Top 300+ Creative Clothing Shop Name Ideas [2024]


You want some trendy and catchy clothing shop name ideas, right? Then here we are, and you’re in the right place. eComStart recognizes that dreaming up the perfect name for your clothing shop is no easy feat, and we’ve got you covered.

You think of some small fashion business ideas. You’ve then got a great business plan. You simply need one more thing – a list containing some niche, unique, show-stealing clothing business names.

Either mix words, play with puns, or combine your favorite fashion terms to come up with something all your own – a fashion name that really suits your business. No matter if you prefer a clean and minimalist look or are wild about all things fashion, eComStart provides an ample amount of choices.

Any thoroughly chosen lucky business names list – that presents themselves to customers as a representative of your brand – can make a lasting impression.

1. List of 300+ good names for clothing businesses

1.1. Unique clothing shop name ideas

ApparellaAuspicious ApparelBeyond the Wardrobe
CircaclosetBoheme ThreadCurl n Cord
ColorhubCurated ClosetTagged By U
DressdareDancing SilhouettesThe Boutique House
EmdressFabric FetishThe Creative Flair
MissfitGrovy GarbThe Downtown Closet
PinksassiJaunty JolliesThe Fabric Teller
TrueleganceLune LayerOff The Catwalk
UniwearOffdi RunwayPrimed and Pieced
VintiqueSartorial MomentsUnder Cover Wardrobe

1.2. Cute clothing brand names

AdorappleAnte GigglesAmong The Wild
BunnypunClueless CutieDesign With Sass
FabulixDouble ChucklesGlitz Glam Garb
FreakfitsLaugh CoutureJokes In Socks
FrieddressLittle FancyInsult My Tshirt
GringuysLow BrownsKit Kat Kloset
HashtacuteSassi SundriesPuppies On Earth
HumouruxShenani KittyTees On Bun
KooshieTailored LaughsThe Meme Mart
SatirshirtTartan TongueToasty Apparel Boutique

1.3. Luxury clothing brand name ideas

AccessoryskyBallet GlowBirch and Oak
AvariaDesirous DenimDressly and Decor
BeausoleilEmerald EleganceDressed to Daze
DemyraFoxy FindingsGet To Couture
EmpyreNovel SageGlazed Garments Boutique
MagnetiqueOccasionally YouGuardian of Glam
OpulenteRed VintageNew Fashion Finder
OutdoortureUrban FolioThe Indigo Eclectic
UnikrissVeiled IsisThe Style Seeker
UtiqueVelocity ClothThe Trendy Tent

1.4. Minimalist brand names for clothing

AnomalyBasic BabesBase Bleu Boutique
BallietBreeze BayBe Still Simplistic
BorroCasual BirdClean Lines Fashion
EnclotheClarity ClosetEffortless Elegance Store
KoveDressy NicheMinimal Chic Attire
MinivoyFell SimpleNude Noir Styled
NixeHonest CutsThe Basic Only
PrimiHyper MinimalThe Minus Clothes
PurifineMinimal ModeTo The Basic
SoiPlainly MineWear and Sew

1.5. Online shop name ideas for clothes

AlternityClover RootsChaotic Wardrobe Clothing
BirdiEmporio PriveFashion Forward Apparel
DuetiqueFiercy FabLil Bit Fashionista
FutuireMetropolis ClothNext Wave Boutique
HoneytwigPosh PalaceNot So Normal
OutfitopiaThe UniquerSeek and Shop
TendressThorough CoutureSocial Darling Apparel
TendrilyTrendify MeStoked for Style
SundryTres FunktThe Star Looker
WonderwovenUrban UpscaleVelvet Thread Co

1.6. Unique and trendy boutique name ideas

BergamodeAlt NouveauAttire Raise Garment
BijoubelleAsap GemArcadia Eternal Boutique
HaberdasheryExpression EdenFleeting Fabric Tailor
HowlariousFabric CandyHopelessly Hipster Fabric
InnerweaveMeme MartHype and Hues
KoutureModish MavenThat Unique Chic
SmartistaOlympia ModeThe Attic Apparel
StylaritySincerely StyledThe Chaos Lounge
TeetribeSignature SensationThe Flirty Florist
ViktorianTrendy SavvyUrban Violet Vanity

1.7. Ladies’ fashion business name ideas



AcrochicBouquet BlingFairies in Hue
ArtisolaDaisy DollGrace of Florence
AuroseFairytale FineryLace n Lilies
BeaubouqeFloral FlutterMade of Blossom
BouqeLavender BrunchRefined Raga Muffins
DolcetLulu FloraRose and Sea
EllalilyPosh PearlThe Lavender Bliss
FloravibesReclaimed RoseThe Petal Prints
LadystylistaSilly SirenWild and Wildflowers
SugardaisyVon VioletWildflower Barn Boutique

1.8. Men’s clothing shop name ideas



AlpinerAggressive AttireBear and Blazer
BeardedieBeastin BreechesBuilt by Bros
BwisdomCavalier ThreadsCreator Edge Clothing
CenturianDapper DevileGents Guide Garments
MannerleyFolk FittLion’s Den Outfitters
ManeuverNobility ApparelLivin’ Large Apparel
ManooqPrimetime ProwlerOn Point Gents
MascilineeTropy DapperThe Hipster Fisherman
SwarvyVirile ThreadTop Shelf Fellas
VaillantVirtuos VigorSitup and Suitup

1.9. Baby clothing business name ideas



BeshweeBerry StitchA Childlin Style
BlairrowCamouflage KiddoBirds of Fortune
CapricotCommon CutieEasy Eggy Essentials
ColornurseryItsy BitsyLil Cutie Closet
KidolinoKiddo ClozetLittlest Love Clothing
LilikinsLiltle CubsMiny Mee Maker
LittlemLittle LemonPatterned n Princess
MiniblingModish BabyStyled in Petits
NiukidNeon NurserySweet Peas Crew
YoungyPreschool FreshThe Tiny Tailor

1.10. Streetwear clothing brand name ideas



AdayAstreet WardrobeGoodto Go Apparel
AppaureBoxy SundayMost Likely Clothing
CasualiaDaily DashOneofta Kind Boutique
CasuradEveryday FabulousSix Street Society
CasusoftEverymoment ClosetStreet Wear 247
BoutisnapFreshly SewThe Coastal Casual
DailuxeMonsoon SavvyUp The Alley
FashatronOptic OutfittersWaisted In Style
StreetileSein UniqueWearit Well Apparel
WearitUpta StreetWear With Soul

1.11. Vintage clothing store name ideas

AntiquepiaArchived EleganceAmethyst Fox Vintage
EphemerryEdwardian LuxeCashmere and Couture
FabulousityGolden ThriftKind of Classy
FairthriftHistory HeirloomOld Money Mogul
GracewoodLavish LavenderPieces of Past
MaidelyProperly VintagePrim and Pretty
MaybellionQuince ClothingPreviously Loved Boutique
TarifaireRefined RevivalSeven Sisters Boutique
ThrifteeVintageon VacayThe Vintage Affair
VintageryYesterday BoutiqueWorn to Wear

2. How do I come up with a catchy fashion business name?

2.1. Determine your clothing brand identity

Let’s start with your business plan for clothing brand. Your clothing line’s style, target audience, and what you plan to offer that your competitors don’t. These traits need to be reflected in your business’s proper name so that you draw the right customer.

2.2. Crafting your clothing shop name ideas

Now draw up a list of topics followed by keywords and concepts relating to fashion, style, and your brand. What’s most important is that they should be relevant. Perhaps you might turn to the industry itself for inspiration. Examine successful clothing brands, both local and international, to see how they did their naming.

Using a name generator is just another great way to generate clothing business name ideas. BusinessNameGenerator, Shopify Name Generator, and Namelix are some name generators you might consider.

You must come up with your ideas, keeping a record of them to whittle the list down according to whether they are unique, relevant, or popular.

2.3. Check for the name’s availability

But before getting stuck on a brand name that seems permanent, check to make sure you don’t ”steal” an already used name from another company. It is a matter of checking whether the name has already been trademarked or used in business by another business.

And of course, be sure to get the matching domain name and social media handles. This will not only prevent you from duplicating a name, but also it will give you an idea of names that are being used on the market now.

Once you have done this, it will then be necessary to register your brand name.

3. Conclusion

In summary, pick out the best from all your clothing business name ideas, and your business’s long-term prosperity depends upon it. The fashion business name ideas we have provided are all different in style and target market, as well as aesthetics.

If you want more information on complete startup guides – such as how to start a clothing business or source of business name ideas, eComStart has all that. We’re waiting for you to kick off your entrepreneurial adventure.


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