Top Shopify Themes for Clothing Stores


Currently, more than 139 themes both free and paid are for the clothing industry on the Shopify theme store. This is a large number that shows the diversity of clothing themes, but it will also confuse customers when having to search through all the available ones.

Thankfully, after a long time of consulting and researching many themes, we have come up with the top 9 most outstanding Shopify clothing themes. They are crafted specifically for entrepreneurs to excel in selling clothes online on Shopify.

Let’s find out the comparison in many aspects, such as performance score, customization, features, preset vibe, etc.

1. Overview of Best Shopify Themes for Clothing

Theme NamePriceCustomizable Blocks & SectionsInventory
Eurus$24040+ sectionsSmall, Medium to Large
Vivid$20020+ sectionsMedium to Large
Neat$20010+ sectionsLarge
Showcase$32020 sectionsLarge
Be Yours$32030+ sectionsSmall to Medium
Symmetry$34020+ sectionsLarge
Prestige$35030+ sectionsMedium to Large
Xclusive$35030+ sectionsLarge
Impulse$38020 + sectionsLarge

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2. Top 9 Shopify Themes for Clothing Store

Selecting a suitable theme is a crucial step in creating a website for selling clothes. We simplify this process by providing a list sorted from low to high prices. What sets us apart is our unique approach—the comparison list is meticulously curated based on research and genuine experiences reflected in the most honest reviews of the top 9 Shopify themes.

2.1. Eurus 


Launched in April 2023, Eurus theme quickly became one of the best Shopify themes for clothing in terms of features. No need for pricey apps, Eurus helps you to increase customer experience and conversion rate with tons of features: per-page pop-ups, unlimited product badges, 4-level Mega menu, flash sale, promotion grid/image gallery, estimated shipping rate, estimated delivery time, etc. 

Its preset vibe incline clean and minimal, suitable for visual storytelling, drop shipping, and powerful promotions. In particular, the Breeze preset is tailored for clothing & fashion stores.


  • Fast loading speed
  • Feature-rich: 25+ app functions
  • Highly customizable: 40+ sections
  • Provide 80+ templates for home, category & product page for each preset
  • SEO-optimized
  • Mobile-first
  • Fast customer support. We also offer free store setup & design consultation to ensure launching your website in 1 week without needing too much Shopify knowledge.
  • Suitable for multipurpose


  • New theme, not many reviews yet

Price: $240


2.2. Vivid


Vivid stands out for their neutral, chic style of demo store. Its vibe is really suitable for showing product details. The Ruby preset adds a luxurious touch for brands that prioritize aesthetics and want to leave strongly impressed by the elegant style.

If your store has a small inventory or emphasizes jewelry products, Vivid is an ideal pick.


  • Beautiful layout, suitable for beauty products
  • Easy to customize and lots of sections
  • Fast customer support
  • User-Friendly navigation


  • Slow speed
  • Not suitable for large inventory

Price: $200

2.3. Neat


Neat has quite a similar layout to Vivid, however, their demo store hit a different vibe. Use Neat if your store sells practice clothes with a small inventory. Its White style is a dynamic masterpiece designed to provide a clean and sophisticated canvas for your Shopify store.

If your brand philosophy revolves around letting your products speak for themselves, Neat White is the perfect choice. The clean backdrop enhances the visual appeal of your merchandise without distractions.


  • Media-focused product page
  • Demo store designed with modern style


  • Slow speed
  • Lack of features & sections
  • New theme, not many reviews yet

Price: $200

2.4. Showcase


Showcase is the best Shopify theme for clothing stores that has the most presets. Among them, there are up to 2 presets suitable for the clothing industry: Mila and Native. Both of them have a clean, chic vibe and are suitable for visual storytelling. However, compared to its features, the price is quite expensive.


  • 5 presets
  • Demo store designed with chic & modern style


  • Slow speed
  • Quite expensive & lacks features

Price: $320

2.5. Be Yours


Be Yours is definitely familiar with most Shopify clothing stores because of its highly customizable. However, this theme is not suitable for a large inventory. 

Regarding its vibe, youthful and dynamic are the main points. Choose Be Yours if you looking for a colorful and unique design. Stores that want to target Gen Z and drop shipping are also can consider it.


  • Beautiful layout
  • Highly customizable
  • One-product store compatible


  • Slow speed
  • Not suitable for large inventory

Price: $320

2.6. Symmetry


Symmetry is one of the hottest Clean Canvas themes for clothing stores. The reason this theme is popular is because of its chic layout style and powerful filter. Visual can be suitable for most stores, but it doesn’t have many sections if you want a feature-rich theme.


  • Minimal & chic style 
  • Powerful filters


  • Slow loading speed on mobile
  • Few sections compared to the price range
  • Lack of features

Price: $340

2.7. Prestige


Among the countless colorful and trendy themes today, Prestige has an elegant, mature, and minimal vibe. It’s especially suitable for accessories stores such as bags & shoes or casual, basic clothes. 

Prestige elevates your online store with lightning-fast performance and an accessibility-focused. However,  there is a lot of feedback about inactive support which is a big minus point. 


  • Lightning-fast performance
  • Focus on accessibility


  • There is a lot of feedback about inactive support
  • High price

Price: $350

2.8. Xclusive


Xclusive is a rare theme in the list that has 100% positive rating. Although it has just been released and only has 20 reviews, it is still a strong point worth considering. It has a trendy, unique layout and is rich in features. There are only 2 points to consider: the demo store’s speed score is low and the price is also the highest on the list.


  • Feature-rich
  • Highly customizable
  • Suitable for multi-purposes
  • Fast customer support


  • Slow speed
  • High price
  • New theme, not many reviews yet

Price: $350

2.9. Impulse


It’s at the bottom of the list due to the highest price of all the clothing themes, however, Impulse is still an icon. Impulse is one of the top themes, with many reviews, and is trusted by famous brands. 

Should you buy Impulse at this time? With these features, you can absolutely find a similar theme at a cheaper price. In addition, we also noticed some feedback about limited features on mobile. Anyway, the choice still depends on your criteria. Consider the pros and cons below to make the right decision.


  • One of the top themes, with many reviews
  • Trusted by famous brands


  • High price
  • Limited features on mobile

Price: $380

3. Our Picks of Best Shopify Themes for Clothing

Having meticulously analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the top 9 Shopify themes for clothing, we also have handpicked themes that you might like.

For those operating on a large scale without budget constraints and a preference for reliability, Impulse will be an ideal choice. This well-reviewed and trusted theme is ideal for established enterprises unwilling to experiment with new options.

Alternatively, If you are looking for a theme with the same features as Impulse—fast, SEO-optimized, and mobile-first—but at a more budget-friendly price point, then Eurus is the top pick.

If you only care about a visually appealing color layout and the urgency to launch their store swiftly, try Be Yours or Xclusive.

For additional tips and guides on achieving success in selling clothes online, explore our related articles in the Sell Clothes Online category.

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