5 Digital Products Shopify Stores Examples for Newbie


Did you know that besides physical products, Shopify is also a fertile ground for digital products Shopify stores?

In fact, selling digital products is much more convenient and cost-effective than selling other physical products. To be more specific, you can save significantly on shipping, packaging, and location costs.

So, if you are looking to start your own digital business on Shopify and need some real-life examples or inspiration for your store, let’s not wait any longer and scroll over to the next part. 

1. Top 5 best Shopify digital products stores examples

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for digital products Shopify stores. However, you can definitely learn from multiple proven successful stores and then decide what’s best for your own.

With that in mind, let’s discover our top 5 picks for the best digital product Shopify stores.

Store theme
Gauge Girl Training
Diet eBooks
Peach Creme
Crafted fonts
The Drum Broker
Hip Hop sample packs & drum kits
Violette Field Threads
Sewing patterns and tutorials
Mask paper craft template

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1.1. Gauge Girl Training

Today’s top spot is taken by Gauge Girl Training, a website dedicated to diet and meal plans, as well as diet ebooks. Its web store is built with the Shopify theme Icon.

1.1.1 What drives the store’s success?

Gauge Girl Training is one of the digital products Shopify stores that sell ebooks on meal planning, recipes, and nutrition.

The store allows customers to create accounts to easily track their orders and purchases. Additionally, each purchase allows you to download the e-book up to five times, which is handy in case you unintentionally erase the book or simply switch devices.



Each ebook product page will include a detailed product description of the book. For example, a summary of the book’s topic, how it works, and its impact on its readers, or a few pages of the book to preview.

Plus, customer experience is a top priority at Gauge Girl Training. To be more specific, the shopping experience has been optimized with a slide-out cart that allows you to check what is in your cart easily.

1.1.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Customer Accounts: Allow customers to create accounts at your online digital store for order tracking and purchase history.
  • Product Downloads: Offer multiple times downloading (e.g., 5 times) per purchase to back up for accidental deletion or device changes.
  • Product Information: Provide detailed product descriptions about your digital products, in the case of ebooks, it may include summaries, explanations of benefits, and potential previews.
  • Customer Experience: Make use of elements like slide-out-carts to boost the shopping experience of customers.

1.2. Peach Creme

Peach Creme is one of the digital products Shopify store examples that sells exquisitely crafted fonts. Its web store is developed using the popular Ella responsive shopify template.

1.2.1 What drives the store’s success?

When we first entered Peach Creme, the design and vibe struck us the most. The store’s design is clean and neat, with a classic and timeless color scheme of white and black as the primary colors.



Peach Creme, like other online stores, allows customers to create accounts on their website in order to subscribe to store information and easily track their orders and purchases.

Furthermore, they have made significant efforts to boost their sales. You can quickly view a product from the product list without having to navigate to the product page and add it to your shopping cart.

There is also a recently viewed button, which allows you to keep track of all the products you have seen. Plus, a slide-out cart allows you to easily check out what is on your shopping list.

The product page includes a detailed description of the font, instructions for using the file, realistic customer reviews, and a list of related products that you may be interested in.

1.2.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Store Appealing Aesthetic: Select a theme that resonates with your target audience and express your store vibes.
  • Customer Relationship: Allow customers to create accounts at your store so that you can build long-term relationships with them as well as track their orders and purchases easily.
  • Prioritize Shopping Experience: Improve your customer’s shopping experience by including slide-out carts, quick-view products, quick add-to-cart buttons, and so on.
  • Customer Reviews: Include a section of previous customer reviews on your digital product page to increase the reliability of your products.

1.3. The Drum Broker

The Drum Broker is the most trusted source of Hip Hop Sample Packs and Drum Kits among digital products Shopify stores. Its web store is built with the Emporium theme.

1.3.1 What drives the store’s success?

When we first visited The Drum Broker, we were impressed by its classic yet stylish design. Its colors remain two basic colors: black and white, which helps to highlight the store’s products.

Furthermore, the store provides plenty of space for storytelling through high-definition videos and images. It also includes a section for recommended sample packs right on the store’s home page to boost sales.



Moreover, we discovered that the webstore provides an excellent shopping experience, with lightning-fast loading times and a slide-out cart that makes the customer’s shopping journey faster and easier.

Finally, for each product catalog, the store includes smart filters that allow customers to filter out products based on type, brand, and genre, making it easier to select the appropriate drum sample. 

1.3.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Pay attention to store design: Go with a theme design that is both classic and stylish, complements your products, and makes them stand out on your product page.
  • Content and Storytelling: Use high-resolution videos and images to showcase your product and tell your brand’s story, engaging target audiences.
  • Homepage Promotions: To increase sales, feature recommended products or sample packs prominently on the homepage.
  • Product Navigation: Allow visitors to search for products using filters based on relevant criteria (such as type, brand, and genre if you sell music samples) to find what they need more quickly and easily.

1.4. Violette Field Threads

Another one of the digital products Shopify stores is Violette Field Threads, a design and sewing pattern store. The Violette Field webstore is developed using the Symmetry theme.

1.4.1 What drives the store’s success?

Violette Field Threads makes you feel like you are browsing an aesthetic website where some designers showcase their vibe and design products, rather than a webstore.

The store is beautifully designed, with a natural and soothing color palette. It gives the impression of walking into a flower garden while wearing a beautiful dress sewn by Mom.

Sewing patterns at the store are organized into various categories so that customers can easily browse and shop for what they need, such as patterns for girls, babies, women, teens, and so on.



Customers can also create online accounts to receive faster product updates and easier order tracking and management.

Furthermore, in order to better engage their target audiences and foster long-term relationships with customers, Violette Field has a blog page where you can immerse yourself in sewing and pattern design blogs.

1.4.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Curated Aesthetic: Choose an appealing theme design that reflects your brand’s identity and desired mood (in this case, natural and calming).
  • Product Organization: Categorize your products to make it easier for customers to browse and search for what they want.
  • Content Marketing: To attract the attention of potential customers, create a blog section with relevant content about your products and services, and build loyalty and long-term relationships with viewers.

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1.5. Wintercroft

Wintercroft, a digital store selling paper mask patterns, comes in last on today’s list of the best digital products Shopify stores. Its website was created using the Shapes theme.

1.5.1 What drives the store’s success?

Wintercroft’s website is simple and neatly designed, with plenty of space for product showcasing and brand storytelling via high-definition images and videos.

Furthermore, its mask patterns are divided into categories such as Halloween, mask for children, theatrical, and so on, allowing customers to browse and select a pattern that best suits their preferences.



It is very simple to navigate the Wintercroft webstore. It also includes a smart search bar that suggests related products based on the first character you enter. Additionally, there is a slide-out cart for a more convenient shopping experience.

Each product page includes a detailed description of the pattern, pictures of the finished masks, instructions for making your own mask from their pattern, and a section with reliable reviews from previous customers, complete with feedback images.

1.5.2. What can you gain from this store?

  • Clear Categorization: Sort your products into organized categories to make browsing and shopping easier for customers.
  • Smart Search Bar: Include a smart search feature that recommends relevant and useful products based on user input.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Provide in-depth product descriptions that include clear instructions, benefits, and potential applications, even for first-time buyers.
  • Customer Feedback: Integrating a customer review section will help your store gain trust and social proof.

2. How to build a digital product Shopify store?

If you felt lost in our previous section on the best digital products Shopify stores, do not worry, because we have compiled a list of the best key takeaways for creating a successful digital store on Shopify.



👉 Product Presentation & Navigation:

  • Clear Categorization: Organize products for easy browsing.
  • Smart Search Bar: Implement a search function that suggests relevant products.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Provide in-depth product information.

👉 Customer Experience:

  • Customer Reviews: Integrate customer reviews to build trust.
  • Curated Aesthetic: Design a visually appealing and user-friendly website. Tips: we recommend you to discover best shopify themes for digital products to apply to your store, which would save you a lot of time & effort!
  • Slide-Out Cart: Include a slide-out cart for easy checkout.

👉 Content Marketing:

  • Content Marketing: Develop content relevant to your products and target audience.

👉 Additional Tips:

  • Homepage Promotions: Feature recommended products or offers prominently.
  • Product Navigation: Offer filters for easy product search (if applicable).
  • Customer Accounts: Allow account creation for order tracking and potential benefits.
  • Prioritize Shopping Experience: Implement features that streamline the shopping process.
  • Multiple Product Downloads: Allow multiple downloads for digital products (if applicable).

To wrap up

We hope that our blog today has covered everything you need to know about digital products Shopify stores. If you find it interesting, share it with anyone you know who is also interested in digital stores.

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