Top 300+ Lucky & Creative Donut Shop Name Ideas [2024]


If you’re starting a new business or planning to expand your existing donut business, one important thing is choosing a donut shop name. A good and special name can help draw in customers and make your business stand out from others.

Picture going into a store that sells donuts with a name so interesting it makes you want to taste their yummy treats. A good brand name does more than just show what your business is about. It also starts conversations among your customers.

Whether it’s old-fashioned names that make you remember the past or new and fun ones to match today’s fashions, there are so many choices. Make your donut shop’s name a taste of the fun that will happen inside its doors.

1. List of 300+ good name ideas for donut shop


1.1. Unique name ideas for a donut shop

DonutrixBakers BlissBakery Bliss Brigade
ModerndonutCaramel CraveCreamy Dreamy Delights
DoughniteDonut DelightsDelish Donut Factory
OroastFrosty FantasyFabulous Flavor Frenzy
ChewynutGourmet TreatsGlaze and Sprinkle
YeastyleJelly JungleHeavenly Honeydew Haven
UnidoughKokonut KremeIcing Indulgence Inn
GouroughMaple MadnessJellybean Junction Joy
DoughtecNutty NotionsKrazy Kokonut Kingdom
RosecakesOodles GlazeLucent Luscious Lovesters

1.2. Catchy donut business names ideas

PastreePosh PastriesMaple Marvel Madness
DonutasticQuick SugarNutella Nutty Bliss
DoughluxRoyal DelightsOutrageous Ooey Gooey
DoughliciousSugar SpelPizzazz Fusion Feast
RingelTasty TwistsQuirky Cakes Corner
DoughdayVanilla ValleyRainbow Revelry Rendezvous
LollipuffWhipped WondersSprinkle Sensation Studio
UnicornutXquisite DonutsTantalizing Torque Treats
DonuticaYummy CirclesVanilla Valley Ventures
DunkinutZestful DelightsWhimsical Whisk Wonders

1.3. Creative donut brand names


DoughntuneDoughnut DashDou Dough Donut
DooughfyGenius DonutWakeup And Donut
MelodoodDoughnut ShockRetro Donut Delight
FairydoughMoondonut BakeryCutting Edge Donut
AdonutsDelectable DonutThe Doughnut Dash
CroissnutWhirling DoughnutThe Urban Donut
DonutguruModern MunchThat Donut Valley
VoodoughUrban NuttyDonut Decadent Design
DonutelloValley DoughnutReady Set Dough
DonuwearUniquely SweetDelectable Donut Table

1.4. Cute donut business names

SnuggaDonut DeliriumDope Dough Nut
JetnutGlaze CrazeThe Doodles Dough
RestronutSprinkle CircusRise Above Donut
DoughnieDoughnut DreamRolling on Donut
BonneatJelly JamboreeKookie Kace Kreation
CalldoughCruller CarnivalBaked to Perfection
DolushWholly HavenBorn to Donut
DoughiniPuff ParadiseCurious Corn Co.
SweethDonut DazedFinely Tuned Donut
RitellaFrosted FiascoDoughnuts Are Now

1.5. Funny name ideas for a donut brand

DoughliciousBakelicious DoughnutDonut Delight Delirium
FryzzleBiscuit BlissGlaze Galore Circus
GlazzyCakey CreationsSprinkle Spectacle Show
HolelariousCookie CraziesDoughnut Dreamland Delights
JellyliciousCrusty CrumbsJelly Joy Jamboree
KrispyCupcake CutiesCruller Carnival Celebration
NutfunDoughy DelightsHoley Haven Retreat
SprinklezFlaky FantasiesPuff Paradise Paradise
SugardonutFrosting FrenzyDonut Daze Delights
YumyumJelly RollersFrosted Fiasco Funhouse

1.6. Sweet donut business names ideas

VendoughNugget DonutPink Square Donut
HoneytMiss DoughLikea Boos Donut
TriedoughNutty ModernNot Your Grandma’s
DonutimerDonut DuetsDuet of Donuts
SudoliciousDonut SymphonyThe Donut Symphony
BunchonutHedonist DoughnutOn Point Donut
FelicakesDonutfor ThoughtsHappy Little Donut
BonutsFrankie FanciesDonut For Thoughts
SweetopiaNovel DoughnutUncle Frankie’s Donuts
SundoughOut DoughJuggle Jellies Donut

1.7. Mini donut business name ideas

LilnutPerfectly PastriesBake Box Delights
MinidoughDoughnut EraCake Craft Creations
TinylyFoodie FlourCrumb Hub Confections
DonutdelishTempo DoughDough Dash Treats
DonutopiaSpoonful StylishFlavor Fusion Bakery
DoughmistSweetened StyleFresh Bake Delights
HappydoughSomething SavoryFrosty Bites Bakeshop
GigglenuttieSavory DatesGourmet Graze Bakery
FreshfritterSteampunk BakesPerfectly Postmodern Pastry
TwendorModish FlourOven Delight Delicacies

1.8. Glazed donut business names

BlossomDonut DreamerArtisan Donut Delights
CraveSugar RushCrispy Glazed Goodness
DelishDonut GaloreDelicious Sweet Rings
GlazeFlavorful GlazeDivine Donut Paradise
HoneyGolden CirclesFluffy Heavenly Treats
IndulgeGourmet CravingsGooey Glazed Delights
JoyHeavenly TreatsIrresistible Sugar Coating
MeltSugar CoatedMouthwatering Donut Haven
PureTasty RoundsPerfectly Glazed Cravings
SprinkleYummy RingsHeavenly Rings Bakery

1.9. Gluten-free donut shop brand

BatterliciousFluffy DelightsThe Simply Irresistible
BreadventureTasty RingsGluten-Free Harbor 
CakealiciousSweet CravingsWholesome Donut Treats
CrustasticBold & DeliciousDelicious Delights Days
DelightfulsUrban DoughNutritious Defloured Donuts
DoughliciousSimple PleasuresBlissful Bakery Co.
FlakyliciousGourmet GoodiesHeavenly Rings Sweets
FrostasticDivine TreatsCrave-worthy Confections
MuffinmummyFreshly MadeTasty and Gluten-Free
OvenlyCrispy CravingsDonut Delights Co.

1.10. Artisanal donut business names


GlazemaniaTasty WayThe Doughnut Romance
SprinkleliciousBowtie CakeryCookie Cutter Donut
DonutopikBrownie PointFar Out Dough
FrostyfrenzyFlavors FactoryDonut Dream Factory
DoughnutopiaCultured SweetsThe Sugar Rush
JellybellyDelightful DoughGalaxy Donut Galore
CrullerificUnique KneadedBlissful Bites Bakery
HoleymoleyKneada WaysCrave Donut Delights
PuffnutterPredictably YoursDoughy Delights Factory
DonutzillaFringe FancyFreshly Frosted Treats

1.11. Apple fritter donut shop name

1. Fritterlicious1. FritterFusion BakeryGolden Glaze Donuts
ApplehavenAppleHaven DelightsGourmet Treats Bakery
CrispybitesCrispyBites TreatsIndulge Donut Delights
FritterdelightFritterDelight DelicaciesJuicy Cravings Bakery
AppleblissAppleBliss BakeryMunch ‘n More Donuts
FlakyfritterFlakyFritter SweetsPiping Hot Pastries
FritterfusionFritterGlow BakeshopPuffy Pleasures Donuts
AppleglowAppleCrave DonutsScrumptious Delights Bakery
CravefritterCrispyFritter TreatsSimply Sweet Treats
FritterjoyFritterJoy BakerySinful Temptations Donuts

2. Tips for naming your donut business

After solving the question of how to start your own bakery business with the perfect business plan, name your donut shop. If the list of suggested names above still does not satisfy your fastidious and meticulous heart, then please refer to the tips below to invent the perfect name for your donut shop.

2.1. Keep it simple

A long and difficult-to-read name not only confuses customers and makes it difficult to find, but also affects the online presence of your business. Regardless of your innovative ideas for bakery business, make sure to choose a name that is easy to read and remember. Or at least not so much that no one can pronounce it correctly. Dunkin’ is a good example. This company sells coffee and donuts in America popularly across the world. Their name comes from their main thing, donuts. People often eat these by putting them in coffee to enjoy the taste better.

2.2. Be creative

No one wants their donut shop to become ”the donut shop on that street”. Make sure your topic of business name ideas stands out from your competitors with a pun or alliteration. Don’t be too creative to the point of causing the name to accidentally become negative when interpreted or pronounced. Check out Shipley Do-Nuts. The name “Shipley” begins with the founder’s last name, and “Do-Nuts” is a fun way to write “doughnuts”.

2.3. Be descriptive

Or evocative, detailed. Let customers know what your shop sells and what it specializes in. Krispy Kreme is a big donut and coffee shop chain from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company is well-known for its unique Original Glazed donut, made from a recipe that has been their family secret for many years.

2.4. Make it yours

Finally, when you choose a good name, make sure any other company does not already use it. Write down a few extra names if you might need them later. Make sure to check and then register your business name carefully.

3. Conclusion

In the end, getting interesting and creative donut shop name ideas is important to making a successful business. Whether you run a vegan donut shop or an old-school bakery, picking the right name that shows what your business does and its beliefs is important.

With the help of eComStart, a great tool for name ideas for small businesses, you’ll get lots of suggestions to pick from when thinking about names for your donut company. Remember that also has a bakery business plan so you can use it as your guidebook. So, begin your new ideas for the donut shop and make it more enjoyable. Then see how well it does.


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