150+ Nice Perfume Business Name Ideas for Your Venture [2024]


Now that you are about to dive into the world of fragrances, and looking for a just-right name for your business? It’s OK. We got you! This blog post is packed with over 150 creative and distinctive perfume business name ideas to get your venture off the ground.

The names have all been chosen to express grace, attraction, and refinement. Just like your scents will be! Whatever your style, old-fashioned or modern chic, you’ll find something here for every entrepreneur. So, be prepared to awaken yourself and begin the first step toward your own perfume company.

1. 150+ perfume business name ideas to inspire you (2024)


A good name will make your brand stand out and establish the first impression of a strong identity. Selecting a name for your perfume business? Check out our compilation of over 150 unique perfume business name ideas below.

Different types of perfume names can be broken up into various categories: weird, exotic, cool, cute, creative, and nice perfume names. These categories provide a lot of choices, not to mention that they match different branding strategies.

1.1. Weird Perfume Names

Be different with these tough and strange names. If the goal is intrigue and memorability, these weird perfume names can be an inspiration.

AuraAlchemical AromasAbsurd Amber Armadillos
ChimeraAstral ApothecaryBaffling Bergamot Butterflies
ElixirBewitching BlendsCurious Cedar Centaurs
FluxDreamcatcher DriftsDazzling Dandelion Dragons
GlitchdreamEphemeral EmberEnigmatic Eucalyptus Elves
JauntHaunted HoneycombFascinating Fennel Fairies
QuirkImaginary IncenseGargantuan Geranium Griffins
SnarkInkwell IllusionsHilarious Hyacinth Hydras
SynesthesiaMidnight MenagerieIncredible Iris Imps
WhispersmokeWhispering WoodsmokeJubilant Juniper Jackrabbits

Go with the unusual and try out these weird perfume business name ideas. They’re bound to pique interest and differentiate your brand from the rest.

1.2. Nice Perfume Names

These names create a happy feeling and are great for brands that wish to imply comfort, pleasure, or happiness in their products.

BloomButterfly KissesBlossom & Bliss 
DaydreamDancing DandelionsCloud Nine Dreams 
EmberDreamspinner’s LullabyCherry Blossom Wishes
FlorescenceFirefly FlickersGolden Laughter Rings
Hummingbird Hummingbird Heartbeat Golden Hour Glow 
KissedLullaby Whispers Laughter & Linen
SereneMoonlit Meadow Laughter & Starlight 
SoarSerene SunriseMorning Dew Kisses
SunraySparkling SeashellsNestled in Sunshine 
WhimsySunset SerenadeWhisper of Sunshine

1.3. Cool Perfume Names

With a modern, youthful image, cool perfume names help bring about feelings of freshness and energy.

AdrenalineArctic AuroraBreezy Bergamot Breeze
AetherBamboo BreezeDewy Daffodil Drizzle
AwakeningCanyon WhisperEnergetic Eucalyptus Echo
CascadeCitrine SunriseFrosty Fragrance Fountain 
ChrysalisCosmic CrispGlacial Garden Gust
CitrusCrystal CurrentIcy Iris Illusion
CliffsideDancing RainLively Lavender Lagoon
CobaltDiamond DustRefreshing Rose Ripple
CometEmerald EnclaveTranquil Tulip Tempest
DawnEquinox EchoVibrant Vanilla Vortex

These contemporary-sounding perfume business names can give your brand a modern touch, which is just what’s needed in this day and age.

1.4. Cute Perfume Names


With these cute perfume names, you can either please a younger audience or anyone who likes a little whimsy.

BubblegumBallerina ButterfliesBubblegum & Rainbows
CupcakeCatnap DreamsCandy Floss Clouds
DandelionConfetti KissesCotton Candy Whimsy
DewdropCupcake CarouselGlitter & Giggles
FireflyDandelion DazeKitten Cuddle Clouds
GiggleDoodlebug DaydreamsLaughter & Lemonade
GlitterHoneycomb KissesPetal & Promise
KittenMarshmallow MelodiesPink Lemonade Sparkles
MarshmallowMermaid MoonbeamsSparkle & Sprinkle
MermaidMoonlight MischiefWhistle & Wink

1.5. Creative Perfume Names

Here are some creative perfume names that will show off your brand’s innovation and imagination.

AlbedoAureate DreamscapesEssence Evolution Echo
ConstellationBespoke WhispersFragrance Fusion Fantasy
EonClockwork ChimeraGarden Graffiti Galaxy
FractureCoded CadenceHarmony Hologram Horizon
HypnagogicDaydream ArchitectJasmine Journey Jigsaw
ImpermanenceElixir UnboundLavender Labyrinth Luster
InterstellarImaginary JungleOrchid Odyssey Ocean
MosaicIndigo HorizonRose Revolution Rainbow
PhantasmLunar LabyrinthVanilla Vision Voyage
ReveriePhantom SymphonyWaterlily Wonder Whirlwind

With these innovative perfume brand name ideas, you can highlight the originality and revolutionary spirit that distinguish your brand. Perfect for cutting through all those classic fragrances!

1.6. Exotic Perfume Names

These picturesque names for exotic perfumes suggest lust and adventure.

AmbrosiaBurning IncenseAbyssal Whispers Fragrance
AnamcaraCrimson SilkAzure Horizon Aroma
BasilicaDesert BloomCelestial Mirage Essence
CarmineDragon’s KissCrimson Oasis Perfume
DamaskEgyptian MoonDivine Labyrinth Scent
DuneForbidden FruitEnchanting Ember Elixir
EbonyHimalayan MistEthereal Odyssey Potion
EmpressIndigo SkyForbidden Eden Perfume
EnchantedKashmir DreamsGilded Serenity Scent
EquinoxMonsoon SymphonyGolden Zephyr Essence

Your product should resonate with your desired audience and accurately embody your brand’s identity. If you’re feeling uncertain about your next course of action, check out our informative article, “How To Start A Perfume Business,” packed with valuable insights and practical guidance to kickstart your success.

Embrace the uniqueness of your perfume business names with confidence. Unusual, outstanding or cool names can set your brand apart and make it memorable in the crowded fragrance market. There’s no need for apprehension – a distinctive name can be a powerful tool in establishing your brand identity.

2. Examples of popular perfume business names


When you set off to find yourself and your brand for perfumes, inspiration must come from industry success stories. Let’s investigate some of the more popular perfume houses which have made a strong impression having nice perfume names.

  • Amouage produces classy and complex perfumes with superlative ingredients. It’s a perfume-only brand, which makes it an excellent source of inspiration.
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian is another celebrated brand that specializes solely in perfumery. This label offers a range of scents, each capturing a distinct essence and appeal to suit diverse individuals.
  • Roja Parfums is a prestigious British manufacturer with fragrances that are luxurious. Their ability to create scents of note that ooze high class is certainly something one comes to appreciate.

Are you already inspired by more than 150 perfume brand name ideas? Bear in mind that the right name needs to express your brand’s unique character as well as be something that speaks directly and strongly to its intended target audience.

Have you always dreamed of opening your own perfume business? eComStart.io is your ideal good friend! We guide budding entrepreneurs like you, offering a wealth of resources to make your e-commerce journey smoother and more successful. From business name suggestions to starting guides, Ecomstart has you covered.

For more tips and insights, be sure to check out our business starting guides. Starting a new business can get you down, but with the right supplies and elements of imagination, your dream perfume shop is just a name away. Good luck, future perfume mogul!

3. FAQs

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