Top 5 Best Wholesale Apps for Shopify (2024)


Searching for the best wholesale apps for Shopify in 2024? You’re in the perfect spot. Running a Shopify store and aiming for growth is challenging, but we’ve got your back. We’ve sifted through countless options to bring you the top wholesale apps that will make a difference for your store.

Here, you’ll find no-nonsense, effective solutions to streamline bulk orders and optimize pricing strategies, all aimed at boosting your store’s efficiency and sales.

As a seasoned navigator of the Shopify seas, we’re here to guide you to the wholesale apps that are set to revolutionize your Shopify store in 2024.

1. Best wholesale apps for Shopify store: Our top 5 picks

Finding the best Shopify app for wholesale can make a huge difference to your business growth and management. To help you navigate through the sea of options, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 picks. 

These apps stand out due to their popularity, high volume of wholesale transactions, and a strong user base. We made sure to include options that are both free and paid, ensuring there’s something for every budget. Let’s dive in:

App name
BSS Wholesale Solution
BSS Wholesale Solution
14-day free trial
$4.90 – $93.90/month
Wholesale Gorilla
Wholesale Gorilla
14-day free trial
$24.95 – $149.95/month
B2B Wholesale Club
B2B Wholesale Club
30-day free trial
$39 – $99/month
Seal Subscriptions App
VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discounts
7 day free trial
$10 – $30/month
Bold Subscription
Wholesale Pricing Now
30-day free trial
$14.95 – $39.95/month

1.1. BSS Wholesale Solution




The BSS Wholesale Solution app stands out as a top choice for Shopify store owners looking to enhance their B2B wholesale operations. 

This app is designed to simplify the complex nature of wholesale business, providing special pricing for B2B customers and a streamlined ordering experience. It’s praised for its ability to handle the difficulties of wholesale deals efficiently.

BSS Wholesale Solution App Details:

Key features
✅ Custom Pricing for B2B customers
✅ Bulk Orders facilitation
✅ Custom Registration Forms
✅ Minimum Quantity Per Order settings
🔹14-day free trial
🔹Basic: $4.90/month
🔹Advance: $43.90/month
🔹Enterprise: $93.90/month
Pros and Cons
✅ Comprehensive B2B tools
✅ Customizable
✅ Responsive support.

❌ Might be overwhelming for beginners
❌ full functionality requires premium.
This App is Best For
Shopify store owners expanding into or operating in B2B wholesale markets.

What are users saying about the app?




Bottom line

The BSS Wholesale Solution app is praised for its functionality, user-friendliness, and excellent customer support. However, it faces criticism for reliability issues, including pricing errors and server crashes, alongside limited weekend support, affecting its overall dependability for businesses.

In conclusion, the BSS Wholesale Solution app emerges as a powerful ally for those venturing into or already navigating the complex waters of the Shopify B2B wholesale app market. Its blend of customizable features and supportive customer service positions it as a must-have for businesses aiming to thrive in the wholesale domain.

1.2. Wholesale Gorilla




Wholesale Gorilla is recognized as a leading solution for Shopify merchants aiming to streamline their wholesale operations. It simplifies the process of selling products in bulk, offering exclusive B2B pricing without the need for duplicate stores or catalogs. This app is designed to make wholesale business on Shopify effortless and efficient.

Wholesale Gorilla App Details:

Key features
✅ Simplified bulk ordering
✅ Exclusive B2B pricing tiers
✅ No need for duplicate stores
✅ Customizable minimum order quantities
🔹21-day free trial
🔹Essential: $34.95/month
🔹Advanced: $69.95/month
🔹Premium: $149.95/month
Pros and Cons
✅ User-friendly
✅ Integrates seamlessly with Shopify
✅ Excellent customer support

❌ May require a learning curve for full feature utilization.
This App is Best For
Shopify store owners looking to efficiently manage and grow their wholesale channels.

What are users saying about the app?





Bottom line:

The Wholesale Gorilla App is praised for its easy setup, flexible discounts, and responsive customer service but criticized for functional gaps, checkout issues, misleading pricing, and concerns over cost versus quality.

Wholesale Gorilla stands out as the best wholesale app for Shopify, catering specifically to the needs of merchants seeking to optimize their wholesale operations. Its user-friendly interface, combined with robust features for managing bulk orders and B2B pricing, makes it an indispensable tool for anyone serious about scaling their wholesale business on Shopify.

1.3. B2B Wholesale Club




Wholesale Club is a standout app for Shopify merchants who want to offer wholesale prices without the hassle of running separate stores. It lets you create exclusive pricing for members and bulk buyers directly within your existing Shopify store. 

This app focuses on making wholesale operations seamless and integrated, enhancing both the merchant’s and the buyer’s experience.

Wholesale Club App Details:

Key features
✅ Exclusive pricing tiers for members
✅ Automatic discounts at checkout
✅ No need for separate stores
✅ Customizable minimum order values
🔹30-day free trial
🔹Basic plan: $39/month
🔹Professional plan: $69/month
🔹Premium plan: $99/month
Pros and Cons
✅ Easy to set up
✅ Integrates directly with Shopify
✅ Enhances customer loyalty

❌ Advanced features may require higher plans
This App is Best For
Shopify store owners looking to simplify and integrate their wholesale club Shopify operations directly into their retail store.

What are users saying about the app?





The B2B Wholesale Club app receives mixed reviews: users appreciate its advanced pricing features and responsive support, particularly in resolving issues quickly. However, it’s criticized for not supporting international sales through Shopify Markets and for subpar value and customer service, prompting some users to look for alternatives.

Bottom line:

The Wholesale Club app is an excellent choice for those seeking to streamline their wholesale club Shopify experience. By offering straightforward solutions for implementing wholesale pricing and bulk buying options, it helps merchants grow their B2B sales without complicating their store’s operations. Whether you’re new to wholesale or looking to improve your current system, Wholesale Club offers the tools you need to succeed.

1.4. VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discounts App




The VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discounts app is one of the dynamic best Shopify for wholesale designed to empower Shopify store owners to offer discounts based on the quantity purchased. 

This app is perfect for encouraging bulk purchases by applying automatic discounts for products once certain quantities are reached. It’s an effective tool for boosting sales volume and enhancing customer loyalty through incentivized pricing.

VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discounts App Details:

Key features
✅ Automatic volume and tiered discounts
✅ Customizable discount rules
✅ Easy setup and integration with Shopify stores
✅ Supports both % and fixed amount discounts
🔹7-day free trial
🔹Basic plan: $10/month
🔹Pro plan: $20/month
🔹Advance plan: $30/month
Pros and Cons
✅ Enhances sales volume
✅ Flexible discount configurations
✅ User-friendly

❌ Limited features in free plan, may require plan upgrade for full benefits.
This App is Best For
Shopify store owners seek to increase order size and reward customers for bulk purchases through a Shopify B2B wholesale app.

What are users saying about the app?





Bottom line:

The VolumeBoost App is commended for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. However, it’s criticized for overriding customer coupons with automatic discounts and lacking promotional flexibility. Users also report challenges with theme integration and mismatched design elements, leading some to uninstall the app due to these limitations.

The VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discount App stands out as an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their sales strategy and encourage larger orders. 

By offering straightforward and customizable discount structures, it not only simplifies the buying process for customers but also directly contributes to increased sales volumes and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, this app provides the flexibility and functionality needed to scale your operations effectively.

1.5. Wholesale Pricing Now App




The Wholesale Pricing Now App is a powerful tool for Shopify store owners looking to dive into or expand their wholesale operations. It simplifies the process of setting up custom pricing tiers for different customer groups, making it easier to manage and grow your B2B sales. 

This app is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those new to wholesale can quickly take advantage of its features.

Wholesale Pricing Now App Details:

Key features
✅ Easy setup of custom pricing tiers
✅ Automatic discounts for bulk purchases
✅ No duplicate variants needed
✅ Supports multiple customer groups
🔹14-day free trial
🔹Plans (based on Shopify subscription level)
🔹Shopify basic: $14.95/month
🔹Shopify standard: $24.95/month
🔹Shopify advance: $39.95/month
Pros and Cons
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Flexible pricing options
✅ Enhances B2B sales

❌ Advanced features locked behind advance plans
This App is Best For
Shopify store owners seek an efficient and scalable solution for their wholesale business, making it one of the best wholesale apps for Shopify.

What are users saying about the app?





Bottom line:

The Wholesale Pricing Now App is lauded for exceptional customer service but criticized for operational issues, including frequent malfunctions, confusing pricing displays, inaccurate math, and checkout problems, leading some users to seek alternatives.

Wholesale Pricing Now App ranks highly among the best wholesale apps for Shopify, thanks to its comprehensive feature set tailored for wholesale operations. It offers Shopify merchants the ability to effortlessly manage wholesale pricing and customer groups, fostering a smoother purchasing process for both the seller and the buyer. 

2. Why do you need a Wholesale app for your Shopify stores?

  • Managing Bulk Orders: A best Shopify app for wholesale lets you easily set different pricing for wholesale customers without affecting retail prices, making it easier to handle large orders.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction: By offering special discounts to loyal customers or for large orders, wholesale apps enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.


  • Saves Time: Automating the process of setting prices for different customer groups saves you from manual updates or calculations, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Helps Grow Your Business: Attracting wholesale customers with a dedicated app can significantly increase your sales volume, as wholesale orders are typically larger than individual purchases.

Incorporating a best Shopify app for wholesale into your Shopify store streamlines operations, boosts customer satisfaction, saves valuable time, and ultimately contributes to the growth of your business.

3. 10 things to consider when choosing the right wholesale app for your store

Choosing the best Shopify for wholesale for your store is crucial. Here are key points to consider:

  • Easy Integration: The app should easily integrate with your Shopify store. You don’t want to spend too much time setting it up.
  • Custom Pricing Options: Look for an app that allows you to set custom prices for different customer groups. This feature is essential for wholesale selling.
  • Bulk Order Management: The best app should help you manage bulk orders smoothly, making it easier to handle large volumes of sales.


  • Discounts and Offers: A good wholesale app should let you create discounts and special offers for bulk purchases, encouraging more sales.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Choose an app with a simple, easy-to-use interface. Both you and your customers should find it straightforward.
  • Customer Support: Ensure the app comes with reliable customer support. If you encounter issues, help should be readily available.
  • Scalability: The app should grow with your business. It must handle increasing orders and customers without slowing down.
  • Feedback and Reviews: Check what other users say about the app. Positive feedback and reviews are good signs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Consider the app’s cost against its features. It should offer good value for your investment.
  • Trial Period: Opt for apps offering a trial period. This way, you can test if the app fits your needs before committing.

Remember, the right Shopify B2B wholesale app can make a significant difference in how efficiently and effectively you manage and grow your wholesale business.

4. Best Practices for Using Wholesale Club Shopify Apps

When you’re diving into the world of wholesale club Shopify apps, there are some best practices to follow. These will help ensure your wholesale operations run smoothly and effectively.

  • Understand Your Customers: Know who your wholesale customers are and what they need. This understanding helps in offering the right products and discounts.
  • Set Clear Pricing Rules: Use your wholesale club Shopify app to set clear and transparent pricing rules. Make sure your customers understand how discounts apply.
  • Keep Inventory Updated: Always keep your inventory updated. A good wholesale app can help manage this, ensuring you never sell more than you have.
  • Offer Exclusive Deals: Use your app to offer exclusive deals to your wholesale customers. This makes them feel valued and encourages loyalty.
  • Streamline the Ordering Process: Ensure the ordering process is as efficient as possible. A streamlined process reduces errors and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate Regularly: Keep in touch with your wholesale customers. Notify them about new products, changes in pricing, or special promotions.
  • Train Your Team: Make sure your team is well-trained on using the wholesale Shopify app. They should be able to assist customers and manage the system effectively.
  • Gather Feedback: Regularly ask for feedback from your customers. Use their insights to improve your service and offerings.

Following these best practices with your wholesale Shopify app can lead to a more successful and efficient wholesale operation.

In conclusion, finding the Best Wholesale Apps for Shopify can significantly streamline your wholesale operations, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you’re managing bulk orders, setting custom pricing, or offering exclusive deals, these apps are designed to make your life easier. 

Remember, the right app should integrate seamlessly with your store, be user-friendly, and support the growth of your business. For more insights on optimizing your e-commerce strategy, visit Here, you’ll find a wealth of resources tailored to help Shopify store owners thrive in the competitive online marketplace. Make the smart choice today and elevate your wholesale game with the Best Wholesale Apps for Shopify.

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