180 Clever Tea Business Name Ideas To Inspire You [2024]

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Choosing the ideal name for your tea business can be difficult when you’re first starting out. It’s similar to creating the perfect blend: lots of taste, a dash of originality, and a touch of charm. 

Thankfully, you can use our article as an effective tool to get past this obstacle. We’ll walk you through the list of 180 clever tea business name ideas and offer you practical tips for creating something truly memorable. 

This insider knowledge will help you build a brand that will draw in tons of business, whether you’re starting a hipster internet tea shop or setting off on a small-town tea adventure.

Now, embark on a pleasant journey into the world of clever tea names, where a dash of imagination can yield a hot pot of success!

1. 180 Clever Tea Shop Name Ideas To Inspire You (2024) 

There are two ways to name your tea shops. First, naming by characteristics, which includes the combination of rhymes, rhythm, and creativity to make it sound ear-appealing or look attractive. Second, naming by industry niche, in which you will reflect your product’s purpose and make clear who you are directly.

1.1. Tea Shop Name Ideas By Characteristics

Clever tea shop name ideas are those that must be catchy and unique or be able to show how tasty your product is without first-hand experience.

1.1.1. Catchy Tea Business Names

The quality of being catchy is necessary for a name to be considered “memorable”. The rhymes and rhythm can help with that.

ITeaTea TreatsThe Tea Trek
GetteaBoost BrewThe Leafy Lady
TeavanaLucky LeafTime 4 Tea
LavateaSnappy SipsThe Tea Town
SunsipBlendy BrewSip ‘N’ Style
JavatonicDrink DazzleMy Tea Muse
VelveteaTea ThrillsUnited By Tea
ExoteacaMindful MugsThe Classic Cup
TeasanInspired InfusionsTea 2 Tea
SpellbrewBest BrewThe Sweet Sip

1.1.2. Unique Tea Business Names

To stand out from the crowd, you need to find ways to be unique. And creativity will be your helping hand in creating a one-of-a-kind brand name.

ThirsteaMiss TeasyInside My Teapot
ElixteaCha CharmCup Of Steam
TeatopiaBelle BrewThe Chatty Teahouse
BrewtifulSavory SipsThe Sipping Art
TeaburstThe SippityMy Tea Buddy
TeafusionTea TellersYour Luxe Tea
TeamateRoyal TeaIt’s Sipping Time
BrewsomeSnappy SipperRoute 2 Tea
TeatrixParadox TeapotSteep ‘N’ Treat
TeaverseThe WonderleafThe Twisted Teatox

1.1.3. Tasty Tea Business Names

Tasty means high quality. For tea businesses, you definitely want to tell your customers how tasty your tea is. Putting it into your name can create clever tea names as you want.

TasteaYummy BrewThe Taste Tea
TealiciousTastefully YoursSip & Smooth
YumteaIndulgent BlendYum Yum Box
LovetasteYummi TeatoxMy Tea Goodies
FlavorfusionSmoothly SteepThirst 4 Teas
SipfulAromatic AppetizerDipped In Tea
TeabellaWell FlavoredThe Supreme Sips
TastiquettePleasant PotThe King’s Tea
WisetasteGolden TeaThe Exquisite Exlicir
WhoopteaLeafy GoodnessBrewed With Love

1.2. Tea Shop Name Ideas By Industry Niche

If you want to target a niche market and only focus on it, naming your tea shops by your selected industry niche is a clever thing to do. 

1.2.1. Herbal Tea Business Names



For herbal tea businesses, you need to illustrate healthiness, natural feelings, and sustainability through your names.

CamelliaDaisy’s DropsLeaf & Love
HerblyHappy HerbalVibes & Herbs
TeascapeTerra TeasHigh Tea Haven
WellteaThe HerbalistsTaste Of Nature
EarthsipHerbal MorselsTea For Health
TeatonicHippie HerbalCups Of Herb
VitateasBotanical BrewThe Herbal Heaven
EssensiaHarmony HerbThe Tangy Tonic
HerbellaUplift TeaThe Herbal Sensation
HerbonicsShen NaturalsThe Greenery Tea

1.2.2. Iced Tea Business Names



This type of tea is ideal for refreshment. So, iced tea brand names that show off cool vibes, and refreshing feelings can be your options.

IcyIced BlissIced & Wild
FrosteaChilly BreweryIced Tea Time
TeazzyIce KoolThe Cool Cup
FreezeeChamomile ChillSo Tea Cold
TeachillBreezy BrewChill ‘N’ Sip
IceteazFrost TasteThe Tea Arctic
CuppachillFrosty FizzIcy Tea Nation
IcetinyCrystal CupIced & Refreshing
ColdyIced UpThe Northern Tea
ChillaxDeliciously IcyMy Cabin Chiller

1.2.3. Milk Tea Business Names



Milk tea is very popular now, especially among the young generation. Thus, you should put cuteness into your milk tea business name ideas to make it more attractive to most customers.

MilkyBean BobaBeats & Boba
FoamyBubble PalsPop The Bubbles
BubblyBubby BuddyBubbles & Teas
TeabobBoba BrewMilk Tea Muse
PopbubbleFoamy FlavorsMy Milky Tea
BobaliciousMilky MunchThe Tea Dairy
MilkcharmBubble BurstMilk Tea City
McCreamyBadass BobaShake & Milk
MimimilkTwisted MilkieMomo Milk Tea
CloudmilkMilky MooMickey & Milkie

2. Picking Tea Shop Names: 4 Things To Avoid 

Naming your business is a vital step in our business starting guides at eComStart as it will be your customers’ first impression and works as the embodiment of your whole brand. So, if you do one thing wrong about it, there’ll be huge problems down the road.

Having said that, we’ve outlined 4 things to avoid when picking name ideas for small businesses, including:

  • Generic names: You’ll pass up the opportunity to give your business a distinctive brand when you go with a more generic name. Search engine optimization (SEO) challenges associated with generic tea brand name ideas arise from the possibility that the search engine won’t display your website because it can’t distinguish you from other content. 
  • Names that are too hard to pronounce or remember: It’s hard to remember and promote a business name that’s too tough to spell, say, or read. That will negatively impact both your word-of-mouth advertising and customer retention. Being creative and unique is a must but in moderation! Keep it short and sweet.
  • Names that clash with branding: A consistent brand presentation could increase your brand visibility by up to three or four times, according to a Demand Metric study. Customers will find it difficult to recall and recommend your brand if there is a lack of consistency between your business name and other aspects of your branding. 
  • Names too similar to competitors: Make sure the name of your shop doesn’t sound too similar to that of a competitor or share too many aspects. It will get more complicated to differentiate yourself from them. In the worst situation, you run the risk of being branded as a “rip-off,” which would damage your reputation. 

3. Conclusion

Choosing the ideal name for your tea company is a crucial first step in building a memorable brand. You can find a lot of inspiration for your name decision process with our collection of 180 clever tea shop name ideas.

Keep in mind that clever tea names should represent your choice of tea and be distinctive, evocative, and inviting. Remember to stay away from the 4 things we listed above as well.

In the end, you’ll establish the groundwork for a captivating and prosperous brand that connects with consumers and distinguishes your teas in the crowded market.

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