210 Funny Toy Shop Name Ideas To Inspire You [2024]


Are you ready to discover the funny and unique list of 210 toy shop name ideas?

The name of your toy company is not just a combination of words. It’s what your prospective buyers are aware of first and an important way to remember your brand.

Your name should embody the essence of your business to draw in customers quickly, arouse their desires, and differentiate you from rivals.

With our list, choosing the ideal toy company names is no longer difficult. Instead, it is more like exploring the linguistic world and enjoying playing with imagination.

Now, let’s get started!

1. 210 Funny Toy Shop Name Ideas To Inspire You (2024) 

Creating your funny toy store names depends greatly on the types of toys that your business will offer. We would like to present toy shop name ideas for 7 popular toy categories.

1.1. Handmade & Artisanal Toy Store Names

If your shop offers handmade or artisanal toys, your toy shops names must reflect this aspect. Tell your customers that your products are beautifully crafted.

PetitcraftedCarpentry KidsThe Crafty Things
Craftonian Kidz KraftCraft 2 Craft
ClayfoxCrafty CornerThe Toy Makers
MakeryHappy HandsMy Mini Me
ToycraftThe ArtoyBuilt By Buds
ToybizToy LabsToys For Tots
CreatopiaLittle HandyHands & Tails
HandicraftsyElle’s PlayhouseJust 4 Kids
ToymakervilleArty BarnThe Toy Farm
CraftlandTellurium ArtisinalThe Handy Toy

1.2. Educational Toy Store Business Names



You need to use words that highlight the purpose of education in your brand names. Below are some great educational toy brand names.

SmartcubeLearning BuddiesPlay & Learn
TeachtoySmarty BirdToys 4 Edu
MozzimindsPuzzled KidsToy Town School
StemplayABC AcademySchools & Scribbles
MindsparkFun EdPop Up Pupil
AfterschoolPurposeful GamesSmart Play Zone
MathemagicThink TubThe Young Genius
IQnovaPlay AcademyMy Treasure Minds
SmarteeTeddy TutorThe Learner Land
ToywiseBrain BuddiesMy Kid Science

1.3. Fantasy Toy Shop Names

For fantasy toy brands, you need to put a little creativity into your business name. With our suggestions below, you can find both fantastic and funny toy store names.

FantasiaFar FantasyRealm Of Toys
ToytasticToy WondersThe Toy Landscape
FairydustGoblin GearsMy Magic Treasure
OddvilleMythical MasteryFriends & Fables
PaladornMy FantazziWorld Of Wonders
LunaryMagic BoxLand Of Legends
WiztrixToy VaultsThe Wizzy Charm 
EnchantixWhimsical WizzleThe Playful Sorcery
DreamscapeMagic MunchiesThe Never Everland
ToyverseEnchanted PlayhutThe Fantasy Forge

1.4. Adventurous & Outdoor Toy Store Names



For this type of toy, you should bring out the thrill of an adventure through your name. Consider our following adventurous & outdoor toy store names.

OutoysExploring FunRock & Tumble
KidswildFun TrekkerTrips & Pieces
GeotoysActive PlaythingsThe Trek Toy
WildplayzBackyard BrigadeYour Wild Pals
WanderkidMr. AdventuresGo Pro Kids
SproutyGravity GrooveThe Adventure Box
ExploroWild RangersThe Wayward Wildlife
FunseekersLoopy BirdToys 2 Adventure
ExodusLittle RidersIt’s Nature Playtime
WildfinityTrail BuddiesOn The Go

1.5. Wooden Toy Company Names

Wooden toys usually remind us of trees or forests. So, name your business with these elements to help customers know who you are right away.

WoodtopiaWooden WondersInto The Woods
LogtoyWinky WoodsSticks & Stones
TreecraftWoody’s WonderlandThe Timber Playtime
LollywoodLittle LumbersOne Two Tree!
JoysticksTimber ToysThe Joyful Jungle
GreenspaceRocking BearOak & Owl
PineplayRustic TotsMade Of Wood
WoodsyForest FriendsThe Magic Forest
EarthyHey WoodiesThe Wood Wizards
WoodablesPiney PiecesWild Woods Toy

1.6. Modern Toy Store Names

Modern toys are toys that are trendy and hi-tech. Their concepts are based on the future world or high technology, so toy name ideas that can represent these things are ideal.

CelestiaFutura FunNext Gen Toy
RoboticsSpace PalsYour Imaginary Friends
ITKidsSuper PlayboxPress 2 Play
KidspiracyBuddy BotNew Toy Nation
PlaylabsKid GadgetThe Panther Playthings
ToyologyGizmo SquadMarbles & Magnets
PoptoysX MachineryMorden Toy Box
PlaymaticTechno ToysSuper Nova Toys
InnovataPlay FactorThe Sci-Fi Playsphere
MobitoyUrban ChildPixels & Pieces

1.7. Eco-friendly & Sustainable Toy Store Names



In light of their long-term advantages for the environment, eco-friendly and sustainable toys are becoming more and more popular. If you want to sell them, these names can give you a great start.

SuntoyEvergreen JoyFun For Planet
GreenplayNaturally PlayfulLeaf & Love
BabytreeEco GigglesGrace & Green
EarthchildPrima NaturaMy Planet Pals
BionicalNature BuzzKids In Green
GreentopiaSuper GreeniesThe Eco Wonderland
LivingreenEarth GamesThe Natural Playground
PlayawareYoung GreenlingsAll Green Toys
EcotopiaBio BuddiesEco Friendly Fun
PlanetaGreen GrowHappy Planet Playsets

2. Tips On Picking Unique Toy Brand Names 

So, we have presented to you our list of great name ideas for small businesses of toys but you now have more than 200 funny toy store names. So, what are good names for a store? Well, the following tips can help:

  • Understanding your target audience: Use your company name to let customers know what kind of toys your toy shop specializes in. 
  • Prioritizing simplicity: Although creativity is essential, make sure your name is simple to spell, pronounce, and memorize. You should choose short and catchy toy store names. They can ensure children can remember it easily so that they will be able to explain your toys to their parents without any ambiguity.
  • Using scalable names: Select a name that won’t force you into a certain niche if you intend to broaden the range of products you provide in the future. In fact, there are many lucrative toy business ideas, so if your current business isn’t working well, you can easily expand into a new one.
  • Learning from your competitors: This is an important step in our business starting guides on how to start a toy business. By examining the names of rival businesses, you’ll get an idea of what works and what has already been taken.
  • Instilling trustworthiness: You are selling things to kids, maybe even infants. This implies that you must demonstrate to parents your credibility as a company. This shows that you’re prepared to risk your reputation and helps establish your persona from the outset. Positive-sounding terms will be useful.

3. Conclusion

In summary, the world of toy shop name ideas is a place where enchantment, imagination, and creativity all come together. These creative, funny and cute toy shop names are the key to opening children’s hearts and providing them with a portal to a world of love, wonder, and limitless possibilities.

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