connect your store to other significant, well-established marketplaces so you may sell your goods through various methods. You’ll have a fantastic opportunity to sell your extensive product catalog because customers in different areas will have varied wants.
  • Offering advanced functionalities: Shopify is dedicated to innovation, ensuring you keep up with the most recent developments in e-commerce. This dedication also provides a cutting-edge, dynamic development environment where you can automate and operate your business smoothly.

2. The Top 5 Best General Shopify Store List

No.Store NameThemeCountry
1DonsjeBe YoursNetherlands
2Best Choice ProductsCustom themeUS
3Au Lit Fine LinensCustom themeCanada
4Evita Peroni StoreMr ParkerDenmark
5PaloCustom themeUS

2.1. Donsje


2.1.1. Overview:

Donsje is a lovely general business on Shopify that focuses on accessories and clothing for infants and toddlers. It offers a beautiful selection of products that are perfect for small ones. 

ProductHigh-end baby & childrenswear
Target audienceChildren and parents

In addition to selling individual products, the website curates gift packages, making it simple for people searching for meaningful birthday or baby shower presents.

Donsije use Beyours theme to create a visually stunning online store. Check the theme demo below to see if it’s the right choice for you:

2.1.2. Why is the store successful? 

Clear and well-organized websites

Donsje’s website is well-structured, with a footer area that includes comprehensive connections to crucial sections like the FAQs and legal pages. This thorough and easy-to-read footer improves the user experience by making essential regulations and information easily accessible.

Comprehensive product categories


The carefully chosen and well-defined categories on Donsje make it easy for customers to browse the wide selection of items. The shop guarantees a smooth browsing experience for customers with its well-organized sections, making it easy for them to find precisely what they’re searching for in this Shopify general store devoted to kids and toddlers.

Beautiful visuals to promote items

The company showcases how its items seem in real life in little movies. Even if shoppers view things through a screen, this technique allows them to examine and assess the quality of the products up close.

2.1.3. What you can learn from this store:

✍️ Create clear and comprehensive websites with valuable information and well-organized categories.

✍️ Utilize different types of visuals to showcase your items smartly.

2.2. Best Choice Products



2.2.1. Overview:

A great example of a general Shopify business with a large selection of furniture and home goods is Best Choice Products. Its Minnesota and sunny California offices have sent millions of orders across the United States.

LocationThe US
ProductHome and furniture products
Target audienceAnyone

2.2.2. Why is the store successful? 

Appealing banners


One of their most essential features is the “Must-have products” for special occasions on the front of their homepage, where you can find a list of products that are best for specific occasions.

This feature helps to increase conversions by making it easy for customers to find what they want and giving them reasons to buy their products at a particular time.

Social proof hashtag strategy



There are multiple customer reviews, which help customers make an informed purchase decision.

By encouraging customers to take pictures of their purchases and tag them with the hashtag #mybcp, this dropshipping business went one step further in building trust and polishing its brand image. 

Helpful blogging 

They offer a thorough manual for locating the ideal match for your house. You can go through buying advice, get ideas from DIY projects, and stay current with the Editorial List, which features the best items of the season chosen by the BCP staff.

2.2.3. What you can learn from this store:

✍️ Display beautiful product images and convincing banners to get your customers’ attention and tell them to purchase.

✍️ Add social proof to build your reliability.

✍️ Offer essential blogs on topics related to your products so that shoppers can see how your products can benefit them.

2.3. Au Lit Fine Linens


2.3.1. Overview:

In their devoted factory in Canada, Au Lit Fine Linens creates the finest natural textiles and handcrafted bedding goods available on the planet. These days, they’re exploring Europe and the United States in search of the best linens available worldwide, organizing and producing new collections, tweeting, blogging, and innovating how people sleep.

ProductHome and bedding products
Target audienceAnyone

2.3.2. Why is the store successful? 

Clear brand identity

Au Lit Fine Linens is one retailer that excels at using visual cues to convey the brand’s message. Everything constantly tries to describe the qualities of a luxury brand, and they did a fantastic job at it—this includes the logo, colors, and design.

Upsell & Cross-sell tactics in place


They provide their consumers with some of the top packages in one particular area. Lovely photos show how the goods work well together, and a little badge in the bundle’s upper right corner indicates which bundle is the best seller.

Utilize visuals to promote sales



They create a section called “Shop The Look” where they add photos of their products in real-life scenes. This allows shoppers to easily imagine and appreciate the beauty of the products at home.

2.3.3. What you can learn from this store:

✍️ Utilize upselling & cross-selling tactics smartly to increase sales

✍️ Showcase beautiful images and vibes to polish up your brand and products.


2.4. Evita Peroni



2.4.1. Overview:

Evita Peroni is a Shopify general store specializing in many hair accessories, including headbands and hair clips. The site offers carefully chosen gift bundles in addition to individual items, making it simple for buyers to select the ideal gift for family members or friends.

ProductHair accessories
Target audienceWomen

The store is built using Mr Parker theme – an elegant, simple yet have rich features & top class user experience

2.4.2. Why is the store successful? 

Attractive banner

The hero banner on Evita Peroni’s site is a visually arresting slider design. This banner features promotions and flash sales information, showcasing the items’ attractiveness. This striking element draws attention to the store’s items and entices customers to look around and take advantage of exclusive offers.

User-friendly product filter system



They established a user-friendly filter system for their Shopify general store, which offers various items to ensure seamless browsing and improve customer happiness. 

Thanks to Evita Peroni’s simple and effective filter system, customers can browse the large selection of hair accessories on the product listing page more quickly. 

Different sections to promote best-selling products



On their website, you can find the “Top Picks” and the “Spotlight on” sections, which showcase some of their top-selling items. This allows shoppers to quickly see the most valuable items and trendy products they may like.

2.4.3. What you can learn from this store:

✍️ Add appealing banners or highlight sections to persuade shoppers to purchase more quickly.

✍️ Create well-organized filter options to let customers navigate and find what they want more quickly.

2.5. Palo



2.5.1. Overview:

Palo, one of the best general Shopify stores, aims to ship directly from the world’s best factories and pass the savings on to customers. They offer a wide range of fantastic products from numerous markets. 

LocationThe US
ProductVarious products
Target audienceAnyone

2.5.2. Why is the store successful? 

Useful currency converter

They use a currency converter app that lets customers change the website’s currency based on their IP address. This increases the customers’ buying experience and satisfaction.

Sticky add-to-cart feature



Palo developed a “sticky add-to-cart bar” that follows you as you browse the product page. This technique is terrific for guaranteeing that customers can always find the add-to-cart button for their products.

100% money-back assurance and full reimbursement



Palo provides free and simple returns, making purchasing risk-free. A succinct and transparent return policy gives customers peace of mind by informing them that the products they are buying are guaranteed to be what they are represented to be. 

2.5.3. What you can learn from this store:

✍️ Utilize advanced features such as currency converters or sticky add-to-cart bars to improve your customers’ shopping experience. You can add these features by installing Shopify Apps.

✍️ Have a comprehensive return policy to give customers peace of mind when purchasing or when something wrong happens to the items they’ve just bought.

3. Tips to build successful Shopify general stores

Here are a few essential tips in building successful Shopify general stores you should learn before diving into the competition.

  • Determine your target market: A sound sales plan starts with defining your target market, but general retailing needs it even more. You require a distinctive brand or value offer in place of specialized merchandise to draw clients through specific pricing, shop design, or delivery options.
  • Select a convenient location: A convenient location is a trademark of a Shopify general shop. In the case of a physical store, this entails choosing a site close to a community within your target market. If you’re an online merchant, you may pick memorable, easy-to-spell business name ideas to make it easier for customers to find what they want. 
  • Arrange your categories: Once you have them, make your catalogs shine. Make sure your website is easy to use and eye-catching by looking at other popular websites and using their strategies. 

4. Conclusion

Ultimately, this article offers some excellent Shopify general store examples to help you get started. With the appropriate plan, look, and merchandise choices, an online business that draws people, fosters brand loyalty, and makes money may be successfully created.

If you need particular assistance, see our recommended tips. If you want more information on building and growing an online store, browse our eComStart blog.

Follow our next steps to build a thriving Shopify general store:

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