Home and Garden Shopify Stores: Let Your Business Blossom


Dreaming of a thriving home and garden business? Look no further than Shopify! 

This article explores the secrets behind the top home and garden Shopify stores in this fast-growing industry, providing valuable insights for cultivating your own thriving online oasis. Let’s get it straight!

1. Best home and garden Shopify stores 

1.1. Willemse

LocationNeuville-en-Ferrain, France
Revenue500K-1M / month
Monthly visit500K-1M
ProductPlants, seeds, and garden accessories
Target audiencesGardeners
Shopify themeFocal

Willemse, a family-run gardening powerhouse from France, has cultivated a loyal customer base for over 60 years.



As eCommerce develops, Shopify helps this gardening Shopify store grow in a competitive online gardening marketplace, which is expected to reach $121.16 billion by 2032 (Ken Research).

Shopify offers this brand an easy-to-use interface to create a great customer experience. 

After migrating from Oxatis to Shopify, the new site loaded 100% faster on launch day, which is critical for SEO and user experience.

Additionally, the vast library of Shopify apps and integrations enables Willemse to enjoy features such as:

  • Pagefly: Drag-and-drop page builder for easy content creation.
  • Mollie: Reliable and flexible payment processing solution.
  • Flits: All-in-one customer account management application that enhances customer service.

Willemse’s positive results come from:

  • Enhanced site speed: Site loading speed increased by a significant 100% 
  • App ecosystem: Shopify apps enable Willemse to integrate advanced features and improve user experience

1.2. Koh

LocationBondi, Australia
Revenue1M-10M / month
Monthly visit50K-100K
ProductHomewares and lifestyle essentials
Target audiencesEco-conscious consumers
Shopify themeImpact

In this home and garden Shopify stores list, Koh is an Australian cleaning company with a mission to provide safe and sustainable products.



With access to best Shopify themes for eCommerce and A/B testing capabilities, their online store created a user-friendly and visually appealing shopping experience.

Koh seamlessly entered new territories using Shopify Plus’ store expansion capabilities. They were able to customize the payment process to local preferences. This paved the way for Koh’s future global expansion plans.

Koh also integrated third-party Shopify apps like Rebuy and Klaviyo for customized recommendations and upsells, or targeted product suggestions to increase sales.



What we can learn from Koh are:

  • Growth support: Shopify provides Koh with the scalability to expand products and international markets.
  • Marketing and sales tools: Koh takes advantage of Shopify apps and features for personalization, advertising, and promotions.
  • Operational efficiency: Shopify helps Koh improve operations and reduce development needs.

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1.3. Our Place

LocationTuller Ave, United States
Revenue1M-10M / month
Monthly visit200K-300K
ProductKitchen essentials
Target audiencesCooking enthusiasts
Shopify themeCustom theme

Our Place, one of the best ​​home and garden Shopify stores in USA, is a company that brings people together through cooking at home.



Shopify helped them improve their operations, manage multiple sales channels, and create a seamless customer experience across online and in-store contacts.

Our Place has implemented integrated commerce using Shopify POS in their physical stores. It allows them to connect in-store sales data to online platforms, providing a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints where customers interact with their brand.

They leveraged Shopify’s Shop Pay, which allows customers to securely store their payment information and complete their purchases with just one tap.

Here are the reasons why Our Place can shine:

  • Enhanced features: The platform’s user-friendly interface and functionality have enabled Our Place to effectively scale its business.
  • Unified commerce: Shopify POS bridges the gap between online and in-store sales, ensuring a consistent brand journey no matter where your customers shop.
  • Advanced checkout: Increased customer satisfaction and improved conversion rates.

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1.4. Stoov

LocationBilthoven, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Revenue100K-200K / month
Monthly visit10K-20K
ProductHeated blankets and cushions
Target audiencesA broad audience
Shopify themeCustom theme

Stoov, one of the best home and garden Shopify stores, is a Dutch company specializing in warming pillows and blankets. They saw tremendous growth after migrating from Lightspeed to Shopify.



Lightspeed couldn’t handle Stoov’s expanding product line, which had multiple variations and SKUs. So they migrated to Shopify, which removed SKU restrictions so they could showcase their entire product line.

Additionally, Stoov leveraged Shopify’s robust ecosystem of apps, including Klaviyo and Gorgeous, for email marketing, customer service, and more.

Stoov also leverages the power of Shopify Markets to remove the complexity of cross-border selling.

They can customize their store for different regions, display product information, and accept payments in local languages ​​and currencies. 



Here’s the secret to the success of one of the best Shopify stores

  • Advanced scalability: Shopify scaled the growing product line and removed SKU restrictions.
  • App integrations: Stoov leverages a robust app ecosystem with over 30 integrations
  • Seamless international expansion: Shopify’s functionality facilitates seamless cross-border selling, enabling Stoov to enter new European markets.

1.5. Caraway

LocationNew York, United States
Revenue1M-10M / month
Monthly visit200K-300K
ProductHome goods
Target audiencesHealth-conscious individuals
Shopify themeCustom theme

From a D2C model, Caraway has successfully transitioned to include retailer partnerships thanks to Shopify. This powerful platform offers functionality and features that can support both D2C and omnichannel businesses.



In addition, Caraway’s success story also embodies how Shopify apps and integrations can play an important role for businesses.

Caraway understands the importance of mobile shoppers, utilizing Shopify’s customer acquisition program to reach their target audience directly. 

This Shopify Campaigns program allows them to run targeted campaigns across platforms like Facebook and Instagram to efficiently reach new customers.



Additionally, Caraway uses Shopify to centralize its data and get instant insights. This provides a unified view of their business, allowing them to track key metrics, and analyze customer behavior more effectively.

Here are some of the reasons for Caraway’s success:

  • The power of the Shopify acquisition program: Caraway reaches specific audiences and achieves marketing goals through targeted programs like Shop Campaigns.
  • Data-driven approach: Shopify offers analytics tools and integrations with various data platforms to support data-driven decisions.

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1.6. Lights4fun

LocationNorth Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Revenue1M-10M / month
Monthly visit200K-300K
ProductDecorative lighting for home and garden
Target audiencesHomeowners and renters
Shopify themeCustom theme

Lights4Fun is one of the home and garden Shopify stores specializing in decorative lighting. In recent years, they have grown from a family business into a successful international brand.



Shopify provides this Shopify garden store online with a robust and scalable platform to accommodate its international growth. 

In addition, its custom search app integrates seamlessly with Shopify, using AI to personalize search results for each shopper. 

A recent study by Salesforce found that up to 72% of consumers leave a company due to privacy violations.

This way, Lights4fun personalizes search results for each customer based on their browsing behavior instead of their personal data. This ensures a positive user experience without privacy concerns.

The secrets to Lights4fun’s success are as follows:

  • Scalability & global reach: Shopify’s powerful platform easily scales to accommodate Lights4Fun’s international expansion
  • Seamless integration: The custom app integrates seamlessly with Shopify, allowing Lights4Fun to leverage powerful search and personalization capabilities

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1.7. Greenery Unlimited

LocationBrooklyn, United States
Revenue100K-200K / month
Monthly visit50K-100K
ProductPlants and gardening supplies
Target audiencesPlant owners
Shopify themePlanter

As a top-notch Shopify plant store, Greenery Unlimited provides people with gardening tools to cultivate a healthy relationship with plants.



Shopify makes it easy for Greenery Unlimited to create bundles perfect for new plant owners.

They can combine their self-watering plant pots with a variety of plants and related accessories in one click. This simplifies the purchasing process for customers, potentially increasing Greenery Unlimited’s average order value.

Additionally, this Shopify store selling garden sheds leverages Shopify’s fulfillment network to fulfill orders, streamlining operations as SFN offers the following benefits:

  • Easily integrates with Shopify stores and POS systems
  • Real-time tracking of inventory management data and orders
  • Fast shipping
  • Transparent fulfillment costs

Basically, Greenery Unlimited sets itself apart in several ways:

  • Seamless product bundles: Demonstrates an innovative approach to serving specific customer segments.
  • Fast and reliable delivery: Fast delivery of SFN from the warehouse to the customer’s door improves the customer experience.

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2. What is the secret to a successful Shopify garden store?

2.1. App integration

Shopify apps are powerful tools for home and garden Shopify stores (and any Shopify business) that enhance functionality and meet specific needs.

Imagine a well-equipped greenhouse – stocked not only with seeds and soil but also with specialized tools for each stage of cultivation. Shopify apps provide this very functionality. 



For example, Koh uses Klaviyo for targeted email marketing to niche audiences, while Willemse uses Pagefly to build informative and visually appealing landing pages.

It can be said that home and garden stores on Shopify can leverage these pre-built functionality add-ons to create a thriving online business with more advanced features.

2.2. International expansion

Shopify enables home and garden Shopify stores to reach customers worldwide with features designed for cross-border sales.

For example, Shopify allows Stoov to display prices and accept payments in different currencies. This eliminates confusion for international customers and provides a unique shopping experience.

In addition, Shopify empowers it to tailor their store to specific regions with the targeted local audience. This includes translations, product localization (if applicable), and special financial promotions.

2.3 Operational efficiency

The Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) streamlines operations and frees up valuable resources for your Shopify garden store.



SFN stores inventory in a network of strategically located fulfillment centers. It handles order picking, packing, and shipping, eliminating the burden of managing these tasks in-house. The integrated system also provides real-time data on inventory levels, order fulfillment status, and shipment tracking.

Look at Greenery Unlimited. By outsourcing fulfillment to SFN, they remove the complexities of managing inventory, warehousing, and shipping.

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3. Conclusion

In summary, we hope that this article brings you some helpful practices learned from the success of these top home and garden Shopify stores.

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